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  1. Hi Everyone. Just taken some pic`s of my latest effort: Academy`s 1/48 F-4C Phantom kit, masquerading as a F-4D of the 432nd TFW whilst based at Udorn Thai AFB during the late 60`s early 70`s I originally intended to do it as a `D` with smart bombs and but then found out the subject I had markings for never carried them and was in fact....... .....for `Trapper` which had some fame as being the last MiG killer of the `Rolling Thunder` campaign in 1968.. After some deliberation I decided to give it an assymetrical bomb load which seems to have be
  2. Howdy Everyone, Just put the finishing touches on my latest effort so I thought I`d share some pic`s My attempt at Eduards boxing of Hasegawas 1/48 F-8 Crusader Kit Finished in the markings of `The Stinger` of VMF(AW)232, while based at Da Nang 1966-67 Chose this scheme to complement my `Red Devils` Phantom you might remember from a while back, as I was a bit disappointed with the selection that came with the kit The rest is pretty much from the box contents, just added some brake pipes from some wire, the MER`s and bombs came from a Has` A-7
  3. Hi Everyone, hope you don`t mind if I bother you with some photo`s of my latest completion My attempt at making a USAF A-7D from Hasegawa`s 1/48 US Navy A-7E kit Finished to represent an A-7D based in Thailand during the SEA Conflict Apart from scratch building an Air Force style refuelling point, reshaping the fairing below the rudder and deleting a few aerials..... the kit`s mostly from the box. Cluster bombs are Hasegawa items from the spares box, usual dodgy home made seat belts....... ..and decals came from Furball`s `Man-
  4. Hi Everyone, Happy New Year. Managed to dodge the snow and get some pic`s of my last completion of the infamous 2020 My attempt at AML`s 1/48 Loach kit Which appears to be a Mikr Mir kit with some Eduard Colour Etch added Finished in the markings of the 16th Air Cav`, Vietnam, 1972 Built almost completely OOB With just a door slung M16 rifle opposite side to the minigun and resin gun barrels for the Minigun from the spares box Found quite a few pic`s of them with the roof windows painted over ( to stop the propeller motio
  5. Hi Everyone, Hope you don`t mind me sharing some pic`s of my latest attempt at a `fat faced spad` Built from Revell`s reissue of Matchbox`s 1/48 A-1E kit Every time I build one of these I try to bring it up to something a bit nearer the real thing but always see afterwards all the bits I missed...... ....so hopefully this ones a little bit nearer than the last. Improvements this time include: Tamiya main undercarriage, arrestor hook, main wheels and air force type tailwheel engine and cowl. Monogram propeller, all from some recently `culled` ki
  6. Howdy Everyone Finished this one on my last day off work last week so thought you wouldn`t mind me sharing a few pic`s My attempt at ICM`s 1/48 Skymaster kit Built completely from the box with just seat belts and whip aerial added Trouble free build, used the kit decals which are a but thin and fiddley to move around and I`ve got the feeling are of a warbird as opposed to a `nam bird Not much else to say Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  7. 1/72 Academy F-100D Super Sabre, "Pretty Penny", 481 TFS, Tan Son Nhut AFB, Vietnam, 1965 This was another build that was sitting on the SOD waiting for some inspiration to finish it. The poor fitting insert in the belly for the cannon led to its stay at the SOD Hotel.... Flown by Lt Lt Peter Vanderhoef and Lt Jerry Sloame, Pretty Penny was named after Sloames Wife. Other than the cannon insert, the kit goes together very well. Not many parts to throw glue at and you have a decent Super Sabre for your collection. Airbrushed using Tamiya paints a
  8. Hi Everyone, looks like the sun came out just in time for me to bother you with some photo`s of my latest effort My attempt at Kinetics 1/48 Hawkeye kit, the latest addition to the `too big to go anywhere` collection Finished to represent an aircraft of VAW-114, `Hormel Hawgs` USS Kitty Hawk. Although I`m not entirely sure this was a Vietnam cruise airframe, the decal instructions say the unit was established on USS Kitty Hawk in 1967 off the coast of Vietnam. And seeing as the kit and markings are the only game in town, they`ll have to do .
