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Found 19 results

  1. Hello I picked up a few 3D printed models to fill gaps in the line up of the plastic manufacturers in 1/72. I have to say the latest ones done using the resin bath type printer are a lot better than the extruded blob type prints. (technical terms). I've given up largely on an Valentine Archer I bought previously. However this Matilda Mk.1 is a fair bit better, shame about the lack of track sag but the rest is good. Its from a company calling themselves Battlefield3D, so I guess these are wargaming pieces but not much options in 1/72. There was virtually no clean up required, no casting gates or anything to mess with. I havent painted much recently so it was good to batter this out quickly. My usual Vallejo paints with various washes and some pigments. Cheers and thanks for looking
  2. This kit is a cracker. Excellent quality, almost builds itself. I opted for the vinyl tracks. The Caunter colours are mixed to Mike Starmer's specifications (Tamiya acrylics). Cheers for looking.
  3. The unpenetrable for the 1939-41 enemy tank guns A12 Matilda was the only British tank serving from the first (3rd September 1939) to the last (2nd September 1945) day of the WW2. On the other hand it was the only one of six most numerous British WW2 tanks (the other five were: Valentine, Churchill, Crusader, Cromwell and Covenanter) that wasn't used by the Polish Armed Forces - neither in Britain, Africa, Italy nor in the 1944-45 battles in France, the Low Countries and northern Germany. The kit I have in stash actually origins from the Italeri set 6118 called "Battle of Arras 1940". I have bought it at some "swap session" from the modeller collecting only the German-designed stuff, so the Matilda was decidedly surplus to him. People say that despite its age this is still the best 1:72 Matilda kit on the market, so I decided to build it within the Med Group Build. Frankly speaking if the GB appeared 6 months earlier, my contribution would be much more impressive, as since the March COVID lockdown I have already built five other MTO tanks in Braille scale: the Panzer III, the Panzer IV, the M3 Stuart, the Grant Mk.I and the Churchill. So now I can only add this Matilda, the Crusader and the Valentine - I hope that 2 months is just enough to build them. So - let's start. On the picture you can see what I've found inside the plastic bag brought home from the mentioned "swap meeting". Cheers Michael
  4. Almost all sources do state 2,987 as the total number of the A12 Matilda tank (Mk I...Mk V) production. Most of them also call the Mk IV as the most produced variant. However the table published some time ago with WD numbers (perhaps incomplete) gives the total of 2,275 with more than 1,000 allocated to the Mk III variant and less than 500 Mk IVs (OK, almost 700 including the Mk IV CS). Does anybody have the correct production figures for the Desert Queen? Cheers Michael
  5. Hi guys, I am a newb in AFV that wants to build some tanks. One of my favs being Matilda, in my searches, I found the Red Army Matilda by Tamiya more or less 15 bucks more expensive than the original Matilda. Can somebody tell me why is that? Searched for it but couldn't find something. TIA
  6. Yes, I know the answer - the ESCI/Polistil/Hasegawa/ERTL/Italeri/Revell one... But the problem is the availability - last time I've seen its latest incarnation (Italeri 7035) on the shelves was some 2010-11... And since then we are left with toy-like S-Model, the Airfix (variously declared as 1:72 or 1:76) and the ancient 1:76 Fujimi kits. I don't hesitate to include these two here as the difference in hull lenght for the (properly scaled) 1:72 and 1:76 tanks is less than 4mm (and sometimes the one called "1:76" is bigger than another labelled as "1:72"). So my question is whether any of you has any experience with these four abovementioned Matilda kits? Is web-hunting for the Italian kit really the only way of getting the decent Matilda kit in Braille scale or can any of the other trio be substituted there with not-so-much difference in general appearance quality? Cheers Michael
  7. After seen fotos from Matilda A12 tank in use by Wehrmacht at Crete during 1941-44, http://beutepanzer.ru/Beutepanzer/uk/A12_matilda/a12creta_matilda.html I decided to built Tamiya Matilda 1/35 kit from my stock. About the kit : Excellent detail, great fitting, no filler! Pattern : Caunter scheme with white balkenkreuz Colors : AK real color set No 10 (colors used : RC041 Portland Stone, RC038 Silver Gray, RC039 Slate) The real color set supposed to be the same as the real ones. From the colored foto of the link I think that are ok. All comments are more than welcome ! Thanks!!!
