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Found 53 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I`m relieved to say that this one is finished, my attempt at Academy`s 1/48 scale F-4J kit Finished to represent an aircraft of: US Marines, VMFA 232, the `Red Devils`, based at Nam Phong RTAB, circa 1972 The aircraft itself is mostly what is in the box except for the rear view mirrors and some added seat belts but I added some different armament to fit the units mission and theatre of operation These being some Eduard Brassin` Zuni Rocket Pods and some Rockeye Cluster Bombs from the spares box . The decals came from Furball `USMC Rhinos` set 48-012 Hope you enjoy, thenks for looking Cheers Russ
  2. Hi Everyone, Just finished the missing Mohawk from my collection, so I thought I`d share some pic`s Rodens 1/48 OV-1B Mohawk with the SLAR Completed in the markings of the 131st Aviation Company, U.S. Army, Phu Bai, Vietnam, 1967 Built almost completely OOB With just seat belts, aerial wires added and a few bits of wire here and there. Decals are the kits and I still had a bit of silvering to paint round Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  3. Hi Everyone. Hope you don`t mind seeing some photo`s of my just completed Hobby Boss 1/48, Grumman A-6A Intruder Completed to represent an A-6A of VMA(AW)-242, `The Bats`, U.S, Marines, Da Nang, South Vietnam, circa 1968 I was looking to do something different with the weapons load than the normal `Snakes and Rockeyes`, when I came across a photo... on line and later a profile in the Osprey Book, of one loaded with WWII vintage 2000 pounders, decorated as Easter Eggs. Had to make a few modifications to back date the base kit to fit the time frame, luckily none of them really difficult Decals came from; Intruders From The Beach` AOAdecals, 48-001 and the bombs from Tamiya Skyraiders Apart from those, the brake pipes and some bits of wire here and there, the rest is from the box. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  4. Hi Everyone, Just took some photo`s of my latest effort: Hasegawa`s 1/48 TA-4J kit completed as a TA-4F Forward Air Controller Skyhawk...... ...to go with my Kittyhawk Marines FAC Cougar you may remember me posting. Finished to represent a TA-4F of US Marines, H&MS-11, based at Da Nang, South Vietnam around 1972. Luckily all the parts I needed to back date to a `F` were still included in the box. The markings were a mixture of items from the decal stash and some various coloured stripes I bought off Hannants The Zuni Rockets are made from some items from a Hasegawa weapons set and some cocktail sticks.... as the Hasegawa ones don`t poke out the front enough. Hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  5. Hi All, Hope you don`t mind seeing some pic`s of my latest effort: Hasegawas 1/48 F-104C Starfighter Completed to represent `Debbie Sue` of the 8th TFW, based at Udorn, Thailand 1966/67 Made a few additions to the base kit, in the form of some RHAWS sensors ( I don`t know what it means ) fitted to the nose and rear fuselage and a small blade antenna just aft of the forward sensor Otherwise it`s what`s in the box apart from seat belts, rear view mirrors and decals: which are from Iliad Design `Starfighters in Combat` sheet the instructions unfortunately show the camo` pattern on the wings incorrectly so I had to do a last minute repaint. Whilst I`m here I thought I`d show some pic`s of an earlier attempt at the same kit Which isn`t really a `nam bird but `Hey, while I`ve got the stuff out` Kit decals but I left the candy stripes and comets off ( it must have looked like this at some point ) And above both together Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  6. Howdy all, Just finished my attempt at making an Early Vietnam era F-105D from the old 1/48 Monogram kit Finished to represent an aircraft of the 334th TFS/355th TFW, Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, circa 1964/65 Had to make a few mod`s to the base kit, including: deletion of the gun compartment vents, deletion of the afterburner cooling air scoops, deletion of the fuselage spine, enlarge the tail air intake, removed various scab plates from the air frame, gun camera and nose antennas. Noticed in photo`s that the Aluminium Silver Paint they were finished in didn`t show too many panel lines, so kept them to a minimum Decals came from the stash. Here`s some pic`s of the rest of the family so far........Later model F-105D, `Polish Glider` EF-105F, Early Wild Weasel, `Sinister Vampire` And finally; F-105G, Wild Weasel, `Hanoi Hustler` Hope I haven`t bored you too much with my Thud obsession Thanks for looking, Cheers Russ
  7. Hi Everyone, Just thought I`d show some pic`s of my attempt at converting a Tamiya 1/48 A-1J to a A-1E using nearly all the bits from Matchboxes finest. Completed to represent an A-1E of 524th FS, Nha Trang AB, VNAF although the decal instructions put it as 412th FS, so I could be wrong. Actually I only used the Tamiya wheels, retraction linkages, prop and cowl flaps that I salvaged from a previous build ...... that got crushed when a picture fell on it. Improvements to the Matchbox kit include; air scoop on the tail, wing fences on the flap/aileron join, windscreen wiper, did the seats up a lot, a lot of sanding of the cowling, reworked weapons load, antenna layout and some steps at the wing root, emptied the blue room and detailed a bit....... and of course the wheel wells, Decals from a Caracal set. Hope you enjoy looking at Cheers Russ
