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Found 21 results

  1. Afternoon All, Purchased off Ebay before Christmas, had been watching the price go up all week and couldn't bring myself to put a bid in... until coming home from a very boozy lunch. Anyway one thing lead to another and before I knew it I'd won. I wont divulge the price, but sure you can all guess it wasn't cheap. A few days later it turned up on the door step, unfortunately it was my fiancee who answered. (Normally I sneak any purchases up to the loft asap, although god knows why, im 32 and its my own money 🙄 ). After the initial argument over buying another "plane" she said it would be my Christmas present, saves her having to find me something, although i wouldn't be getting anything else. The other thing was I wasn't to build it until we had moved house and I had a proper work space and the right tools. I think the words she used where "all your other ones look unfinished, I'm not wasting £**.** for this one to turn out the same." Anyway I took this as a win, money back in my account and a Bucc with lots of goodies included for Christmas. Fast forward to March, looking forward to moving into the new house and we all get put on lock down, not sure when we'll be moving now, but this weekend I was "allowed" to start. Airfix Buccaneer SDC 1/48 Airwaves - PE Airbrake Set Airwaves - PE Cockpit Set Airwaves - PE Wing Fold Set Paragon - Resin Flaps Pavla - Resin Ejector Seats Montex - Canopy Masks Airoclub - Canopy (not sure if I'll use it, as the Airfix Canopy doesn't look to bad) Obligatory warped fuselage shot. Although not as bad as some. I have a second bucc, that is even worse. Started off by cutting out the flaps to be replaced with the Paragon set. First, scored along the panel lines, on my second pass the scalpel blade went straight through the plastic, although Plasticine would be a better term for it i think. I was able to just run the scalpel along the panel lines and it came away. A couple of minutes later the flaps on both the upper and lower halves of the fuselage had been removed. Next on to the PE cockpit. The original owner had already made a start on the cockpit, and had glued it into the upper fuselage. Had to remove that and take apart the instrument panels, before adding the PE. The final result looks ok, need to tidy up some of the tabs along the edge and will be better than just putting the decals over the plastic, although can't decide on weather to get the neomega cockpit. I'll see once I've painted it all up, and busied the cockpit with some wire. Below are some of the larger assemblies, wings, slipper tanks, tail section and a part of the air brake. More tidying up to do along the leading edges and where the wing tips meet the wing. There are large gaps in the slipper tank that need filling. I cut away the rudder to pose it, the plastic here was much harder than the plastic on the fuselage. This seems to be a running theme as the bomb bay is a different plastic again, being much harder and tinny in sound when you drop it. Dry fitted the tail to the top part of the fuselage, which is a terrible fit. Thats pretty much all the main sub assemblies done. The air breaks had the main bit of PE attached to them, but there's still a lot more to go and will put some pictures up if i manage to finish them next weekend. Bombs and rockets are done, but doubt ill use them. I'm tempted to get the flightpath martel missiles, I see they are still open atm. Intakes, aren't so bad, one is almost seamless the other has a large gap, that will need filled. Will attempt to get some paint down next weekend, which is where things will go really wrong. Sometimes I'm quiet tempted to spray in grey primer and just leave it as that, looks so neat and tidy, before i destroy it with "proper paint". So far I've enjoyed it, I know I'm not at the join the fuselage stage yet, but I've got plenty of time with this lock down and no need to rush it. First built one when I was 9 or 10 I think in an arctic camo scheme (because why not) with a combination of Navy and South African decals 🤔. Been wanting to get one for a while, and have a phantom waiting for decals so hopefully the two should look good together once I'm done.
