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Found 15 results

  1. PSC 1/72 with 6pdrs and a Matchbox 1/76 17pdr anti-tank gun. On 1 September 1939, 1 and 2 Northamptonshire Yeomanry were embodied as part of 20 Armoured Brigade. 20 Brigade was then formed from 1 Northamptonshire Yeomanry, the Gloucesters and 2 Northamptonshire Yeomanry. Due to a lack of equipment, they operated Carden-Loyd Light or Medium Dragons. In the period 1941-2 they became part of the 6th Armoured Division.
  2. As I'm going down the Scottish option route for my main build I thought I should throw a second something out there to fill the gaps whilst paint is drying &c. I got this box a while back as I'm building a small potential wargames force representing the Olistan Defence Forces. Olistan is a tiny non-aligned state somewhere on the northern border of India. It was never part of the empire but retains strong and friendly links to both Britain and India with it's token armed forces shadowing Indian organisation and using a similar mix of British and Soviet equipment. This truck is part of the transport trroop of HQ company along with a pair of Saracens and a Saladin. The whole concept is basically an excuse to paint a rag tag of interesting kits in desert colours inbetween proper builds Box shot for now. Sprue and decals when I get back from shopping. Andy
  3. There are several PSC tanks on the go and I'm afraid I'm joining the hoard. Traditional box and sprue shots. Not previously started at all as I only bought it at lunchtime today! Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 Panzer IV by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 Panzer IV by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 Panzer IV by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr I know virtually nothing about Panzer IVs so I hope the cognoscenti will help me along the way.
  4. Happy Easter folks. It’s been a few weeks since I last splashed the glue across the desk. When I finished my Cromwell trio I was in good spirits, but got side tracked with ‘research’ on possible German AFV’s and the forthcoming vintage Airfix GB of course. So the weeks have been slipping by and the longer I left it – the harder it became to ‘get going’ again. You know what it’s like… Now I always find bank holidays are a good time for modelling and as we get a ‘double header’ at Easter – what better time to have a go at something new and more important – simple. So I’m having another go at a PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY kit – but as you get 3 in the box and I found doing 3 Cromwells at the same time to be a lot of fun – it makes sense to build all 3 of these. Having had a go at the Loyd Carrier the last time out I thought it would be good to have a go at the Universal Carrier. I must admit I’ve never found it to be a very ‘attractive’ AFV – but after a bit of googling I am coming round to understanding what an important little vehicle it was. ‘Allegedly’ according to Wikipedia – ‘with some 113,000 built by 1960 in the United Kingdom and abroad, it is the most produced armoured fighting vehicle in history’. Quite a claim… Here are the obligatory box and sprue shots… As you can see the box depicts 8RB of the 11AD - instructions are as usual 'minimal' and you get 3 identical sprues in the box. The parts count is nice and low - so hopefully I can make short work of them. But as usual I know nothing about Universal Carriers - so I will learn as I go along - trawling google - BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY AND HOPEFULLY - with the wise words of the good folk of Britmodeller. Decals aren't included - but I've got plenty floating about. All input gratefully received Steve
  5. This is my first build for 2018 and it bit of a 'niche subject'. It's the PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY - 1/72 - Loyd Carrier with 6pdr gun and crew. It was a lot of fun to do and though mainly OOB I did add some exhausts to the carrier and added a bit of detail to the breach of the gun. Look closely because there are bonus points if you can spot the crew member that actually started life as an Airfix Commando Here's the carrier without the tilt - which was just an 'experiment' - let's have a look what's inside... ...if you want to see the fun and games that got me here - you can have a look at the WIP here... ...and if you 'love it' - you can 'love it' - using the buttons over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All constructive comments are most welcome and thanks for looking in - Cheers - Steve
  6. In my haste to start my 6pdr gun and carrier - I forgot to do my RFI for the Sherman Firefly that I finished in the run up to Christmas. This was a MASSIVELY enjoyable build. The PSC KIT is designed for wargamers - but is great for an AFV beginner like me. It simply fell together and all I had to do was drill a few lifting hook holes and find something to make aerials with. With the Sherman GB going on at present - don't be confused - this isn't part of that - it's just a bit of pre Christmas fun... ...and if you were wondering how we got here - here is the WIP thread... I hope you like it and thanks for taking a look - Steve
