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Found 21 results

  1. I'm continuing my history of F1 in 1/20th scale but I skipped the 80's and went right to 1992. After the Tyrrell 003, which I don't think is the most beautiful F1 car, to what is my favourite F1 design of all time, the McLaren MP4/7. The overall shape is so pure - no extra winglets or aerodynamic furniture and one of the most iconic liveries of all time. This was built right out of the box with the exception of the tobacco decals which were the "Museum Collection" set that I ordered from Hobby Link Japan. The Marlboro part of the decals were fine, but the orange parts of the decals were way too light in my opinion. The Tamiya decals had the McLaren logo in the orange/red, so I ended up cutting down the McLaren chevron into the Marlboro flag shape to use alongside the cockpit. The kit went together pretty well for the most part, and I built this as a curbside as I won't be displaying it with the engine cover removed (see below). The engine is in there, but all in semi-gloss black. Issues I did have were mostly related to the side vents. Tamiya molded them as separate pieces, but I found it difficult to glue them in and get a consistent panel line all the way around, especially since you have to fill the edges along the bottom. I ended up pretty much filling the whole thing until the panel line was just visible, but when I cleared over the paint and the decals, it completely disappeared - it looks like one continuous piece instead of the changeable size vent insert that I believe they used that year. I used Tamiya masking tape for curves to paint the red sections and it worked pretty well, although there's a little bit of bleed in the pointy parts where the tape overlapped. Overall, Im happy with the result - just a few nitpicks that I hope I'll improve on with the next model - I'm jumping right up to 2017 with the Tamiya SF70H. I'll go back and fill in a few blanks like the 80's and 2000's after that one. I just got the Tamiya 1986 Williams FW11 that will look good next to this one. The paint is Tamiya white and a custom mix for the orange. After looking at 100 photos online that all looked different, I ended up just trying to match the colour of the original Tamiya decals. Clearcoat was again using Mr. Color GX100 with the levelling thinner although this time I thinned it to 1 part clear to 3 parts thinner. It flowed very nicely, but with the weather being quite cold, it took a while to fully cure. I ended up leaving some of the parts for 10 days before sanding and polishing. I also thought I'd share how I'm displaying the models so far. I've been building shadow boxes out of poplar and then mounting the cars vertically in the frame. I created some graphic panels to sit behind the model with a large year displayed. At the bottom, a technical panel has the manufacturer logo, driver name, car dimensions, engine type and output etc. I thought it was a cool way to see the visual differences in the cars from decade to decade, and to see the changing overall sizes and engine output over time as well. I also like the way they feel like scientific specimens preserved for future generations to learn about. Thanks for looking, comments and critiques always welcome. Martin.
  2. Like many on the site I constructed many models in my younger days. I distinctly recall building my first Tamiya, the McLaren M23. The joy of a pair of major sub-assemblies fitting perfectly. Sorry Revell but never again! Life, meaning wife, child, and work (and one girl friend that guilted me into thinking this hobby was for children) got in the way. Thankfully the wife's happy, son is grown, who the hell knows where the girlfriend is these days, and work's been set aside for retirement. Sadly all the F1 cars of my past (said M23, Ferrari 312b and 312T4, Lotus MK. III, Tyrrell P34, and others) are gone save one. I did keep (unfinished), for 25+ years, a Renault RE 20 (which I'll post under separate cover) and recently completed. What with my age, budget, and it being 30+ years ago all these superb additional detail kits were not available, all my previous experience was "out of the box" builds. I can now indulge this wonderful hobby obtaining the detail kits and tools my budget previously would not allow. With these tools I hope to do the fine Tamiya MP4/6 and the glorious Top Studio detail kits justice. I'll not provide further review of these kits as they are covered elsewhere but spectacular comes to mind. I will say the level of complexity is substantial and one I hope I'm up to the task. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Roy vd M should be flattered indeed as I "leveraged" many of his suggestions. Substantial time has been spent organizing photographs (leveraging his nomenclature), obtaining additional detail parts, and cross-referencing the 29 pages of Tamiya instruction with the 25 pages of Top Studio. The highlighter and mechanical pencil have been hard at work. I've also created a lengthy FreeMind mind map of construction order. I doubt I'll reach Roy's build quality but I'll certainly try. I'm fighting with OneDrive regarding pictures. They will be forthcoming.