  2. Hi All Thought I'd share my latest start of a kit with you & ask for some opinion on the resin additions too. This is the Italeri Jaguar T.2 kit with a resin cockpit set from Neomega. I've been a bit of a serial kit starter recently with a binned Cyberhobby Sea Venom and a shelved Academy Catalina on my list of shame, so I won't make any promises as to whether I'll see this one through either. Included in my plans are a set of wheels by Armoury & some nice exhausts from ResKit - hopefully more on that later.... I made a start by trial fitting the Neomega parts to the base kit. No mean feat as there are no instructions available, so it's been a case of studying the kit parts & instructions and trying to work out what the resin parts are & where they fit. I think I have it sussed now but would welcome any feedback, particularly regarding the rear of the back-seater's cockpit, where there is a yawning gap if I position this part aligned to the fixing point for the nose wheel leg (it fixes to the bottom of the cockpit floor). Anyhow, on to some pictures to illustrate progress so far... This is the Neomega coskpit in sans control columns, all held in place with blutack or white glue. The section I'm unsure of is at the rear, behind the 2nd cockpit. I've added what could be the ejector seat rails to the back of the 'pit section with an appropriately shaped piece of resin set behind to busy-up the part left plain by Italeri. Pit 2 by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr Pit 1 by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr This last image shows the gap visible in the nose wheel bay if I position the rear cockpit against the rear bulkhead. I've since added at a piece of resin left over which could be a depiction of the ejector seat guide rail (see pic of completed cockpit - it's just about visible). Nose well 1 by Gavin Edgerton, on Flickr Edge
  3. I finished this yesterday afternoon for the Buccaneer STGB. I used the old Airfix S.2B boxing and decided to improve the cockpit, wheel bays and intakes with with Neomega resin sets that I had bought several years ago. I also removed the raised panel lines and rescribed the kit, added etch details from an Airwaves set to the airbrakes, and replaced the pitot with a Master brass item. The decals are from a Kits World Buccaneer Trials Aircraft set and the scheme is based on a photograph that I found in Wings of Fame Vol.14, Pg.100. Buccaneer S.2 XN975 RAE and RRE Trials Aircraft by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  4. NeOmega is to release at SMW 2014 a 1/48th Kamov Ka-26 "Hoodlum" resin kit - ref. Source: http://scalemodels.ru/news/8210-anons-neomega-1-48-ka-26.html V.P.
  5. NeOmega has just released a Sukhoi Su-31 resin kit Source: http://master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=100325 V.P.
  6. Hi everybody, After much anger over my photobucket account, I finally decided to actively participate again on BM. I therefor opened a flickr account hope that will master flickr soon, and that we do not have similar problems with them in due course! very frustrating!! So, although modeling time is at a premium at the moment (kids, kids, kids, kids, and work) and I really want to finish my F-111C and MiG-25 soonest!!! I also promised to take part in this GB here... late entry, hopefully a not too challenging, but still interesting enough kit and topic! ESCI Mirage 2000 C kit (updated version with the correct, production fin) FCM decals Neomega resin cockpit Eduard PE and masks maybe more in the future will be started as soon as possible! anything to watch out for on this kit?
  7. Gentlemen As I am almost done with the Iraqi Hunter, it's time to post a new WIP. This one is second in line of the SyAAF next to the L-29. I thought of doing the one from the Ramadan war in '73... The kit is the old Kopro and during the years I managed to collect some aftermarket for it: Neomega cockpit and seat, Eduard interior, SAC metal landing gear, quickboost vents and such and Armory resin wheels. A few years back I did an Algerian Fitter, so no big surprises are expected... The seat looks great: the pit is also nice... After some painting... I've used IP decals from some leftovers, cut them out... I think it's better than I could ever do by hand... To make a BM/BMK out of BKL you need to remove some plastic. The BKL had skids on the landing gear so the wells were larger. A minor surgery... Quickboost vents are too small And that's about it for now. Stay tuned and thanks for looking in. cheers
  8. Neomega is to release a 1/72nd Mil Mi-14 "Haze" resin conversion set for the HobbyBoss Mi-8 kit - ref. The resin rotor parts will be also available separatly as upgrade set for the Mi-8 kits. Source: http://scalemodels.ru/news/10141-anons-neomega-1-72-konversija-mi-14.html V.P.
  9. Thanks to everyone who has followed my WIP for this model. Well its finished at last. For those viewing this for the 1st time: This is the Airfix 1:48 kit, a challenge as many of you know. I have built this model to represent a specific aircraft flown during Red Flag 1977. The Buccaneer force astounded all our allies during this exercise. Not one was intercepted by any aircraft throught the time they were out there. The ultra low level flying astonished our allies and all the spectators. Thiswas an amazing show of flying skill in which this aircraft, the 'flying brick' was the only aircraft in the world capable of doing so. I used the excellent Neomega resin cockpit, Flightpath photo etch and I scratch build the RR Spey engine, bomb bay and wheel wells. I finished the model in Vallejo air paints and washes.
