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  1. Hello Dears, Did I have mentionned this building ?? The Monogram Dash F has been started in 1988 or so.. Will search where the Bushmasters are stationned at the time, but I think it was Bentwaters... I read a book about the projected nuke war, they told about the Squadron, There was a Mk 7 nuke for each bridge of the Vistule river, would have 3 or 4 eyed fish For god's sake they both stayed quiet or almost, no mushrooms Modifications on the pylon for the Mk 7 The Tamiya one is a more recent start, 6 or 7 years ago I think. She is retro modified, from a dash G to a dash E. Goog kit, I used parts from the Verlinden kit, this kit is just a copy from the original parts, there is a slight difference, almost not noticeable. And some parts from a Heller X-kit, so I believe resin parts are from Renaissance.Don't Know, More to come soon. Thank for watching. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  2. I’ve been a long time fan of this site, but this is my very first post here. I grew up in the 60s and 70s, and like most kids in that era, I built plastic models. My very first kit I ever built was the old box scale Monogram A-26 Invader. I think the Testor’s silver paint that I brushed on is STILL drying, lol! And of course, I got glue marks with my fingerprints all over it. I built over 100 kits as a boy, then stopped in high school when I discovered girls. After a long hiatus from the hobby, my brother got me a Monogram 1/48 P-40 “Tigershark” as the box termed it, a name I’m pretty sure was never actually used for the P-40. So in my mid-30s, I picked up the hobby once again. I am not a prolific builder by any means – maybe 6-8 on a really good year, some years I’ll only finish 1 or 2. But our only child is now off to college 2000 miles away, so I expect I’ll be able to complete more kits every year from then on. Monogram kits were my favorite as a boy. The “White Box” era of Monogram – pictures of built-up kits on a plain white background, rather than box art – was what I built most often. And one of my favorite kits I built as a boy was the Monogram Hurricane. I really loved the retractable landing gear, and my build had both the 4 x 20mm Hispano cannons AND the 40mm Bofors slung underneath. Heck, I may have added some bombs too! Don’t judge, I was 11 at the time… I am almost exclusively a vintage kit builder. I really love taking a crude old kit and improving it. I do a little bit of scratchbuilding, will use some aftermarket resin (I dislike working with photo-etch though), and aftermarket decals. This is an original PA-90 boxing of the Hurricane from 1964, so it’s only a year younger than I am. I’ll be building a night fighter version. I’m amazed to see the comparison of the very old decal for the instrument panel versus the Aeromaster aftermarket sheet’s attempt. The Monogram’s IP is sharper than Aeromaster’s! And despite the fact that I don't much enjoy working with PE, I will use a few pieces from this Airwaves set, meant for the old Airfix kit.
  3. Hi all, I have had this kit since the beginning of times, and it is possibly time to bring it to the light of day. It is a joke, as life is keeping me so busy that I have far too little time for modelling. But I am going through the motion. This kit is ridiculously small! I had forgotten how tiny it is. Anyway, here is the box "art": A quick look at the instructions: As far as the decal micro sheet is concerned, it is best to forget about it. And because I positively love this plane, I have a little bit of literature about it: Despite the lilliputian size of the model, I made the effort a long time ago to get some A.M. decals. The kit deserves it. So here we are. A very small number of parts and it won't take much room in the display... Perfect! Have fun. JR
  4. This is a marker, I can't get started on this till next weekend. Still.... The three 'yellow wings' Monogram kits are among the best vintage kits ever made. This 'Goshawk' must be a contender for some 'shortest service life' distinction, as within a few months it was modified into the BFC-2. I expect to detail this a bit, but won't be directly using the Starfighter resin. Metalwork on this should be lacquered aluminum, not grey. Recently Mr. Dana Bell discovered a letter from the Navy to Curtiss saying that since the change would go into effect soon, the company should just use the new finish on these.
