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Found 14 results

  1. Since I have one Thunderbird in the mix what say we go for 2! Heres Monograms 1/48 F-84F in Thunderbird livery. The second airframe the USAF Air Demonstration Team first introduced in 1955. The kit decals were in sorry shape so I've replaced them with a set from Warbird Decals Nothing like colourful fun if you ask me. To the build line! More like a drunken Conga line with all the builds going on at preset, but no matter, Boom -Chicka Boom we go!
  2. Here is the first of three P-47 Thunderbolts that I am building as a project. This is the venerable Monogram kit, which I remember having built as a teenager long, long ago. For it's time, it was a great kit with lots of detail. The kit is showing it's age, now, so I've done some updates/improvements in this build. In particular, I sanded down all the raised detail, added an aftermarket resin cockpit & engine, and scratch-built other details. Enough talkie-talk. On to the photos! First, Francis Gabreski's "Jug" Plus a short newsreel video: And, my representation: Aftermarket engine, with added wiring and pushrods: Aftermarket interior, with various 3D-printed panels and placards. Seat harnesses are from HGW. Scratchbuilt position and identification lights using clear styrene and UV-activated gel: And that's about it! For more details, check out my WIP here: Also, I've posted an RFI for my second P-47 build (Robert S. Johnson's "Lucky") here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235119874-robert-s-johnsons-p-47-thunderbolt-lucky/
  3. So I've been poking at this 1/48 WW1 subject for several months now over on the "WW1 Forum". As a child, I had all the old Aurora, SMER, etc. kits spinning from my ceiling. These were some of my first models I built as a child and I've wanted to revisit those for years with my Adult Modeling Skills (AMS). Adult Modeling Skills should not be confused with the much more serious underlying condition of Advanced Modelers Syndrome. Since I haven't done anything like a serious build on a biplane in 50 or so years, I thought it would be best to dip my toes in with something not-to-expensive that I would regret screwing up. To that end, a small pile of cheap, old WW1 kits has been amassed, many the same ones that were hanging from my ceiling. I built the old Monogram DVII on a lark as Stachel's aircraft in the book. This is the build that's pushed me down this present rabbit hole. This looked like the best candidate to figure out and learn painting ribs, rigging, weathering and such to look like the real thing. The decals look like toast, a shame as I like the blue they used. A friend is sending me some extra Roden decals but after reading about them, I'm not sure if he's really doing me a favor. Armed with this Squadron Signal I jumped in and noticed the dihedral was a bit shallow. I made some cuts on the bottom at the wing joint and fixed it to match the drawings. While all this cutting and bending was going on I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong with the bottom and then realized a large vent was missing so out came the grinder. About now I'm going from Adult Modeling Skills to Advanced Modelers Syndrome as I could have just painted the hole black. The struts are the biggest eye sore, I found some replacement candidates in an old SMER DH.2. I will scratch the cabane struts. While there, I pinched some Lewis drums for the coming scratch cockpit. I filled the slots with kit parts and cut flush. I busied up the top wing to look more like the real deal by sanding away the molded detail and replaced with my "go-to" furnace tape and wire to get some interest going on. I will scratch a cockpit together and hopefully stop trying to turn this into a 1/48 scale WnW's kit and get onto some painting.
  4. Once more I'll enter the breech with Monogram's F-101B Voodoo. Oooo Looky, An offitchal Century series patch. Only thing missing now a a secret decoder ring telling me to "Drink more Ovaltine" I'm going to do this as much as possible OOB(yeah, Right) An F-101B from the 87th FIS Lockbourne AFB , Columbus, Ohio 1958-1960 So let the fun begin!
  5. Here we go 4th time to the well as it seems. If I finish this it'll be a new personal record for builds finished in 1 GB. What am I presenting for your amusment today you may ask? Welllllll, How about taking Monograms A-26A/B and converting it to an A-26K SEAC Counter Invader. In addition the kit I've added SAC metal landing gear a. OzMod's A-26K resin set annd Eduard's A-26 P/E set, Squdron's vac canopy set and Aeromaster's "Air War Over Vietnam Pt VII A/B-26K Invaders 2. Anything else I'll scratch build or 3D print as needed, which will probably be a lot. I hope I can get this done in time and if there is STILL time left, maybe I'll "Shudder" try for 5 builds completed. But in any event, all comments, ideas, and suggestions are always welcome. So let's start engines and hit the taxi way.
