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Found 16 results

  1. Here is the Tamiya Pz II Ausf. C (Polish Campaign) kit backdated to an Ausf. A. The kit actually has most of the parts necessary to build any version from an Ausf. c to an Ausf. C, even though Tamiya never mentions the Ausf.c parts in either version of this kit. I added the Dragon/Cyberhobby interior to the hull and used Dragon Magic Tracks in place of the kit tracks. I am currently working on the French Campaign version of this kit-they are fun little builds.
  2. Found this short video of Horbaczewski's Mustang Mk.III PK-G probably taxiing on an RAF airfield during the D-Day landings. It sports a full suit of D-Day ID bands on the rear fuselage and wings (with the fuselage ones being irregularly painted). The aircraft is also carrying two bombs under the wings. Does anyone know if this P-51 flown by Horbaczewski flew as a pure fighter (no bombs, just the external fuel tanks) over the skies of Normandy?
  3. Hi all, this is the eventual set of pics I managed to take of the completed PZL P.11c, the second in my trilogy of PZL aircraft (WIP thread here). The 1st RFI, that of the PZL 23A, can be found here if you've not already seen it All in all I'm quite pleased with the outcome of this one - being a MisterCraft offering there were a number of issues to resolve, even before I embarked on my habitual course of self-inflicted stress! One particular highlight for me, though, was my first ever use of 3D-printed parts, to my own design, which were incorporated into the cockpit detail. Not that big or complex, but it's a start! Given that I opted to model the aircraft attributed to a particular person and event in history, I thought I would try to find out a little more about the subject. I've decided to add my findings, written in my own words, but on a following post to this one. I believe some people enjoy RFIs with a back story, others less so. So, I figured that adding it as a subsequent post gives people the option to read it, or not, as they see fit! Anyway, first up here are the pics - I hope you enjoy them: Thanks as ever for the support along this particular stage of the WIP. Any and all comments most welcome
  4. Hello, I am building a Polish Albatros DIII from the 1920 period. And now I need to print some decals. I am designing the decals in Photoshop. Does anybody know the exact color code for the Polish Air Force checkerboard insignia? Thank you in advance. Roger
  5. I am building a PZL 50 from the cruddiest kit I have seen since I built the Avia B35 which was unbelievably even worse. 21 parts on one sprue and that includes the canopy which I think is moulded from recycled urine sample bottles which still had the contents in them. The instructions could only be simpler if it was a slip of paper that said glue all parts together and paint. IMG_20200130_191114538 by Stuart, on Flickr I started with the propeller, the spinner looked a bit small so I drilled a hole in some 2mm plasticard and glued it on to thicken it up a bit IMG_20200131_151717463 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20200131_205838939_HDR by Stuart, on Flickr I started on the fuselage and quickly realised the fuselage didnt have any wheel wells so I had to drill, Dremel and file out some wells only problem I wish I had spotted this before I glued the fuselage together which made it a lot fiddlier. IMG_20200131_174045539 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20200131_205146122 by Stuart, on Flickr The fuselage was horribly uneven with dips and even some of the cockpit surround missing so far its taken lots of filing a fair bit of filling with plenty more to come IMG_20200131_205205767 by Stuart, on Flickr The engine was a very dull plain moulding so I have decided to add some pushrod tubes and rocker boxes IMG_20200131_211448485_HDR by Stuart, on Flickr
  6. PL-01 Prototype Polish Light Tank 1:35 Takom via Pocketbond The PL-01 is a prototype light Tank developed by Polish Defence firm OBRUM with support from BAe Systems. The base is the Swedish CV90 light tank. The driver gunner and commander of the vehicle are all based in the hull giving a lower turret silhouette. In addition a rear compartment can also house 4 Soldiers. Main armour is a modular ceramic-aramid shell and protection is also provided against mines and IEDs. The turret can mount either a 105, or 120mm cannon firing standard NATO ammunition. 45 rounds can be carried with 16 ready in turret with the rest in the hull. A 7.62mm machine gun is also carried in a roof mounted installation. The vehicle is intended to be equipped with the latest active protection systems, along with integrated battlefield management technology. Thermal masking and air-conditioning will also be standard, There are plans to configure the same chassis a s Command Vehicle, ARV and Mine Clearance Vehicle. The Kit This is a bit of a left field release from Takom, though it is welcome. Given the stealth nature of the vehicle there is not that many parts. In addition to the main hull parts and the turret there are the two side sponsons and 5 sprues. Two of these are for the link and length tracks, and two for the wheels. There is small clear sprue, a small PE fret and a small decal sheet. Construction begins with the lower hull as the arms for the wheels are added. Alignment can be checked with the guide later being used to build the tracks. A pair of wheels is then fitted to each arm. Driver sprockets and idler wheels are also added. The track is o the link and length variety which seems to be favoured by Takom; these