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  1. QB 72 411 A-10 Thunderbolt II Correct Fan Blades 1:72 Quickboost by Aires One thing modellers are always looking for are increased detail in engine faces and exhausts. With the A-10 and its podded engines the Engine fan face is not buried deep in the airframe but visible on top. Quickboost has come up with a replacement for these to make them look correct. Conclusion Great parts to add realism and a good look to your finished model, and very well cast. These fan fronts will look excellent with the correct finishing. Recommended for the Hobbyboss Kit. Highly recommended. Review s
  2. QB32 141 Junkers Ju 87B Stuka Ammo Drums 1:32 Quickboost by Aires The Ju 87 or Stuka was a twin manned dive bomber used by the Luftwaffwe in WWII. Defensive armament was provided by a single MG 15 (later MG 81) machine gun to be used by the rear gunner / radio operator. Ammunition was provided in an enclosed drum holding 75 rounds. Supplied in the usual Quickboost flat-pack, you get one strip of light grey resin. Onto this are cast two individual magazines and two blocks of 6 magazines held together. Conclusion Great parts to add realism and a candid look to your finished model, a
  3. Mig-29 Foreign Object Debris Guards (for GWH) 1:48 Quickboost by Aires Generally, when an aircraft is on the ground it will have FOD guards installed to stop things getting in there, be they tools, birds' nests or anything else for that matter. All these things damage engines when they're started, so they tend to stay in place until the last minute. Therefore, a kit built with its wheels down should generally be seen with FOD guards unless it's about to take flight - a look that we mostly tend to disregard for convenience. In order to help out with that "extra mile" in the realism depa
  4. NA OV-10A/B Bronco Exhausts Quickboost 1:48 This is another very simple enhancement from Quickboost to add a little extra detail to your Testors OV-10A/B Bronco. Contained in the standard poly sleeve packaging, this pair of exhausts are direct replacements for the kit parts and feature louvered hollow openings with nice thin sidewalls. Just remove from the casting block and fit to the model, job done. Conclusion If you don’t want to do too much extra detailing to the Testors Bronco, but want at least some improvements, you can’t really go wrong with these exhausts, well moulded, e
  5. Ejection Seats Quickboost 1:48 Quickboost have been really busy lately releasing all manner of add-on parts for various models. These three sets provide resin replacement ejection seats for three different aircraft. Each seat is moulded in grey resin and covered in some really great detail. Each seat is packaged in the standard poly sleeve but fortunately they don’t appear to have suffered any damage. All the modeller has to do is to remove them from their casting blocks, give then a nice delicate paint job and fit them to the chosen cockpit. F-100D Super Sabre (QB 48 509) is quit
  6. Grumman S-2F Tracker Detail Sets 1:48 Quickboost and Aires for Kinetic Continuing their theme of producing several sets of parts for a single model kit Aires have released these five. Designed to be used with the Kinetic S-2F Tracker each set replaces specific kit parts with something that is more hopefully more detailed and more in scale than injection moulding an achieve. Aires Wheel Set (4593) contains the two nose wheels and the larger main wheels all moulded onto one casting block. The attachments to the block are by a very thin web of resin where the very slight bulge on the bo
  7. Antonov AN-2 Detail Sets 1:48 Quickboost for HobbyBoss We have here another five sets released by Aires, in the Quickboost range. This time for the Hobbyboss Antonov An-2 to give it that extra bit of detail that can really make a model. The modeller can use as many or as little of these sets as they see fit and they don’t have to buy a big set, not all of which may be used. Each item/s are contained in a poly sleeve that Quickboost regularly use with a card backing. Not too much protection then, except that most of the parts are on their moulding blocks and protec
  8. NA T-28 Trojan Detail sets 1:48 Aires and Quickboost Aires have recently released these three sets just for the Roden kit. Once removed from their casting blocks it looks as though they are drop in direct replacements although the modeller may need to thin the kit parts to get the bays to fit snugly. Plenty of dry fitting is recommended to get then to sit correctly. The Aires Wheel Bay set (4584) comes in the standard blown plastic box on a cardboard sleeve. Protected against most damage by a foam insert there are the three replacement bays, each beautifully rendered wit
  9. Me.410 Updates (for Meng) 1:48 Quickboost by Aires If you're not in the market for a full upgrade to the detail of your new Me.410, the Quickboost parts are a great way to get the highlights without breaking the bank. Three sets have been released lately for this lovely aircraft, and I'm sure more will be in the pipeline, given Aires' efforts with the old Monogram kit. We've already reviewed their cockpit set here Me.410B-2/U4 Gun Barrels A simple drop-in replacement set containing the big 50mm BK-5 cannon and two machine-gun barrels for the remote-controlled barbettes on the fuselage s
  10. Su-25 Frogfoot Air Intakes 1:32 Quickboost from Aires Aires in their various incarnations are continuing to expand their range of 1:32 scale detail sets. This one, contains the auxiliary air intakes for the Trumpeter Su-25 Frogfoot. Contained in a poly sleeve, with a card backing these intakes, moulded in dark grey resin are direct replacements for the kits parts. There are five types of intakes all moulded with no sign of flash and minimal contact with the casting block these will be ready to use in no time at all. The intake lips are beautifully thin, certainly much finer than the