  7. Oh my gosh – where is the Christmas break going – I’ve ‘wasted’ six days already, without so much as a whiff of the glue or a drop of paint on my clothes. So it’s time to rectify the situation. I have had a rummage in the cupboard… …all the ‘big stuff’ has gone in the loft – out of sight is out of mind as they say. So I’m just left with the 1/72 stuff that magically seems to keep appearing over the last 2 or 3 months. I started with a Spitfire and before that was finished I had started a halftrack and then a Sherman. The last 2 came from the PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY and though they are simplified ‘wargamer’ kits – they are great fun. With this in mind I have decided to give this a go – PSC 1/72 British 6pdr Anti-Tank Gun and Loyd Carrier Tow. Before pulling the box off the shelf I had never heard of the Loyd Carrier and wondered if it should in fact have 2 L’s. But more worryingly I have never attempted a piece of artillery. But hey – nothing ventured – nothing gained. You will be pleased to hear that I have spent the day on GOOGLE reading up and looking at loads of pictures – but I’ll still have a few questions I’m sure. As with all PSC kits you get more than one of each kit in the box – on this occasion it’s 2 of each. But also as usual there are no decals and instructions / colour call outs are ‘sparse’ – but you do get plenty of crew. I’ve put one set back in the box – leaving me with one carrier… …and one gun – here is the view from both sides… …as I’ve just realised there is no schematic that shows how the gun goes together. There also appears to be a ‘choice of barrels’… …and a choice of wheels… At the risk of being ‘too technical’ the box lid shows the barrel with the ‘holey’ bit on the front and the wheels that stick out a bit more in the middle… What was I saying about not too many questions??? Any ideas anyone???
  8. Happy Friday everyone. It’s just 4 weeks to the Christmas break and I need something to take my mind off all the things I should be doing right about now. So – I’ve decided I want to build a tank. I’ve never built a tank – not even back in the day when I was a kid. I’ve recently taken my first baby steps in the AFV section of the forum and built myself a halftrack. It was a very simple build, but it was great fun too, so now I really want to build a Sherman Firefly. Why? Well simply because it has a VERY BIG GUN!!! I’m going down the simple route again, but I’m going to need some help and encouragement along the way. I’ve been looking at all the bits and to be honest even though there are only a few, I have no clue as to what half of them are – or whether they are correct or could be improved a little. So if you are feeling helpful – please feel free to chip in along the way – I’m going to need your help. Thanks - Steve
  9. The Flying Dustbin Some of you may recall my starting this during the Achtung Panzer group build back last year. Like so many of my projects, it stalled for reasons I can’t now remember. So I thought I might resurrect it here. First, a recap: The PSC Churchill AVRE PSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr PSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr The boxing enables a variety of versions to be built (with more or less accuracy) PSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr Less than fifteen minutes was all it took to get to this point. If you are a war gamer, I imagine these easy build kits are a godsend PSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr PSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr At this stage everything was only dry fitted, since I wanted to lift this from its slightly toy like origins. Changes I considered were: - replace co driver hatch with sliding mortar loading hatch - drill out mortar barrel and add lugs, or replace with tube - add avre fittings to side skirts If you have any other recommendations then let’s hear them! The tracks are poor, and I contemplated getting a Dragon boxing to use for detail spares, rather like the IBG carrier supplied detail parts for my PSC Universal Carriers. Since a full run of track is not needed, it might be possible to replace the more visible sections with Dragon track. However, in the end I decided to live with the kit parts. Mud and dirt can cover a multitude of sins! PS I know I fitted the commander's hatch the wrong way round! I believe they call this next bit “modelling”, but I prefer bodging! Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr Cameras are cruel, the added armour plate on the side hatch looked square in real life. Ended up cutting another. Basic plate work complete, the next task was to fabricate the brackets. Plates by jongwinnett, on Flickr Brackets by jongwinnett, on Flickr Brackets and sliding hatch finished Untitled by jongwinnett, on Flickr They look a bit messy, but a coat of paint will hide many sins... Untitled by jongwinnett, on Flickr The barrel of the mortar was opened up as much as I dared, the plastic is soft and will break apart if I go much further. A metal tube would be a good bet, but I think this looks acceptable (just). Dry run by jongwinnett, on Flickr This was where it stalled. It was fun, although the black brackets took several attempts! It’s pretty much finished in terms of additions. At the time I wrote that I want to open up the second hatch space in the turret, look again at the inside returns at the front of the track runs, and add some hatch handles and some stuff around the rear plate, and a few other wee bits like that. Let’s see if I can finish it this time!
