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  1. Inspired in part by Mrs Plastix and her brilliant depiction of the Tamiya Komatsu bulldozer, I am looking to start building a Pacific Theatre base for a number of RNZAF 1:48 Aircraft. This needs to be a crushed coral runway and airparks, the bulldozer will be repairing bomb damage (I think). So the question, how to make 1:48 scale crushed coral. I am thinking crushed kitty litter might be a good start and or crushed plaster wall board? Any ideas greatfully explored. Cheers Pinetree
  2. Dear Britmodellers, a request for paint matches for Middle Bronze Green BS381 223. This is a very difficult colour to pin down in modeling forums as most discussions focus on the more widely-used Deep Bronze Green. I know that it was used on British soft skins and Landrovers for a while, as well as RAF bombs during WW2. I see that Hataka produce this colour, as do Sovereign Colourcoats and Xtracrilix (?) but does anyone have a match using Vallejo, Gunze or Tamiya paint? This colour has been referenced as the standard for the RNZAF dark green after British supplies diminished during the war and local manufacture (BALM) kicked off. I am intending to to an Airfix 1/48 "Faithful Annie" (Avro Anson) in 1944 RNZAF colours of Dark Green, Ocean Blue/Blue Grey (=PRU Blue), and Sky Blue (BS101). Kia ora, GrahamB
  3. With the restoration of NZ2423 to airworthiness having got to an exciting stage, I figured it was time to work on my scale model of it. It'll comprise the Airfix 1:72 P-51D Mustang and a Ventura decals sheet. The end goal will be to meet with it and pose my model with it at Warbirds over Wanaka 2024. This model will depict NZ2423 when it was in service with No.2 Territorial Air Force (Wellington) Squadron, stationed at RNZAF Ohakea from July 1954 to October 1955. P.S This is my first time posting on this forum and attaching photos here, so I hope this all goes well
  4. We've been asked a few times now so we have released a small range of colours particular to the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Our RNZAF national listing also references British and American paints commonly used by the RNZAF during WW2. Here though we've presented only the main specials which differed from those which we already make. As can be seen, these are the BALM S13-934 Blue Sea Grey in both fresh and faded forms, along with BALM S13-907 Sky Grey and BALM S13-909 Duck Egg Blue. Thanks for looking in
  5. G'day all. Another finished in time for our annual show next weekend. It's the 1/48th Tamiya F4U-1A as an RNZAF machine with 1 Servicing Until while at Henderson Field at Guadalcanal in 1944. This one is an interesting one as it is a spliced airframe from two crashed aircraft, hence the different schemes fore and aft. A bit of aftermarket was used; Eduard belts, a Yahu instrument panel and markings from Xtradecal. I had to make a new pitot as the sprue it was on was thrown out thinking that it was empty...doh. There's lots pf layer of paint, oils and weathering effect to get it appearing as it did. In the reference photos I've found it appears that the forward half had a lot mor wear and tear than the rear. Certainly a subjective interpretation but there's lots of scope to weather it up. Cheers, Mick.
  6. I once had a Hasegawa AU-1 Corsair that I built when I got back into the hobby 20 odd years ago. It was relegated to being a roof hanger in my son's bedroom where it met its final doom. Fast forward to last Sunday the 15th of August. A quick peruse through the shelves at Casa de Crosby and the ubiquitous 1/48th Tamiya Corsair put it's hand up with an exuberant "Pick me, pick me". It was on. What’s followed has been a few sessions of an hour (or two) over the last week with rapid progress ensuing. To the point where paint has even been applied, no less OUTSIDE of the cockpit. Not much needs to be said about the Tamiya Corsair. It's a simple airframe, goes together very well and the detail for a kit that's 20 years old has held up well. I’m not a fan of the black-basing recipe however I’ll put a black primer down before putting any colours into the cockpit. Those colours I used are from Tamiya, Vallejo and Gunze. With some dark washes for the shadow areas and some highlights on the raised ribbing area, the detail pops nicely for a vanilla cockpit. Aftermarket is in the way of the instrument panel and etch seat belts. The same technique was applied in the rear gear well sans aftermarket though I didn't get any pics of it. The only addition to the engine was some ignition leads from lead wire then painted up to look the part. Looking at it now I think I need to grime up the grey crankcase a bit. Similarly, the drop tank received some attention. A few dents and scratches have been added with a chisel and sand pads. I’ve since added more weathering to it. Almost ready for assembly Voila, ready for paint Painting step 1. Primed with a custom mix of Tamiya. Came out looking like a good start for IJN grey. Painting step 2. The first colour clouded on was Gunze H54 Navy blue. Painting step 3. Second colour was Gunze 337 Grayish blue with ArtFX spray masks. painting step 4. Previous step was wet sanded with 2000 grit sanding pad. Painting step 5. Application of Gunze H55 Midnight blue. The colours used so far. And a few photos so I know where to pull the paint when it comes time to chip it. I've also wet sanded the midnight blue. Silver is Tamiya AS-12 which I find is quite hardy for the chipping exercise. More to come soon. Mick.
