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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! Just finished the "good old" Hasegawa Bf109 G-4 1/32 in ProModeler (Monogram) boxing, released in the early 2000s. Overall still a great kit, built with some add ons like MDC trop filter, brass pitot tube, Uschi (Rig That Thing) elastic thread for the antenna, PE seatbelts and small plastic/metal bits to improve the appearance of this well known Gustav. Painted with Model Master enamels (RLM 78/79/80), clear coated with acrylic Mr. Color matt and gloss varnishes. Decals from the box. National emblems, A/C number and tactical markings masked and sprayed accordingly. Thanks for watching! Oscar
  2. I have deep-sixed the obnoxious airfix fresco and I'm bringing this project out of cold storage. I feel the few steps I've completed put me well within the 25% threshold, but if GB mods disagree, I'll pull the project. This is the ProModeller boxing of Hasegawa's F-4e. This is the early F-4e with un-slatted wings and two varieties of nose guns. The very nice decal sheet has several options for phantoms from Homestead Airforce Base that spent the summer of 72 in Thailand, helping out with Operation Linebacker II. I'll be building one of the two Mig killers on the sheet. Either Kelly's Heroes, with a single kill and gnarly shark mouth. Or the the aircraft flown by USAF aces Steve Ritchie and Charles DeBelleview , who scored two kills in one mission using this F-4e. They typically flew a D model. The way the USAF tallied kills, the pilot and WSO were both credited (as they both played an important role). Ritchie was a five kill ace, and De Bellevue left Vietnam with six. While the dual kill phantom may be historically more significant, I'm a sucker for a well executed shark mouth, (go home sundowners you're doing it wrong!), so I'll need to think on it a bit.
  3. Hi guys, Can someone please help me with a scan of the decal placement instructions for ProModeler's F-86D Dog Sabre? I have mislaid my own instructions... What I really REALLY need is the placement of the stenciling. The kit-decals feature quite extensive stenciling, sadly the numbering on the Revell re-pops is totally different. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Erik B.
  4. About 10 years ago my father started the RoG Do217 but I don´t know why anymore, it didn´t make it to finish. Some years ago I managed to get him the ProModeler version of that kit second hand. In 2013 he then thought it´s time to build that German Medium. The kit was built oob, only seatbelts and antenna wire added. For the RLM 72 and 73 he used models and paint mixing suggestions on the web as reference and mixed it out of several Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. Not 100% satisfied with the colors, but I think they look ok. Quality and fit of the kit were very good, only had troubles with the decals, maybe due to bad storage, they were very brittle and had to be mostly puzzled together.
  5. #6/2017 The beast is done! My dad´s newest addition to our homeland collection. In 1937 the Austrian Airforce bought three Ju52, one was used as a staff aircraft and for instrument flight training (OE-HKA) and the other two as nightbombers (36 and 37). In March 1938 they became German property again... Didn´t knew that much about the Ju52 versions before that build. Thought with the ProModeler kit it would be an easy OOB thing because the kit includes the additional bomber parts, to say the belly gunner basket and the main wheel covers. Then we found out that the bomber was a "g3e" version with no cargo doors on roof and starboard side. But the Revell/ProModeler military kits depict a "g4e" version. Luckily I relized that the Revell civil version had the correct fuselage side parts, so I spent some extra money on one of the airliner kits. The fuselage side walls from the civil kit and the rest from the military kit fit together well. Regarding the roof cargo door my dad filled the rivets with Gunze Dissolved Putty, it didn´t disappear completely but with the camo you can hardly see it. The exact colour tones of the camo aren´t known, most probably very close to RLM 61/62/63. My dad used, as usual, Gunze and Tamiya acrylics, EZ Line for wiring. Roundels from IPMS Austria, number decals from Fantasy Printshop. BTW, the little white spots that look like dust, they are remnants of Tamiya XF-86 clear flat, the first time my dad had troubles with this paint. Hope you like it Build thread here
  6. Finally my dad has some free space in his "factory" to start his next project for our homeland collection. This time going big and doing a Ju52 with the great ProModeler kit. I guess most of you didn´t know that, besides Austria´s civil airline, also our airforce used Tante Ju´s. They bought 3 aircraft in 1937, one was used as a staff aircraft and trainer for instrument/night flying, the other two were used as nightbombers. In 1938 they went back into German inventory.. stay tuned
  7. I would like to offer Monogram’s 1/48 ProModeler P-38 G/H Lightning done with Kagero decals for a P-38G flown by Lt. Kenneth G. Ladd, 80th FS/ 8th FG, Dobodura, New Guinea during 1943/44. It is called the Nulli Secundus/X-Virgin with “Ruthie” on the outer port engine. This kit has been around for a long, long time, back in the 60s or 70s when it first came out. The version I have is a 2002 reboxing with some new decals. (More about that later). Other than Accurate Miniatures, I cannot think of a line that has better instructions than the old ProModeler series. Most of them have pictures of actual aircraft (not the best quality, but at least they are there) and some helpful hints on how to make your build better. Anyway, looking forward to this build to help get my modeling mojo back. Here are the box and sprue shots. And here is the Kagero scheme I will be attempting to replicate. The cockpit is first up as it is inserted into the top fuselage half. The parts layout consists of 10 pieces. Detail for the kit’s age is not too bad Once the cockpit is built up, it rests on top of the nose wheel well. I am going to use the ladder provided in the kit, so I have to open up the bottom of the lower fuselage half. The cockpit parts get their base coat of either chromate green or NATO black. Then the weathering and dry brushing begins Once the parts are painted, dry brushed and weathered, the kit detail is pretty darned good. Especially when you consider this kit is about 50 years old. The detail on the control wheel and instrument panel are better than some modern kits that are just coming out. Assembly of the cockpit begins with the