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Found 60 results

  1. Detachment Key West VF-171, A-4E BuNo 151064, MODEX AD270, September 1980 at Nellis AFB. Apologies for the grainy Ektachrome. Thanks for looking, Sven
  2. Hogs of the 118TFS, Connecticut Air National Guard at Nellis AFB for Red Flag Exercise, June 1981. 78-0586 78-0619 78-0641 78-0643 Thanks for looking, Sven
  3. A-4Es of the Naval Fighter Weapons School at Nellis AFB, January 1981. 149969 555 150023 556 150044 555 Thanks for looking, Sven
  4. F-4E 73-1175, 422nd Fighter Weapons Squadron, 57FWW, Tactical Fighter Weapons Center, Nellis AFB, 1980-81. My test jet for the First Article Acceptance Test of the Aerial Gunnery Target System, a version of the SECAPEM target. Despite the checkout shown below, and my request to do a ground release test ("We don't do that in operational testing."), our first deployment of the target was an ignominious event with both the target and the tow pod dropping from the aircraft and impacting on Dog Bone Dry Lake on the Nellis Ranges! The A/A37U-33 AGTS consisted of two separate pods. One pod contained the nylon towline and served as the towline connection to the aircraft. The smaller target pod contained a fabric mesh "tetraplane" for visual augmentation, which would deploy when the towline was fully extended, and a microphone on the nose for scoring miss distance as the shockwaves of the bullets passed the target. A control panel for the target replaced the ECM pod control panel in the cockpit. The tetraplane had a radar reflector to aid tracking by the shooter. The image below is a screen shot from a SECAPEM marketing video for the TAXAN system, a current version of the AGTS, showing the tetraplane target (very similar to the 1980 target). Thanks for looking, Sven
  5. A couple of VMA-224 birds at Nellis AFB in May 1981 and '581 again a few months earlier, October 1980: Thanks for looking, Sven
  6. VMA-311 on the Nellis AFB Transient Ramp in 1980. BuNo 158168 158194 158427 The same jet, 148427, a year later Thanks for Looking, Sven
  7. F-4Ds with the 430TFS at Nellis AFB at the end of 1980. In a few more months these will all be traded out for F-16s... 66-7749 66-7783 66-7772 66-7771 66-7766 66-7755 66-7753, fresh from the paint barn and waiting for squadron colors - I think this was a transfer from the 428th. The 428th had already given up their Phantoms and were waiting on Vipers. 66-7699 66-7591, note the different serial number presentation. 66-7737 66-7731 (can you tell this was from the end of the roll? New captain trying to conserve film.) 66-7725 66-7718 65-0650 66-7589, the serial number prefix has been corrected from "67" to "66" 66-7582 66-7512, still wearing the colors of the 428th. 66-7496, wing commander's aircraft Thanks for looking, Sven
  8. F-16As at Red Flag, October 1989 at Nellis AFB. This was a sort of farewell tour for the A models of the 69th "Dragons", the squadron transitioning to Block 40s at the end of the year. The squadron itself was soon to change from the Dragons to the 69th Fighter Squadron "Werewolves" along with a new unit patch. One of the rationales for the squadron change was that the 339th Dragons (from which the 69th sprang?), a previous 347th Fighter Wing component, and since been resurrected at Robins AFB as the Warner-Robins Logistics Center test squadron. Wouldn't do to have two "Dragons" squadrons, especially in the same state. 80-0566 80-0568, with some weathered inert Mk82 bombs 80-0569 80-0571 80-0578 81-0701 81-0720 81-0727 Thanks for looking Sven
  9. RF-4Bs from VMFP-3 at Nellis AFB. BuNo 153092 RF11, July 1980 153110 RF26, November 1980 153091 RF10, May 1981 151980 RF05 and 153103 RF20, Red Flag 84-6, August 1984 153103 RF20, Red Flag 84-6 153105 RF21, Red Flag 84-6 157980 RF08, Red Flag 84-6 Thanks for looking, Sven
  10. 353rd Tac Fighter Squadron Warthogs at Nellis AFB for Green Flag, March 1981. 77-0200 77-0203 77-0204 77-0205 77-0207 77-0210, squadron CO aircraft 78-0622 78-0623 78-0663 78-0664 79-0096 79-0097 79-0098 Thanks for looking, Sven
