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  1. Greetings to all. This is a Mig that i finished two years ago. Although i feel little sad about it because i've lost all my project files due to a major damage in my pc, finally i tried and saved four pictures but unfortunately i can't have photos any more because the model has been sold.. As ordered this model should include all the possible aftermarket details as you see below. 1. Metallic pitot tube. 2. Nose correction. 3. Aires cocpit. 4. Aires photorealistic instruments. 5. Resin seat. 6. New chaff-flares dispencers. 7. Aires nozzles. 8. Aires airbrakes. 9. Aires set of wheels and landing gear with all the hydrolic cables etc. 10. Complete set of weapons from Big-Sin and Brassin with complete set of photorealistic decals from Eduard store. I wish i had the model. The complete detais were remarkable i hope you like it.
  2. Onwards 2022, Great Wall Hobby (GWH) is to release a new tool 1/72nd Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 "Fulcrum" family. Source: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/319406-great-wall-hobby-gwh-l4830-148-su-30sm-“flanker-h”-multi-role-fighter/&do=findComment&comment=3063658 V.P.
  3. ICM has announced a new diorama set with a re-release from its old (2008) 1/72nd MiG-29 "9-13" Fulcrum-C". - ref. - Soviet military airfield 1980s - Mikoyan MiG-29 "9-13", APA-50M (ZiL-131), ATZ-5 and Soviet PAG-14 Airfield Plates - Diorama Set - NEW - release Q4 2022 Source: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ICMDS7203 V.P.
  4. Hi all, Here I would like to start a new topic for Mig-29SMT "917" which will most probably take her place in my "Never ending projects" list (aka "Hall of Shame"). Several years ago I bought dozens of Condor kits with various versions of Mig-21, Mig-25, Mig-29 and Mig-31 aircrafts. Last week when I was updating my kit inventory I have seen this Mig-29SMT 9.17 kit. Actually the kit is neither the production 9.17 nor the prototype "917". Therefore I decided to modify the kit slightly and use my own decals to finish the model (if you followed any of my other builds in this forum, you will quickly understand why I selected this finish. Simply it is in shades of blue...) Here is the Condor kit I will use in this build: In overall the kit provides sufficient payload. The fuselage panels are raised whereas wing and tail panels are engraved. The clear parts are very foggy and there are significant mark pins in the middle of canopy. I hope with a bit sanding and polishing I can improve this. Serkan
  5. Hello, Introducing my Mig-29 9-12s in 1/72nd scale. Story started a few years ago when I built my first Mig-29 in 1/72nd scale. At the time best choice was between the Italeri and Airfix models. I thought the Italeri kit was a better starting point and proceeded with my project. I actually was not very satisfied with that first try for 2 main reasons : I missed to correct the angled position of the main landing gears (Italeri gives them vertical…) I left the upper auxilliary intake doors open – they normally are closed when aircraft are parked and idle. I decided to correct these flaws and later started a second Fulcrum, also from an Italeri kit. I also corrected some other aspects of the aircraft addind resin accessories in the process (nose cone, cockpit and seat, wheels and exhaust nozzles). Aircraft was built as a Malaysian Mig-29N. Resin IFR probe and fairing were difficult to cement in position so I decided to build my Mig-29N without the IFR equipment (I found information proving that Mig-29N have occasionnaly flown without them). Then better Fulcrums were released both by Trumpeter then Zvezda. I had decided for either an East German, Czeck or Polish 5 colour camo which left me with the Trumpeter Mig-29 9-12 (Until now Zvezda reselased only the 9-13 and 9-19 version from their new moulds). Here are both models Italeri Mig-29N Trumpeter Mig-29A Cheers Eric B.
  6. Hey guys, for my current project of three MiG-29 in 1/72 I wanna do the SMT in blue-grey two-tone camouflage of Algerian AF. I have Begemot's decal sheet, but there are no codes or numbers for colours, just named. Anyone knows more about ? Is that blue same as Su-24 and MiG-21UM, for that I found Humbrol 65 in the Internet ? MiG-29SMT and Su-30MKA should be same colours. Any ideas ?
