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Found 9 results

  1. Good morning everyone My subject for this campaign will be a 1/48th scale TBD-1 Devastator from GWH in operation during the Battle of Midway 4-7 June 1942. As you can see from the open package it will be full of photoetched parts, but not all of them are necessary because the quality of the kit is very good; in addition to these aftermarket ones I found some Kelik 3D decals for the cockpit. Happy GB everyone Ettore
  2. Anyone know of any 1/72 decal sets for Midway based pby-5a catalinas? The usual searches have drawn a blank. Working on Academy kit 12487 "Black Cat" and I find the idea of overall black Catalina really uninspiring so was hoping for some 1942/1943 era decal options
  3. Airframe Extra No.10 The Battle of Midway 1942 ISBN: 9781912932054 Valiant Wings Publishing Many modellers these days seem to like building subjects based on a theme, which can often be historical events. This series of books from Valiant Wings will look at specific areas, and events in the history of aerial warfare with this in mind. Each title will cover the history and details details of these event. This volume contains period photographs, and colour artwork from Richard J Caruana. More importantly to the modeller each will contain kit builds; this one has builds in 1/144, 1/72, & 1/48. These are from modellers; Steve A. Evans and Libor Jekl. The book is A4 soft cover format, very well printed with clear text, good artwork and clear build photographs. The tenth book in this series covers the Battle of Midway. This occurred only 6 months after the attack on Pearl Harbour, the plan by Japan to decimate the rest of the US Navy in the Pacific. Due in a large part to US Intelligence breaking Japanese code the US Navy knew where the battle was to take place. While the US Did loose 1 carrier the Japanese lost 4, and were not in a position to replace these. The battle is generally considered to be the turning point of the war in the Pacific. The colour artwork features many aircraft taking part from both sides. The six models featured in this volume are; 1/48th SB2U-3 Vinicator (Academy) 1/72nd B5N2 Kate (Airfix) 1/48th TBF/TBM-1 Avenger (Italeri) 1/72nd SBD-3 Dauntless (Hasegawa) 1/144th A6M2b Zero (Sweet) 1/72nd F4F-4 Wildcat (Airfix) Conclusion This is a great ninth book in the series from Valiant Wings. They are to be congratulated for producing this series of books with the modeller directly in mind. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  4. Hi fellow modellers, this is my recent attempt at the rather old and not very accurate Hasegawa kit, which needed quite some work and aftermarkets to get the best of it; like Part, Eduard or Rob Taurus to name the few. Cheers Libor
  5. Just finished this one fra AZ, build out of box, ok kit had some resin parts that did not fit well, brush painted witm Modelmaster paint, clear/mat lacquer with airbrush, decals from kit. Photo dok. from internet. Cheers Jes
  6. Hi all, Having just completed my YA-7F project posted earlier, I decided to try and squeeze in an old "shelf queen" that has been in the works for 3 or 4 years. As a very slow progressee, it didn't seem very suitable for a W.I.P., so here are just the pictures of the final result. The kit was the venerable Hasegawa SBD-3, with a few mods, and some aftermarket parts: The True Detail TD72461 SBD/A-24 cockpit set, as well as the Carrier Deck's Accessories 1/72 SBD Dauntless Dive Brakes set. Paints used were Model Master and Colourcoats enamels. Since I wanted to show the cockpit open, I had to vacuform the kit canopy, which was too thick to stack. The vacuform copies were also a little thick, but are marginally okay. Plus, after 4 years or so, I just wanted to put this one to bed! Without further verbiage, the pics: This SBD-2 joins my small but growing "U.S. Marines at Midway" collection. Show below are the F4F-3 Wildcat, and the F2A-3 Brewster Buffalo, along with the SBD-2: If I live long enough, I'll build one of each type that was there, and maybe a couple of the U.S. Army types as well. Thanks for looking, Ed
  7. Hey everyone, Well the Group Builds seem to be coming thick and fast these days! I've always wanted to do a B-25, probably since first seeing the Airfix kit back in the day - remember that? 3 kit options in 1 box! Fantastic stuff. With it being the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid this year, I thought it was appropriate to do something marking one of the most amazing feats in aviation...flying a big twin medium bomber off an aircraft carrier. This kit, bought many years ago online from a hobby shop in Italy And this scheme... Probably mostly OOB all the way and will have some fun. Good luck with your builds! Cheers, Dermot