  7. Since the Skyhawk STGB has just started I've decided my next build will be an RNZAF A-4K Kahu. I'll be posting this both here and in the STGB - will try not to duplicate posts, maybe I'll alternate posts between the two GBs. But to start with I'll post the traditional box shot here: The Kahu was an upgrade of the A-4K, giving it new avionics, radar, a glass cockpit and new weapons capabilities. The kit doesn't include the bits for the upgrade (there was an A-4K boxing of this kit that included most of them, but not the instrument panel or HUD) so I'll be attempting to make my own by 3D-printing them. I've made a start on the CAD, should have something to print soon. cheers Julian
  8. Hi, here's one a finished a few weeks ago. Nice kit though the turret gave me real problems! Used Ventura decals which performed very well. Cheers all 20210710_163938 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_163948 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_163952 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_164011 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_164036 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_164104 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_164221 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  9. I have been giving some serious thought as to what to build for this GB. There were a few subjects which made their way onto the shortlist including the F-111C, T-6 and P-40 amongst others but with the very sad passing of Andy ( @Silver Fox ) and the rightful dedication of this GB to his memory it was really a no brainer to finally decide to build an A-4 Skyhawk as Andy used one as his Avatar on BM. The Skyhawk has long been a favourite aircraft of mine, I am hosting the types first STGB here on BM in a few weeks, so I have a few kits of them in the stash and also a decent selection of decals for them so the decision next was which to use and how not to leave out either our Aussie or Kiwi friends in one build. I have a set of Gekko Graphics excellent sheets for the A-4 in both RAN and RNZAF service in a variety of schemes and a couple of them struck me as perfect for this build. Now as I am sure that most of you know when Australia retired their A-4's in the early 80's they were sold to New Zealand to help bolster their numbers of Skyhawks in service. What is perhaps less well known is the fact that they retained their original RAN camouflage with the only difference being that a red Kiwi took the place of the red Kangaroo in the national markings, so what you get is a kind of RAN/RNZAF mix of an aircraft, perfect! For those unaware of what that looks like it will look like this picture below which is most likely the aircraft I will be building; Now which kit to use. The A-4G is basically an A-4E/F and as this aircraft has yet to go through the upgrade to A-4K standard to match the rest of the RNZAF fleet you can build it straight from an E/F kit, taking care to have the correct aerials and to remove some specific USN/USMC equipment from it. I have a couple of A-4E/F kits in the stash and have settled on using the old but still acceptable Monogram 1/48 kit which I didn't get round to building in the Vietnam GB last year using the boxing pictured below; The kit was still sealed in it's original plastic bag inside; Isn't that blue coloured plastic simply lovely! Well, no, but the quality of the moulding is very good and even though the surface detailing is raised (heaven forbid!!) it is very fine as you can see in this close up of one of the wing upper surfaces; So thats the kit and markings sorted, time to make a start. Well I already have! I got the kit out yesterday and got carried away and made start on the cockpit, this is quite a basic affair and comes with the Escapac seat moulded into the cockpit floor and has a separate control column and instrument panel. The seat is quite basic (but then so is the Escapac in reality) but to crave it out would have made needing to build or buy a replacement cockpit so that wasn't going to happen! So I have painted up the kit cockpit as is but have also added a couple of the "time to leave" handles from some wire and painted them yellow, the result looks like this; The kit's instrument panel is pretty good (typical Monogram) and when painted up looks like this; Not the clearest picture but you get the idea, and withe the tub and IP painted they were assembled (took ages that did!) to give this; I had also been working on the cockpit side wall at the same time, these are pretty good and come with the quilted effect moulded onto them that is appropriate for an A-4's cockpit and after a bit of painting and a wash you get this; And with the completed cockpit tub fitted in place; You can see some of the necessary weight added to make sure that she isn't a tail sitter. And with that the fuselage halves could be joined together, it is quite a simple kit. Not a bad fit at all considering the age of the kit, nearly as old as me! I fitted the airbrakes in the closed position as they were nearly always closed when on the ground. The wings have also been assembled and asides from a small amount of PPP applied at the joint across where the slats go they are again a really good fit, one thing I did need to do was to open up the holes for both sets of pylons under the wings, I also need to source a set of pylons as only two come with the kit as it's the Blue Angel's version. And that is where I shall leave it for now, actually got quite a bit done. There's some clean up to be done on the fuselage before the two sub-assemblies can be joined together and I also need to remove the moulded in RHAWS sensors from under the nose and tail as they weren't fitted to the RAN A-4's. Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  10. I'm going to attempt to complete 2 Skyhawks in the STGB - a bit of a tall order given the builds I have planned in Anything But Injection and Unarmed, but here we go anyway... First up is a 1/48 RNZAF A-4K Kahu. Since the ANZAC GB is going on at the same time I'm going to put this build in there as well. Maybe I'll alternate posts between here and the ANZAC GB. I'm using the Hasegawa 1/48 A-4E - here's the box shot: Decals will be from Gekko Graphics. Not entirely sure which scheme I'm going for but plenty of time to decide. First issue here is that this kit doesn't include all the parts you need to make it a Kahu, so I'm going to have a go at 3D-printing them. I've made some progress today on the instrument panel and HUD - here's the CAD render: Pretty happy with this so far. Should look good enough with a few Airscale instrument decals. cheers Julian
  11. Ok this is my second build for this one and the perfect partner for the Phantom, an RNZAF A-4K Skyhawk. I was lucky enough to go out and see them shortly after they arrived at Ohakea on their first public showing (I also got to see the Strikemasters when they arrived too). Ok to build an A-4K in 1/48th is not the easiest thing to do, first off the Hasegawa A-4K model is long since OOP, impossible to fine (pretty well) and frightening expensive if you can. Luckily Hasegawa was nice enough to include all the bits required in their A-4E/F family of kits (most but not all)….again not the easiest or cheapest to find. My one as you can see is a wee bit worse for wear……. ………. that box is a wee bit out of shape, but the bits are all ok……… ….. but I can’t say the same for the decals (free to anyone that wants them), but I don’t need them......... ....... as I have these! I was thinking of doing the late 70’s version, but the top one will go so nicely with the Phantom. ……and you thought I’d forgotten about AM stuff!!! Nup…… new cockpit and exhaust… …. and new wheels. I also have to replace the supplied drop tanks as they are incorrect for A-4K’s, they had the slightly smaller 150gal tanks, I have an old set floating around, but will probably a new set from Red Roo models.
  12. Having been inspired by this lovely Pitcairn Islands commemorative stamp seen online...and since Atlantis Models has conveniently re-released Revell's old 'box scale' P-3 Orion at a too-good-to-pass-up price...I thought I'd do up the latter as a tribute to the RNZAF. With over five decades (gulp!) of P-3 operations to their credit, there are numerous possibilities as to camouflage and insignia combinations to choose from, but the choice for me was 'no contest.' The iconic 'kiwi' roundel...and the white-over-grey color scheme -- which every right-thinking individual of a 'certain age' instantly recognizes as the only 'proper' colors for maritime patrol aircraft! (Plus...that's what's on the stamp, so why not? 1985 is our chosen 'moment in time.') Since the 1/115 'box scale' of the classic kit didn't seem likely to match available commercial decal sets, I opted to go ahead and make my own -- a process which I do with some regularity. Nice-resolution images of the kiwi roundel are plentiful on the 'Net...and fellow GB participant Alan @LDSModeller -- whose father served with No 5 Squadron on their P-3B's -- was kind enough to point out that the 54" size should be used for that era. A perusal online revealed that the proper RNZAF font for serials and nose numbers is called 'Univers J'...which was most-helpfully available on a site dedicated to the creation of computer gaming skins for ANZAC aircraft. I've finished the 'basic' artwork for the decals. The kit's still in transit, but I'll post the usual photos when it arrives Until then, I've tacked on the re-release box art featuring the original atmospheric Revell cover painting by the late, great 'box art Master' Jack Leynnwood. Until next time.
  13. Hello everyone... This is my attempt to right a wrong. A few years ago a mentor of mine gave me about 30 models, one of which was the 1/48 Hasegawa Kahu Scooter. I unfortunately didn't realize the treasure I had in my possession at the time and built it as a USMC early “E” scooter. So in penance I will attempt to turn Hasegawa’s 1/72 E/F into a K type scooter. I will be using these decals from old model decals out of New Zealand which look quite good. These are the kit decals and if everything goes pear shaped on the mod’s, I will fall back and do the VMAT-102 markings( big red bird and red tail). The obligatory sprue shots. If all goes smoothly I may try to add a second scooter build after this one is done. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or add thoughts. Dennis Thanks Craig @modelling minion I will keep this here for quick reference. https://skyhawk.org/
  14. Hello everyone... Id like to present my 1/72 Hasegawa A-4K. I used the A-4E kit and did some slight modifications to achieve the look of the K. Namely the taller tail, ECM blisters, and drogue chute housing. It is NZ6201 from 75 squadron. I built this along with an RNZAF P-40E to honor a fellow forum member that passed away. SILVER FOX this ones for you. Posed with P-40E NZ3036 from 1943. Please feel free to visit the build thread if you would like. Also please ask questions or post comnents. Dennis
  15. Hi folk's, I thought it only right as I'm building an Aussie Beaufighter to pay tribute to New Zealand with an entry. I have a set of mint decals from a past Frog build for the Corsair so as I was ordering something from KK I popped Hobbyboss easy kit on too it's only a fiver and is actually a great little kit.Photos ASAP.
