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  1. Although I have a couple of builds underway at the moment I have decided to make a start on this project: I bought the kit form fatalbert just over a year ago. The contents of the box are as follows, two frames moulded in white plastic: One clear frame and a slightly damaged decal sheet: Shame about the clunky moulded in wiper which will have to go: I am not at all bothered by the creased decal sheet as I was given these replacements by Milktrip, aka Aaron: Which
  2. Hi Folks, here is my entry for this GB: I had the Airfix kit in my stash but that is significantly showing its age so have recently purchased this from Hannants. It looks pretty nice with fine engraved panel lines and some nice detailing, there are two grey sprues: The kit is well packaged, the two clear sprues come in their own plastic bag: Shame about the moulded in wipers. Similarly the decals are well protected with a taped on piece of tissue: I wo
  3. After my Sycamore build this is going to be my next project: The kit consists of two grey runners: The surface engraving and detailing is very nice but typical of short run technology the gates are quite heavy, there are no location features, no numbering of parts on the runners (although that is covered by the instructions) and there is a bit of flash here and there. There are two clear parts and a crisply printed decal sheet: The instructions look clear enough: Note the tw
  4. This is going to my entrant for this GB: I picked this up at Telford, I was drawn to it as I have a bit of a Russian theme running through my models. I bought it without researching it's history and was slightly disappointed to find it was first tooled by Italeri back in 1977. It has subsequently been re-boxed by Revell, TOMY, Testors, Heller, Tamiya and even Matchbox so it's had quite a history. This re-boxing is from 2009. The kit consists of four khaki runner frames: Funny, the box states "Figure not included" but what do we have
  5. I just finished this build yesterday, the WIP can be found here. In the interior I added lead foil seat belts with PE buckles from my spares box. The rear passenger seats are scratch build from brass tube, rod and lead foil with braces from black nylon fishing line. All the cockpit controls are scratch-built: The pilot's steps are also scratch built from brass rod and sheet. I cut out the spare kit doors so they could be posed in an open position: The door handles and sliders are also scratch made: Hard to photograph but t
  6. I finished this yesterday so here is the promised RFI. Here is the build thread. I thought this was going to be an almost out of the box build but in the end I added or modified the following: Modified the front undercarriage strut and made it so it could be added later on in the build. Added PE seat belts. Added some detailing in the front undercarriage bay. Replaced all the gun barrels with 0.8mm brass tube. Modified the turret guns so they could be painted separately and added later. Used instrument decals from Mike Grant. Added weighted effect to the wheels using heat. Extended the
  7. I just finished this, build thread here. It's a kit I've had for nearly 30 years and it's nice to get it done. It was quite toy like and I've done my best to enhance it and make it more like the "real thing". The rocket nozzles were moulded in polythene and horrible to work on so I cast new ones in resin, I scratch built the landing feet, added the rollers and I also opened up and glazed the windows: I hope you like it.
  8. This is a recent purchase which I'm going to make a start on: This kit is short run in nature - no location features, no numbering of parts on the sprues etc. but the panel lines are finely engraved and the surface detail is very good. There are two grey sprues: The clear sprue is extensive and on first inspection looks pretty good although there are a few scratches which will need polishing out and possibly a coat of Klear. The decal sheet is reasonably well printed and very comprehensive, right down to all the stencils (nice):
  9. This is my next project: The kit consists of two grey sprues: Although it says Revell on the sprues, this was originally released by Dragon in 1993. Some of the gates are quite thick but it does feature very nice engraved panel lines: There's also a single clear part and typically good Revell decals: With my pending new job work on this will be quite sporadic and drawn out. Bye for now, Nigel
  10. After a rather drawn out build I finally finished this this morning. I added a metal pitot tube, DF loop, PE seatbelts and used 0.2mm nickel silver rod for the radar aerial verticals: I also added a false engine front from the spares box to hide the lead sheet I had to pack in there to prevent tail sitting: I also added a bit of detailing to the engine to busy things up a bit: I was nice little kit, I hope you like what I did with it. The b
  11. I am away from my modelling bench due to starting a new job a few months back. I have missed not being able to get much modelling done so I have decided to start a new project which should only require a limited set of tools and not need an airbrush (at least until I get to the white metal parts): Here's what in the box, two photoetched stainless steel frets protected on both sides by clear film: A small bag of cast white metal parts: Fourteen pages of pictorial instructions: Construction starts wit
  12. I finished this today: Here it is alongside the Revell kit I built a few years ago: The WIP can be found here. Nigel
  13. This is going to be the entrant to my first ever Group Build: The five grey sprues were individually bagged and one even had some protective foam wrapped round it: Clear parts and decals: It all looks very nice (apart from the pesky moulded in wipers). This is the scheme I think I'll go for: I got the kit in the Telford kit swap three years ago, these only arrived this last week: I also have some Mr Color paints on order but they haven't arrived yet - not that that will hold anything up I'm sure. However, I do have the small matter of my ongoing Gazelle to finish but that is