  6. Good day all! Another one from the past when GWH kit did not exist and Monogram was the only game in town. Rescribing panel lines, a Falcon canopy and the Eduard photo etch did help to up grade the kit. A plane from the VT-6 from the Enterprise equipped with two eggs for the raid on Wake on the 24 Feb 42. Best regards. C49EA80D-D153-49EC-928F-50F14787F8AB by jean Barby, sur Flickr DD4B8E8A-458E-428A-BA48-0A5812390FFA by jean Barby, sur Flickr 0F8E0CC3-D85C-49AA-AE01-6702C89EF7A5 by jean Barby, sur Flickr BE1DA953-137E-4560-A533-A98C017F6685 by jean Barby, sur Flickr 1DAD6DB2-8549-439F-B180-BA84974E5D28 by jean Barby, sur Flickr
  7. Hello Dears, That did'nt occur very oftenly but !!! 2 RFI the same day !! Yiiihaaaaaa !! So here we go, pure cold war time. At the time being, tension were really high, 78th Fighter Interceptor Squadron is reclassed as 78th Fighter Bomber Sqdn charged with nuclear strike... The Mk 7 bomb has to be "Tossed over the shoulder" and there was a Mk 7 for every bridge on the Vistul river... Ahem !! With such an amount of nuclear blast, I think that the vistul river will have been evaporated.... Thus rendering the bridges totally irrelevants... The pilots were trained to fly with an eye masked over... In this way if they have to be blinded by the nuke blast of another aircraft, he still got a chance to get back home... The kit depict a Nuclear QRA Aircraft, fully loaded with the Mk 7 and 3 fuel tanks.. Of course, to get all this metal chunk airborne, the Jato bottles were used !! Basically, it's the 1984 Monogram edition, I added some plasticard, harness and so on I just improve the kit a bit Paints are Alclad, the decals were worn but I saved it with Microscale decal film ! I started this kit in Ahem... 1988 ! It is not my longest build yet !! Here's a pic of the original A/C used as a gate guardian. Well Gents !! Comments and advices are welcome, Banter is mandatory !! It's up to you !! Free fire zone in 3, 2, ... Sincerely. CC
  8. Hello everyone... I present to you my Republic Thunderstreak. 92nd F.I.S., 81st T.F.W.. Stationed at R.A.F. Manston, Shepherds grove, & Bentwaters in 1955. Outside of a few decals which include the Star & Bars & USAF markings, everything is painted. I opted to load the Mk.7 “Device” on the inboard port station. This was a one way Nuclear strike unit or Tactical support/air-to-air. This was built in the 1950’s NATO Group build. Without further talk i present the model.  A link to the build. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235049416-a-streaker-from-republic/ Questions, comments, or jokes ? Dennis
  9. Hi All, As long as this nice (? well, mild anyway!) weather continues my outdoor shed is still bearable. The last few years I've usually built ships indoors during the winter months, but this year I've been bold enough to start a nice aircraft project going into January. This has been one of my "must-build" kits since I saw one hanging from the ceiling of Beattie's in Leicester when I was 17 or so. Since then I've never really got round to getting one of these kits, but last year I was very kindly donated one by my good mate Canberra Fan. At Telford in November he also discovered a set of Air-Craft decals for RAF Washingtons, and that set this build up! I have some hopes for this project, but if it comes out anything like Ian (fu manchu)'s recent epic build, (and I'm not going to draw comparisons with the late Paul Coudeyrette's amazing looking version!) I'll be really happy! I do hope this comes out as a bit of a reference build, as this is one of those kits that lots of people seem to own, but not many get made due to the sheer scale of the finished product. I hope plenty of people get involved with references, questions and the like, as I hope to answer a lot of questions about the kit and subject, as well as pose a few of my own. References I've found useful so far are Chris Howlett's excellent PDF Washington Times series (link HERE) and Dave Forster's 192 Sqn info page HERE. I'd also recommend a good general B-29 page featuring brilliant panoramic views like THIS (it's Enola Gay - a museum piece but authentic!) Here goes...!!! Al
  10. I confess to spending much time (waaaaaaaay too much time) appreciating so many fine projects from others but not finding any time at the workbench... until this B-17 group build came along. It's about time some worthy cause inspired me to dust off the toolbox and break out the brushes. I have several of these Monogram 1/48th Fortresses in the stash but I'll just start with one until I'm sure I can still do it. Besides, this finally gives me an opportunity to use all the reference pics I have been shooting -- so far I am up to 33 on my "Personally Photographed B-17s" list (and counting!). I realize virtually all the Forts today are restored and shouldn't be trusted blindly, but it's nice to have good clear shots at my disposal with some common sense. Anyway, on to the model! I will be building to represent my grandfather's plane: B-17G 42-31582 Ol' Scrapiron. He flew 30 missions with the 447th BG out of Rattlesden starting with the Group's toughest day, April 29, 1944. Just to see if my vision was still up to building models, I traded my bifocals for the Optivisor and started with the engines. A little rough at first, added some brass wire... - Then the wires were trimmed (left) and painted (right) and some wash added and a bit of engine oil form AK - I am not concerned that one wire should enter the top front of the cylinder and the other goes behind. I figure at this scale the cowling will take care of that. Here's a bit of the look I was going for (my pic of B-17F 42-29782 Boeing Bee here in Seattle) or this shot of B-17G 44-83735 Mary Alice (or whatever she is painted as these days) that I took during a trip to the IWM Duxford back in 2008. ---------- That's all for today. I look forward to seeing everyone else's progress for the next few months and hope I don't embarrass myself along the way.
  11. Hi everyone, Stuck between builds again, so I hope you dont mind me showing you some older builds; my P-47 Thunderbolt collection - so far.... Firstly Hasegawas Razorback Done as the 2nd option; Miss Mary Lou of the 19th FS, 318th FG, Saipan Second is Academys P-47N With aftermarket decals to display; Lonesome Polecat Of the same group ( i believe ) and thirdly Monograms P-47D Bubbletop, Passionate Patsy Which you`ve already seen Hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  12. Hi all, another F-100 "Super Sabre" from the Monogram Stable dressed up as "Triple Zilch" by XtraDecal. Brian
  13. Hi all, Monograms old F-14 built with the addition of microscale decals. Brian
  14. Hi all, Thanks for all the comments re the intruder I'm much obliged. Back onto 1/48 scale now with Monograms quality "Super Sabre" dressed in Danish Markings. Brian.
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