  10. My second entry will be of lesser known type - Yakovlev UT-1B was a light ground attach aircraft, modified UT-1 trainer. The modification included two machine guns on the top of each wing and four RS-82 rocket mounts. The type saw action in 1942 in Crimea where it was used for numerous night attach missions NeOmega resin kit is a very sweet looking set of nicely cast parts in the tiny box By tiny I mean really tiny - when assembled I expect the model to be a size of my son's palm
  11. Hi guys, Just discovered that when I want to build the GR.3 Harrier I have there will hardly present itself a better opportunity than doing it here and now... ... because when Kinetics Gr.3 is available, time for this will be very hard to justify!..... ...and as there are surprisingly few Harriers present in this GB.... If the mods will let me join at this late stage, I will do my best to present a decent GR.3 in Falklands markings.... here is what I have: I someone has objections for this decals, I'd have alternatively Xtradecals 25 years anniversary of Falklands operations decals.... happy for a "go" cheers, Werner
  12. SU-24M Cockpit Set (for Trumpeter) 1:48 NeOmega This set arrives in NeOmega's diminutive clear clamshell box, and inside are twelve casting blocks containing twenty parts in a mid-grey resin that should be familiar if you have any of their other sets. The detail is superb, with a busy instrument panel, central and side consoles, plus two realistic ejection seats with moulded-in harnesses. Even the overhead canopy rail is included in the set, along with a trio of rams that aren't documented in the set. NeOmega's sets are well-known for their fit, and from testing some of the parts together, this one is no exception. There should be minimal test fitting needed, and the cockpit tub should fit within the fuselage with no dramas. The tub has the rudder pedals cast-in, although with the control-column bases and the side consoles. A separate centre console, two columns and the rear bulkhead are added along with the massively detailed instrument panel, and the main assembly can be painted and added to the fuselage. The sidewall detail parts are glued to the interior of the fuselage, as shown in the photos on the instruction sheet, which to be fair is a bit on the small side given the likely age and failing sight of the average modeller, although you can see a larger copy online by following the Buy It Now button below. Conclusion As usual, NeOmega's attention to detail and fit shows through in a very handsome set that should improve on the kit cockpit immensely. It's also nice to see that they've updated their website with a new front end, which makes spending money so much easier. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  13. Hi everyone This was one of those projects stretched out to the max over the years. Back then there was no GWH 29s and the Academy MiG was the only game in town. To make it a 9-13 version - the humpback I used a Neomega conversion (cockpit and the spine). In terms of accuracy it is debatable as the hump is not quite correct. Well nevertheless it is OK imho.. If any of you did the Academy 29 you all know it's quite a pain. The kit itself is nice, but needs some add ons to look better (exhausts, nose cone, armament). I had to cut the original spine and replace it with the resin one. Tons of putty were used in the process...Also there was some panel scribing and riveting.. I've used Fru Fru R-27 R and Eduard MiG-21's R-60. I really wouldn't know if that is accurate but I guess it looks good. I have a few photos of the red 24 and in some it appears to lack the front LG mud guard, yet on some other photos it is there... Decals are Begemot and the paints used are by Akan shades for Fulcrum I hope you like it.... Thanks for watching, please check my blog for more photos and info cheers
  14. Hello everyone: group photos of my recently finished Egyptian MiG-17F and MiG-17PF Frescos: the MiG-17PF in natural metal is from around the 1967 war with Israel. Hobbyboss plastic (very good, hardly any problems) still in UARAF (United Arab Republic Air Force) markings, decals are sourced from various sources, the 31st squadron "bat crow" unit insignia was printed at home with the artwork provided by Tom Cooper, thanks!!, see in progress build KK-2 ejection seat is from Aires (a bit small!), 23mm cannons and pitots are from Master and very recommendable! the MiG-17F is from the closing stages of the war of attrition/ beginning of the Yom Kippur war, in cmouflage colors, but an example apinted before the Nile valley camo scheme was introduces fleetwide. the flag shows the Hawk of Quraish which was used from late 1972 up until the 80ies when it was slowly replaced by the current Eagle of Saladin. Decas are Hi-Decals, which at the moment seem to be the only ones who provide the correct flag for this time frame. the decals were reshaped though. Arab numbers come from the Iraqi airfoces decals sheet from Lindenhill decals. cannons and pitots are from Master, the KK-2 ejection seat is from Neomega resin (very recommendable!) the MiG-17F is armed with one 37mm and 2 23mm cannons in the nose, as well as 8 Sakr rockets and 2 250kg bombs on fuselage pylons only to be found on Egyptian MiG-17s! in progress and lots of additional information from Tom Cooper, many many thanks!!!!, without your help this build would not be half as accurate!!!!!, and all the others that contributed can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234974798-mig-17f-and-pf-fresco-june-1967-and-war-of-attrition-1967-1973-double-build-148/ so here some impressions: now fully armed: more photos of the individual planes will follow soon if you want thanks for looking, reading and your comments! regards, Werner
  15. She is finished finally! tried to be ready before the new highly awaited Kinetic wonder! I especially like the AML exhaust! Iwill buy more from them in the future! (they released a pair for the Heller Mirage IV as well recently!!! ) it is looking cool, no? sunset was already some years ago for Brazilian Mirages! first the IIIs and later the stopgap 2000B/C (till what exactly? Gripen E in some years time!!) the in progress can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234966501-mirage-iiiebr-148-aztec-decals-on/?hl=mirage thanks for comments!