  8. Hi Everyone, Finally finished my attempt at making an early F-4E from Hasegawas 1/48 kit Wanted to do one after seeing that some recent after market sheets with a million options came out but decided that it wasn`t worth paying £20 on top of the kit price, so.... found a set of CAM Decals for a third of the price and was immediately drawn to this one as it had a different set of teeth to the ones you normally see. Had to make a few alterations to the kit as the serial no of the aircraft pointed to an unslatted version, so had to deleted the slats and various lumps and bumps on the airframe Went with the extended gun barrel as I found many pic`s of a/c with earlier serial no`s had this fitted Also wanted to load it up with an alternative to the usual low drag bombs, Sidewinders and tanks so went for the Super Bullpups and Bombs So went for the Super Bullpups and bombs as I found on a photo of anothe Korat Phantom Otherwise just had to make some rear view mirrors and added the crew for a change Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  9. Hi Everyone, thought I`d post some pic`s of my latest effort; My attempt at sticking together Kitty Hawk Models 1/48 `Twougar` Done as a TF-9J, FAC Cougar, of the H&MS-13, US Marines, based at Chu Lai, South Vietnam Built completely OOB with no additions what so ever Had a lot of problems getting the parts to stay stuck together on this one, as the plastic seems to only partially bond using normal cement and bits would seem to be stuck only to break off whilst handling it later on Still, I`m glad to have one in the collection ( though I`m expecting it to fall apart if someone slams a door or sneezes loudly ) Hope you enjoy it, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  10. Howdyall, Finished this one just before I started back on shifts earlier in the week.. Trumpy`s 1/48 Cessna A-37 Dragonfly Completed to represent an aircraft of; 520th Fighter Squadron, & 74th Tactical Wing, 4th Air division at Binh Thuy, 1970 Built completely OOB except for whip aerials and decals... which came from Print & Scale sheet 48-076 Sanded the top of the tail pipe down as they`re a bit curved front to back... and deleted a few of the blade antenna as befitting a VNAF airframe. Hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  11. Hi everyone, thought I`d show you some pic`s of my just completed Hasegawa 1/48 Corsair II Finished in the 2nd decal option in the box, to represent an aircraft of: US Navy `Stingers` VA-113, USS Ranger, circa 1974 The first option being the same aircraft in Bicentennial markings 1976 Mostly OOB as usual, just added some seat belts and... some weapons from the stash. Hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking, Cheers Russ
  12. Hi All, Just taken some pic`s of my very latest completion: my attempt at making an Electric Spad out of Revells boxing of the old Matchbox 1/48 A1-E Skyraider Completed to represent an aircraft of VAQ-33 Det 14, USS Ticonderoga, June 1968 Built from what is mostly in the box, with a few modifications and improvements, including; Slightly embellished seats using scraps of plastic, paper and foil seat belts and wire, homemade windscreen wiper,... some antenna from plastic card,tail ECM fairing from a modified fuel tank, new cowling cooling flaps from plastic card thinned the wheels a bit and added brake cylinders and pipes, boxed and detailed the wheel wells plus prop, fuel tanks and ECM pods from the spares box with decals being a mix of the kits, the stash and the tail band being hand painted It`s not 100% accurate but near enough for my shelves. Hope you enjoy looking at, Cheers Russ
  13. Howdy all, thought I`d show some pic`s of my latest completion; My attempt at Trumpy`s 1/48 MiG 21 Built 100% OOB, and even used the photo.etch ( though there isn`t too much ) Painted with different shades of Humbrol Enamels and sealed with Johnsons Klear With the radome and undercarriage wells painted with some ancient Aeromaster Acrylics Lots and lots of inserts to do on it but they all fitted well. and posed here with my earlier effort: Academys later MiG 21 ( though I can`t remember the version ) though I think I over did the weathering on that one Hope you enjoy looking at and enjoy the last of the good weather for a while Thanks for looking, Cheers Russ
  14. Tamiya M48A3 depicted as US Marines in Vietnam. The kit is from the 1970's with part of the the Legend M48 Stowage Set added and the AFV Club Indy Track (the black stuff). Weathering with MiG Vietnam Earth pigments
  15. Hi Everyone, I`m afraid I`ve nothing new to show, so hope you don`t mind seeing one from a year or two ago Monogram boxing of their 1/48 F-8 Crusader In the kit markings of VMF-235, `The Death Angels`, Da Nang, South Vietnam, around 1965 I modified the kit seat to more resemble the real thing, widened and lowered the main gear, raised the nose gear slightly and........ added some 2000lbers off a Tamiya Skyraider, as per several pic`s in books I`ve seen and suggested by someone on another forum Hope you enjoy looking at, Cheers Russ