  11. RAF Jaguars at Red Flag exercise January 1983... XZ385, 14 sq XZ369, 14 Sq XZ356, 17 Sq XZ370, 17 Sq XZ374, 20 Sq XZ378, 20 Sq XZ394, 20 Sq XX968, 31 Sq Thanks for looking, Sven
  12. A couple of bland Hawkeyes of VAW-112, Red Flag exercise, August 1984. Thanks for looking, Sven
  13. Colorado Air National Guard at Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB in February 1981. USAF s/n 69-6206 70-0929 70-0970 70-0985 71-0341 72-0199 72-0231 72-0243 Thanks for looking, Sven
  14. In early 1981, A-7Ds started showing up on the 57th Fighter Weapons Wing ramp next to the 422nd Fighter Weapons Squadron parking lines. These jets were unusual in that they carried no identifying unit markings and their presentation of the USAF serial numbers on the vertical tail were in very small numbers. A few of us with access to the 422 and weapons school lines caught the first few jets on film in the first week that they were there. Then someone realized that too many people had access to the jets and that area of the ramp got its own security identifier and access was no more when the remaining four or five jets showed up. All we were told was that these jets were at Nellis for a Special Project and nothing more. The rest of the story was that these jets were the initial equipment for the 4450th Tactical Group, the unit providing initial and continuation training for the F-117 unit at Tonapah range. There wasn't anything special about the jets, the security measures were to minimize access to the maintainers and aircrew that were later to go up range to play with Black Jets. The jets moved up range after a couple of months and were not seen again. When the F-117s were officially revealed to the world, these were the A-7s that appeared in Euro One camouflage carrying the 4450th unit shield and the "LV" tail code. (Apologies for the color cast on the first two images, wasn't able to remove it with Photoshop without making the rest of the image weird.) 69-6198 69-6201 69-6244 70-1023 Thanks for looking, Sven
  15. Bentwaters Warthogs at Nellis AFB for Red Flag, June 1984. 80-0192 80-219 81-0949 81-0952 81-0991 82-0654 Thanks for looking, Sven
  16. Always liked these markings. A shame they had to disappear after the Tailhook '91 scandal. Three birds on hand for Red Flag in May 1981. BuNo 160437, Modex CY10 160705 CY12 160786 CY16 Thanks for looking, Sven
  17. VMA-133, the Dragons, a Marine Reserve unit out of NAS Alameda at Red Flag in April 1984. They were deactivated in 1992. BuNo 154987, Modex ME01 154203 ME03 154970 ME07 155026 ME11 155018 ME12 154204 ME13 And one that was visiting Edwards, December 1981. 155057 ME09 Thanks for looking, Sven
  18. Three OV-10A from the 549 Tactical Air Support Training Squadron out of Patrick AFB at Nellis AFB in April 1984. USAF s/n 66-13561 66-13557 67-14611 Thanks for looking, Sven
  19. Just a couple of Prowlers on the Nellis AFB transient ramp, August 1980. Thanks for looking, Sven
  20. The remainder of my 65th FWS/AS images... S/n 74-1571, June 1983. Now in the Flogger scheme. 74-1572, February 1981. Grape scheme. 74-1572, October 1981. Flogger scheme. 74-1572, June 1983. A darker Flogger scheme? 75-1573, March 1981. Flogger scheme. F-5F, 82-0091, February 1984. Grey 2 scheme. F-5F, 82-0090, February 1984. New Ghost 1 scheme. A parting shot taken during the filming of the Red Flag movie. 74-1569 on the left, '1558 in the middle, and the real '1557 on the right. The camo doesn't completely match, but who would notice that? Thanks for looking, Sven