  5. Hello Dear Friends! After the japanese 'Pete' I chose to build the american counterpart, the ubiquitous Vought Kingfisher. Not the prettiest kite over the Pacific during 1941-1945, but surely one of the most important unsung heroes of that war front. I got lucky and found a 1990's reissue of the old 1967 molds by Monogram. As a lot of you dear fellows know the Monogram kit suffers from a lot of shortcomings and innacuracies, mostly regarding the EDO float, the engine cowling and the rather spartan and simple cockpit. To fulfill that deficiencies I ordered the superb Flight Engineering pack with all the troublesome parts rebuild in resin. 10 points to the FE pack! The other interesting experience I had building this lovely seaplane, was the search for the correct colours of the 3-tone (actually 4-tone) cammo of the US Navy since the early 1943... I put my confidence in the accuracy of the AK Real Colors Intermediate Blue and Sea Blue to reach the goal, but the result was rather dissapointing when I compare their tonalities with some color photos of the time. I decided to intervined the 2 colours, adding some more blue and a little bit of red... and the results -at least for me- were much better. So... enough words! Here are the photos of this rugged and sturdy sea bird, ready to get catapulted from some American battleship or cruiser. Cris.
  6. I'm so glad I discovered this GB. This website is so vast and filled with all sorts of excellent topics there are so many I miss. Perhaps a good thing I discovered this late, I have dozens I could have submitted, especially all those old Revell fighters... As an indication of the madness, I have 64 images like this in my album,....insane... Anyway, after a couple of days with this GB simmering on the back burner and poking around the stash to listen to what would be calling me I remembered this old kit in a bag. After just completing the Monogram SE5a, I was looking for an excuse to build this and here you are. I'm sure there are others here but it occurred to me this kit answers to all three companies in the GB, Aurora, Revell and Monogram all made this kit. In the spirit of the GB building older kits, I will not go crazy on this as I did the SE5a, no real need to anyway. I will tweak it a little here and there however. I've always wanted to do Brown's aircraft in the generally excepted scheme it wore when he engaged Richthofen on his last flight. Thanks for this GB !!!
  7. I present the latest model completed this year. Lockheed F-104G Starfighter in 1/48 scale built from the Revell Monogram kit. The model received a modified MB GQ-7A seat and made elements of the cab cover frame. Model Maker decals, 25th Anniversary of JaboG 34 and 50 Memminerberg Bases, May 5, 1984.
  8. #16/2022 So, here´s already my dad´s next model and third Texan for this year. This is the first edition of the good old Monogram kit, released in 1979. Decals came from FCM, rudder and nose ring are painted. Wings and horizontal tail surfaces painted with Gunze H14 Orange, the fuselage was done with AK Xtreme Metal White Aluminium. Eduard seatbelts, EZ line for the antenna wires. The landing light covers didn´t fit well, had to do some sanding, filling with CA glue and polishing. Build thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235110835-tropical-cowboy148-north-american-at-6d-texan-força-aérea-brasileira/ Model shows an aircraft that served with 3/1 GAvCa, Esq. Pacau, Santa Cruz 1954. The FAB used trainers like this one but also armed versions (.30cal fuselage and wing guns and underwing racks for bombs and rockets) which wore a two-tone camo. DSC_0001 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0002 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0003 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0004 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0005 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0009 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0010 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0012 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0013 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0014 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0015 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0016 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0017 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0018 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0019 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0020 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0021 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0022 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0023 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  9. I believe this was originally issued by Aurora in 1958.
  10. Whilst going around in circles debating what to do with the engine in the '29 RPU, I gave in to temptation and started this. First issued in 1966 as the 'Little Deuce', a companion to the 1/8 scale 'Big Deuce': https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/monogram-instructions/show-rods/monogram-little-deu/ Like the RPU, it suffered a Tom Daniel redesign in 1970, as 'Son of Ford'. The Pontiac engine lost its six carb setup, replaced with fuel injection and, for some reason they referred to it as a Boss 302 in the instructions : https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/monogram-instructions/show-rods/monogram-son-of-for/ This Early Iron reissue came out in 1973, with most of the TD silliness removed. It still has the fuel injected Pontiac, but I have a resin repop of the Little Deuce engine from Drag City castings, so I'll either use the intake from that, or scratch one like it. The kit has been out a couple of times since; in the '80s a small block Chevy replaced the Pontiac and it was last reissued in 2011. What's in the box... blurb on the instructions: Fenders and chassis are moulded as one piece, but it has a nice dropped axle, split wishbones and '39-48 Ford hydraulic brakes. Not shown, the same horrible Good Year Rally tyres as in the other Early Iron kits.
