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  1. A trio of Vulcans at Nellis AFB for some low-level range work, January 1981. If memory serves, XL360 arrived alone and the other two came in the following week. XL360, 35 Squadron XL443, 35 Squadron XM654, 50 Squadron Thanks for looking, Sven
  2. A Prowler, b/n 158800, from VAQ-138 on the Nellis AFB transient ramp, August 1980. Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  3. Hello, evryone! I bought the Italeri F-16 C/D Night Falcon kit by chance at a discount. I just wanted to assemble a model of a contemporary jet aircraft out of a box, carefully paint it and put it on a shelf. It would have turned out that way, unless the decal failed - it was completely worthless. Then I bought the another decal. But it turned out that the prototype on a new decal was from the early blocks and could not carry modern pods. Well, never mind: I decided to assemble the plane in the classic three-color gray camouflage carrying CBU and Sidewinders. A few words about the assembling the kit: the weakest point is the jointing it doesn't correspond to reality. I didn’t want to change things dramatically, so I corrected only some of the most outstanding places. The cockpit is given bare. Slightly improved it (instrument panels, pilot seats, canopy lifting mechanism, gun sight). The canopy covered with Tamiya smoke from inside. I modified the exhaust nozzle so that from a distance it looked like the one, and not like an empty bucket. ALL F-16 manufacturers (except Tamiya) produce a simplified air intake and cover it with a grid like a radiator. Therefore, I decided to depict something resembling a real air intake. I trimmed the stabilizers to match the prototype (early blocks). Cut out several antennas from a beer can. Improved the landing gear and niches simulating the electrical system, hydraulics, battery, gas cylinder, and spotlights (Elf). Static dischargers - fishing line. This is far better than a wire, since one often touches them during the construction and painting process. I made all the necessary formation lights. The aftermarket used: a PITOT tube (the Master kit also included the angle of attack indicators). As well as Hasegawa armament (bombs and missiles). Painting mostly Hobby Color acrylic - “bottom” FS36375, “top” FS 36118, but side surfaces FS 36270 from HATAKA. Nitro varnish (orange) NATAKA. Weathering and some highlights for a panel effect mainly with oil paints, watercolor pencils and AK wet effects fluid. Oil paints diluted with white spirit were applied by an airbrush freehand and through a stencil. Super Scale Decals. Stencils partially Printscale decal. Some pictures showing stages of assembling and painting at the end. F-16B block 10, 428 TFS, 474 TFW, Nellis AFB, Arizona, mid-1980s. Hope you'll enjoy it and good luck!
  4. Aircraft of the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing, Tactical Fighter Weapons Center, Nellis AFB, April 1989. A-10A 79-0172 F-16B 82-1028 F-16B 82-1033 F-16D 86-0039 F-16D 86-0041 F-16C 87-0309 F-16C 87-0311 F-16C 87-0313 F-16C 87-0315 F-16C 87-0333 Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  5. Eagles of the 550th Tac Fighter Training Squadron, 405th tac Training Wing out of Luke AFB participating in the Green Flag 81-3 large force exercise at Nellis AFB, April 1981. F-15B 73-0111 F-15A 74-0087 F-15A 74-0112 Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  6. A couple of T-44s (Beech King Air) of VT-31 on the transient line at Nellis AFB. 160973, October 1980 161076, November 1980 Thanks for looking, Sven
  7. Phantom FGR.2s at Red Flag 90-1, Nellis AFB, October 1989. XV410 56 Squadron XV411 19 Squadron XV420 56 Squadron XV429 56 Squadron XV430 19 Squadron XV439 92 Squadron XV478 56 Squadron XV480 56 Squadron Herk provided logistic support... XV200 XV206 Thanks for looking, Sven
  8. Just a couple of Prowlers on the Nellis AFB transient ramp, August 1980. Thanks for looking, Sven
  9. The 428th Tac Fighter Squadron, the Buccaneers, of the 474th Tac Fighter Wing at Nellis had just completed converting from the F-4D to the F-16A/B in the Spring of 1981. Some of her Phantoms went to the 429th and 430th squadrons temporarily, but eventually they all went the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Units. 79-0333 79-0339 79-0343 79-0348 79-0350 79-0361 79-0363 79-0365 79-0366 79-0368 79-0370 79-0373 79-0375 79-0421 Thanks for looking, Sven
  10. F-16A Vipers of the 388th Tac Fighter Wing out of Hill AFB, representing the 12th Air Force at Gunsmoke '83 air-to-ground weapons competition, Nellis AFB, October 1983. 81-0763 81-0764 81-0768 81-0781 82-0905 Thanks for looking, Sven
  11. A pair of F-16As of the 4th Tac Fighter Squadron, 388th Tac Fighter Wing out of Hill AFB visiting Nellis AFB, August 1980. 79-0290 - wing commander and naming ceremony jet 79-0291 Thanks for looking, Sven
  12. A Scooter, Bureau Number 151064, of VF-171's Key West Detachment at Nellis AFB for a range exercise, September 1980. Thanks for looking, Sven
  13. F-4Ds of the 429th Tac Fighter Squadron based at Nellis AFB in the autumn of 1980. By May 1981 they would all be transferred out to ANG units and replaced with F-16A/B. 65-0667 still wearing the blue canopy rails from when it was assigned to the 428TFS. 66-0262 still wearing the blue canopy rails from when it was assigned to the 428TFS. 66-7506 66-7544 66-7554 66-7587 66-7650 66-7660 66-7663 66-7685 66-7701 66-7715 still wearing the blue canopy rails from when it was assigned to the 428TFS. 66-7726 Thanks for looking, Sven