are built up using the supplied jigs. There are no return rollers at the top of the track. Once the tracks are on the front fenders are added along with the rear part of the hull. A font part is also added and then the main top hull can go on and the drivers hatch attached. The large side sponsons can then go on. We then move to the turret. The roof mounted machine gun is made up. The main gun is made up and added into the turret, this is then closed up and the roof mounted gun added. The turret is then mounted to the main chassis. Markings There are minimal markings for the vehicle exhibited at the 2013 International Défense Industry Exhibition and 3 other what iff schemes, The decal sheet is printed anonymously, but is of high quality Conclusion An unusual vehicle and maybe the future of armoured warfare? Highly recommended if you want something different. Review sample courtesy of UK Distributors for
  7. I had this kit in the stash for a very long time, but kept overlooking it because of rigging. However I broke it out recently and decided to have a crack. The kit is basic, but decent fitting. I only replaced the lewis gun with one from the stash which looks a lot better. I rigged it by threading knitting elastic and it worked pretty well. The aircraft depicts one of the 20 odd machines acquired by the Poles to fight their war of Independence against the Russians in February 1919. Decals came from my spares box.
  8. Polish Tank Crew WWII (35267) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Those doyens of figure sets at MiniArt are at it again (where do they find the time each month?), and this time it's a set of Polish Tank Crew from WWII. The set arrives in a standard sized end-opening figure box with a painting of the intended poses on the front, and a combined instruction and painting guide on the rear of the box. Inside are four sprues in mid grey styrene, three still joined to their runner, the last one nipped off to fit in the box. Four crew are included, one driver figure with his hands on the controls, one casually leaning against his tank (presumably) and two which appear to be clutching their copolas. Two of the standing figures have chest mounted respirator pouches but these can be left off. Conclusion With MiniArt we have come to expect excellent sculpting, and this set does not disappoint, with realistic poses, drape of clothing and faces. The whole set is finely sculpted. There is some flash on this set which I have not seen on others, but it should not be a problem to remove. Recommended for you Polish tank / AFV build. Review sample courtesy of
  9. After my CF-104 and F-84G, I'd planned to switch gears and do a pair of F/A-18s. But, in doing those builds I learned a couple new things about doing NMF, and I generated some new ideas, so I'm going to do another NMF aircraft: a Polish MiG-15. My planned F-18 build is going to be a little grueling because I'm going to re-scribe one of the kits. So I figured I'd try to do a kit that would be a "quick victory" -- after all it only has 40 parts. I'll get into the details first, and leave the personal, human-interest story for last . The kit I'm going to build is a Dragon MiG-15 that I purchased in a buying spree in 1998. The decals may be just a touch yellow, but it's hardly noticeable. The kit is nicely detailed with engraved panel lines, landing gear bay details, and reasonable cockpit details with molded instruments. So this leads to my first problem: the kit is a little too detailed because it has every... single... rivet. So, I'll throw this out for opinions: Should I fill the rivets in? I've done a lot of research on MiG-15s the last few days and the rivets are not visible on the bare metal planes until you are within about 10 feet. So, it seems to me that all of these rivets are un-necessary and unrealistic detail. I think I should be able to fill them in using super glue and a glue louper, and still keep the panel lines (and some rivets that I notice are always visible, even at a distance). When I bought this kit, there was no scalemates (that I was aware of anyway), so I generally guessed which ones might be good quality. Doing some dry-fitting tonight, I think this is a reasonably good quality kit. The fit seems very good on the fuselage. Dry fitting the wings showed that there might be a little problem there, as the slot in the fuselage is bigger than the tab on the wing. Shouldn't pose much of a problem, but it is a little annoying to have that much slop in the fit. So, here's the history behind this build (personal, human-interest story ). In late September 1989, I went to the nearest hobby store (185 miles away) and bought a Heller F-86 and a Humbrol MiG-15. I built both over the course of a couple of weekends in early October 1989. The MiG-15 kit had 2 options: Soviet and Polish. Since I had a row of "Red Stars" on my model shelf, I figured it would be neat to do something different and I chose Polish. I must say, that Humbrol MiG-15 kit is tied for first place for the "worst-kits-I-have-ever-built" award (the other being a Starfix Spitfire Mk. XIV). It had no detail whatsoever (a bent piece of plastic for a seat was the entire cockpit), horribly clumsy raised panel lines, and poor engineering galore (the nose cap was a larger diameter than the aircraft body). After college when I moved out of my parent's house, my models went with me, but the MiG-15 went in the trash. I bought the kit I'm going to start as its replacement, which is why I am choosing the Polish version. Next time, I'll outline my approach for the paint. Thanks for looking...
