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Found 23 results

  1. Pegasus short-run injection moulded kit backdated to the earlier P111 configuration with short-span wings, one-piece windscreen and home made decals. With the later P111a and P120 - all from Pegasus kits. Steve
  2. Converted from the Pegasus P111 with scratchbuilt fin and tailplane and home made decals. With the P111 and P111a - also Pegasus kits. Steve
  3. This is the old Pegasus short-run injection moulded kit with home made decals as the kit ones were well past their best. The real P111 is preserved at the Midland Air Museum, Coventry. ] Family shot with the same aircraft as the earlier P111 and the P120. Steve
  4. Freedom Model Kits (http://www.freedommks.com/) is to release in 2014 Q1 a 1/48th Northrop Grumman X-47B Pegasus kit - ref. FD18001 Source: http://www.cybermodeler.com/news/freedom.shtml V.P.
  5. Here's my recent conversion of the 1:72 Pegasus Airco DH.4 into the passenger carrying DH.4A from Instone Air Lines. The original gained fame for winning the very King's Cup. An article on the conversion will appear in one of the upcoming issues of SAMI. I hope you like it! Peter
  6. So finally finished this beast, Pegasus Hobbies HK Tank from Terminator 2. The kit is made of a different plastic to usual and all had to be super glued togetther, so after some 154 pieces and a major paint job. We started with trial and error with paints, black primer, no primer, brush painting airbrush paint etc until finally a base coat of Humbrol 191 Chrome, straight onto the plastic applied with a flat brush, followed by a second coat with a larger flat brush solved the problem. I hear you say no problem with airbrush, but i hairystick my models. The tracks were rubber whic
  7. I really shouldn't start another kit right now so here it is,after Tim's build I had to have one.It's on it's way from KK,but I won't start till the Hunter and Sea Hurricane are done which should be within the week.I have decal's from Airfix's offering if the kit one's are poor and I'm sure I have the code's/serial's for Stanford-Tuck's DT-A,we'll see..
  8. Just finished the kit: Pegasus models, 1/32nd? Terminator HK Machine. This was an expensive model but close enough to the movie prop and fits together well. Basically a grey-blue soft styrene with one transparent sprue, so you can light it if you want. Landing legs are moulded retracted, and would need new legs to be in the down position. Model has a single leg stand. CAUTION: The internal locating pins are too large for the locating sockets -had to drill socket holes out to get an easy fit...Otherwise a test fit could fix the two body parts together! The two engine
  9. USS Pegasus PHM-1 HobbyBoss 1:200 The Pegasus-class hydrofoils were a series of fast attack patrol boats employed by the U.S. Navy. They were in service from 1977 through 1993. These hydrofoils carried the designation "PHM" for "Patrol, Hydrofoil, Missile." The Pegasus class vessels were originally intended for NATO operations in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Subsequently, participation by other NATO navies, including Germany and Italy, ceased and the U.S. Navy proceeded to procure six PHMs, which were highly successful in conducting coastal operations, such as anti-drug
  10. I'm off. A little delayed with the post but as I type the kits are washed and dried and ready for the actual build. Start time 11:40 CET / 09:40Z.
  11. This year I made a resolution to complete as many models as I can from my pile of started kits and after much thinking I selected this oldie: Probably I purchased it in the late 90s, it's one of the last kits released by Pegasus, and after an immediate start it was put back in the box for better days. Actually I don't even remember why I lost my enthusiasm and didn't get beyond cleaning the plastic parts and applying Squadron White Putty here and there... On checking the fit I may have found one of the reasons: The fuse
  12. Finally completed my Pegasus Bristol M1C in 1/72, a lot more work than I was expecting. believe it or not it's harder to rig a mono plane than a bi-plane simply because there is no second wing to pass the cable through and tension it before gluing. consequently the rigging is stretched sprue. The kit propeller and hub were scrapped and replaced wit a spare from a Bristol Scout, the original was simply too big. Back to WW2 stuff for the next build.
