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  1. Air National Guard P-47s 1:48 Iliad Designs In the US post war with the increasing development of jet technology, what were frontline aircraft quickly filtered down to Air National Guard units. This sheet from Iliad allows the modeller a choice of three Air national Guard units which were issued with the P-47D & N Thunderbolts. Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Maryland are the three states to feature on this new sheet. The decals are glossy and sharp, the colours are good and dense. Carrier film in minimal. The code numbers and national insignia have cleverly been sectioned to fit over intercooler outlets. Conclusion These decals will make a different P-47. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Hello, this is my latest work built in group build on Greenmats Club. Hope you enjoy it.
  3. Well, being a newbie, what better than to join a groupbuild? And one with French subjects too. My stash had quite a few Heller classics, but unfortunately those are already built. So after some stash searching I came up with this one. A nice and simple build: the Revell Thunderbolt OOB. This kit was given to me by my son, who found it in a charity shop. The box is a bit tattered, but the sprues are all there. And it has French markings included. So, out of the stash, and into the group build. The usual picture: box and sprues. Nice details, finely engraved panel lines. And knowing the more recent offerings from Revell, building it should be trouble free. So... Allons-y!
  4. As in between job, two models I made just to relax. Some easy builds. The airfix hawk and the revell thunderbolt in Turkish service. Both were easy builds. Decals were from Tigerhead decals. I just wanted to do something different, and these decals were just right. Both models are clean builds, so no weathering. I was just afraid to ruin the look... Tigerhead decals were used on both planes. I was impressed with the quality: the decals went on perfectly. And the great thing is that the decals include complete markings for several planes... so I have to build some more hawks and thunderbolts! the schemes included in the sheet are great! Pictures: Hawk the p-47:
  5. Howdy Britmodellers. I took a breather after an Airfix Stuka and also took some time out for holidays with the family. Having got my mind body and soul back in order I decided it was time to get into a new "easy" build with a friendly canopy! So without too much fanfare I'll launch into what will be a simple and hopefully quick OOB Jug to add to the cabinet of glory and get me up and running in 2015. Box art.. Massively cool and brand new 100Watt lamp that combined with my new glasses means I can actually see what I'm doing again! Anyone who noticed the daughters pink paint and LPS kitten at 10 o'clock from the kit give yourself an extra point Suddenly when the airbrush comes into play with the LPS "Customs" my modelling addiction becomes really "cool" to my entrepreneurial daughter Here's the sprues and decals A few painted bits Bit of a wheel Forgot to take decent photos on the cockpit assembly before buttoning up so here's the fast forward shots! and this is sort of where it's at for now Thanks for looking Cheers Bruce
  6. AZ Model is to release a 1/72nd Republic P-47 Thunderbolt family (P-47B/C & D-early). Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234931186-azmodellegatoadmiral-wwii-aircraft-comments-questions-and-wishes/?p=1861759 V.P.
  7. Here is another shelf of doom kit. This has been sitting around for about 4 years, maybe longer. It is interesting to try to figure out why a particular kit got put on the shelf of doom. For this one, it was easy. First the box art. And here is the model as I found it all dusty and tattered looking. You know a model has been sitting around too long when there are spider webs on the sprues!! Here is this poor kit’s story. I received this kit and an airbrush/compressor for either a birthday or Christmas a few years back. (I wanted the Vintage 1/24 P-47, but SWMBO didn’t really know the difference between this kit and the Vintage kit and got this one instead). So, I built it up with the intention of having this as my first airbrushed kit. I completed the airframe and started taping up the kit to spray the bottom. As I was doing that, I began to look at the scheme I picked out to do. It is the one on the box art. I very quickly realized there was no way I could do this scheme as my first air brush experience. So, up it goes to the shelf of doom until I get better with the airbrush. (We won’t go into the sad tale of really how long it took me to start using an air brush as it is pathetic.) Now here is the bonus to this kit and the shelf of doom. The airframe was on the shelf of doom. Then, I had to find the box containing the rest of the parts and decals. After some searching, I found the box. When I opened it up surprise, these were in the box. This is a resin kit that was not on my lists of kits owned (Yeah, I do have a list!) The decal sheet is for a 1/48 Hobbycraft P-59 that I now need to find its box. Why I put these in the P-47 box, I do not know. Morale of the story, check your shelf of doom boxes for other items you may have put aside and out of sight! The tape has been on this kit for years. I thought the first step would be to take the tape off and see how bad the paint underneath it has suffered from years of adhesive. I also did not trust any of the tape to be secure enough to actually protect the airframe from overspray. After a bath to get the dust and adhesive off here is the current status of the kit. There are some areas that really need a do over, like the tail wheel area and the representation of the leather boot The cockpit looks like it held up pretty well The cockpit does need some seat belts, so those will need to be sourced. I also got out all of the other parts besides the main airframe that have been built up. You can tell I built this as a brush painter and not an air brush painter. Since I started air brushing, the wheel covers are always sprayed at the same time as the underside. On this kit, they are already attached to the main landing gear. It also looks like I pre-painted the canopy, I am going with the flaps down option and I have already selected the propeller option. In addition, the entire ordinance and fuel tanks have been built, but need painting. Next step is to check the seams and make sure they are still okay and then re-tape the airframe to spray the bottom colour. As always, all comments are welcome.