seat, the control yoke and wheel, instrument panel, rudder pedals and side panels. Some more details have been picked out to add a bit of color to the cockpit. Although given the fuselage opening, I doubt much will be seen. Must make a mental note to myself to not close up the cockpit before I source some seat belts for this plane. The cockpit is inserted into the bottom fuselage half. Next up, the wheel wells need to be built up to be inserted into each tail boom. The wheel well consists of a roof and two sides. The roof of the port wing well is warped. So with the application of brute force, some CA glue and accelerator, the roof is conformed for the most part to the wheel well sides and is now pretty square. I was hoping the starboard roof would be in better shape. No luck, it is even more warped than the port side. So some more persuasion is used. Then the two wheel wells are placed inside of each tail boom and the two tail boom halves are sealed. The kit instructions would have you place the undercarriage at this time, but with some dry fit testing, the undercarriage can be added after painting making my masking a whole lot easier. After the booms are glued together, the scoop faces and intake are put on each boom The upper fuselage half is glued to the two booms. Then the bottom half is attached to the upper half and fuselage booms. At the same time the main tail piece is fit between the two booms to make sure everything lines up correctly. Twin boom planes are always fun and games to align, but the engineering of this kit makes it a very easy thing to do. Some tape is applied to keep everything in place as the glue dries. While I wait for the glue to dry I start the job I like least in modeling, masking the canopy. Yechhhh. And why do I hate masking canopies, could it be this: Earlier in the day I had masked a canopy for an F-117 with all of its fun sharp angles and points. No problem. With this canopy and fairly simple lines, I skewer myself. This is why I buy pre- cut masks right? I tape up my finger, finish the rest of the canopy masking, (I cheated, but more on that later) and by that time the glue has set on the mainframe because I am so slow at masking. The tape is removed and now I get to inspect the seams for “irregularities” that must be corrected. And there are a few: So the plane is puttied up and left to dry overnight. While I wait for the putty to dry, I work on the propellers. These consist of a hub, 3 separate propellers, and a spinner. Now the kit comes with 4 propellers per engine. Why 4, I have no idea? Is there some P-38 variant I missed that had 4 propellers? Anyway, according to the paint scheme the back part of the hub is black, the blades are black with yellow tips, and the spinner has a green tip with a white stripe. It is morning now and the always enjoyable (not!) task of sanding the seams presents itself. So various grades of sandpaper are used to get rid of the seams and smooth everything out. The grey undersides are painted, let dry and then masked for the upper olive drab. The olive drab is then applied Now the picture tonal quality is a bit warped as the weather outside is not ideal. So the spray was done in the bathroom with the vent to the outside on so I don’t poison anyone else. Obviously the bathroom lighting leaves a bit to be desired. Might have to get different lights. Once dry, the olive drab seems to be spot on. The tape is removed and the green tips to the tail fins are applied. Once that dries, a coat or two of future is applied to get ready for the decals. Now the kit decals will have to be used for the national insignia and stencils. The Kagero decals only have items specific to each paint scheme. I start with the topside decals and stencils from the kit. The kit decals, though only from 2002 did not hold up well. They were fragile, took a long time to release from the backing and if I looked at them wrong, shattered apart. Almost every kit decal had to be pieced together. Since this will be a tired old plane, it may work out in my favor, but putting them on was very frustrating. I can’t wait for the Kagero decals. I start with the port side. The Kagero decals were superb. They went on well, could be moved around to get in the right position and reacted very favorably to Micro Sol. The kit decals, more shattering and piecing together. The starboard side decals were next. The nose art went on smoothly and looks great. The bottom was done using the rest of the kit decals, but less shattering for some reason. Now, I am going to let everything dry and let Micro Sol do its thing. Next up will be a protective coat of future and then the weathering will commence. I am still cogitating on how best to proceed with dirtying this bird up. As always, all comments are welcome.
  8. At the start of this year, one of my goals was to do comparison builds. I think it will make me do more kits and reduce the ever growing, multiplying exponentially stash that, frankly, it just out of control. I do not know how these things happen. (Perhaps build one kit a month, buy 5, maybe?) Anyway, this group build seems like the perfect place to start. Plans are to complete comparison builds of the 1/32 He 219 (Revell & ZM), 1/32 Mustang (Tamiya, Trumpeter, ZM), 1/48 Me 410 (Meng & Revell), 1/32 Skyraider (ZM & Trumpeter), 1/32 Me 163 Komet (Hasegawa & Meng) and 1/72 Sunderland (Airfix & Italeri). In the stash at the office, (Yes, the stash is so out of control, I have two one at the office and another in a storage shed) I found the ProModeler P-40 E Warhawk and the Academy Tomahawk IIb , both in 1/48. Both of these kits are reissues. The ProModeler kit was originally issued in 1978 by Revell. The Revell kit was redone as a ProModeler kit with the box instructions having a 1995 copyright mark. The Academy kit was originally produced by HobbyCraft in 1996 as a Pearl Harbor Defender. This Academy kit was reissued in 2011 with updated decals for Aces of the African Front. The Academy kit will be done as the mount of Pilot Officer Neville Duke as every P-40 collection should have a shark mouth! And, in my opinion, the shark mouths of the 112 Squadron are far more aggressive looking than the AVG versions. The ProModeler kit will receive aftermarket decals. The kit decals look fine, but they are a little aged and yellowed. And since I have an abundance of AM decals for the P-40 (how did I acquire so many?) the Cutting Edge “Colorful Warhawks Part 1” will donate the scheme for an Aleutians’ tiger scheme. The obligatory sprue shots. First Academy. Then ProModeler And the build will begin next.
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