  10. All In my youth I had the Matchbox version of this with the bridge that went up and down, so when I saw the conversion by S and S Models I had to have one http://sandsmodelsshop.com/product/172-psc-churchill-avre-sbg-conversion-offer/ and yes, I am unashamedly re-living my childhood!! The kit comes in 13 parts: 8 for the bridge (a combination of lead and resin) 1 A frame (lead) 4 for the winch (lead) My one aim above all else was to try and get it so that the PSC base model tank could carry the bridge into battle , drop it and then drive off, in the small scale battles I have with my young son. This meant I had to overcome two issues – reducing the weight of the bridge and weighting the tank enough so it didn’t tip over - and also devising a mechanism by which I could attach and detach the A frame, as the two small moulded lugs on the bottom are far too small and probably too soft for the job – the A frame was the hardest bit. On the whole the conversion was pretty straightforward but I wish I had spent time making sure the bridge parts were exactly the same length and properly square before I glued them together. Below are some photos explaining my journey. Enjoy!! Andrew ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reducing the bridge's weight I did this by drilling and filing out some of the resin in between the struts. Stupidly, I did this after I assembled it, so got the angle wrong a couple of times. I now also wish I had spent more time with the filing out but I didn't want to risk reducing the structural integrity too much and it looks ok from a distance - you live and learn. Weighing the tank. Not having a lump of heavy metal lying around, this ended up becoming a three phase process - please try not too laugh too much but I am a newbie! 1) First I filled the base with some left over 2" pin tacks and glued the hull side on without checking if it was heavy enough - this turned out to be a bad idea! 2) After scratching my head for a while, I then hit upon the idea of filling the hull (through the small turret hole) with some left over brick mortar, as it would filter down in between the gaps between the pin tacks. Fast forward an hour of painfully slow pouring the mortar into the hull, after which I then slowly adding small amounts of water to help it set. I even did the same to the turret for good measure! 3) Step 2 was almost enough. However, the slightest nudge would tip it over, so i ended up gluing some sprue off cuts to the front just in front of the tracks. Whilst you wouldn't do this for a big display model it's unobtrusive enough for war-gaming. (Rusting pins in view) Converting the A frame This was the hardest (and scariest) bit. In the end I chopped the small lead lugs off and very carefully and very slowly drilled up inside the bottom of the lead A frame bases I then got some thick wire, bent it half and glued it up inside the hole, so that it's possible to put it through the holes on the ends of the bridge and then split the ends to hold the bridge in place. I also added a sort length of plastic tubing as a cushion on the bottom of the A frame. Again this is slightly obvious if you look closely! The finished article I've used black thread for the cables as a temporary measure for test purposes and the 'block and tackle' is a small swivel joint left over from my fishing days. I might also drill the barrel out if I'm feeling brave.