  8. This is #5 completed model off my shelves of doom. In October I decided I would try to eliminate my shelf of doom kits and complete every single one of them regardless of the reason why they were put on doom status. The kit is the very wonderful 1/32 Hasegawa P-47. It goes together wonderfully well, has great detail and is a joy to build. So why was it relegated to the shelf of doom? A bit of history is in order. First though, here is the box art. Several years ago SWMBO was kind enough to purchase an air compressor and an Iwata Eclipse air brush for me. In addition, she bought me this kit. (I had asked for a 1/24 Vintage P-47, but she got this one as “Aren’t they both the same plane?” Got to love her.) I put this kit together, got it ready for painting. The red nose and tail was painted as was the black areas for the invasion stripes. I taped up the plane to begin to spray the bottom colour and realized I really didn’t have the skills to do the camo scheme on the box art. So, the kit was set aside so I could practice air brush skills on some other kits and not really muck this one up. Instead, I mucked up some other kits with just one colour schemes, put the air brush aside and went back to hairy stick painting for the next couple of years. This year, I began, in earnest, to try to force myself to use the air brush. This kit was prominent on the shelf of doom due to its size and all of the tape still on it after these few years. I still don’t have the skills to do this camo scheme justice, but you gots to start somewhere, you know. Off came the old tape, on went some new tape and the battle with this kit to complete it can be viewed here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234972146-shelf-of-doom-5-hasegawa-132-p-47;-decals-started/. For now, here is the outcome. And here it is in its new resting place with friends I am quite pleased with the outcome of this foray into my learning curve with the air brush. It went fairly well. I have another one of these in the stash and will not hesitate to build it. This is a great kit. As always, all comments are welcome.
  9. Kinetic is to rebox the Vintage Fighter Series (http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/vf/kit_vf_2404.shtml) 1/24th Republic P-47D Thunderbolt "bubbletop" kit - ref.K3207. Source and on pre-order here: http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K3207 V.P.