  3. This is built from the re-issued orange box kit to which I added the Tamiya photo-etch set and after-market cigarette sponsor decals from MSM Creation. The exterior was airbrushed using red and white McLaren color Zero base paints. All of the kit chromed parts were bleach stripped and re-metallized using Alclad over black lacquer. The remaining parts were painted using airbrushed Tamiya acrylics per the instruction call-outs. This is the first kit that I have clear coated using airbrushed Mr Color “Super Clear UV Cut” lacquer and self-leveling thinner, 50/50) which, unlike Tamiya TS-13 clear coat that I’ve used on past builds, had no effect on the decals - I’m sold! I added MFH fuel lines and additional black shrink tubing oil cooler lines and fittings and seat belt material from Tuner Model Manufactory (unfortunately I only had black, they should be blue). This kit went together seamlessly until I installed the roll bar and support after which the cockpit and engine cover location pins refused to fit into the mating holes on the lower body shell. I was able to fix this by removing plastic from the rear white crossmember on the cockpit cover which was interfering with the front of the roll bar. Otherwise typical Tamiya smooth going. I like building classic race cars that I actually saw race in the period - this one with James Hunt and Jochen Mass driving in Long Beach in ‘77. Between these 1/20 Tamiya seventies F1 kits and the 60’s -70’s 1/20 kits from Ebbro and Hasegawa, I have built seven so far and have another 8 or 9 in my stash. Even built OOTB, I find this 1/20 scale ideal for creating detailed models of these classic racing machines without taking up a lot of shelf space (or box space in the closet in my case!). Hope you like this one. Cheers, John
  4. Hi folks, This is my attempt at building the 1/24 McLaren 570 from Revell. I have used the Plamoz wheels and also their detail-up set (resin engine hood, PE parts). Painted with Tamiya lacquer paints (LP20 for the body and a mix LP5/LP19 for the darker parts like roof and side scoops). 2K clear cote from ZP. Interior color is a Ferrari leather color (cuoio) from ZP. Alloys sprayed with Tamiya primer/ Tamiya black / Alclad polished aluminium. I reworked the ride height and wheel alignment because the kit is way off in my humble opinion. I am quite happy with the result. If you are planning to close the doors, you should then adjust the fit and glue them before painting. Comments welcome ! Thanks for watching.
  5. Hi Guys, Having finished a Revell BMW 507 last week I had the choice to start working on: - a diorama I have started (only thing is.. next step is photo etching, bit anxious to start that); or: - something I've been thinking of for more than a year, a Formula one car by Tamiya, scale 1/12. After quite a bit of thought I've chosen the latter, which choice was made easier knowing that a beautiful aftermarket-set was just released for a beautiful and almost legendary car. I'll build the McLaren MP4/6 powered by the 12-cilinder RA121-E. Honda managed to squeeze 720 horsepower out of this 3,5 liter V12 engine. This car type was driven by Ayrton Senna and Gerhard Berger. Typically I'll build Senna's car. In 1991 he scored his third and last F1 championship title. For more info on the MP4/6 see Wikipedia. (Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons) I hope you guys will help me with England-based knowledge on McLaren's F1 team and this car in particular. And I hope that you'll bear with me because it will be a very long build. I'll build this model as detailed as I reasonably can. These parts have already been ordered: - Tamiya's kit. - Top Studio's full aftermarket set, consisting of 8 subsets. - Marlboro decals. - 3 reference books. Future purchases: - Dry transfers for the tires. - Some Alclad paints. - McLaren transparent-orange-red paint. - Several screws, bolts, washers etc. - Carbon fibre decals. - Optionally: replacement wheels. To give an idea of the level of detail provided by Top Studio's masterful set, here a couple of pictures; the original vehicle and Top Studio's parts. All non-grey parts are Top Studio's. I'll try detailing a bit further, using added bolts et cetera. When the orders will have arrived I'll post pictures. In this topic all and any critique is welcome, do feel free to comment whenever you see something completely or detailedly wrong. I intend to push my limits in this build and I'll certainly need you guys to get the most out of it.
  6. Decided to get back into modelling as find it quite therapeutic and love making things. This is the first model I have made in over 10 years so taking some time!! Found the Tamiya MP4/8 kit and the S27 Carbon decals on eBay. Also purchased the photo etched kit which I'll use some of, a full set of decals and an old Tamiya driver & engineer set I'll try to incorporate Here are some pics of my progress so far: Managed to add some small valves to the wheels using some cut down rivets from the PE kit Still a lot more carbon work to do on the floor but not looking too bad! Used BMF for the silver detail Totally messed up the paint on engine cover with an orange bleed so currently sanding ready to start again 😥 That's it for now. Just need some spare time to get some more done!