  16. One cannot have enough started kits I think,,,,, while one is drying, youcan always sand some parts, or rescribe something, or else,,, so I decided to do another Mirage with canards, this time it is set to be a Mirage IIIEBR of the Brazilian Airforce (FAB), or F-103E as they used to call them the kit will be the ancient ESCI/ Italeri kit for an Mirage IIIE, still mor or less the only choice out of the box. As I bought a Neomega resin cockpit once for it and also got an AML exhaust nozzle, I really wanted to build it once.... so here it is.... parts are already partially rescribed, the raised lines were quite crude. (as is my rescribing for the moment...) Resin parts are cleaned and dry fitted, so far so good! here some pics: hope it turns out at least somehow decent!! Werner
  17. Your next dream is a 1/48th two-seats training and combat MiG-23UB "Flogger-C" kit? Forget your scratch project. NeOmega is two release in about two weeks a comprehensive MiG-23UB conversion set for the Trumpeter's recent "Flogger" kit. Sources: http://scalemodels.ru/news/5780-novinka-neomega--kabina-mig-23ub-1-48.html http://www.facebook.com/pages/NeOmega-Resin/170706509624082?ref=stream#!/photo.php?fbid=568912963136766&set=a.170713639623369.42907.170706509624082&type=1 To be followed V.P.
  18. As I wrote earlier, rather than sulking about the lost decals on the F-4B, I decided to work on a rarely seen version of my favourite plane : the big-bellied twin-stick Lightning. I found out, a bit late, that Aeroclub conversion was designed with the small-bellied Lightning in mind. First fuselage half was a bit so and so: So I cut the conversion part to fit the big belly on my second fuselage half (better late than never, and all that stuff): This is going to look a bit like this: Fuselage halves puttied, sanded, coated with Tamiya TS-30 for test and puttied again because, well, you know how it is: Just before closing the fuselage: Three .36 bullets sure give it something to stay on its three wheels... So, when you glue together the fuselage halves, you get something not quite bad, but rather less than quite good: And when looked at from above, it's bad: Putty and sandpaper, what else? It's starting to look like it: Something a bit annoying about Airfix Lightning: you got to glue a thin card rectangle to the under side of the wing in order to get a good fit to the fuselage: To be continued...
  19. Finished some time ago, after a very long and exhausting build! Academy Su-27 UB Flanker Quickboost nosecone!!! Neomega cockpit, Linden Hill decals "Flankers on Patrol", various missiles, Modified Dream Model + Aires exhausts Here you are: Cool and realisticly looking exhausts.... (Aries are too small, Dream Model too big... so I ,odified both sets to make one pair of nozzles) Hope you like it! One last photo: Cheers, Werner
  20. Russian craft company NeOmega is to release very soon a 1/48th Yakovlev Yak-18 "Max" resin kit (ref.4913). This post WWII Soviet tandem two-seat military primary trainer aircraft greatest claim to fame is definitely its use as a night bomber by the North Korean Air Force during the Korean War. Sources: http://scalemodels.r...-48-jak-18.html http://inscale.org/p...hp?topic=2672.0 V.P.
  21. Russian resin craft company NeOmega is working since 2011 (or worked?) on a 1/48th Yakovlev Yak-130 kit Release date unknown Source: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic_t_29889.html V.P.
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