  13. Camouflage Netting (Green or Tan) Pegasus Hobbies Armour modellers occasionally need a source of camouflage netting that looks good enough in scale to pass for the real thing. There are a number of DIY techniques, but they can be time-consuming, especially for the novice. These packs from Pegasus give you the basics that you need to begin, and they have been pre-dyed in either green or tan to take away one of the most messy stages of the task. Each pack comes with approximately 30cm x 40cm of the cloth, folded up to the size of the bag, and they have differing texture to the threads
  14. Just starting a new project after struggling through a Frogspawn Whitley! Decided on a Bristol M1C from Pegasus, no glazing and hardly any rigging, how hard can it be? To make life a little more difficult (and 'cos I like it) I'm going with the stripey colour scheme, lots of masking fun ahead. There's lots of debate about what colour the stripes are, any one interested can follow it here http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/showthread.php?t=57379 I'm going for black and white. The kit is pretty basic so the first thing will be an interior, but restricted to the bit you can actually see throu
  15. Like it says here :-) http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/NewReleases.aspx?id=0&page=1&ipp=25
  16. Greetings SF & RS BMers, I have returned from SMW2015 with a large haul and found this in there so what better way to reduce the stash than a quickie build and practise my Alclad skills. First off, ye actual box Sprue singular, note clever tabs to protect needle sharp nose and very, very shiny plastic. Portholes in with odourless cyano, injector pin marks filled with cyano/dental resin powder All sealed up but with a prominent seam that I'm trying out this black cyano also scored at SMW. Allegedly it dries rock hard and sands/scribes well- could be an alternative to the voodo
  17. Spinosaurus 1:24 Pegasus Models The Spinosaurus is a relatively newly discovered theropod dinosaur, and full grown it is well-deserving of the title "behemoth", because it dwarfed the mighty T-rex, although they never met because of time and distance (so sad). The Spinosaurus lived almost 100 million years ago, and was found mostly around the north of what is now Africa, but had relatives in the lump of rock that became Great Britain in the shape of the less impressive Baryonyx. As well as being huge, with a skull alone approaching two metres in length, it also had a distinctive row of spi
  18. I was putting off starting this build as I thought I would be daunted with it. Turns out I should not have worried. Never Give Up! Never Surrender! Not too many bits Huge locating pins Quick assembly Cool stand So it turns out this is more of a snap together kit, which is great as I currently have a huge bought of AMS happening with my other builds. I hit some parts with paint so I don't have to worry about too much masking and started to install some of the clear parts So the fit is pretty good ( for a snap fit). I will have to attend to a few seams with putty. The buil
  19. Hello lads, I'm new to this forum and this is my first model build ever, I hope you like it. As a newbie, any suggestion or comment will be gladly received.
  20. Hi all, First time with a WIP in this section. Apologies for the title - WOTW purists will probably wonder why I've used the Martian warcry referred to in the original book and the 1970's musical version. Think it's probably that the album music is currently acting as a mindworm as I work on this.... It's the Pegasus 1/144th scale rendition of the start of the battle in the 1953 film version. Picked this up at SMW last weekend and thought I'd do it as a quick build, there aren't many parts to this - each Sherman comprises 4 parts, each War Machine 6 parts. Tanks painted OD, Martian laser
  21. Hello fellow Britmodellers, This is going to be my next project while I'm waiting for the weather to improve so I can start painting my P40B project. It has been sitting in the stash trunk for more than 20 years. Yes the trunk is quite full with mostly vacforms WWI scary things It is a shame it never flew I think it is a fantastic looking aircraft. I will start by cleaning up the plentiful flash and finding some info. Stephen
  22. I have the Airfix L1011 kit, the Cutting Edge decals and the Cutting Edge Pegasus rocket to build the OSC L1011 Pegasus launch vehicle Are there any glaring mods I need to make to the Airfix kit to make it into the OSC L1011?
  23. Got home tonight, at the end of a pretty crappy week at work, to find a parcel from the lovely peeps at SSM, which contained the new Moebius Battlestar Pegasus (plus the Paragrafix P.E. sets). Yay!. After diving into the box, I soon had the major components clicked together for a dry fit... and fit, they do. Very well indeed. This is all unsupported (no tape holding it together) and it's sitting quite happily, resting on the flight pods. Couldn't resist doing a size comparison with Galactica. She's definitely a big chunk o' plastic. I've been patiently awaiting this release, befor
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