  7. Here's the finished 1/12 McLaren MP4/6. An original kit from 1991 with Marlboro decals from TBD. The problems is the common rear tires which shrunk and hardened, causing cracks and didn't fit well on the rims. Never could find a replacement.
  8. Hi All, Here's my entry for this GB. I need to complete my 'Russia GB' entry first so this may be a little late off the grid. I have some aftermarket parts to go with it and depending on how the build progresses, I may hunt for some more Cheers
  9. Hi everyone, I introduced myself few days ago as a newbie. This is my seventh build in total. This is a Aoshima kit with Studio27 carbon fiber decal set and hobby design detail up kit. I always liked this car and this livery, which is painted with zero paints gulf Color set and 2k diamond gloss finish. Thanks all
  10. I’ve just discovered a photo of the new McLaren P15 ‘Senna’. Will either Fujimi, Aoshima, Revell or Tamiya please make a kit available! Pretty please??
  11. It's great and if it comes to your area you should go see it. You can see the trailer at this website: http://www.mclarenfilm.com/ So to celebrate I'll share the 1/43rd Marsh Models McLaren M6A I finished this week. Bruce won the 1967 Can-Am Championship in this car. It's an early issue of the kit from Marsh and is all metal. More recent releases have a resin body and more photoetch. I built it box stock and used Tamiya Brilliant Orange for the McLaren orange.
  12. Hello all, This will be my first car model since I was a kid. I'll be building McLaren's 1993 Formula 1 challenger, the MP4/8 as driven by Ayrton Senna, Michael Andretti, and Mika Hakkinen. I'll be building Hakkinen's car, as he is my all-time favorite F1 driver. Hakkinen only drove the final three races of the season - Portugal, Japan, and Australian and they were the first races for Hakkinen at McLaren. However, this will mean correcting some aspects of the car. The car had 5 different rear wing configurations and ran with or without bargeboards. The kit version of the car has bargeboards and a high downforce wing that was used at Donington Park and Monaco. I'm also planning on sprucing up the engine bay with wiring and hoses, and I also want to scratch build the front bulkhead with the brake master cylinders. I plan on finishing the car with the engine cover and nose/front wing off. The kit is supposed to be built with bargeboards, but Hakkinen never drove the car in this configuration. I cut off the mounts from the floor (original floor shape shown in the instructions) and sanded it smooth. I will also have to fill in a pair of mounting holes each side of the monocoque. The monocoque is very nice. I'll be closing off the front of the monocoque and scratchbuilding the bulkhead and master cylinders, plus adding hosing and detailing the suspension mounts. The radiator ducting is a bit underwhelming and somewhat inaccurate. I'll be adding to the electrical boxes already molded and a load of wiring. This is what I'm most dreading/worried about. This rear wing is a high downforce specification with 5 elements and deep endplates. The Hakkinen car for all 3 races used a lower downforce spec. The wing elements are the same (Thank heavens!) but the endplates were much smaller. I'll have to take a saw to them, which is shame because it's a beautifully molded wing. Here's Senna driving with the same wing as the spec Hakkinen drove. Note how much closer the forward edge of the endplate is to the main element of the rear wing assembly. Some good news here! Senna and Andretti's steering wheels were round, while Hakkinen used a unique wheel with a flat top. Tamiya has supplied both wheels - a nice touch. Not a whole lot done so far, but it's a build I'm very excited about. I've 2 requests for anyone watching this: I'd love any reference pictures, especially of the car without bodywork. Also, how do y'all (my Texan language showing there) paint carbon fiber effect? Thanks a million. That's all for now - Jake
  13. Well I'm starting my build this week. I'm not sure which car to do, chassic 19R or 27R. These are my choices. What do you think? EDIT: I think the Papaya Orange is a cracker colour EDIT: I think the Papaya Orange is nice but I'm now thinking of building the Gloss black in the Pre Season livery that comes with the kit How about a nice hill climb at Goodwood festival of speed to get in the mood
  14. Evening all. Welcome to my little corner of BritModeller; long time viewer, first time post(er). So... My MP4/4. I had previously built the MP4/23 that Degostini had released which went okay but was pretty giddy about this release. For anyone that loves F1, I think a part of us were all a fan of Senna and to be able to build this iconic machine was a must. Juggling a young family and starting design business meant I had the luxury of having ALL the pieces arrive month by month and no time to build it... Until now... Mwah ha ha! So, enough of the waffle, on to my attempt to build this 1:8th scale monster!
