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  1. Found while searching my stash for Tigers, I had completely forgotten buying this. Haven’t decided on a scheme yet but (if applicable) I fancy something in camo not another NMF.
  2. The Wallace The Shark And the Wyvern. Wish me luck
  3. So I’ve thought long and hard, well I’ve thought about it and I’m going to build three 1/144 migs for the blitzbuild. I have a Mig23, 25 and 29 ( hmm I may also have a 27) all in 1/144 and all in fairly monochrome schemes. The 29 will have little red stars but it’s an aerobatic scheme not a combat aircraft and I’ll try and avoid them for the other two(three?) More to follow…
  4. Master Box 1/72 Mark I Male “Special Gaza Modification”, built out of the box. The kit was actually a pretty easy and enjoyable build, but is sadly let down by the awful rubber band tracks that simply refused to hold paint, nor respond to traditional adhesives. Thanks for looking.
  5. Bought off eBay several years ago and perfect for this GB. The sprues and moldings and I’ve just realised the glazing is missing. Not too much of an issue for the cabin windows as I was planning on using Kristal Klear after painting, but I will have to replace lace the cockpit glazing which will necessitate done woodwork and molding.
  6. One of my (many) New Year’s resolutions is one build per GB ( the only exception will be the Tiger GB) so this will be my sole ( crossing my fingers while I type) contribution to this GB still have to decide on the scheme but I am very tempted to build a Spanish civil war B model we shall see….. Or cheat and build it as a Casa 2
  7. Evening guys, from Montreal where I stay since 2 weeks and for 3 months more As I've time to spent here, and not brought with me any of my favorite scale models to build here , I've decided to occupy my hands assembling one of those renowned wooden kits that you can find from several brands, the most famous one being U-GEARS. That said, there is other interesting brands, such as ROBOTIME and ROKR, and you can purchase them at all prices, starting about 30 CAD to more than 150 CAD for the most complex and large ones. As it's my first wooden kit and I'm inexperienced, I've chosen to start with an almost basic set, only 369 parts, and I swear it will be built strictly Out Of the Box 😉 No tool, no glue, no magnifying glasses, no paint, nothing is needed to assemble the kit, except perhaps a little bit of sanding paper, and it's supplied in the kit box ! This box contain seven 2 mm thick beautiful plywood, each of one containing dozens of laser cut parts, and a big sheet of instructions. I've been amazed by the quality of the laser cut and of its accuracy ! Each part is numbered. The parts detach very easily from the boards, where they are maintained by extra-thin wood pins. You only need to press gently on them and they fall out the board. As I'm careful and quite anxious, I prefer to help them parting of the board, cutting the retaining pins with a scalpel blade. The box art: Hereunder the contents of the box: To appreciate the quality of the design and laser cut you must know that each board measures 8.9 inches x 6 inches (22.7 x 15 cm) The instructions sheet depicts 30 steps: Of course it would be possible to paint the finish model, but I haven't planned to do this, because I want to keep intact all the poetry off this wooden object. Hoping not boring you with this kind of modeler madness 😆
  8. Evenin'. I fancied a break from sand coloured things (M2 Bradley and the IDF Zelda) and since I had a fair amount of AK's WW2 British paint set and I had just rattled through the Airfix Cromwell it seemed daft not to raid the stash and pull out Tamiya's Comet. It's Tamiya so you know it fit together with no issues, the instructions were spot on and there's no real "fiddly" bits. All hand painted using AK's SCC Olive Drab, Rubber black and the track and wheel paint set. The weathering is a mix of AK's Weathering (Brown Wash and Dark Streaking grime) which I've never used before and Tamiya's mud and flat earth weathering sticks. I will just point out that whoever decided to do the white star decal that way deserves a pay rise. I was pleased it wasn't just one solid piece like the Tamiya Cromwell was and hasn't been mangled. Thanks for looking.