  10. As i was deleting old photos from my mobile, i found few images on this P-47D. The only purpose for this kit was to test the mig´s "Absolute chipping" (thats why on the kit the chipping is not the same all around, i used diferent tools to test diferent results). As far as i know, none of the russian P-47D have been using the white winter camouflage and on top of that, i had some rocket racks from il-2 left, so i thought lets have a bit of fun. So the "what-if" for this P-47D : russian pilots generaly didnt like to use the jugs for dogfights (they were used to their own more agile fighters) but they had nice results using them as ground/naval target attackers. But because the bombs were often not enough, there was idea to test RS-82/132 rockets on the bolts. So on few aircrafts were experimentaly mounted the racks for these rockets and then the rockets were succesfuly used in combat. And because russian navy pilots liked the P-47s a lot for their though construction and survivability, they were using the jugs all the time, applying winter camo as well (which was than worn out a lot bcs of the heavy use of the aircrafts ). So this thunderbolt should be one of these heavily used aircafts. But bcs it was delivered to the unit not too far before the winter, the worn out started to show off mainly on the winter camo, not on the base coat yet Here are few pics, once again the camo is totaly what-if and has no real life background
  11. Hi Everyone, With 2 out of my 3 part built kits nearly finished now, I am picking kits out of my stash to work on while I am off work. The 2nd one I have picked is the Revell 1:48 P-47N Thunderbolt. The kit has the following features - Finely detailed surfaces with recessed panel joints - Detailed cockpit and instrument panel - Cockpit canopy optionally in the open or closed position - Detailed undercarriage - Detailed 18-cylinder twin radial engine - Under-wing pylons with 10 missiles - 2 bombs - External fuel tank Decals for 2 USAAF versions: - Republic P-47N-1-RE Thunderbolt of 318th Fighter Group, 19th Fighter Spuadron at le Shima, Japan, May 1945 - Republic P-47N-2 Thunderbolt of 318th Fighter Group, 73th Fighter Spuadron at le Shima, Japan, May 1945 The kit contains 106 parts over 4 sprues of grey plastic and 1 clear sprue. I haven't decided which decal scheme to build this kit as. Anyway here are the grey sprues. 1 thing I have just noticed about this kit (that I didn't before) is that it has a pilot figure with it. Anyway more photos once I get something to show you. Rick
  12. Hi All, here are some shots I took at the excellent Palm Springs Museum back in October. More can be found here: http://www.hanger51.org/aircraft-museums/us-museums-collections/palm-springs-air-museum/ F-14A Tomcat by tony_inkster, on Flickr F-14A Tomcat by tony_inkster, on Flickr B-17 Flying Fortress by tony_inkster, on Flickr A-4 Skyhawk by tony_inkster, on Flickr B-25 Mitchell by tony_inkster, on Flickr A-6E Intruder by tony_inkster, on Flickr C-1 Trader by tony_inkster, on Flickr AH-1 Cobra by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  13. Two Revell 1/144 P-47Ds strapped together... Built this just as a little "fun" project. £4 for the kits + a little plastic card + some filler + a few hours = A monster of a fighter! I swapped the undercarriage legs, bays and doors over, it would have looked a bit daft having them close together inboard of the fuselage or miles apart. I brush painted the whole thing and decals were a mix of kit and spares box.
  14. Hi everyone ! This my latest project .This is the Revell Model in 1/72 scale . It is built straight from the box . Rivets were added to make it look more realistic . For the painting , Alclad II Airframe Aluminium was used as a base colour and then various shades for the panels . Acrylics were used for the green antiglare surface and for the red sections . Decals are from Revell . Highly dilluted black colour was used for the weathering of the model and some artists oils as well
  15. Built for the obsolete kit group build. Converted to F-47D-35-RA of the Cuban Army Air Force. Build thread.
  16. I won these on eBay tonight from two different sellers within ten minutes of each other so the timing is perfect because I can do a Cuban F-47 The FAEC flew the F-47D-35-RA so I will have to make the dorsal* fin because the kit is an early bubble top without one, but apart from that it'll be OOB. I'm also going to build it wheels up, something I've not done for a long time so it should be a fun project. ***UPDATE*** Now they've been delivered I've updated the photos. * Corrected from ventral, thank you dogsbody for pointing it out
  17. Hello people I just finished my second P-47D-30 Thunderbolt by Revell, I built one long ago when I was first building models after ages and I didn't even paint that one so had to build one painted and weathered. Here we go: Regards
  18. A real nostalgia build, this one... ...it may not be the best 1/72 P-47 out there, but this is how I remember my first one looking... more or less, anyway! bestest, M.