  15. Hi all, Apologies if this is photo heavy... I finished this earlier this summer. Pretty straight forward OOB build. Literally glued the whole thing together, sprayed it silver, then hand painted the suspension arms and any other small details. The decals were nice and thick and went on a treat. Not 100% happy with the colour as the real thing looks more like a mirror finish than silver but short of MF'ing it I'm not sure how i'd be able to recreate that finish. Not much else to say about it, any questions just ask! (I know I messed up on the tyre logo's...) Here's some shots of it with the Merc from the same year:
  16. This is a build to celebrate the life of ayrton senna and what he archived in formula one during his career. my main focus is on his first championship this for today is just a teaser shot of tomorrows unveiling This first picture is not mine but I have got permission to use it from the artist Now here is my car, well what i want to show of it now anyway Thank you for looking Cheers shaun
  17. Hi Everyone, Here is my ready for inspection thread for the Revell 1:24 scale Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 in Jensen Button's colours that I have been working on. I suppose this really should be a ready for inspection sort of thread.... I still have 3 decals to apply to the car when the replacements arrive from Revell for the ones which split during the application phase. Anyway onto the photos (I will take final photos when the 3 missing decals have been applied, will be somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks). Considering this is the first model of something which doesn't float or fly at the speed of sound, I am quite impressed with the way this came out. I will be looking to buy the new Revell 1:24 Red Bull Racing RB8 Formula 1 car in Mark Webber's colours when it becomes available in November (probably be one of my christmas presents). Thanks for looking everyone. Comments welcomed. Cheers, Rick
  18. my first foray into airbrushing i brought an airbrush earlier in the year and have been fiddling with it since and have now plucked up the courage to do a car so here goes black humbrol polished off with micro mesh from 3600 to 12000 and how with the chrome cheers
  19. Although I've been dabbling in 1/24 scale car builds since my early teens I've only recently gotten back into the hobby - and while Im nowhere near as good as some of you my aim is to try and build my cars as cleanly and precisely as possible, even if the kit itself isn't something "exotic" like a Pocher or one that carries half a million PE parts. About the car: Had to get this one as I'm a big fan of GT3 racing. A modified version of the road going MP4-12C, the GT3 car carries a 493 bhp, 3.8l v8 engine and has a 0-100kmph acceleration of 3.1 seconds. Plenty fast if you ask me. This car depicts Phil Quaife's winning car from the 2012 Total 24 hours of Spa About the kit: Got this kit on holiday in Japan - at 4000 yen its a bit pricey for a curbside model. But still, cant complain given that hobby shops in Dubai rarely carry anything other than Revell EasyKits or 1/144 scale jets. The moulding is really nice and crisp and the kit includes some excellent PE parts without going overboard; mainly the front and rear grills, brake discs and the racing harness. Carbon fibre paint is "homebrew" gloss black mixed with silver and then clearcoated. Body paint is Mr Color Orange Yellow thinned with Mr Color Levelling Thinner painted via airbrush, followed by Mr Super Clear III clear coat- first time using lacquer based paints from the Mr Color range and came to the conclusion that they are just fantastic. Quick drying, brilliant semi-gloss finish and amazing color density without being thick and without covering up panel gaps like most enamel paints. Needless to say, Im hooked and would really appreciate if one of you could please let me know which online shops carry the MrColor range and are willing to send the shipment by air so I can order some more for my next car, the Aoshima Aventador! Comments and feedback welcome. Thanks for looking!
  20. Hi Everyone, Here is my build thread for another new project that I have started working on. It is Revell's 1:24 scale version of Jensen Button's 2010 McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 formula 1 car. I intended to do this as a fill-in build for my Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, but it seems that this one has taken over my time today at least. I have completed stages 1 - 6A, see photos below. Stages 1-4 Engine assembled with exhausts attached. Stage 5 - Chassis bottom painted and assembled. Stage 6A - First 7 decals attached to the chassis lower side (not fun to do. but makes it look carbon fibre like) Thanks for looking, more progress tomorrow morning. Rick
  21. Ayrton Senna's 1993 Mclaren MP4-8 I started this in november last year but never completed the driver figure until a few days ago through fear of cocking it up but finally mustard up the courage to do it and im quite pleased how its turned out, some may spot that his visor isnt correct but at the time that was the choose to do it also its not that noticeable in real life.
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