  9. I received my new 1/72 Airfix Vulcan yesterday and despite having an overflowing workbench, I just couldn’t resist having a look! As is traditional, I’ll start with a shot of the box. It’s big - note the 12” ruler along the side: To be honest, the box could probably have been smaller as the largest sections are the wings, which are half the size of the box… I guess Airfix were aiming for as large a presence as possible when stacked on a shelf! The scheme options are all white, or white undersides with camouflage on top. I will go with the latter: I already have the old kit in a similar scheme: I would have liked to do the new model in wraparound camouflage, but it was not an option and I’m planning to make this one OOB, to see what can be achieved with the basic Airfix offering. Time to look inside! Every sprue is wrapped in plastic, presumably to protect the plastic from scratching. The first sprue has the tail fin, control surfaces and engine plates: Once the bags are opened, some very crisp plastic is inside. Here’s the nose, cockpit and bomb load: And a close up of some of the pieces: The construction is completely different from the old kit. You build the nose and tail sections and then attach them to the central wing section. There are no large pieces in the kit, hence my comments about the size of the box. Here are the wing top sides: Note the housing for the air brakes. The wing top side in more detail: I’ve never noticed those protrusions on the wing before. The panel lines look a little large, so I will probably end up filling these. Here’s the underside: You can see the nose gear bay is moulded asymmetrically. The detail is again very crisp: This is the largest sprue: And again some more detail: All very nicely detailed, which bodes well for OOB! The last major sprue shows the spars - this should be strong: Some lovely detail for the bomb bay and undercarriage bays too. 👍 The intakes look far better than the old kit, which is a relief! 😁 Finally the transparencies: This looks to be a great kit and I am looking forward to seeing this one come together.
  10. Finished this a couple of months ago, but a now rare ray of sunshine through the window prompted me to take a snap and post. Sorry for the quality of the photo. Not one of my skills. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18350bH1X5BPK8d4PjyrU3c2s3T2A-An4/view?usp=sharing Have to come clean and state it is not 100% OOB as I used some Xtradecals from Hannants. I am happy with some of the end result, but there are things that I really am not chuffed with at all. I managed to get most of the thing built cleanly which was helped by what is a well designed kit. I had closed up the fuselage with the idea of adding crew after I had painted them. Ironically, I was listening to a video describing how cramped this aircraft was when I realised I didn’t have a hope of putting the crew in place after the buttoning up the cabin. 😶 This may have been an ill wind, as they would have got in the way of the machine guns. Used a weak pin wash on panel lines trying to be subtle. I used ground up soft pastels to provide some gentle weathering and exhaust stains. Happy with that. Not so happy with my petrol leak stains achieved by using a pin wash over a matt varnish. Looking at pictures, some aircraft can be found in a right state, but the effect I achieved on the model looks overscale, if you know what I mean. It might work on a 1/35 tank, but I am not sure I like it on this. The other thing that bugged me and is not right are the small clear parts. The windows on top of the wing just look like chunky prisms. How do you get around that? Paint the sides and frames before gluing? The light in the wing leading edge is naff. But I had given up by then! What I should have done is installed these little itty-bitty clear parts, then taken them down to surface level, polished them and only then painted. But I didnt. Never mind. It is a nice looking aircraft which looks good from a safe distance. Thank you for looking. 🙂
  11. Well another seadog going back to the land having been relegated to the kitchen table for any form of modelling I went back to the Old Academy kit just to keep building while the rest of the family have taken over my house and model room. Already built and base coated the main easy 8 now have to add the Dozer and crew with stowage just to keep me sane between all the decorating for the daughter's new house. Stay Safe beefy
  12. I’ve a lot on at the minute so I haven’t gotten round to my entropy builds all that much so far. However I really want to get started on some of the heavy weathering builds so I’m starting this one on the basis that I’ll build it fairly quickly and completely oob and then get into the paintwork which is going to be a lot of short bench sessions, so will fit into the gaps so to speak of my other stuff at the moment. The kit My muse ( not exactly the same model but close enough) The sprues. First step will be a coat of red oxide from a rattle can… The plan is assemble it then rust it, then camo which will be distressed back to the rust layer then dirt and weathering.