  16. Hi all, I don`t build many choppers, I`d like to but they take up too much room, but when this became available cheap I couldn`t resist it. was actually the German and French boxing, so had to raid the decal stash for the markings added one or two missing details in the cockpit but mostly OOB left the rotor blades detachable for storage Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  17. Hi Everyone, I`m stuck between builds again ( going to have to get some `shake and bake` kits in the stash ) so I thought I`d show you my 1/48 Hasegawa Scooter I built a little while back Great little kit, pretty much fell together, only the decals gave any grief..... like most Hasegawa decals and refusing to settle down onto anything but a gentle curve So had to touch up quite a few cracks and tears around the rudder and vortex generators on the wings The bomb had to come from a weapons set as no armament included in the kit Hope you enjoy looking at, Cheers Russ
  18. Morning Everyone, Just finished my shifts so I thought I`d show some pic`s of my 1/48 Gallery Models H-34, before I hit the sack. Built as Mr Gallery Models intended with just a very few additions, which include some hydraulic hoses for the winch and the antenna on the fuselage underside Also improved it a bit by cutting away the areas beneath the Photo-Etch mesh on the nose although I did leave the smaller areas around the tail as per the instructions as they weren`t a great match I mixed the paint to represent the Marines Field Green from Humbrol 80 and 116 in a 2:1 ratio in that order and, unusually for me, I even managed to use all the photo etch called out in the instructions. Hope you enjoy looking at. Cheers Russ
  19. Hi all, just finished my Academy 1/48 scale CH-46A Sea Knight or Phrog Done as aircraft of HMM-262, US Marines, the `Flying Tigers, Vietnam 99% Out of the box, only additions being seat belts, a cable run along each cabin side (that you can hardly see) and some bits of wire to simulate pipes on the rotor hubs. there`s a lot of decals on it, which took me 3 evenings to complete oh, and I used some kitchen roll to simulate sound proofing on the cabin roof to cover where Academy left a gap at the rear and you can see the fuelage join Hope you enjoy looking at
  20. Hi everyone, just finished the last of my Roden 1/48 Mohawks Done as an aircraft of 131st AVN Company, Vietnam, 1969 Built OOB apart from a few bits of wire and card and a bucket of lead shot to keep the nose down still didn`t quite manage to avoid decal silvering, but best result yet... putting them straight down onto microsol and hitting with hair dryer. Thought I`d also show the rest of the collection so far; all Roden 1/48, first the OV-1A adding a bit of colour with the `Hi Vis` markings next is my previous OV-1C with the shark teeth and flare dispensers at the wing root and finally my previous effort the JOV-1A that you may remember seeing Hope you enjoy looking at, All Mohawked out, Cheers Russ
  21. Hi Everyone, Hope you don`t mind me showing you some pic`s of my Roden 1/48 scale AU-23A Peacemaker from my Special Ops corner that was photographed in sunnier times Done as an COIN evaluation aircraft of 4400th Special Operations Squadro, USAF, circa 1972 Built OOB with just antenna and seat belts added Building the minigun was very fiddley but the rest was a fairly easy build as Roden builds go Hope you enjoy looking at. Happy modelling....
  22. Hi Everyone, just thought I`d show you my Monogram 1/48 scale Invader which I modified to represent an Air Commandos B-28B of Operation Farmgate . based at Bien Hoa Air Base, South Vietnam in the early 1960`s The kit started life as a clear nosed B-28C, which I converted with a `Cutting Edge` 6 gun nose. scratch built weapons pylons, reworked antenna and some suitable stores from the spares box and the bogus South Vietnamese markings came from a Skyraider sheet Hope you enjoy looking at.
  23. Hi Everyone, Here`s some pic`s of my very latest completion, my third Roden Mohawk Done as an aircraft of the 23rd Special Warfare Aviation Detacment, Vietnam, 1964 Built 99% OOB with just some seatbelts and antenna added As usual had a battle with the dreaded Roden decals, but had my best result with them so far Now contemplating options for my fourth, Hopefully I`ll have got the hang of them by then ! Been hooked on these since reading "Whispering Death" by Robert Curry Hope you enjoy looking at
  24. Hi all, Thought I`d take the chance to show you my build of Czech Models 1/48 Skyknight, which I had to build as I never thought I`d see one injection moulded in `48th. Done as a US Marines Ef-10b ECM aircraft Based at Da Nang, South Vietnam around 1965 built virtually out of the box, only additions being Home made windscreen wiper, seat belts, and brake pipes if I remember correctly Hope you enjoy looking at, Russ
  25. Hello again everyone, I`m on a roll,with two completions this week, this being my second. Hobbyboss, 1/48th scale An-2 Colt, done as a generic North Vietnamese Transport aircraft in order for me to finish it as I had got other plans for it Originally I bought it to make a model of one of the An-2`s that attacked the CIA radio site (lima site 85) in Laos but but got stalled as I couldn`t find enough information on any modifications done especially the mortar installation or wing protection for the rocket pods also pictures of markings etc varied too much from different sources so I have finished it in a way that if I find out enough it shouldn`t be too difficult to change it, should I decide to anyway, apart from the decals, which are from the stash, here it is as Mr Hobbyboss intended. Hope you enjoy, Russ
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