  9. Hi everyone, Just put the last few bits on my attempt at Kitty Hawks 1/48 RF-101C Voodoo kit Finished to represent `The Iron Eyeball` of the 45th TRS/460th TRW, `Polka Dots`, based at Tan Son Nhut, South Vietnam, around 1970 Carried out a few improvements to the base kit, mainly around the intakes as the ones in the kit are incorrect for this version...... and after all ready having built a Monogram/Koster conversion and not realising until after I posted it, thought I`d better try and get it right this time. Also tried to correct a circular `
  10. Howdy All, Hope you don`t mind me subjecting you to yet another Skyraider ( I got a thing about Skyraiders ), so here`s some pic`s of my latest effort: Another go at Tamiya`s 1/48 A-1J kit Finished to represent `Tiny Tim` of the 602nd Special Operations Squadron at NKP Thailand around 1969 Been wanting to do a Black Bellied Spad for a while but have already done the one in the kit options and have been waiting for some after market subjects to come out. So having waited and waited finally decided to try hand painting some markings and find the
  11. Howdy all, Just got some pic`s of my latest effort, Hasegawas 1/48 SH-3H kit, `loosely` converted to represent a SH-3A ..... ...used for Combat Search and Rescue ( CSAR ) during the Vietnam War Based on a picture in Dana Bells Vietnam Warbirds book and a few photo`s found on Google Had the kit hanging around for years with the intention of trying to convert it into a USAF CH-3 Jolly Green Giant....... .....but in the end decided life`s too short and opted for a Low Viz US Navy, just to try and do something different with it. Modified
  12. Howdy Everyone, managed to get some pic`s of my latest effort: My attempt at making an early F-105 Wild Weasel from by back dating HobbyBoss`s 1/48 F-105G kit Finished to represent a `F` version ( although some captions call it a `G`, but as it hasn`t got the az-el antenna on the nose or the integrally built ECM pods I`ll stick with `F` ) Completed as `Sam Fighter` using left over decals from the Monogram kit I did try to persevere with improving the kits under size cockpit, but gave up when I got to the seats and invested in a resin and etched Air
  13. Howdy all, Just finished my attempt at making an Early Vietnam era F-105D from the old 1/48 Monogram kit Finished to represent an aircraft of the 334th TFS/355th TFW, Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, circa 1964/65 Had to make a few mod`s to the base kit, including: deletion of the gun compartment vents, deletion of the afterburner cooling air scoops, deletion of the fuselage spine, enlarge the tail air intake, removed various scab plates from the air frame, gun camera and nose antennas. Noticed in photo`s that the Aluminium Silver Paint they were finishe
  14. Hi Everyone, finished this one last week and have finally got a `none grey day` with a strange yellow thing in the sky, to take some pic`s My second attempt at building Hasegawa`s 1/48 A-4C Skyhawk kit Finished in the markings of VA-94, `Mighty Shrikes`, USS Ranger, around 1964-65 Built mostly as Mr Hasegawa intended with just some seat belts added The bombs even came from a Hasegawa weapons set and depict an aircraft fitted out for `Bridge Busting` Decals came from AOA Decals set 48-010 `Battle Scooters (3)` Made the mistake of
  15. Hi Everyone, Thought I`d show you some pic`s of my very latest effort, yet another attempt at making Matchbox`s finest into something resembling a `Fat Faced Spad` Finished to represent an A-1E of the 602nd Air Commando Squadron, based at Bien Hoa Air Base, South Vietnam in the early/mid 1960`s Made quite a few improvements, including: widening the propeller blades, reshaping the cowl front, ignition harness, vent on the fin leading edge, wing fences at the wing trailing edge,...... steps on the fuselage, static whips on the rudder, much work on the under
  16. Hi Everyone, Hope you don`t mind seeing another T-28 fresh from the Kitchen table ( I`ve got a thing about Vietnam era T-28`s ) Roden`s 1/48 kit ( actually from the `B` boxing but done to represent a `D` ) Finished to represent an aircraft of the Khmer ( Cambodian ) Air Force towards the end of the South East Asia Conflicts They were supplied to the Khmers under a programme called Project Flycatcher but I`m not entirely sure if this was one of those. Built mostly from the kit but with some weapons pylons made from some from the spares box and
  17. Howdy All, Took some pic`s of my latest completion whilst it was still sunny, so I hope you don`t mind if I inflict a few on you My attempt at Trumpeters 1/48 F-100D kit Finished in the markings of `Iron Bird` of the 308th TFS in Vietnam Built almost completely from the box..... Additions being: usual dodgy seat belts, rear view mirror, a few blade antenna and some Snake Eye bombs from a Hasegawa weapons kit Made an effort to improve the look of the intake using brute force and extreme violence....... ....also shortened
  18. Hi everyone, Me again, come to bother you some more, with my latest effort: My attempt at Trumpy`s 1/48 RA-5C Vigilante Finished to represent an aircraft of RVAH-5, Savage Sons` aboard USS Ranger, on it`s final Vietnam combat cruise from a photo in Osprey`s Vigilante book. Built almost entirely from the box contents with a few embellishments, including: brake pipes, intake FOD covers, rear view mirrors....... .......a piece of wire to represent a redundant blind rail on the front canopy that I noticed was still evident in several photo`s.......