  13. As my workbench is getting empty again, I have decided to start a new kit and build another model of an aircraft I have flown. This time it is the turn of the ATR-72, which was the first aircraft I flew when I became an airline pilot for Cityflyer back in 2000. This kit will be my first foray into the world of resin, which is a completely new material for me to work with. All I really know is don't inhale the dust - is there anything else important I should know?! The kit is the 1/144 offering from F-RSIN. Here's the obligatory box shot: The contents inside look a little sparse - decals, fuselage, wings, flap fairings, tailplanes, engine nacelles, propellor sections and undercarriage components: I'm hoping this one will go together quite quickly! At some point in the past I have applied some filler to the fuselage, which is dotted with minor pinholes - apart from that, the kit is untouched. My first job will be removing and cleaning all the components, followed by filling and sanding.
  14. My second entry, if it doesn’t get built for this GB it probably isn’t going to get built. Not sure about the kit colourscheme afaik the 747 should be bare metal. But it will otherwise be OOB notwithstanding any correction required. Mystery solved the first 747 was acquired from American Airlines and had the tail painted in nasa colours but retained the AA livery elsewhere. It was subsequently repainted ( and refitted ?) in full NASA colours. Not sure where the second one came from but it was fully repainted before being put into use by NASA.
  15. The kit. Shelf space is a premium so for bigger subjects I usually go for 1/144. I paid a little bit more than that The kit has no interior and pretty low parts count so goes together pretty quickly. Will need a little sanding and filling. I’ll let the adhesive set overnight first.
  16. This is the kit. And this is the scheme I’m going to do. BOAC operated a number of PR.Mk IV and VI between Scotland and Sweden during the war. They were specially modified to take a single passenger in the bomb bay, but externally identical to a regular Mosquito. They were civilian registered and the letters were underlined in red white and blue to emphasise their civilian nature. One of the many and fascinating applications of the Mosquito and an extremely interesting part of its history.
  17. The Kit Still haven’t decided which scheme but one of the above. Some small modifications required, most notably the skirts and possibly the mantlet. The obligatory sprue shot This should be a quick build with he bulk of the construction completed by the weekend.
  18. I don’t normally do figures or motorcycles so that’s why this is in this GB ( I’d tentatively considered it for the large scale GB too as it’s 1/18 I think) but I do love Wallace and Grommet. Should be mostly like any other kit but painting the figures and getting the finish on n the motorcycle will be new for me. The other niggle is how the internals of the sidecars extendable wings and porridge canon should work, but maybe I might leave that one…
  19. I started this as something I could assemble quickly and finish OOB. Didn't quite turn out quickly, but it was OOB, apart from window decals (I baulked at masking such tiny glazed areas) thanks to one Chris, aka @stringbag of this parish. Edit: oh yes, and I had to replace the fin-top [Edit of edit] HF antenna with a Master pitot for a 1:48 MiG-21 (tip only) when the original snapped off. A quick couple of photos until I get around to some better shots. Not my best effort, not least as I usually do 1:48 and 1:32 stuff, but here it is. Used to see these and the tankers overhead going into and out of RAF Mildenhall almost every day during my teenage years, but I've never modelled one until now. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  20. this will be my second build. I’ll be sticking to oob, but it’s a very nice kit and even has a PE fret for the fine details. I’ll post some sprue shots over the weekend.
  21. Same kit as before although this time I’ll try to assemble it in the correct order One of these three schemes but I can’t quite make up my mind, I think I’m leaning more towards the Swiss.
  22. I shall be building this Tin Lizzy But I also like this Thin Lizzy ( the joke in the naming of the band BTW was that as a lot of my compatriots pronounce their th’s as t’s, it’s also tin Lizzy) I love these instructions. A quick plan comparison, shoes it’s very accurate in shape. The detailing isn’t bad for a kit if it’s age ( raised rivets and panel lines, but I’ll live with them) and aside from the sparse interior not a bad kit overall.
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