  7. This'll be my first build report so be gentle with me Firstly a bit of background:I got back into modelling like many others I suspect, last year during lockdown here in Germany. Luckily we didn't have it as bad as some and a few shops were still open. I built a couple of WW2 trucks converted to civvy use based on what I see every day on the roads in Myanmar every winter. I also did the very good Revell 1:24 Land Rover which was loosely based on our old Landy. Anyway I got back into aircraft with the Trumpeter 1:48 Wyvern, mainly due to the fact it was based on one serving on HMS Eagle at the same time as my father was serving on it in the mid fifties. I may get round to posting some pics in the 'Ready For Inspection' section: I made a lot of mistakes but it didn't turn out too badly in the end... I quite like building something a bit out of the ordinary(see above!) and thought about trying a MiG in Myanmar Air Force colours as I've seen them flying regularly and have snapped them on occasions too. I discovered that Caracal did a set of decals surprisingly, so that decided things. The choice was between the Trumpeter or the GWH version. Finding the Academy one for 20€ on Ebay whilst the GWH one was around 60€ plus postage twisted my arm towards the cheap option Big mistake as I was to discover... Just tried uploading pics to Flickr and linking them using the 'Insert image from URL' button but it doesn't work
  8. MiG-29s are backbone multirole fighter aircraft of Myanmar Air Force. Great Wall Hobby is making very nicely detailed MiG-29s so I gave a try. It is built and painted in Myanmar Air Force Camo. The Air Force markings and numbers are from Caracal Decals printed by Cartograf. I left one engine cover removed and one engine displayed on a stand. This model will be at Malaysia Miniatures and Hobby Show 2018 very soon.
  9. zebra


    Two of my favourite aircraft are the MiG-29 and Su-27. I've been smitten with the MiG-29 ever since I saw it for the first time at Farnborough in 1988, and have fond memories (and not enough photos) of Fulcrums and Flankers at Farnborough and Fairford in the 90s. So I can't explain why I've never built a model of either of them. Fast forward 30-odd years and a Zvezda Su-33 came into my possession (thanks again @vppelt68). That prompted me to think about all the Flankers and Fulcrums I want to build and, having gone a bit mad in lockdown, I built up a stash of them in 1/72 pretty quickly. So time to get building. I'm starting with two MiG-29s, and will get onto a couple of Flankers next. These are the Zvezda and Revell 1/72 MiG-29S (9.13) Flanker C - actually the same kit although I've found Revell has made at least one change to it. Box shots: These are going to be fairly quick builds with no aftermarket apart from decals. I have a couple of Linden Hill sheets and a Begemot sheet so lots of options to choose from. One of them will be in Uzbekistan colours, not made a decision on the other but I'm leaning towards a Soviet aircraft from the late 80s. I've made a start. The Zvezda instructions have you assemble the main airframe components first, then move onto the cockpit. The unconventional build order works in this case as the cockpit tub is moulded into the upper fuselage. So I've got the fuselage and wings assembled pretty quickly, I've also got started on painting some cockpit bits but not photographed them yet. Here's how they're looking tonight: thanks for looking Julian
  10. I have Just completed My last Aircraft Honoring the Kosciuszko Squadron Flyers. This was the 1/48 Eduard/Academy Mig-29 UB in Polish Markings I need to thank Polish AF US Liaison Budniak Karol for all his support in correct colors of Mig-29. The decals are from ModelMaker ,a Polish decal company and they were fantastic. Below are two Aircraft with 100 years of separation tied in by the pilot, American Major Cedric Fauntleroy. The Albatross is the markings of Major Fauntleroy in 1920 and the 2020 Mig-29 has the pilots image on the inside of the the tails. Both aircraft sport the Kosciuszko Squadron Emblem designed by an American flier Elliot Chess during the Polish/Bolshevik conflict in 1920. Major Fauntleroy was the Kosciuszko Squadron commander during the conflict. I was trying complete the Mig-29 in 2020 but I did not receive the decals until December. I added the Eduard F.O.D covers just to add a Little color.The kit was loaded with Photo-etched parts,Resin seats and I added Resin Exhaust set. Notice the two different photos in the tail area, one in flying gear and one formal uniform. Thanks for Looking Comments are always welcome Regards Bill
  11. The ICM kit of a Mig-29 from the Swifts aerobatic team straight from the box. The kit decals only provide straight lines but the scheme needs many curves and the decals tend to break easily if coaxed to bend, so I masked all of the swift and only used the silver stripes. Steve
  12. Hello Everyone. . . A Mig-29SMT from trumpeter in 1/72 scale. I had built this model a while back. Now I decided to put this on a base, thus the Snow Diorama. This was my first time doing a diorama, its a small one where I just had to build a Base and merely modifying the MIG I built. The modifications are : 1. Missile covers done by Paper. For the R27s and the RVVs, the paper was rolled into a cone and superglued to the missile. Thereafter it was sanded to the desired shape. For the R73s a small square was cut and just pushed on the Nose of the missile giving the shape of a cover. This looked descent enough to pass by in this scale. These were painted red finally. 2. The Engine intake cover, Upper intake cover and the engine exhaust covers are all done by this plastic sheet. I used a ball pen to get the required embossed effect on these covers. For the upper intakes the walk area was marked by using tamiya masking tape. 3. The pitot cover was done using paper again and the string was a sewing thread. 4. Wheel chocks were taken from the Zvezda Kit. All the weapons, chocks, covers are detachable and are just press fit to the aircraft. For the snow I used Cotton and Baking Soda. I hope You guys Like it. Do lemme know for all your suggestions and opinions so I improve in the Future. For the video, the initial bit is the making of the base. You can JUMP to 05:30 for the Aircraft assembly. Enjoy and Cheers . . . .
