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Found 10 results

  1. Well, having beaten my record and actually completing 2 out of 3 GBs in 2023 on time, I thought I might as well start this year with a bit of over-optimism. Having put my name down for both of the original GBs before they were amalgamated, I’m going to challenge myself to meet my original commitment - one of each 🤦🏻‍♂️ So here are my planned builds, a pair of opposing twins: A shot of some of the sprues showing the fuselages and nacelles: and the wings: A little comparison between the two, the much older Tamiya Mossie and the very new Airfix 410: A little of the cockpit detail from both: One thing I really do like on the newer kit, is the identification of the sprues: it makes finding the right one soooo much easier, than trying to find the small lettering. Nice touch Airfix 👍🏻 Anyway, wish me luck. We may have a few months, but the new job is way busier than I’d hoped!!
  2. The last 3 months have been nothing short of hectic, but with Telford now done for another year and no builds on the bench, I can build something for myself (kind of)! Airfix's brand new Me-410 is up. Massive thanks to Phoenix Scale Publications for providing this kit for a build review for the mag at some point in the future. I never make things easy for myself though as this kit will be back dated to a standard Me-410A-1, rather than having the /U2 or /U4 modifications as modelled in the kit plastic. It's an easy fix, but I'll provide info on that at a later stage. For now, basic cockpit construction is complete with all base colours down. The only cockpit decals used were the ones for the side panels in the cockpit. Everything else was hand painted after the airbrushing of the base colours. these being Tamiya XF-63 and SMS PL179 RLM02. The decals should arrive soon from Hannants and I'll be doing this awesome scheme as shown in the pictures. Invaluable references from the Valiant Wings Publishing book as well!
  3. Hi all, The Airfix 1:72 Me-410 is finally complete! Started back in November '23, I got bogged down through Christmas and New Year, but here she is! Apart from the decals for this specific 410, everything is out of the box. I never make things easy for myself and this was very much the case when I saw this scheme on the Xtradecal sheet - I knew I had to attempt it! This is a fantastic new tooling from Airfix of a subject not very well covered in scale. There are signs in the kit that future variants may come (the A-3 Recon version would be very welcome)! As previously mentioned I slightly modified the kit to have the standard closed bomb bay doors to make this machine a true Me-410A-1 rather than the kit's A-1/U2 (or /U4). Hataka paints were used for this build for the majority with Mission Models US acrylic paints being the saviour to allow me to pull off the Wellenmuster camo using the re-fillable paint pen (see previous updates for details on this). These are some of my favourite photos of the build to upload now, but if the interest is there, I will upload the rest for everyone - let me know in the comments! A massive thank you to Phoenix Scale Publications for providing this sample at SMW'23 - this will be a full build article in a future issue! See you soon for the HobbyBoss 1:72 U-2A reveal!
  4. I will be joining those building Me-410s, in an attempt to get a dedicated gallery posted, so they dont clutter up the main gallery 😁 Since the new Airfix kit hasn't reached distributors in the USA, I've dug out the kit from FineMolds. I've heard theres an issue with the size of the engines with this kit, but as I dont know the correct size, it shouldn't effect me too bad. I'll be sticking box stock with this build, most likely building the one with the large 57mm gun because its awesome 😆 Will take the sprues out this weekend for a wash. I've been looking forward to building this kit, glad this Group Build will be providing the opportunity.
  5. In the opinion of the cognoscenti (those who know) on this site, what is the best Me-210 in 1/72nd scale, and what is the best Me-410 in 1/72nd scale? I might as well expand that to include 1/48th and 1/32nd scale whilst I'm at it. Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide! Best Regards, Jason
  6. Hi all; I realised that I never did post an RFI for this one. Here's the WIP: The simplified version is that this is a very good kit which I found well engineered, well moulded and produced a nice model. Having built the ProModeller version some years ago I felt the Meng kit was superior enough to justify the price differential (should one be able to find one of the older kits, that is). I only had trouble with the wing to fuselage join and I am sure I caused that with poor cockpit/fuselage assembly. I painted the markings using masks I designed and created with my Silhouette cutter. This was one of my better Luftwaffe camouflage efforts and was pleased with how it turned out. I used some Gaspatch #D printed radar arrays which were close in shape and style as on the real one, but exactly the same; best I could do. The pics; I had only three reference pics to work from and none were of the complete airframe so there's some educated guesswork in how the markings were applied but I think it's reasonably close to how the real one looked. Thanks for looking. Cheers.
