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Found 13 results

  1. Pit Road is to release a 1/144th Kawasaki P-1 kit - ref. Sources: https://twitter.com/pitroad_plamo/status/1575653655088402432/photo/4 https://twitter.com/ModelArtInc/status/1575666677009682432/photo/1 V.P.
  2. Hi all, Bit of a quick build for me, this. Just filling in a few hours between magazine builds, and went for a simple kit with a simple scheme. Enter the Pit Road TSR-2, which fits beautifully in many places, and doesn't in others. The undercarriage is incredibly fiddly, and the instructions would have you open all the gear doors, like the one at Cosford, although in reality most of them only opened when the gear was travelling. The aerodynamic surfaces are so thinly moulded that they're actually translucent in the right light! Here's the Great White Paper Dart: Onwards and upwards... Dean
  3. A new 1/144th Messerschmitt Me.323D-1 Gigant kit on display at the All Japan Hobby Show 2017 by ? Source: https://hobbylink.tv/the-latest-scale-model-news-from-the-all-japan-model-hobby-show-2017 V.P.
  4. Pit-Road is to release in September 2018 a 1/144th Sukhoi Su-57 (PAK-FA) kit - ref. SN21 Source: http://pit-road.jp/?p=18265 Pre-painted V.P.
  5. I have had this lovely kit for several months now I picked it up at Milton Keynes IPMS show and have been desperate to start it and not had the time. Today I have started this lovely kit and wish to make a model of the Prototype B2 this will mean deleting the wings carrots , tanks and trimming the leading edge modifying the tail fin and intakes. I am using the Excellent article and Drawings by out very own Bill Clark from SAM August 2006. The Drawings are fantastic by Arthur L Bentley I wonder if there are Drawings for the B1 The initial B2 looked very elegant and similar to the B1 as I have made a model of XH533 the Prototype B2 Vulcan again being similar to the B1 I thought they would make a nice pair and I am fascinated with the early years at Farnborough. Cheers Rob
  6. Good afternoon everyone, On Sunday I went to Cosford and picked up, among other things, an Airfix 1:72 TSR-2 and a Pit Road 1:144 TSR-2 "Strike Role". So, seen as I'm planning on doing the 1:72 TSR-2 as my local Cosford example, I thought- why not utilise the 1:144 kit's belly fuel tank and martel missiles to create a "what-if" variant? Based on other info on the internet: This is my interpretation of the TSR-2 GR4 as it could have served in the 1990-1 Gulf War. it is fitted with a targetting "pod" underneath the nose of the cockpit and a retractable refuelling probe on the side of the cockpit, as well as the 4 underwing pylons with Martel missiles. -RBF tags and engine nozzle FOD covers made from paper -Paint was mixed from a variety of Vallejo Air colours -Decals from the Airfix Buccaneer (And the obligatory comparison with a 1p coin) Thanks for having a look! Any comments are much appreciated. Kind regards, Sam
  7. Thanks Anton K55 (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234989178-55th-all-japan-model-hobby-show/) but I think it's better to open a dedicated thread. Great Wall Hobby is to release a new variant from its 1/48th Eagle kits ( F-15C/J: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234961656-148-mcdonnell-douglas-f-15c-msip-ii-eagle-by-gwh-cads-release-july-2014 & F-15B/D/DJ: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234956868-f-15bd-eagle-in-us-israeli-service-148/ http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234946867-gwh-is-going-to-do-a-f-15-bd-in-48th-scale/😞 the McDonnell Douglas F-15I "Ra'am" - ref. L4816 Though the question: is there a F-15E Strike Eagle variant in view? Sources: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1206169876076618.1073741833.275708712456077&type=3 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1148942795135165.1073741867.519867854709332&type=3 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/blog/150928 V.P.