  13. For my next build I have gone modern day and will build the Great Wall Hobby 1/48 MiG-29 Fulcrum C 9-13. I don't think this kit needs too much introduction as it has been widely reviewed and many great builds have been completed. Hopefully I can do it some justice! I intend to build a modern Fulcrum based on the Linden Hill Decal sheet 'Pavlov's MiG's', these aircraft are depicted as they appeared in 2015 and sport typical MiG-29 grey/green camouflage and markings for contemporary MiG 29's. I addition these aircraft sport quite interesting individual markings after they were blessed on there arrival to Erebuni AB in Armenia, where the aircraft have been operating in the QRA role. I will add the Eduard Big Ed photo etch set. Paint will be from the Akah lacquer acrylics, AK interactive Xtreme metal and Vallejo for anything else. A couple of shots of the kit unboxed: the quality of the presentation and packaging is second to none. The slide moulded missiles are exquisite. The engine detail is also impressive, some mad part of me wants to depict the aircraft with an engine dropped out for servicing/replacement. Finally a comparison with the Fulcrum's cousin the Su-33 (Kinetic kit), this really shows how much bigger the Flanker series is compared to the MiG-29! Thanks for looking!
  14. After the MiG-29 (9.12) "Fulcrum-A" late version - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=234925828&hl=fulcrum - , Yufei (Haneto) and Great Wall Hobby are working on a new variant of this fighter aircraft, the MiG-29 (9.13) "Fulcrum-C". In the meantime Yufei has also announced the MiG-29 (9.12) early version... Here are the first pictures Source: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=255187&st=500 V.P.
  15. Llatest Great Wall Hobby announcement, a 1/48th Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29SMT 9-19 "Fulcrum-E" - ref. L4818 Release in May 2015? Sources: http://www.hyperscale.com/2015/reviews/kits/gwh4818previewbg_1.htm V.P.
  16. 1:72 Trumpeter MiG-29 SMT kit as visually its exactly the same, other than the ELT-568 Advanced Jamming pod on the starboard vertical stabilizer. Its a beautiful kit with loads of details and fantastic fit. I hardly used putty and assembly was a breeze . I scratch built the Jamming pod & FOD covers using polystyrene sheet. Paints were MR.Hobby, I had to mix and match a bit to get the IAF grey, decals from Bright Spark for roundels and fin flash, the black serial numbers were printed on a laser printer.
  17. After its MiG-29 (9-12 late type) (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234925828-new-mig-29-fulcrum-148-from-great-wall-hobby/?hl=fulcrum) - ref.L4811 - and MiG-29 (9-13) (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234933095-148th-mig-29-913-fulcrum-c-by-great-wall-hobby-released/?hl=fulcrum) - ref.L4813 - in 1/48th, Great Wall Hobby is to release in November 2013 the first generation of this famous Russian fighter: the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 (9-12 early type) "Fulcrum-A" - ref. L4814. Source: http://www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=15255 V.P.
  18. Fun build, took almost a year to complete on and off due to uni. The HUD was lost during construction and despite my best efforts, couldn’t scratch build one to fit. Anyways, hope you guys like it. http://MIG-29UPG by Pranay Kumar, on Flickr http://MIG-29UPG by Pranay Kumar, on Flickr http://MIG-29UPG by Pranay Kumar, on Flickr http://MIG-29UPG by Pranay Kumar, on Flickr http://MIG-29UPG by Pranay Kumar, on Flickr http://MIG-29UPG by Pranay Kumar, on Flickr
  19. Evening all, My latest completion hot off the bench, Trumpeter's lovely little MiG-29. A mostly trouble free build, the only real effort required was around the intakes and nose. Finished as a Czech example using Hataka Orange Line lacquers, my first foray away from enamels, I won't be looking back! They were infinitely better to use compared to my usual Xtracolor. The decals have silvered in places which is really annoying and takes the shine off the finished model, but it looks OK from a few feet... 1/72 Trumpeter MiG-29A Fulcrum by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr 1/72 Trumpeter MiG-29A Fulcrum by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr 1/72 Trumpeter MiG-29A Fulcrum by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr Thanks for looking, comments welcomed Shaun
  20. So my dad bought the Tamiya 1:72 MiG-29 a while back and I am building it for him soon, I have a question about the cockpit though, is the MiG-29 cockpit turquoise like earlier Soviet/Russian jets or is it grey like newer cockpits. I am asking because I checked on the internet and I came up with mixed results, some not even the MiG-29. Thanks in advance
  21. Trumpeter is to release a 1/32nd MiG-29 "Fulcrum" family in 2016-2017 - ref.03223 - MiG-29A 9.12 "Fulcrum-A" - ref.03224 - MiG-29C 9.13 "Fulcrum-C" - ref.03225 - MiG-29SMT 9.17 "Fulcrum-F" - ref.03226 - MiG-29UB 9.51 "Fulcrum-B" Source: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/news/img_9587_1449140962_10.jpg.html V.P.