  19. Republic P-47 Thunderbolt with the USAAF in the ETO Kagero SMI Library The P-47 Thunderbolt was used throughout the European Theatre of Operations originally as long range fighter escort then more effectively as a ground attack aircraft as they were replaced in their former role by the P-51 Mustang in February 1944. The 56thFG continued flying the P-47 in the escort role until the end of the war and were classified as having the most aerial victories of all ETO fighter groups. The design and deployment are covered briefly in this book as is the operational history in the first thirteen pages. The next sixty three pages are filled with classic and vintage photographs of the men and machines themselves. Whether in posed shots of the pilot standing next to the nose-art of his particular machine or kneeling on the wing next to his scoreboard, or the mechanics arming, and servicing the aircraft they are all pretty atmospheric. All the photos are annotated in both English and Polish. They are also useful for the modeller, showing items of equipment used around the airfields, how certain weapons were fitted, fused or loaded and just how dirty some aircraft got when the rain made the airfields more like quagmires. The last few pages of this section are in glorious Technicolor. At the back of the book are full colour three and four views of the four aircraft for which the large decal sheet has been included in the book. Each scheme is covered in 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32 scales to cater for all aircraft modellers who love the big Thunderbolt. Conclusion This book has some superb photographs, which with their annotations are all very useful for the modeller and historian alike. There are also a number of photos that would look good as the basis for a diorama. The colour diagrams and the decals are the cherries on the already well iced cake. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  20. Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback/Bubble Top 1:48 Testors The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was the Largest heaviest, and most expensive single piston engined aircraft used in WWII. When the airframe was combined with the massive Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp engine, eight 50 Calibre machine guns, ammunition & fuel it weighed in at over 8 tons. It could carry an impressive 2500Lb bomb load (half that of a B-17), 5" rockets could also be carried. While it was an effective medium range escort fighter, the Thunderbolt really came into its own as a fighter bomber in both the Pacific and European areas of operation. The P-47 would be used in WWII by the USAAC, The RAF, French, and Russian forces. In addition Brazilian and Mexican units fighting with the US were equipped with P-47s. After WWII the P-47 would go onto serve in a considerable number of Air Forces, including; Brazil, Mexico, Peru, The Dominican Republic and Yugoslavia. In fact many of the surviving P-47s came back from Peru and Yugoslavia. Republic designer Alexander Kartveli designed the P-47 as a successor to the P-35. As far back as 1939 Republic designed the AP-4 powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-1830 with a belly mounted turbocharger. This became the P-43. While working on the P-43 a more powerful version called the AP-10 (Later XP-47) was being considered which was more lightweight with an Allison engine. As the war in Europe progressed both Republic and the USAAC realised that both of these designs were inferior to current German fighters. Republic initially tried to improve the XP-47 which did not come to fruition. Kartveli then came up with an all new and larger fighter which was designated the XP-47B. The new aircraft was of an all metal construction (except fabric tail surfaces), would have elliptical wings. The cockpit was designed to be large and roomy. Power was to come from the P & W R-2800 Double wasp. This engine was to have be a two row 18 cylinder radial devolving 2,000hp. This would be fed from a turbo supercharger system in the fuselage. Refinements of the original design led to the P-47D. This was to be the most produced variant with over 1200 being built. Improvements for the D were; adding more engine cooling flaps at the rear of the cowl to reduce overheating, as well as refinement to the oil, hydraulic and fuel systems. Additional armour was also added for the pilot which would prove useful in the ground attack role. Fuel capacity was also increased, and the bomb racks were made wet to accept additional jettisonable fuel tanks. Upto this point all the aircraft made had been of the Razorback canopy style with the tall spine behind. This limited vision for the pilot. Following on from other aircraft such as the P-51D & later marks of Spitfire, plus the Hawker Typhoon, it was seen that the Bubble canopy was the future for aircraft design. It was found that cutting down the rear fuselage to accommodate the new style canopy resulted in yaw instability. Republic introduced a dorsal fin fillet in running from the radio aerial to vertical tail. As well as being fitted in the factory this was also retrofitted in the field. The last Thunderbolt (a P-47N) was built in October 1945. The Kit The kit is a re-boxing of an old Hawk kit from the 1960's. As such it is the technology of the time. You get a plastic bag with an assortment of