  10. Doing research for my KT build. The version i'm building was used near Königsberg in Jan 1945 (a very precise Jan 10th is given ) I was wondering are/were any modern arour exerscises held (by the russians) in winter ever? And would colour pictures be available of said exerscises? I need to get a feel for the terrain / weather / cirumstances in january.
  11. It looks like the 'Heroes of Kosciuszko' will be a popular scheme in this Group Build, and I plan on a adding a couple more - the man and the squadron can not get enough recognition in my opinion. Here is where my 1/72 Kosciuszko squadron collection stands so far. I guess it's time to add some jets to the mix, and this Group Build is the perfect opportunity. I'm planning on using the Italeri and Trumpeter kits. I've got a few aftermarket bits winging their way here now as well. Can't wait to get started!
  12. Hi to all,After 8 moths of hard work I finished my last diorama based on Battle of Poznan (Poland).I made a video to show the diorama. I have used Tamiya & Zvezda figures and vehicles. The building and furniture is from Airfix. The video will not leave you indifferent.--------------------------------------------------------------------Video Link: Battle of Poznan Diorama video presentation-------------------------------------------------------------------- Captures: Best Regards
  13. Hi, I realized that I never saw any photos or profiles (painting schemes) of Soviet airplanes from invasion on Poland in September 1939. I mean - the true (or sure) one. I have an article on this topic from some German airplane magazine but there are photos which usually apears in other contexes. So I consider them as photos of certain types not certain machines. OK - in Polish edition of M.Maslov's book on Polikarpov R5 one profile is said to be from Poland, 1939, but in French edition of the same book, the same profile is decribed "Ukraine, 1936". Of course both could be true, but only "could". During 3 year some repairs and repaints must be done on machine with fabric cover. It is differently in case of machines from Winter War with Finland - there are some photos, but mostly done by Finns of captured Soviet machines. Anybody met or have some photos or profiles like that? Any serious publication was about it? It is said, but more is known about Nomonhan Incident in 1939... Cheers Jerzy-Wojtek
  14. Hello. As a warm up before my target projects I wanted to finish started some time ago small Hawk. During the build I came up with an idea to do it as "What if?" Polish Jet Trainer. So I build it, painted and started to put on decals. And.. Well. I've lost polish markings from other model. Decided not to buy any additional decals, which is a shame actually. Anyways. As it suppose to be a training jet I wanted to give it a real shine like on the racing jets. Everything was ok until I decided to put final coat of Enamel Clear Laquer on. That ruined completely canopies I ended up having milky canopies and tears in my eyes (even is not the most ambitious build, still there was some work in). At this moment model was literally close to the bin, but I thought to myself that I'm not gonna give up! I took it off and started to sand the laquer down (not an easy task). Using higher grades every time and then I dipped it in Pledge and dried. I repeated this few times. It was working! So I took off front part of canopy and started the same. Unfortunately it cracked while sanding After couple not very nice words (polish of course) I came up with an idea of a flag on the nose and front canopy. I guess it looks quite all right Enjoy! Thanks for visiting! Bart
  15. These are the last builds in a larger project - build thread here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234966761-a-ridiculous-and-probably-ill-fated-viper-pentuple-spitfire-because-its-britmodeller/ A PAF F-16D Blk 52+ Jastrzab assigned to 3 EL, and a 303 (Polish) Sqn Spitfire IIA. I've come to believe, after the fact, that the Spitfire is in the wrong markings. I think P8522 was a Mk IIB not a Mk IIA. Too late now! Happy New Year!
  16. These images (amongst the thousands I have) were taken at the Polish Air Force Museum in Krakow in the Fall of 2002. It was a private tour (it helps to speak Polish) but I could use assistance in identifying the aircraft and if they are replicas. I spent most of my time on the WWII - Modern exhibits and picked the staff's brains for those. Aviatik C.III (is it a replica?) Regards,
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