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Found 63 results

  1. A few F-5Es from the 64th Fighter Weapons Squadron. s/n 71-1635, June 1981. I think this was supposed to be the "Frog" scheme, but that brown just doesn't look right. 72-1388, April 1981. 73-0882, February 1981. Snake scheme. Note the 2 in the bort number looks like an inverted 5. 73-0847, May 1981. Pumpkin scheme. 73-0847 again, June 1981. Pumpkin scheme, but looks like someone found a different shade of tan/brown. 73-0865, June 1981. Don't know what scheme this was supposed to be. Many of us in the operational test squadron thought it was a mistake and referred to it as The Lemon. 73-1635 February 1981. Southeast Asia scheme. 73-1636 April 1981. Southeast Asia scheme. 74-1508, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1510, October 1980. New Ghost 2 scheme? Thanks for looking, Sven
  2. All from the 65th Fighter Weapons Squadron at Nellis. S/n 72-1386, February 1981. Vietnamese Air Force scheme. 71-0846, May 1981. Pumpkin scheme. 73-0846, June 1983. Pumpkin scheme. 73-0866, October 1981. Pumpkin scheme and a replacement rudder. 73-0897, April 1981. Frog scheme. 74-1509, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1512, February 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1516, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1529, November 1980. Old Lizard scheme Thanks for looking, Sven
  3. A pair of VMA-311 A-4Ms on the Nellis AFB transient ramp in September 1980... BuNo 159473 Those are GPU-2/A gun pods - times four! The second Scooter, 160032, carried a rather odd, to me, load: centerline buddy refueling pod, two external tanks and two MERs... Hasegawa provides a US Navy Hi-Peg gun pod in their 1/72 Weapons Set II, but I don't think any one makes a GPU-2. Anyone know otherwise? Thanks for looking, Sven
  4. Red Flag exercise at Nellis in April 1984. 182nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Texas ANG is playing adversary. Temporary grey paint applied over most markings, though the ejection seat warning marks look like they have been re-applied over the grey. Tail serials re-applied as well? The SA tail code shows through the grey paint. S/n 63-7421 63-7431 63-7638 with full-color national markings 63-7689 64-0904 64-0918 Another weathering challenge for a model. Thanks for looking, Sven
  5. More from the 64th Fighter Weapons Squadron at Nellis. S/n 74-1511, April 1981. 74-1514, April 1981. New Ghost 2 scheme. 74-1515, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1519, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1519, July 1984. New Ghost 1 scheme. 74-1528, April 1981. Old Lizard scheme. 74-1528, November 1981. Grey 1 scheme. 74-1531, February 1981. Grape scheme. 74-1537, May 1981. Grey 2 scheme. 74-1537, February 1984. Looks like a variation of the old Blue scheme? 74-1539, February 1981. It's grey - I don't know which one it's supposed to be! 74-1540, October 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1541, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. Thanks for looking, Sven
  6. More from Red Flag 83-2 at Nellis AFB. Exercise took place over three weeks in Jan-Feb 1983. Attack Squadron 87 (VA-87), the Golden Warriors with A-7Es... BuNo 158672, Modex AE400 BuNo 156807, AE401 BuNo 156832, AE411 BuNo 156862, AE412 BuNo 157458, AE414 Thanks for looking, Sven
  7. Gunsmoke was a USAF Tactical Air Command air-to-ground weapons competition, similar to Air Defense Command's William Tell Air-to-Air competition. S/n 80-0222, 18th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) representing Alaskan Air Command. That bin in the foreground is for toting BDU-33 practice bombs to the aircraft. s/n 81-0974, 18TFS s/n 80-0209, 74TFS representing TAC s/n 80-0223 23tfw CO's bird s/n 80-0275 92TFS representing USAFE s/n 81-0956 92TFS Bentwaters chromed there GAU-8 barrel jackets for the event s/n 77-0228 45TFS representing USAF Reserves s/n 77-0192 45TFS s/n 78-0635 118TFS Connecticut Air National Guard s/n 78-0621 118TFS Thanks for looking, Sven
  8. VF-31 at Nellis AFB for Red Flag Exercise in March 1985. BuNo 161866 BuNo 161858 BuNo 161860 BuNo 161862 BuNo 161864 BuNo 161866 BuNo 161868 BuNo 161135 Thanks for looking, Sven
  9. At the risk of adding fodder to Tony Oliver's epic saga of 1/72nd F-14s over in WIP, here are some images of VF-143 "Pukin' Dogs" at Nellis AFB for a Red Flag Exercise in 1984. BuNo 161425 BuNo161426 BuNo 161432 BuNo 161419 BuNo 161281 Thanks for looking, Sven
  10. VF-143 was paired with VF-142 for this Red Flag exercise. BuNo 161418 BuNo 161421 A bit fuzzy here! BuNo 141422 BuNo 161435 BuNo 161417 In other news: The motherboard in my iMac died this weekend, so I'm plodding along on an old laptop while I figure out where I want to go from here. The Macs are relatively expensive, but I like the user interfaces a bit more than the PCs. Then there is the buy now or wait till after the hols to see if there are any better deals consideration. The bottom line is that slide processing will definitely slow down in the interim. I may have to finish re-setting up my modelling workbench in the aftermath of my man cave flood this past summer! Idle hands and all that. Thanks for looking, Sven
  11. These T-28Bs were on the transient ramp at Nellis AFB in March 1981... BuNo 140046 BuNo 137641 BuNo 138122 BuNo 138247, note the Rear Admiral's one-star flag beneath the cockpit They certainly made a different kind of roar in the overhead pattern when you were used to A-10s, F-4s, F-15s, and F-16s! Thanks for looking, Sven
  12. Delta Darts on Red Flag deployment July-August 1984, supplementing the Red Force. Don't know what happened to the exposure on this one. This is the best I could get with Photoshop... One of their sister ships awaiting conversion to a QF-106A target drone... Thanks for looking, Sven
  13. The Royal Saudi Air Force at Red Flag 81-1 in November 1980. An interesting mix of F-5Bs, F-5Es, and F-5Fs on the ramp at Nellis. A unique markings variation is the wearing of the typical USAF markings for the 425 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron out of Williams AFB and the addition of the RSAF roundels and tail flag. That's the 405th Tactical Training Wing emblem on the right side of the nose and the 425 TFTS emblem on the right. F-5B, USAF s/n 72-0439. Another variation on this example is the partial use of light green in place of tan for what would otherwise be a standard Southeast Asia camo scheme. Compare with F-5Es '402 and '406 below… F-5B, USAF s/n 73-1602 F-5B, USAF s/n 73-1408 F-5B, USAF s/n 73-1603 F-5E, USAF s/n 71-1419 F-5E, USAF s/n 72-1392 F-5E, USAF s/n 72-1398 F-5E, USAF s/n 72-1402 F-5E, USAF s/n 72-1406 F-5E, USAF s/n 73-0855 F-5F, USAF s/n 73-0889 F-5F, USAF s/n 73-0891 Not that it was any of my business as an operational test guy from the other end of the Nellis ramp, but we were told that the Saudis were scheduled to participate in this Red Flag exercise but it was “easier” for them to “borrow” aircraft from the USAF rather than ferry or ship their own aircraft from Saudi Arabia. Others may no more? Thanks for looking, Sven
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