  16. Hello everyone ... my second build straight from the ANZAC group build, dedicated to Silver Fox a member who has passed R.I.P.. It is RNZAF P-40E NZ3036 HQ*Q in the Pacific Blue scheme circa 1943. I used the 1/72 Academy P-40E kit for this and the decals were donated bu a fellow member from New Zealand. A phot with the other dedicated build for Silver Fox, A-4K NZ6201 1976. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or visit the build thread. Dennis
  17. Hello everybody... This will be my second entry into the build. It is the Academy P-40E which I will build in RNZAF markings. Funnily it comes with RAAF markings for Dickie Cresswell’s kite. However I will be attempting to do HQ*Q in the New Zealand Pacific scheme. I borrowed this photo from Alan @LDSModeller. Hopefully he wont mind and Hopefully I will get this scheme right. “RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum” If for some reason it is going wrong or I’m missing something please anybody speak up. Otherwise we’ll see you soon. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, or add thoughts. Dennis
  18. Well time suddenly flies and Enzo has opened the 2021 GB book already. I'm keen on this GB as it involves my NZ theme. I have had the A-4K in my stash since I lived in the Land or the Long White Cloud, 20 years ago. I'll build it now in memory of Andy as it was his Avatar here on BM. The kit is unopened and untouched but there is no sign of the set of Geko Graphics decals I got at the same time. On a positive note I have 2 resin seats in the box. I'm not sure which is correct so that will be the first job when we start. Colin
  19. Kit: Monogram Paint: All enamels Decals: Old Models Decals 0799, Aeromaster generic RAF roundels Extras: Eduard pre-painted seat belts. NA Harvard III 2 FTS, Woodbourne, New Zealand Late 1943. This is an original 1979 issue of the Monogram SNJ kit that I've had sitting in my stash since there were Brachiosaur's roaming around . Built in just over three weeks without instructions - lost those so many years ago - I've finished my Harvard as the same aircraft that is in our local museum here ( http://www.tatatm.co.nz/ ), but just after it came into service in 1943. IMO the camo & yellow scheme is really eye-catching and rarely seen on a model, and I like finishing a project in something just a wee bit unusual. Not too much to say about the build, given the aforementioned lack of directions, it actually went together really easily with very little filler or 'modelling skills' needed. The camo pattern is sprayed freehand and isn't too bad if I say so myself, weathering is limited to just an exhaust plume as these machines were kept hangered at Woodbourne and were well looked-after generally. A quick and truly enjoyable build, and isn't that the essence of the hobby, or am I talking out of my a*se again ?. As ever all comments, criticism and questions welcomed. All the best from NZ. Ian.
  20. After a couple of intricate or frankly awful kits I sought sanctuary in a Tamiya kit. This one is finished as NZ5566, of the Fighter Leaders School RNZAF, using Ventura decals. NZ5566 was shipped directly to New Zealand and assembled at Hobsonville in late 1944, she never went to the SW Pacific front and spent all her time in NZ, mainly at Ardmore. Because of this I kept weathing to a reasonab;e level as the climate is nowhere near as harsh as the Solomons and she was not operating from rushed coral airstrips. The flash seems to have washed out most of the weathering. I had never seen the JZ codes on any RNZAF machine but there is a great photo on the Ventura instruction sheet, ( I think provided by a member on this forum) showing them clearly. from the same photo it shows the repainted roundel to be paler than the ones applied in the war zone but still not the pale blue beloved of most decal manufacturers and Italeri. these markings ere smaller than the USN one so I painted a arker ring around them but f course the flash has made it difficult to see. Any road up, just another 415 RNZAF Corsairs still to do.
  21. I've been dreaming of building an RNZAF Corsair for a long time, and it looks like I'm in good company in this STGB. Here's the kit: And here are the transfers: I have some Xtradecal RNZAF roundels to replace the ones included in the above set, as I don't think these match the actual roundel blue used according to @LDSModeller. I'm not dead set on this particular aircraft, but I definitely want to do an operational tri (quad) color scheme. Primed and airbrushed some of the interior today to make the start official. Thanks @Corsairfoxfouruncle for organizing this STGB.
  22. Hi Chaps, I wasn't planning to join this Group build but with time on my hands during self isolation in Pattaya I've decided to dig this from the stash. The kit was a gift back in 2003 so it will be good to see it finished. Planned scheme is that of the famous Kiwi ace Brian Carbury from 603 squadron at Hornchurch during the Battle of Britain. The kit decals look a bit past their best. Colin
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