  8. Well I did not think I would get anything in ready for inspection this year, I am not sure but I think this is my first of 2014. I have been doing plenty modelling off site but had to complete something and was particularly drawn to photos of XL444 in her Wraparound scheme. The Kit was a Joy to build she is temporarily on Corgi undercarriage which I repainted as these are more accurate in height, stance and shape than the kit parts though a bit simple, Till I have finished my part scratched ones for her. I decided to tint the windows but have since noticed that its only the front 3 however it seems to add something to it I like. The paint is Revell Gelboliv (yellowish olive) for the green which was brush painted and the Grey is Hu164 From a spray can. Decals : Wolfpack for the roundels which are the right size unlike the kit ones. all the stencils are also wolfpack , Fundekals for the circular panels. So Here are the photos hope you like her. Cheers Rob Sorry for all the photos I was enjoying my new camera Comments both good and bad welcome as always. Cheers Rob and thanks for looking
  9. I've always wanted one of these but can't shake the idea that the 1/72 version is a bit big, so here's Pit Road's boxing of Trumpeter's little LCAC: I got one (actually two!) for a bargain price in HLJ's sale at the end of last year. This seems like the ideal opportunity to make it, although I realised I have a couple of 1/144 Gundams lurking in the cupboard too. Maybe later... For a relatively small machine the box is quite full. The parts are laid out much like their ship kits - one piece deck, structures built up from separate walls, and lots of fine detail. I'm quite looking forward to the cutting and sticking, I'm not sure yet how much to leave separate for painting and decalling since there are quite a lot of markings to consider. Does anyone know of any suitable vehicles I could load into it? Will
  10. Hi folks this is one I am very happy with its the Pit road boxing of the new Avro Vulcan B2 and a wonderful kit the only fault i can pick is the air intakes would be easier to paint if they had made the turbine fans a separate fitting. I managed to do the white inside but the engine faces are white too as i cant think how to paint them but as they are buried deep it does not matter that much. The fit was fantastic and this is the second one if have done and will be making more definatly. The model was painted with Humbrols already excellent but now significantly improved since coming back to the UK. spray cans. I cant believe how good these are at levelling out and giving a gorgeous almost indestructible finish. I used hu 163,165 for the top camo green first then grey with the help of blue tak, hu64 for the undersides, and hu 34 for the white patches and intakes, The radome and fin were hand painted with hu33 with a dash of flow improver from W&N AMAZING STUFF! Its nice to see a model of a vulcan that finally gets the vulcans sinister looking radome outline right the only company that nailed it before was frog. The exhausts were brush painted with the excellent citadel paints chain mail. Any way on to the model all comments and questions welcome. Here XM599 is seen with XL427 Thanks for looking I hope you enjoy this photo loaded post.
  11. Happy new year from me to all of you in advance. I've not been on much for various reasons and had a dry patch for 7 months after I finished my 1/144 tornado on the 1st of jan. until I did xm655. It's been a difficult Xmas as I lost my grandad he was my best mate but at 86 he had a good innings. Most these models were made in his presence he loved airplanes having done training in the atc he had affections for seeing views from a Blackburn Botha. Here are my models for this year I've actually achieved more than I though but I missed all but one of group builds I was looking forward too. So here they are.... The first vulcan b1 xa889 My 1/144th collection the vc-10 is the worst build I've done since I was a child decals broke parts missing but looks ok I painted the cheat line from photos. Harrier and tornado are revell and vulcan pit road need a globe master and a nimrod and Canberra oh a victor and valiant wouldn't hurt in really getting into this scale. The harrier and tornado are joyous kits as is the pit road vulcan here depicted as xl427 around 1981 the vc10 is a good kit it just fought me every step of the way Next up we have dragon vulcan b2 xh533 which I modded the end tail and tail cone with a restored very rare vulcan b1 produced decades ago by wiking as a fight recognition model the wing had been broken and therefore I painted here as xa906 both are 1/200 you can see how different and smaller the b1 was here Vulcan xl321 dragon oob Here with 533 compare tails Dragon xh558 For me the best is last good old xm655 I'm a proud member of I intend to offer my help to them this year if they can find a use for me This was my first big build after 7 months of no time and entry for the group build camo pattern brush painted My fave photo of the year xm655 with previous years builds. As viewed left row front to back xm655, xh558 vdf, xh562, Right row front to back xh557, xm648, and xl391 Got to have a happy gathering for new year right! Have a good one guys cheers rob
  12. Hi guys here she is I'm really excited about this the all new Pit Road Vulcan! what a gorgeous kit it is. here is my efforts i decided to not do the kit option i wanted a wrap around camo job so I went with XL427 sadly not a survivor. I used the kit decals. but the serial codes are from fantasy print shop. it is finished in humbrols excelent rattle can 163 raf dark green and humbrol 27 from a rattle can i find this shade works well as it has the right tone for a slightly faded in service dark sea grey. and has that bluey tone we all love. the model was masked with blue tack and the windows masked with pva glue. I hope you like her here she is.
  13. Hi guys ive been off the scene for about 6 months due to various reasons but im back now and wanted to share with you what i think is exciting news. I do not know if this has already been broken on here but there appears to be a new 1/144th scale plastic injection moulded avro vulcan which for me is fantastic news as im sure it will be for many who think the airfix is too big or the dragon too small.(i think not for either but anyways) this model looks fantastic to me here is a link to the test shot models http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?scode=TOY-SCL2-14156 I have just picked 1 up off ebay and when it lands here i will do a review/build of the new kit. cheers Rob
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