  11. My dad´s next project, one of two Texans. Gonna use the good old Monogram kit which was first released in 1979. Decals come from FCM DSC_0003 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0005 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0001 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  12. Well Since I just finished one old kit, why not drag out another kit I haven't built since the mid-60's. This time though, there WILL be improvements. I hope. I present to everyone direct from the USNS Seaview... "drum roll" ....... The amazing, the fantastic, and the absolute outlandish beyond all doubt The Flying Sub. circa 1965 Last time I built this Johnson was in the White House. Lyndon....not Andrew , puuulese I'm old but not that old. Yet. And at that time I had also built the USNS Seaview.. Unfortunately, that was an Aurora kit and not germane to this GB. But I do have the great big 1/128 Seaview that one day I may get to. when I can figure a way to display it. But speaking of scale this kit says it's 1/160. Nope it ain't. My last build was 1/110 scale and that would make the wingspan of this craft to around 120ft and the pilot around 13ft tall. More like 1/60 scale. Now when I first built this I was disappointed that was no landing gear. And as such was a real pain to display. So this time, no, no landing gear, something better, a splashing water base. Hopefully giving the look of the old girl bursting from under the water and leaping skyward. Ehhh, that's the plan, we'll see. The only other thing I would have liked to have done is lighting everything up. Drawback is the one light kit I found was for the 1/32 kit. won't fit and at $90, out of my pocket book. But no matter, let's go back to the time when adventures await soaring around battling bad guys, and sea monsters, and of course a few aliens once the kit was built, not dry, mind you, just built patience was not in my creed then. So open the Bay doors and let's launch this sucker.
  13. OK, since it was noted that Daggers and Darts are woefully under represented I'm going to change lanes and start with an old build that I've dis-assembled and stripped 95% of the paint off. I wanted to start in numerical order with an F-100D Thunderbird and proceed from there through the F-101, F-102. (Already built an F-103) NF-104A, F-105 Thunderbird and if time permits an F-106A. I have an F-107 but that will be a Long build and I won;t have time for it in this GB. But then I've set myself a high bar as it is. So with out further ado. I present Monograms ProModeler 1/48 F-102A Case X Wing. For the exterior I have Eagle Strike Prod. Flying Daggers set. I'm going to profile an F-102A of the 460th FIS Portland, Oregon 1958-1966 Also updating the pitot tube with Quick Boost resin and SAC's metal under carriage set. This GB should prove verrry interesting(Bad Artie Johnson imitation). So as Samuel L. Jackson would say... "Hang onto your Butts"
  14. 5 years on from its start date, I found this whilst looking for some other missing bits from a Hunter T7: Whilst it doesn't look too bad at first glance, closer examination reveals that time has not been kind to it: So a bit of TLC is needed, the 2022 thread continues on the next page! *************************************************************************************************************************************** 2017: This is just a bit of fun to fit in between the larger Harvard IIa build, a Mk I made out of the Monogram T-6 kit with MDC's resin conversion. I'm not going to town over the inside cockpit details since I'm more interested in the over all finish of P5976: My father's logbook shows that he flew P5976 on October 11th 1943, an advanced formation exercise, in fact that looks uncannily like him leaning against the port wing! Max
  15. I had it in mind to build one of these Early Iron kits for this GB. I've settled on the '30 Ford Touring, because I remember my dad building it in the '70s. Mine is the 1994 reissue, but the box art and contents are the same as the '70s one. In the interest of getting a GB subject finished, I'm doing this one OOB as a late '60s/early '70s street rod, so no cans of worms will be opened, no mods or re-engineering to sap my enthusiasm. That said, I really hate these wheels and tyres, so I'll be leaving those loose until something better turns up. Unstarted, patrs still bagged.