  7. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is Fine Molds 1/72 Me-410 B1, a commissioned build, with pilot figures but omitting the swastika (on customer's request). Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photos by Wolfgang Rabel. I replaced the kit decals (who had not aged well) with aftermarket items from Aeromaster. Here, I made a stupid mistake by blindly following the instructions, and placing the Balkenkreuz too far forward. Note that, one the right fuselage side, the squadron letters "3U" should overlap with the white I/D band. Apart from that self-inflicted problem, I came across some fit issues on the engine/nacelle joint. I'd recommend to glue each engine half to the nacelle BEFORE fitting them together. (The kit instructions would suggest to fit the assembled engine to the nacelle, do NOT follow this.) The fuselage halves had a very prominent seam, that took several sanding sessions to rectify. Gun barrel is a metal item from Fine Molds. Thank you for your interest, with best greetings from Vienna, Roman
  8. Well, one thing I've figured out about myself is that making a new WIP thread is what should help me get cracking with this... My studies are trying to keep me away from modelling, but I'm not ready to pause with it just yet... Let me quickly introduce you to this little Italeri's kit. Two A4-sized sprues, one with clear bits and a disappointingly small decal sheet... I'll also use that big left-over sheet from Bf-110 I made a short while ago... The idea for finished model right now is to make it quite asymmetrical, with port side having exposed DB-603 engine (to be scratch built, having done two DB-601 for Bf-110 should prove helpful), flap, aileron and slats in landing position, radiator cowling flaps opened fully as well, while starboard side should be clean, just to show this bird's (what I consider) beautiful lines. Of course, this being a conversion, one - two actually - obvious things that need to be taken care of are wings - outer halves of 'em need to be swept forward to begin with (I haven't a clue why 210 has swept back wings in the first place, I guess Germans decided to experiment a bit with aerodynamic effects of that, maybe they needed to regulate center of gravity). Luckily, studying a number of technical drawing revealed that I should be able to use those outer sections, just rotating them around a specific point should prove enough. Fuselage shouldn't require too many changes, 210 A-1 has elongated fuselage in the first place, so that doesn't require any work, just a bit of rescribing should do the trick... This kit isn't very detailed (if I got it right, this should be a rebox of an old kit, from the early nineties), not that it matters since I'll be glad to add a few of my own, but fit looks good for now... ... though a few places seem to require a bit of filler (left and middle picture). Italeri have got intake cross-section right (right picture), it's a circle as it should be, I think Revell got that wrong on all of their models of 210 and 410, both 72nd and 48th scale, with an elliptical cross-section. A bit of work down under as well, other than filling I'll also open up wheel wells, aforementioned radiator flaps, stuff like that... These two were developed at the same time, one was given a second chance, mostly in Africa if I got it right, the one I aim to change didn't, it just wasn't a good war-plane. A lot of similarities between them (length, wingspan, cockpit position, same engine family), obviously... This picture shows the major differences between 210 and 410, wings being the biggest on of course... ... and this paint scheme is the main reason why I chose to convert it... Hopefully, it should like a bit like this in the end... Love the way engines stick out of wings... I'll be using whatever pictures I can to get the details right, like this Aires wheel well... ... as well as number of impressive build stories, like this one... http://www.modelersalliance.com/forum/chukw/147807-me410-all-the-way ... and some reviews of bigger scale models... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949148-messerschmitt-me410a-1-hornisse-148/?hl=%2Bmesserschmitt+%2B210 Some of you may have noticed a cutting mat that wasn't there while Bf-110 was on the bench, got it today as well as Humbrol filler and a nice little model of Rogožarski IK-3 "Belgrade Defender", a bird that tried to keep the Luftwaffe busy once bombing of Belgrade started... Unfortunately, Royal Yugoslav Air Force only had 12 of them, 6 weren't operational as it was still tested, but still our pilots took down 11 Bf-109 in fights in April '41, 3 of which were taken by Sgt. Dušan Vujčić, whose IK-3 I'll be making once it gets its turn... For those interested in it, IK-3 was reported to be an overall improvement on Hawker Hurricane and more maneuverable than Bf-109 (pilots of 51st Fighter group were in charge of experimental work and RYAF had both Hurricane and 109 in its air fleet), but it had poorer rate of climb than 109 and it was slower as well (difference in engine power)... Got all my tools and paints on the mat once I got it, it's not a large set, though you can see that I got myself a good number of new stuff (all of that during Bf-110 build) on the right... During this build, I'll buy a wheel riveter (store was out of them today) and an airbrush for the final paint job and that should be enough for the next couple of builds as well... Back to Me-410, I hope to get some real work done during the weekend, however I expect this to be a slow-starter, since I'm a bit busy with some faculty stuff... Anyway, I hope this was enough for an intro post, I'm looking forward to this build as well as all of your comments... Cheers!
  9. And my next new work! Paints - gunze sangyo hobby color. Thank you for your attention !
  10. Fresh off the bench, Fine Molds Me-410 A1... A very nice little kit with just a few annoying fit issues and decals that are practically unusable, it was the first proper test of my new airbrush (H&S Evo CRplus) and it passed with flying colours! Built along side my F-4E for the Vietnam group build, primed with Stynylrez white and painted with Xtracrylix, which seem to be by far the best match for authentic RLM colours, the only really tricky part of the build is the 3 piece canopy which seemed to take ages to get right, im more than happy with the finished model though and its satisfied my Luftwaffe fetish for a while!
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