  19. Howdy all, Managed to get a few shots of my attempt at Trumpeters 1/48 MiG-19 kit between showers and gales Finished as an aircraft of the 925th Fighter Regiment, `Dong Nai`, NVAF, North Vietnam, around 1971 Built almost completely from the box contents Only additions being some seat belts and a brake/power steering line on the nose undercarriage Decals came from L Decals set LDS 48007, `Migs over Vietnam Pt 2` ...... ...and a few from the kit Much easier to build than my last attempt which was the HiPM kit Hop
  20. Hi Everyone, Just managed to finish the first of my haul from Telford last November Fujimi`s 1/48 AH-1J Seacobra Finished in the markings of US Marines HMA-369, nicknamed `The Pistol Pete`s` during the Vietnam War and later `The Gunfighters` Had a pleasant surprise when I looked in the box as the kit was miles ahead of their AH-1G kit that I built some years ago..... ...but not so good when I started to build it as I discovered the kit had no nose ! ( no jokes about ` how does it smell ?` please ) So had to scratch build one from pl
  21. Hi All, Just managed to catch a bit of brightish weather and took some photo`s of my latest completion My attempt at Hobby Bosses 1/48 MiG-17F Finished to represent an aircraft of: 921st Fighter Regiment, NVAF, Sao Do around 1968 Built pretty much from what`s in the box, minus the engine to try and make it sit on the nose wheel a bit easier Still took a fair bit of weight though ( might have to reinforce the shelf ) Decals are from `L Decals Studio` sheet LDS 48007, `MiGs over North Vietnam part 2` Had to try this scheme wh
  22. Hi everyone, thought I could show you my attempt at making a recce version of the Voodoo from the old Monogram kit Used the Koster Conversion which has vac-form front end from behind the canopy vac-form ecm pods and resin exhausts the markings are bogus, made from bits and pieces from the stash as none come with the conversion but tried to get as near as possible This is my only success at anything Vac-form, which says more about the quality of the conversion than my modelling prowess hope you enjoy looking at.. Cheers Russ
  23. Hi guys I'm building this as part of a SIG on another forum. The M113 is my favourite military vehicle of all time so I was happy when AFV Club recently gave us a new tool. It has also been a good few years since I have built one.The kit is typical AFV Club and overall looks nice but I do have a couple of issues with it. The bad There are a few ejector pin marks that will require attention because of where they are. I will high light some of these as the build progresses. The price. At £60 RRP it is too much for what it is I feel but that's new tool prices
  24. Hi everyone, Thought I`d show you some pic`s of my latest effort; yet another Skyraider... This time Tamiyas 1/48 A-1H, completed as an aircraft of the 514th Fighter Squadron, Son Vuong Flight, South Vietnam Air Force Circa 1962-63 Made a few alterations to the base kit with deletion of one antenna on the underside and fabricated a large blade antenna for the rear fuselage, removal of the tail hook and made blanking plate, Bombs came from the spares box and as some pic`s showed them quite lightly loaded, I thought I`d do it that for a change
  25. Howdy All, Just taken some pic`s of my latest effort so I hope you don`t mind me sharing them with you My attempt at Heller`s re-boxing of Smer`s 1/48 MiG-17 kit Completed to represent an aircraft of the 923rd Fighter Reg`, `Yen The` ( no, I don`t know what it means ) NVAF I`ve had the decals for ages but couldn`t find any pic`s or much info` on the particular airframe so just decided to give it my best shot The camouflage is described in the instruction as `used for missions at the sea` Decals from L Decals Studio LDS 48007, the
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