  16. F-4C Phantom II 81st Tactical Fighter Wing, RAF Bentwaters 1966 1/72 Revell / Monogram F-4J kit converted to early F-4C configuration It was on the 17th September 1966 that I saw my first Phantom. The occasion was the RAF Coltishall Battle of Britain ‘At Home’ day. There in the static was 40864 in the original Light Gull Grey / White scheme and at last I’ve got round to modelling it. At the time I only had an old camera with 24 black and white shots and this is the photo I took that day, complete with people standing in the way due to excitement and lack of patience on my part. Not the best photo, so here’s a better one: At this time the Viet Nam camo scheme was about to happen and some aircraft could be seen with drop tanks already camouflaged, such as this on (taken from that excellent book ‘Force for Freedom – The USAF in the UK since 1948’ by Michael Bowyer). Note the ‘Buzz Numbers’ have been removed also by this time: For my model I decided to show 40864 with one camouflaged drop tank to illustrate the impending change to camouflage. The model is based on the old Monogram 1/72 F-4J kit, recently re-issued by Revell. I had built a couple of these way back when it first appeared and always thought this kit captured the shape and detail of the Phantom really well. Surface detail was very nice but of course it was raised, not engraved, so by the time the fuselage join was cleaned up there was no detail left on top of the fuselage. I re-scribed the fuselage top and wing top surfaces but decided to leave the rest – mainly because it looked so nice, particularly on the underside and rear fuselage. To make and F-4C from an F-4J included the following: Cockpit interior configuration change – mainly leaving out the J specific items in the rear cockpit, plus the addition of a control column there. (By the way the cockpit interior is very impressive given the age of the kit. The seats look just right and I even used the moulded seat pull handles, though I thinned them down quite a lot). Nosewheel door change to Air Force type with landing lights Shorter J-79 exhaust nozzles (spares from a Hasegawa F-4E kit) USAF inner wing pylons from an Esci kit Removal of the fin tip ECM antenna Removal of underwing catapult hooks Scribing of the USAF style flight refuelling receptacle on the fuselage top and removal of the (raised line type) Navy refuelling probe beneath the starboard rear cockpit. I had intended to use the Xtradecal sheet which includes 40864, but I thought the font wasn’t quite right and the national insignias were too big, so instead I used some old Scalemaster sheets – including the correct Insignia Blue U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF markings, with numbers in black. I bought two of these Revell re-issues and I’m starting work on the second now as an F-4J. This time I think I will go for an overall re-scribe.
  17. Hi folk's my Monogram build again way out of my comfort zone is their 1/48 Moon landing complete with Luner lander,base and figure's.Nice molding and even gold foil for the area's covered.This was a snip off E-bay at £15 posted.
  18. I'm a fan for the old Monogram 1/48 kits, they had so much more detail than other kits at the time. This kit I first built as a child, brush painted with some red paint that took ages to dry.... I've wanted to retry it and have had the kit in my stash for a while. After reading Robert Coram's book 'Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War' did the trick and I was finally ready to dig out my 1979 Monogram F-16 kit and make what Boyd referred to as a pure fighter. The YF-16 at that point was more like his vision, not a multirole aircraft but light, fast and maneuverable. This project also got an F-18 prototype kit out too and was next on the bench, another Monogram kit from 1980. The F-16 kit is pretty close to the YF-16, it needs nose reshaping, cockpit/seat changes and some other little things but comparing my changes to profile photos it worked well. Vingtor decals were used. This shows how the nose got bigger with the radar on the production versions. And some minor differences from above And finally to my studio where the shelves are and I paint other things. If interested you can see my paintings here.