  8. Build #6 for the year, the Great Wall Hobbies TBD-1 Devastator in 1/48. This is Ensign George Gay's aircraft that he flew with Torpedo Squadron 8 at the Battle of Midway in 1942. Of the 15 Devastators of VT-8 that attacked the Japanese fleet at Midway, all were shot down with Gay being the only survivor. Torpedo Squadron 6 and 3 followed, losing 10 of 14 and 11 or 13 Devastators respectively. It would end the combat career of the Devastator, but Gay would go on to report the destruction of the 3 Japanese carriers to Admiral Nimitz, then fight at Guadalcanal with VT-11. After WW2, he flew for TWA for over 30 years, often signing his book 'Sole Survivor' with the words; "May you be as lucky as I was at Midway". The GWH's kit is nice in the box, it's not until you start to put it together that you find some problems. The interior, especially the instrument panels are tricky to fit, I didn't succeed with the lower half, but it cannot be seen anyway. The separate canopy sections are too thick to be positioned open, meaning you either have to buy the Squadron replacement, or use the full canopy supplied. The instructions depict two style of under carriage leg, loaded and unloaded, however only the unloaded leg is supplied in the kit. The decals are awful, with virtually no glue on them and they were almost impervious to decal softner. I had to soak the wing insignia in Mr Mark for AN HOUR!! before they would conform to the surface detail and even then, they started to crack. The paper masks supplied are also useless. That said, it's still the best TBD in 1/48 available. I've also decided to keep the aircraft cleanish. As far as I'm aware, VT-8 did not see much, if any action before their fateful mission at Midway. Thus their aircraft looked to be in rather good condition.
  9. Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat BuNo 5093, Lt. Cdr. John S. Thatch, Officer Commanding VF-3, USS Yorktown, Midway, 1942-06-04 Kit: 1/72 Hasegawa F4F-4 Wildcat Afermarket parts: True Details #72455 resin cockpit and wheel well detail set Squadron #9105 vacu canopy Decals: Aeromaster #72-093C F4F-4 Wildcat Aces Pt.1 The following improvements made to this kit were: Inner surfaces of wing halves and rear fuselage halves (rudder) were thinned down to obtain sharp trailing edges. Some panel lines were filled and some added according to reference photos. In addition, the overlapping panels (for example, on the rudder) were represented using thin metal foil. The cockpit was replaced by the True Details resin parts. The canopy was replaced by the Squadron vacu formed item. Since the Squadron canopy is designed to fit the Academy kit, some adjustment work was required for mounting it on the model. The canopy replacement forced widening the fairing above the control panel in the cockpit, which have originally had rather wide margins for placing the thicker kit canopy. This fairing was also thinned down for correct scale representation. The most serious flaw with this kit is just an empty space where the landing gear bay should be. This problem is partially solved by inserting the True Details tub, however some extra work was still required. For instance, the recesses to accommodate the main wheel are just repeated in full size on the resin tub and, since it is designed to fit the kit fuselage having rather thick plastic, these recesses turned out to be much deeper than they should be. Some filling and re-scribing was required to fix this problem. Some additional detail was also added to the rear bulkhead and to the engine compartment interior partially visible in front of the wheel bay. In addition, the fuselage walls around the front of the wheel bay were partially thinned down for the correct skin representation. The air intakes in the forward engine cowling ring were deepened and thinned down to scale. Some detail was added to the rather basic kit parts for the reasonable representation of the Wildcat’s complicated landing gear. The aileron, elevator and rudder hinges molded as solid pieces were improved by cutting out their inner areas. The missing central elements were also added to the fairings covering the hinges of the landing flaps. Too shallow kit exhaust stacks were replaced by scratch built parts and the fuselage panel around them was also somewhat refined by making extra steps, holes etc. A new rounded propeller hub and the visible part of the arrester hook were made from scratch. A larger pneumatic tail wheel provided with the kit was replaced by the solid smaller one which is correct for this particular a/c. The replacement wheel was the part left unused after building the F2A-2 kit as a Dutch Brewster Model 339C. Some further minor improvements made on the model can clearly be seen on the photos.
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