parts in grey plastic, and one sprue of black plastic. Details are a mix of mainly raised panel lines with recessed areas for the flight controls. There is a little flash present but on the whole the parts are pretty well moulded fir the time. Construction is fairly simple as too be honest there are not a great deal of parts. The instructions would have the modeller first complete the sub assemblies of the drop tanks, bombs, pilots seat, propeller hub; and landing gear. Next the fuselage is joined together incorporating the very basic cockpit (a floor and seat). Next step is to complete the engine cowling, construct the propeller from separate blades, and complete the engine. Following this the wings need to be completed. The landing gear is added at this time, as seems to be case with a lot of early kits. Following completion of the wings, the completed wings and engine/cowling are added to the fuselage. Following completion of this the appropriate top (Razorback, or bubble top) needs to be added, although I am sure many modellers would do this before adding the wings. Final assembly then consists adding the drop tanks, bomb, and landing gear doors. Colour call outs throughout are given in FS numbers and Testors own brand numbers. Canopy Or should that be canopies as you get both types. They are a little thick but they are well moulded. The modeller should have no problem masking the frame lines. For the bubble top canopy a separate injection bottom part is provided so you wont have to mask this off. Decals The decals for the kit are good. They are by Scalemaster and printed by Microscale. They look good solid decals, in register and glossy. Markings are for two aircraft. The first is a Razorback aircraft from the Famous first and only Black Army Air Corps unit; The Red Tails. This aircraft is natural metal finish with yellow wing bands,and of course a red tail! It was with such aircraft that the 302 Fighter Squadron became the only unit ever to sink a German Destroyer with machine gun fire in Trieste Harbour in 1944. The Second aircraft is the Tiger Stiped camo aircraft of Top USAAF Ace Col. F Gabreski. This aircraft features invasion stripes which the modeller will have to paint. Conclusion Even though its in no doubt that there are more modern and better kits of the P-47 out there; with some degree of modelling skill this kit should be able to be made into a good looking P-47 model. Review sample courtesy of UK distributors for
  21. Hi, I have quite a few favourite models and the P-47 might on the top, shared by a couple of Spitfire marks.. It´s such a beautiful beast that oozes power! Bought a Tamiya-model and ordered Tech-mod´s decals for Gabreski´s bubble-top. Thought I was a bit unique but it seems each and every "Jug"-kit has his decals.. Ah well.. Though I was quite happy with the cock-pit I messed up the camouflage. It got seriously messy and I was about to give up but in the end change colours and stuck to the kit. As you see I still have quite a few tricks to learn but in the end I became kinda happy with it after all. Messed up some more things in the end (decals on the side vs the stripes among other things), will add stencils etc. Was kinda happy with the wheels and cockpit. There will definelty be more Thunderbolts built here! Razorbacks and in 1/48 as well.
  22. Hello modellers! Here is my first contribution to britmodeller! Some detail info: P-47D Thunderbolt 1/72 by Tamiya P-47D-23 pilot Bob Hellwig "The Down Necker" A7-R S/N 43-0847 (afermarket decals from Kits-World) Colors used: - Alclad II White Aluminium - Polished Aluminium - Aluminium - Gunze Super Clear GX100 - Revell Aqua Ferrari Red. - Revell Aqua 90 Silver Eduard photo-etched parts, Eduard masks Thanks in advance for all your comments! Cheers Peter --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. American Indian Artwork & Emblems / P-47's over the Pacific: 19th FS on Saipan (Reference book) Landscape Publications No.1 If you're a fan of reference and profile books, then you may well be interested in this. The first of what I hope will be many more to follow, this book focuses on two themes. The first being aircraft that wore artwork and emblems featuring American Indians and the second looking at the P-47's of the 19th Fighter Squadron based on Saipan. Presented in an A4 soft back landscape format you get 64 pages containing a mixture of beautiful aircraft profiles, artwork images, photographs and text giving useful information about the paintwork and markings on the individual aircraft. The pages are printed on high quality semi-gloss paper. The book was written and illustrated by Thierry Dekker (Crazyflytox here on Britmodeller) with Neil Page who did the translation to English from Thierry's native language French. Let's look at little bit closer. American Indian Artwork and Emblems The first chapter features an eclectic collection of aircraft between WWI and WWII that feature artwork of American Indians. Stunning and accurately detailed profiles include those of the P-51D, FW190, Spad XIII, Curtiss H-75's, P-40's, Hurricanes, Typhoon, Hellcats, Spitfires and P-47's with expanded images of the Indian artwork. Particular text reference is made to the pilots that flew them and distinguishing features not only of the artwork and markings displayed on the machines, but also the weathering and in field repaint effects which