  14. After a long six month build I finally got this finished yesterday. Originally tooled by Airfix in 1973, this was from the 1989 Heller re-boxing with some additional parts. Decals were from Carpentia for an Iraqi scheme in spring 1990. There was a lot of scratch building involved, listed as follows: Sand filter Missiles and rails Vacformed front canopy Fenestron with open hub Doors Front aerial Seats and control sticks Skids Tail rotor drive shafts Pitot tubes Detailing to main rotor hub Detailing to cockpit interior including fire extinguisher Small home made decals from spares
  15. This is my next project: The kit consists of two dark green sprues: The moulding looks pretty good but unfortunately its all raised detail and panel lines. I need to have a closer look at it and see what can be done about the raised lines. Here are the clear parts and decals: I also have two PE sets, one specifically for this kit and the other one for the Hobby Boss kit. I got that because its self coloured and I'm sure most of it can be adapted in some fashion: Bye for now, Nigel
  16. As I am waiting for some oil paint to dry on my Aerosan I have started on my next project. I bought this a couple of years ago at the Telford kit swap: It was originally released in 1988 by ESCI / Italeri, this is the AMT re-boxing which came out a year later. The Ka 52 is the two seat version of the Ka 50. There are three brown sprues which feature some nicely engraved panel lines: There is a very basic decal sheet and OKish clear parts which look like they would benefit from a polish up: The instructions offer only one scheme I have also ordered this PE set and this lovely decal
  17. I finished this yesterday. I used the ACE Ka 50 PE set for a few pieces and it had a few dimensional issues which I had to correct. Its done as a what if as the kit gives a quite different representation from a real Ka 52. I hope you like it: WIP can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235004867-172-amt-kamov-ka-52-hokum-b/
  18. As I'm waiting for some PE to arrive for my Hokum build I have started on another project, this: I like RS kits as they pick some unusual subjects. This aircraft got as far as prototype wings and fuselage being built but never assembled before it was captured by the Russians. This is the version with a Jumo 004 engine, there is another version of the kit with the BMW 003 engine. There are two grey sprues moulded using short run technology so a bit of flash, slightly soft detailing here and there and no locators. The incised panel lines are nice and crisp though: The clear parts are nice
  19. Sargent Squarehead (Andy) was kind in sending me this kit as a gift as he wanted to see what I made of it and for me to join this Group Build: The kit is of Ukrainian manufacture and uses short run technology. There are four grey sprues, a tiny bit of PE and a very tiny decal sheet: You get an idea of the moulding standard from the engine: Andy has suggested that I look into a resin replacement for that and I certainly will. The instructions explain things well enough I think but note that although there are numbered parts here there are no numbers on the actual parts: I started
  20. I missed the sunshine this morning so I took these indoors of my latest completion. The WIP can be found here. I replaced the moulded in seat belts with PE ones, modified the instrument coaming and gun sight, replaced most of the gun barrels with brass tube, added brake lines and scratch built the DF loop, Marston mast and pitot tube. The paint is mainly Mr Color lacquers. I hope you like it: This is my next project. Bye for now, Nigel
  21. This is going to be my next project, I have had it in my stash since 1987: For most of that time it was in the loft and time has not been kind to the decals: Fortunately Kallisti was kind enough to send me the decals from the model he built as an RAF What If: Here is the rest of it: Its quite toy like and includes a wind up clockwork motor: I don't think I'll be using that though. Bye for now, Nigel
  22. I finished this pair today. The build thread can be found here. A nice pair of kits with great moulding and instructions let down by terrible Meng decals. I added the pitot tubes and guns using Albion Alloys tube and used PE seat belts as well as adding some detailing in the cockpit: This one has been weathered as though it has seen some action: I'm pleased with how much can be seen in the cockpit through the crystal clear canopy: This one is factory fresh with only a minimal amount of weathering: I hope you like them.
  23. As I have run out of jobs on my current Thunderbird 2 build I started another project. I was looking for a quick build as I'm signed up for the Huey GB which starts next month. I also wanted something that didn't require rescribing. This is what I came up with: The kit consists of two identical grey sprues which means there are actually two aircraft to build (up until now I hadn't realised that - the box makes no direct reference to this in English): These are the two rather attractive schemes provided: Typically of Meng the decal sheet is rather basic but the clear parts are crystal
  24. Hi Folks, Having finally completed my Osprey I have decided to tackle a much smaller hovering machine. I purchased this kit from the Telford kit swap area three years ago, it is a reboxing of the Airfix kit first released way back in 1973 but with the addition of some new parts in 1989 - this boxing is from 1996: Here are the main sprues and the decals, most of which I won't be using: This is the additional sprue with the Heller tooled parts: I also have the Extratech PE set to stir into the mix: The instructions are colorful and it all looks pretty straightforward: As well as
  25. While still waiting for the decals to arrive for my Osprey build this is going to be my next project. I bought the kit from Wonderland at Telford two years ago and have been itching to make a start on it for ages. I see there has been an excellent BM review of the kit here and a couple of stalled builds here and here. Hopefully I will be able to finish mine. The review contains better pictures than I can take but this is what I have, the attractive box art (for those who would like to see New York destroyed - not I): Three grey sprues: Plus a very nice decal sheet and clear parts:
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