  19. Hello Everyone... Welcome to the Revell/Monogram Classic group build. This build is open to anything produced by Revell, Monogram, and Aurora from their creation as corporations to our cut off date of 1989. 1. A 'WiP' thread for each model with regular updates showing your progress within the GB timescale is required. 2. As in all classic builds any kit from Revell, Monogram, and Aurora are allowed. Of course all scales, mediums, aftermarket, and other goodies will be allowed. This includes re-issues post 1989, so long as the original kit was issued prior to the cut off of 1989. 3. Please keep comments within these threads respectful. If you can't be nice then please be quiet. 4. If you have any issues with anything or anyone please bring it to stevej60 or myself. We will attempt to resolve them. If this fails Enzo Matrix or another Moderator will get involved. 5. A gallery is available for the display of models completed within the GB timescale. Please limit the number of photos to five for each subject. 6. No Buying, Selling, or trading in the threads. There are dedicated locations for this. Positively no exceptions ! 7. Do not hesitate to ask questions about anything either Steve or myself will try to get you an answer as soon as we can. 8. Last but definitely not least, Please have fun, finishing is always nice but not important. We want you to enjoy your time here in the group build. THANK YOU THE HOST’S
  20. Evening all Welcome to my next build: the Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1959! The ultimate chrome 50s monster American car! This is the car I really wanted to build but not wanting to pay silly money for the revell version I build the Chrysler 300C instead. When this one came up on a bidding site I just couldn't resist and was really chuffed when I won the auction. You can build the car with the roof on or folded back. I am going with the folded back look as in the box art. I really like doing car interiors and this will really give me an opportunity to go to town on the interior detailing. Here's the box The kit was already started. The previous owner had painted it in Ford metallic velvet purple and clear coated it (and done a very good job I have to say). However that was not the colour scheme I wanted so into the IPA bath it went. I started this build earlier in the year as I wanted to get all required parts painted and clear coated before the weather turned. I had three things in mind for the colour scheme. 1) metallic colour for the body, 2) quite a light colour for the interior to really contrast with the body colour and 3) I didn't want to replicate one of the original colour schemes I also didn't fancy experimenting with a new brand of paint or brush painting the body as I did on my Mustang and prelude builds so I restricted myself to the tamiya TS range. I ended up choosing TS-54 light metallic blue for the body and TS-45 pearl white for the interior. Here is the car body And all the various bits and bobs I had to spray paint Hopefully I've not forgotten any... I'll be using this car as a reference (courtesy of mecum auctions)
  21. Earlier this week I posted photos of my latest completion, the Convair F-102. I took another model to the airport for the same photo session; it's one that was finished in the Spring of 1989. It was the fourth model I finished after returning to this hobby around 1988. By this point, I had learned that I needed gloss coats for decals, and a flat clear for final coats. I had started using Testors Glosscoat and Dullcoat lacquers in the little spray cans. Things went well until it was time for the final clear flat on this Harrier. At the time, I had an hour off for lunch and I wanted to finish the model after eating lunch one fine Spring day. I laid the Dullcoat on too heavily though and it "melted" small divots allover the upper surface! Arrrgggh!!! And there was nothing I could do about it... I remember modifying the rear exhaust nozzles so that they could be rotated down like the two front nozzles. One thing that bugged me then, and does to this day, is Monogram's "goof" with the mounting of the rear main landing gear. Installed per instruction, they end up sitting just above the surface of the ground. I guess I could say the Harrier was in take-off mode and just lifting those. For that reason mostly, I had never taken a single photo of the model in all the years since its completion. Friday's trip to the airport seemed like a good time to remedy that! She isn't much to brag about I'm afraid, but it is an example of my work from many years ago. So, here are a few pics of the old Marine Harrier. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your interest! '
  22. On the 10th May 1961 Convair B-58A Hustler msn 59-2451 named 'The Firefly' set a world speed record of an average of 1302.07 mph for more than 30 minutes, winning her crew Majors Elmer E Murphy and Eugene F Moses, and 1st Lt David F Dickerson, the Bleriot Trophy outright. On 26th May she flew from New York to Paris in 3 hrs 19 mins 51 secs averaging 1089.36 mph winning the McKay and Harmon trophies. On 3rd June 1961 this stunning aircraft took off from Le Bourget and crashed shortly afterwards, killing all three crew members. When I was a teenager the Convair B-58 Hustler was my dream plane. No matter that it had already been retired, the B-58 really looked like it was doing mach 2, even on the ground, and I wondered whether I would ever see one for real. Quite a few years ago I did build the Italeri 1/72nd TB-58A however the kit I really wanted was the huge 1/48th Monogram B-58A Hustler first issued