  14. A Prowler pair from VAQ-130 on the Nellis AFB transient ramp, August 1980. 160436 160791 Thanks for looking, Sven
  15. F-15As of the 7th Tac Fighter Squadron, 49th Tac Fighter Wing out of Holloman AFB. Red Flag 81-2, Nellis AFB, February 1981. 77-0096 77-0112 77-0130 77-0138 77-0147 77-0152 Thanks for looking, Sven
  16. More from the 65th FWS (pre-1983) and 65th Aggressor Squadron (1983 and after) S/n 74-1529, April 1982. Looks like I missed this one looking for blue bort numbers, so this is a second one appearing at this time. 74-1530, April 1981. Old Lizard scheme. 74-1530, June 1983. I think this is supposed to be the Sand pattern. The fuselage matches well, but the vertical tail not so much. 74-1536, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1538, April 1981. Old Ghost scheme. 74-1538, May 1981. Grey 2 scheme. 74-1546, April 1981. Silver scheme. 74-1565, May 1981. Old Blue scheme. 74-1569 February 1981. Old Blue scheme. 74-1569, November 1981. Still in the Old Blue scheme, but the bort number changed to a very dark blue (for contrast with the background color?). Believe it or not, this is 74-1569 again, April 1981. At this time the 57FWW was providing aircraft for the production of a TV movie, "RED FLAG: The Ultimate Game". A terrible movie, pitting an F-4 pilot agains an F-5 pilot with the Red Flag exercise as the backdrop. As I remember, the F-4 guy was trying to come up with the maneuver to defeat the F-5. All very hokey - sort of like putting out the boards and having the guy at your six squirt out in front of you. Yeah, nothing like losing all your energy in the middle of a knife-fight. Anyway, they were using two F-4Es and two F-5Es with duplicated markings so they could film aerial and ground sequences simultaneously. So '1569 got to be the stand-in for 74-1557. 74-1571, February 1981. Grape scheme, with some touch-ups. Thanks for looking Sven
  17. Couldn't get to the transient line fast enough when I heard these come in at lunch time. Unfortunately, I only had a few shots left in my camera (Canon A-1) and no additional film rolls in my camera bag! F-015D Thunderchiefs of the 466th Tac Fighter Squadron, 508th Tac Fighter Group, Air Force Reserve, out of Hill AFB. Nellis AFB, November 1980. 62-4242 62-4372 62-4372 and 62-4361 63-4242, F-105F 63-4287, and the tail of 61-0084 Thanks for looking, Sven
  18. F-4Ds of the 457th Tac Fighter Squadron, 301st Tac Fighter Wing, Air Force Reserve, out of Carswell AFB. At Nellis AFB, October 1983. 66-7511 66-8709 66-8711 66-8722 66-8727 Thanks for looking, Sven
  19. F-4Ds of the 465th Tac Fighter Squadron, 507th Tac Fighter Group, Air Force Reserve out of Tinker AFB. Nellis AFB, June 1983 66-7608 66-7701 66-7704 66-7732 66-7750 66-7773 Thanks for looking, Sven
  20. The old thread was long enough, so here's a new thread with more photos from Aviation Nation 2019. You want flare action, you say? A10-03 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f15e-02 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f15e-20 by paulbradley109, on Flickr Afterburner, anyone? f35-02 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f35-07 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f35-05 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f35-13 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f35-10 by paulbradley109, on Flickr More sedate? c17-14 by paulbradley109, on Flickr c-130-03 by paulbradley109, on Flickr ch53-02 by paulbradley109, on Flickr h60-09 by paulbradley109, on Flickr kc135-02 by paulbradley109, on Flickr t28-01 by paulbradley109, on Flickr A few fighters: f15e-01 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f15e-11 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f16-05 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f16-02 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f16-17 by paulbradley109, on Flickr f22-07 by paulbradley109, on Flickr fa18-09 by paulbradley109, on Flickr heritage01 by paulbradley109, on Flickr And, as always, the Thunderbirds to wrap it up: tbirds01 by paulbradley109, on Flickr tbirds19 by paulbradley109, on Flickr tbirds22 by paulbradley109, on Flickr tbirds24 by paulbradley109, on Flickr tbirds29 by paulbradley109, on Flickr tbirds32 by paulbradley109, on Flickr
  21. Tomcats of VF-211 at Nellis AFB for Green Flag, March 1981. 159462 159620 159626 159631 160915 Thanks for looking, Sven
  22. F-4J, Bureau Number 155792, at Nellis AFB, October 1980. Thanks for looking, Sven
  23. F-15E Strike Eagles of the 4th Fighter Wing team at the Gunsmoke "USAF Worldwide Fighter Gunnery Meet", Nellis AFB, November 1991. 88-1690, 336th Fighter Squadron 88-1700, 334th Fighter Squadron 89-0471, 335th Fighter Squadron 89-0489, 335th Fighter Squadron 89-0500, 334th Fighter Squadron Thanks for looking, Sven
  24. Some newly delivered F-16Cs temporarily assigned to the F-16 Fighter Weapons School, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing at Nellis. Awaiting authorization for the 64th Aggressor Squadron to relinquish their F-16As and take on F-16Cs? 86-0251 86-0271 86-0272 87-0319 87-0321 87-0323 87-0325 87-0327 Thanks for looking, Sven
  25. 15 Squadron Buccaneer S.2Bs at Red Flag, Nellis AFB, January 1983. I think they were there to support the Jaguars, designating targets. XX891 XX899 Thanks for looking, Sven
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