  11. All Below are some pics of the first batch of German AFVs I've built since returning to the hobby. As with my British submission these are all quick build kits. As you'll see they're not up to much compared to a lot of what's on here, my German camo needs more work and the weathering was is a bit hit and miss but I've got to start somewhere!! Any observations, comments and constructive criticism will be gratefully received. Andrew PS in addition to the models below I got 2 Armourfast leFH 28s and a Zvedza 88 that need finishing off at some point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Plastic Soldier Company Sdkfz251 - 4 variants This was the second kit I bought when starting up again and for me it was a great buy. I'm never going to be building vast quantities so the opportunity to build several different versions was appealing. The kit comes with 4 models and you can build 4 x 251/D halftracks or one each of 251/8 Mortar Carrier, 251/9 Stummel, 251 /16 Flamm and 251/7 Pioneer - or a combination thereof. It also comes with 37 crew and a huge amount of spare equipment and stowage - which with having absolutely none to start with a big bonus and some of it generic enough to work on Allied vehicles I ended up mounting the mortar and crew on a very impromptu plastic base rather than mount on one of the vehicles. I also now realise that their uniform tops/smock are should probably be the camo variety but being naive I was following the box art. Needless to say I will be revisiting the base....but it was my first attempt. Amourfast Pz IV G Below is a pic of one of two I have built but the weathering didn't quite work as I was hoping. This one has some stowage from S and S Models on it. Armourfast Stug III This is one of the two I have. For some reason I didn't put any stowage on, so they look a bit bare.... Armourfast Panthers x2 These were actually built by my young daughter. She also did the tarpaulin on the back made from tissue paper covering sprue off-cuts. You'll also notice the lack of weathering and additional stowage. They are sort of her's and she didn't want them looking all cluttered and dirty!! She is a girl after all!! The figures are taken from PSC's German figure and stowage pack - if there are any newbies out there like me with a lack of stowage and crew, then the kit isn't a bad buy. The cupola mounted MGs were spares from Armourfast German MG Team pack. The brackets to mount them were made two of my plastic aerials glued together to make them stronger, sanded down to make them smooth, cut to length and bent slightly.
  12. I'm in danger of losing momentum this year, having made a decent start, and I needed something quick but satisfying to get met back in the groove. The PSC Loyd Carrier seems to fit the bill. PSC Loyd Carrier and 6 pounder by jongwinnett, on Flickr PSC Loyd Carrier and 6 pounder by jongwinnett, on Flickr PSC Loyd Carrier and 6 pounder by jongwinnett, on Flickr PSC Loyd Carrier and 6 pounder by jongwinnett, on Flickr PSC Loyd Carrier and 6 pounder by jongwinnett, on Flickr PSC Loyd Carrier and 6 pounder by jongwinnett, on Flickr PSC Loyd Carrier and 6 pounder by jongwinnett, on Flickr
  13. My second offering, alongside the Loyd Carrier and 6 pounder, is the PSC Churchill AVRE PSC Churchill AVRE by jongwinnett, on Flickr
  14. Finished at last! This is a Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 Firefly Vc built out of the box with a little added stowage. I've set it in a little diorama/vignette with some PSC British Infantry to add a bit of interest. The Firefly is finished with Vallejo paints and Mike Starmer decals representing a vehicle belonging to B Squadron, Staffordshire Yeomanry, 27th Armoured Brigade. Thanks for looking. Cheers Dave
  15. Latest project. These are two of the Plastic Soldier Company's M4A4s which come in a three kit boxing. Parts are provided to build the M4A4 (Sherman V) or Firefly. As you'd expect there is a degree of simplification as these are intended primarily for the wargamer and some details are simplified. However, to me they look like what they're intended to and that's good enough. I've started with a few minor upgrades such as replacing lifting rings with wire and drilling out gun barrels and I've also started adding some stowage. There are some gaps and sink marks that need to be filled but nothing too challenging. Here's a quick view of where I've got so far. More updates to follow. Thanks for looking! Dave
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