  22. Zvezda is to release in 2015 a 1/72nd MiG-29 (9-13) "Fulcrum-C" kit - ref.7278 Source: http://scalemodels.ru/news/8359-katalog-zvezda-2015.html V.P.
  23. Sources: https://www.facebook.com/Scratchaeronautics/posts/2151888431510869 https://www.ebay.es/itm/MIG-29K-KUB-RUSSIAN-NAVY-RESINA-ESCALA-1-72/253927936088?pageci=e946b0f5-566f-4986-a7ff-690a14c1b536 V.P.
  24. Hard to believe but its been 25 years to the day since the Mig-29 crash at IAT Fairford. I still have vivid memories of that day as it was my first visit to Fairford. I've been wanting to make a model of one of the Migs for years but never quite got around to it. I figured the 25th anniversary would motivate me to build it. The kit is the Zvezda 1/72 Mig-29S with decals from the Hasegawa special. The yellow, blue and black were all masked and sprayed as the Hasegawa markings didn't fit the Zvezda kit. The build went together really easily and my only complaint about the finished model is that it seems to sit far too 'nose up'. Some surgery is needed on the front u/c leg I feel. The biggest challenge was the heat, its too hot to spend any extended time modelling at the moment. As i only finished this yesterday I only had time to take a couple of photos outside. I'll do some 'studio' photos when its a bit cooler! For added symmetry the base its on is one I made 25 years ago out of an old cornflakes packet! Any comments or questions welcome John
  25. Let me begin by saying that there is a much simpler way to make a MiG-29 9-12 in 1/72. Just buy the Trumpeter kit, accessorise to taste and budget, et voila! However, where would be the fun in that?! I had built an Italeri Fulcrum some time ago that I was never really happy with. It’s a nice enough kit but somehow, it just didn’t look … well… sufficiently Fulcrum-y; especially around the canopy and front fuselage, which I find too wide and ‘squashed’. I also had an Airfix MiG-29 in the stash that looked interesting, despite an over-long fuselage and (as a result) wings that were too broad in chord. The Airfix decals also looked great, covering a Czech and a Polish scheme. So, I decided to combine the two and see what I could produce. The end result is by no means perfect but it looks more like a Fulcrum than either source kit (to my eyes anyway) and I like the Czech scheme. Some of the changes I made included: Tailplanes – reduce chord by 1mm, reshape tips reducing span by 2mm Fuselage – replace open upper louvres with closed Attack Squadron set (for Italeri). Shorten the upper fuselage by 3mm after the panel line at the rear of the BVP flare launchers, just ahead of the engine bulges. Shorten the lower fuselage by 3mm ahead of the airbrakes. Jet pipes – shorten by 4mm by sawing vertically through the middle of parts 53, replace the ‘skirts’ over the top of the pipes and replace with the corresponding Italeri parts. Jet nozzles are Airfix. Radome – remove Airfix nose at second panel line (losing another 2mm in length), replace with Attack Squadron radome (for Italeri), sanding back the fuselage so the radome is no longer on the same horizontal axis as the fuselage. Pitot tube is from Master. Nacelles – roof in the tops with plastic card, add open FOD screens from an old Eduard set. Wings – remove Airfix wings and replace with Italeri (rescribed) supported by metal rod spars. The Italeri wings are deeper than the Airfix ones so the fuselage needs to be built up and blended in at the roots. Cockpit – detailed with a combination of Airfix parts, Airwaves details (for Italeri), and a Neomega seat and control column that had been installed in the (now cannibalised) Italeri kit Tailbooms – reshape. Windscreen – round off the front of the pointed Airfix screen and blend in. Pylons – R27 pylons from Italeri and scratchbuilt R60 pylons. Wheels - Eduard Brassin (for Trumpeter) Fuel tank - Attack Squadron PTB 1500
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