in 1985. I did snag one on eBay for £16.49 plus £6.00 p&p and it has been taken out and looked at many times since. Now I feel like building it and have already started:- Hustler007 by Ghostbase, on Flickr I have detached most of the parts, given a first dusting of white primer, and cemented several of the sub-assemblies. Hustler001 by Ghostbase, on Flickr Caracal Models CD48059 contains markings for 'The Firefly' while she was at Paris in May 1961. I also have the Osprey Combat Aircraft 130 "B-58 Hustler Units" as a reference. Hustler002 by Ghostbase, on Flickr I have started painting some areas. The undercarriage wheel wells have been sprayed with Tamiya zinc oxide. I have used Humbrol metalcotes on some panels on the wings, also Humbrol acrylic metallic silver on the delta wing leading edges. Hustler003 by Ghostbase, on Flickr Why the Brasso? I intend to use a mix of paints and silver foil to try to replicate the metallic panels of the bare metal Convair B-58 Hustler. I recently purchased a Lifecolour metallic paint set so maybe they will be tried out too. Hustler006 by Ghostbase, on Flickr The top of the wing section so far, being Humbrol metalcote polished steel and matt aluminium. Hustler005 by Ghostbase, on Flickr And the underside of the wing section. Hustler004 by Ghostbase, on Flickr I should say that I am a 'grasshopper' scale modeller. I have several projects on the go and I just jump from one to the next as befits my whim and this will likely be the same. Could be a long project however I have wanted to build this for a long time now. Michael
  23. "When you're out of F-8's then you're out of fighters" goes the saying, and with good reason, but the Chance Vought F-8 Crusader was no one trick pony she was also more than capable of turning her hand to close air support and flak suppression using bombs, rockets and the 4 onboard Colt 20mm cannon and was used in these roles by both the US Navy and US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. To me some of the most iconic pictures of that war are of bomb laden Crusaders of the USMC at Da Nang in what can best be described as a very "used" condition, very heavily weathered and covered in grime and smoke from the cannons and rockets, lovely! Now I know that there is a very nice modern tooling of the F-8 by Hasegawa but I don't have one of those and they aren't easy (or cheap) to come by but what I do have in the stash is a Revell re-boxing of the old but still good and accurate Monogram kit. Like most Monogram kits of it's era it comes with a quite nicely detailed cockpit and landing gear and fine but raised panel lines, and no I will not be rescribing them as life is far too short and they don't bother me, in fact they can be very helpful with the weathering. So lets start with the usual box top picture; Quite nice box art and a nice scheme on the F-8 on it, an aircraft that was unfortunately lost on a mission over North Vietnam to the dreaded flak. But thats not what I am after this time as I want a Marine machine. Unfortunately this boxing doesn't come with a USMC option but has a rather nice decal sheet with the US Navy option on the box and an Aeronavale machine; The stencils will come in handy this time and I can always use the markings on future Crusader builds should I be able to source them without needing to re-mortgage the house. There were a few Marine Crusader units involved in Vietnam starting with VMF(AW)-312 (despite what Wikipedia say as according to them they stayed State side) who were the first shore based unit and they are one of the units that I have markings for including these on a Microscale sheet; Both very nice options and thanks to my mate Keith (cheers mate) I have these from an original Monogram boxing that did have a USMC option; They are quite old (like Keith) but have been well looked after and appear in very good condition (unlike Keith) and would allow me to build an aircraft from the unit featured in most of the images of Marine F-8's shore based in Vietnam which is VMF(AW)-235 with their star spangled unit markings such as can be seen in the picture below; Lovely!!! A lot of the pictures of Crusaders used in CAS show them carrying twin Zuni rockets on each of the stations on the fuselage mounted missile rails but the machine above only has an empty AIM-9 rail on the lower station, I don't think I have any Zuni's so might go with this option if I can't find/make some. As for the wing mounted stores I could go with a similar option to that shown above with a MER but with only 4 bombs on each one or I could fit a Mk.84 2000lb bomb onto the pylon, until the advent of the A-6 the F-8 was the only USMC aircraft in theatre that could carry this weapon. I have a few references on the F-8 including these; And the kit parts themselves; The kit seat has been built up as have the main wings as seen below; As can be seen a little filler was used when I put these together some years ago but nothing major. I shall now get stuck in to getting the cockpit done with some paint and dry brushing. Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  24. I would like to enter my little subject to this fine GB. Today I have Monograms A-37 Dragonfly I don't plan on making any modifications other than whats in the box, but that could and probably will change once I get into the meat of things. One thing I definitely will do is I'm building this as a South Vietnamese A-37B from the 520th FS, Binh Thuy Air Base, Vietnam. So let the fun begin! And as always any comments suggestions or cat calls are always welcome.
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