  21. More from the 65th FWS (pre-1983) and 65th Aggressor Squadron (1983 and after) S/n 74-1529, April 1982. Looks like I missed this one looking for blue bort numbers, so this is a second one appearing at this time. 74-1530, April 1981. Old Lizard scheme. 74-1530, June 1983. I think this is supposed to be the Sand pattern. The fuselage matches well, but the vertical tail not so much. 74-1536, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1538, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1538, May 1981. Grey 2 scheme. 74-1546, April 1981. Silver scheme. 74-1565, May 1981. Old Blue scheme. 74-1569 February 1981. Old Blue scheme. 74-1569, November 1981. Still in the Old Blue scheme, but the bort number changed to a very dark blue (for contrast with the background color?). Believe it or not, this is 74-1569 again, April 1981. At this time the 57FWW was providing aircraft for the production of a TV movie, "RED FLAG: The Ultimate Game". A terrible movie, pitting an F-4 pilot agains an F-5 pilot with the Red Flag exercise as the backdrop. As I remember, the F-4 guy was trying to come up with the maneuver to defeat the F-5. All very hokey - sort of like putting out the boards and having the guy at your six squirt out in front of you. Yeah, nothing like losing all your energy in the middle of a knife-fight. Anyway, they were using two F-4Es and two F-5Es with duplicated markings so they could film aerial and ground sequences simultaneously. So '1569 got to be the stand-in for 74-1557. 74-1571, February 1981. Grape scheme, with some touch-ups. Thanks for looking Sven
  22. The last of my images from the 64th Fighter Weapons Squadron at Nellis... S/n 74-1558, November 1980. Old Lizard scheme. '558 again, April 1981. New Lizard scheme. 74-1564, April 1981. Flogger scheme 74-1564, May 1981. Flogger scheme with a little touching up of the tail serial number to indicate the 64th FWS. 74-1564, June 1983. Flogger scheme, with a darker tan? 74-1567, February 1981. Snake scheme. '567 again, February 1984. New Lizard pattern with a definitely darker tan. 74-1568, March 1981. Snake scheme. 83-0074 February 1984. Looks like I told a lie to Boman in Part 1 of this series. I was sure I hadn't seen a family model on the line until 1988, yet here they are in 1984. '074 wearing the Flogger scheme. 83-0072, February 1984. Sand scheme 83-0073, February 1984. I haven't been able to identify the camo scheme. That's it for the 64th. I don't seem to have as many for the 65th, probably misfiled someplace. Thanks for looking, Sven
  23. A few F-5Es from the 64th Fighter Weapons Squadron. s/n 71-1635, June 1981. I think this was supposed to be the "Frog" scheme, but that brown just doesn't look right. 72-1388, April 1981. 73-0882, February 1981. Snake scheme. Note the 2 in the bort number looks like an inverted 5. 73-0847, May 1981. Pumpkin scheme. 73-0847 again, June 1981. Pumpkin scheme, but looks like someone found a different shade of tan/brown. 73-0865, June 1981. Don't know what scheme this was supposed to be. Many of us in the operational test squadron thought it was a mistake and referred to it as The Lemon. 73-1635 February 1981. Southeast Asia scheme. 73-1636 April 1981. Southeast Asia scheme. 74-1508, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1510, October 1980. New Ghost 2 scheme? Thanks for looking, Sven
  24. All from the 65th Fighter Weapons Squadron at Nellis. S/n 72-1386, February 1981. Vietnamese Air Force scheme. 71-0846, May 1981. Pumpkin scheme. 73-0846, June 1983. Pumpkin scheme. 73-0866, October 1981. Pumpkin scheme and a replacement rudder. 73-0897, April 1981. Frog scheme. 74-1509, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1512, February 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1516, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1529, November 1980. Old Lizard scheme Thanks for looking, Sven
  25. A pair of VMA-311 A-4Ms on the Nellis AFB transient ramp in September 1980... BuNo 159473 Those are GPU-2/A gun pods - times four! The second Scooter, 160032, carried a rather odd, to me, load: centerline buddy refueling pod, two external tanks and two MERs... Hasegawa provides a US Navy Hi-Peg gun pod in their 1/72 Weapons Set II, but I don't think any one makes a GPU-2. Anyone know otherwise? Thanks for looking, Sven
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