are very useful for us modellers. The large profiles are supported by period photographs. P-47's Over the Pacific: The 19th FS on Saipan Great research into the specific detail of the paintwork and markings on the P-47's that flew from Saipan with the 19th Fighter Squadron has been carried out. From this, 21 individual aircraft side profiles (as well as a top down and bottom up profile) have been stunningly illustrated backed up by 34 photographs and enlarged illustrations of the artwork worn amongst other details. Taking the same format as the previous subject, reference to the paintwork, pilots and unique characteristics of the individual machines is written making this a very interesting read as well as a great modelling reference. In summary, what you get in this book is: 64 colour pages in A4 landscape format printed on semi-gloss high quality paper 64 photographs - 2 colour 55 high quality colour profiles of 10 aircraft types, many with additional artwork images Supporting text referring to paint variations, markings, emblem origins and specific details to the individual aircraft illustrated To add greater value to the series, Thierry is looking to partner with a decal manufacturer so that they can release decal sheets focussing on the subjects contained in his books. If anyone is interested in this venture, please contact him through his website linked in the logo at the bottom or PM him (crazyflytox) through Britmodeller. He's also looking for distributors for the USA, Australia and Japan. I can assure you that after reading the book, you will be inspired to build some of these aircraft, so I like the idea of a potential partnership ! Conclusion The specific detail in the book is not only useful, but an inspiration to build the aircraft illustrated. The stunning quality and accuracy of the artwork really adds value as a reference tool and the written information is an interesting read. I really like the unique subject theme for the American Indian artwork and the Jug fans will be left drooling ! Having now got this review sample in my collection, I'm certainly looking forwards to the series developing ! Review sample courtesy of
  24. P-47 Egg Plane Hasegawa - ?? Scale The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was the Largest heaviest, and most expensive single piston engined aircraft used in WWII. When the airframe was combined with the massive Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp engine, eight 50 Calibre machine guns, ammunition & fuel it weighed in at over 8 tons. Republic designer Alexander Kartveli designed the P-47 as a successor to the P-35.......hang on do your really want to read all this for an Egg plane? These are supposed to be fun, not serious! right? Having a bad time at the model desk? unfinished builds piling up? research on the left hand grommit for the Fairey Fluff Catcher getting you down? Advanced Modellers Syndrome (AMS) setting in? If so then you need some FUN injecting back into your plastic modelling. Hasegawa have Eggactly the prescription for this in the form of their Egg Plane Series. I am not sure who dreamed up the idea of the Eggplane at Hasegawa, or how they had the courage to present it to the company. However I suspect that Hasegawa have ended up selling quite a few of these models over the years. Who would have thought aircraft models basically modelled after an egg would do so well. The Kit The kit comes on two small sprues of grey plastic, and one small clear sprue for the canopy. Parts are well moulded with only a trace of flash here and there. Construction is fairly simple. The "cockpit" is placed inside the two fuselage half's then they are closed up. Then the engine casting is attached to the front. Following this the one piece main wings, tail planes and engine cowling are added. Finally landing gear and underwing bombs are added. Decals A small but well printed decal sheet comes with the kit. This offers two choices of scheme for you Egg 47. 1. Overall silver/BMF coded FT L. Egg craft has a yellow tail stripe and full underside invasion stripes. 2. Olive Drab over Grey scheme, number 54. This aircraft has yellow wing and tail plane stripes. Conclusion Want a break from modelling and a little bit of fun then you really should build one of these, if not this eggact one then Haswgawa do a whole range of these (should that be free range?). On a more serious note (I know, sorry) these kits could be a great vehicle to introduce children to the hobby. Review sample courtesy of UK distributors for
  25. Well Hi all, Ive been a member for ages but not posted or visited for a while due to work and other commitmants I havent done any modelling for a while. Well after visiting Telford last weekend, I got the bug again. Picked up a Vintage Fyling Series 1/24 P-47D Thunderbolt Ive never attempted anything of this size before so it will be untersting to say the least ! So far Ive noticed a few bits off the spues as it isnt a new kit by a long way, I believe Vinatge has stopped trading ? If all goes according to plan she will be done in RAF colours. And just to give an idea of the size of this beast ! More to come later, Ive ordered some after markets bits, and a book RAF Thunderbolts to help me along, Ive also looked at two other excellent builds of this model, links of which i will post later.
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