  11. Evening ladies and gents Buoyant from success in finishing my Tamiya Spitfire I've decided to restart my Hurricane build. I've given up on using the Aires resin cockpit tub as a lost cause, I was spending way too much time on it and to be honest I lost interest. So I'm going to use the kit cockpit with elements of aires and Eduard to help pad it out a little. Here is where I am as of tonight. It's not a huge amount to show but at least I know it fits the model! More to follow very soon. Yours aye Iain
  12. My Hurricane build has come to a bit of a stand still, I was spending too much time messing around with it that I lost interest, its not been relegated to the shelf of doom, just put on the back burner for now. So to get my enthusiasm back I decided to have a go at the Tamiya Mk 1 Spit in the markings of 57 OTU, RAF Hawarden 1941/42. I believe the plane that I'm building was flown by FO Ginger Lacy. I have used elements of the eduard zoom set for the cockpit plus fuse wire, I replaced the seat with an Aires example that I had floating about and I'm using Quickboost exhausts and propeller. So
  13. Su-27 Flanker B Correct Nose for Trumpeter Kit 1:72 Quickboost from Aires Although subject to derision by some for their patchy track record on accuracy, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Trumpeter have actually given us some very nice kits over the years. One of their best is their recent Su-27/J11 family of kits. These are quite widely acknowledged as being amongst the most accurate Flankers on the market today. I wasn’t aware of an issue with the nose of the Trumpeter kit until this ‘correct nose’ from Quickboost arrived. I don’t actually have the Trumpeter kit to hand, so
  14. ECS Pipes for Trumpeter F-18E Quickboost 1:32 These two sets provide replacement ECS Pipes for the already magnificent Trumpeter 1:32 F-18E Super Hornet. Coming in two flavours, either early or late two pipe assemblies are contained in each package. The kits pipe structures will need to be carefully removed before these items can drop in the resulting holes. Whilst each item has a small resin moulding block this may not even need to be removed to fit although it wouldn’t take too much to saw and/or file it off. The mouldings of each part are very nicely done and very clean with no other
  15. Well it took ar longer then expected, but I did keep my promise that she would not end in the shelf of shame. She is a Revell 1/48 Viper that I started this one for the F-16 GB here: http://www.britmodel...topic=234917085 And after taking my time to do this Viper justice I dare present to you the result: I made extensive use of K4's decal fixer and the canopy is tinted with he's prototipe for clear paints.
  16. F6F Hellcat Propeller with Tool for Cyberhobby Kit 1:72 Quickboost from Aires Whilst the fanfare that accompanied the release of Eduard’s superlative Hellcat somewhat overshadowed that of Cyberhobby’s new kit, the Hong Kong based manufacturer’s offering is still a class act and is worth considering, particularly if it can be found for the right price. Indeed, if you want to build your Hellcat with folded wings, it has a distinct advantage over the Eduard kit as it provides that option. Now Quickboost has released a replacement propeller to enhance the basic kit. The
  17. F6F Hellcat Propeller with Tool for Cyberhobby Kit 1:72 Quickboost from Aires Whilst the fanfare that accompanied the release of Eduard’s superlative Hellcat somewhat overshadowed that of Cyberhobby’s new kit, the Hong Kong based manufacturer’s offering is still a class act and is worth considering, particularly if it can be found for the right price. Indeed, if you want to build your Hellcat with folded wings, it has a distinct advantage over the Eduard kit as it provides that option. Now Quickboost has released a replacement propeller to enhance the basic kit. The
  18. F6F Hellcat Wing Mounted Radome for the Eduard Kit (QB 72 373) 1:72 Quickboost The Eduard Hellcat is without doubt one of the best F6F kits on the market, but there are still improvements that can be achieved when someone looks closely enough and that's what Aires have done. On the whole, the kit has beautifully detailed parts and finely recessed panel lines, but for some reason the radome included has raised panel lines. It's also manufactured in two parts which means there will be a seam to blend in, so this single part replacement from Quickboost is a great product that w
  19. Cyber Hobby Sea Vixen FAW.1 Resin Upgrades 1:72 Quickboost Airfix undoubtably have the 1/48 market sewn up with their stunning Sea Vixen kit, but the 1/72 market is a little more open with competition, the two 'best' options coming from Dragon / Cyber Hobby and the other from Xtrakit / MPM although each has it's issues with accuracy. These little gems are aimed at improving the Cyber Hobby kit. QB 72 379 Sea Vixen FAW.1 Correct Nose One of the Sea Vixens prominent features is its distinctly pointed nose, yet the Cyber Hobby kit looks much too rounded and loses some of
  20. P-40B/C Resin Upgrades 1:72 Quickboost by Aires for the Airfix Kit The new Airfix P40 Hawk has quickly established itself as a great kit, building on the reputation that Airfix are developing for their newer kits. If you're looking to take it further, then there is a whole range of aftermarket accessories becoming available. The P40 served in many different theatres and this makes it such an interesting aircraft to model due to the wide range of schemes that you can choose from as the decal range becomes available. QB 72 364 Propeller with Alignment Tool The first s
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