  8. My latest build, the 1:48 Tamiya Matilda finished out of the box as the well known "Phantom", which according to the instruction sheet is from 42 RTR, 1st Army Tank Brigade, North Africa 1941. The Caunter scheme was painted in Tamiya acrylics using the mixes available here: http://www.network54.com/Forum/47208/thread/1252022924/The+complete+Mike+Starmer+Acrylic+Paint+Mix+Database Build thread can be found here. These Tamiya 1:48 armoured vehicles are addictive! My next one - the little Dingo Mk II. I may have a go at painting the crew for this one. Thanks for looking!
  9. My next project, a out of the box of this little beauty. Some sprue shots The markings and metal weights for the hull (better I think than the cast lower hull on the Crusader I did recently). I am going to do "Phantom" I have had a go at mixing the paints for the Caunter scheme from the stock of Tamiya Acrylics that I have. So all good to go. Any comments or advice very welcome.
  10. "We have a victory,a remarkable and definite victory,a bright gleam has caught the helmets of our soldiers and warmed and cheered all our hearts",so Churchill told his audience at the mansion house speech on the 10th of November 1942,and we had,the three years of advance and retreat across the desert's of North Africa was in it's final phase it was indeed the end of the beginning.Right that,s the budding author side of me finished what we have are two ancient Airfix kit's of two of the Tanks that had fought that long campaign. As i said old(must be I built them as a kid when they came in poly bags) so rather than another aircraft I thought I would have another crack at them in my frail dotage! You know apart from the awful track's the moldings look pretty good and with a little care could end up a couple of nice little replica's,here's the sprue's of the Grant the Matilda I will post when I get the light.
  11. A bit of a pun for a thread title, but what we really have here is a new(ish) tool Tamiya Matilda dating from 2009 or so. Out of the box, one of the subjects is T6968 "Phantom", of 42nd RTR, in the Caunter scheme. Now it just so happens that IWM have a shot of this very tank: THE BRITISH ARMY IN NORTH AFRICA 1941. © IWM (E 3716E)IWM Non Commercial Licence So that’s good enough for me. This kit was a Hobbycraft bargain, although the manager tried to charge me £30, he changed his mind when I showed him this (I know, I’ve turned into a cheapskate…) Pricetag by jongwinnett, on Flickr The box and contents are typical Tamiya – well made, well-engineered and a little simplified in places. There is a choice of link and length tracks or vinyl bands. Matilda by jongwinnett, on Flickr Matilda by jongwinnett, on Flickr
  12. Tah-da! 1/76 Matilda is done! Base also done - Caunter colours, El-Alamein - slightly off historically - no Caunter camo left by El-alamein time, but, artistic licence :-) Enjoy - crit always welcome! Maybe too much weathering....not sure!
  13. Here I present my second AFV build, the Airfix 1/76 scale Matilda finished as a vehicle from 2/4 Armoured Regiment, Australian Army, New Guinea, 1944 (see here for details from the Australian War Memorial, also some great photos here from the same site). Intended as a long weekend quick build in time for Australia Day - and I managed it! The basic kit needed some modifications to make it look more like one of the Australian Matilda's, including cutting down the height of the commanders cupola, the addition of some scratch built stowage boxes and some wire mesh to cover the rear hull - my first serious attempt I think at any kind of scratch building. The model was brush painted with Tamiya Acrylic, the main colour being Tamiya XF-13 (ironically enough IJA Green). Weathered with dry brushing and washes of Italeri and Tamiya acrylics. WIP thread can be found here, many thanks to Sgt Squarehead and Steve (Fatfingers) for advice on colour and the modifications. Really beginning to enjoy these little tanks, a few more may be and I will have the courage to try a larger scale model. Thanks for looking.
  14. So for my next project I thought I would have a go at some armour - my second AFV build. I have chosen the Airfix 1/76 scale Matilda, with plan to be to finish it as a quick build of an Australian vehicle over the Australia Day long weekend. Box top and sprue shots: The decal sheet (so much smaller than the aircraft ones I am used to!): And here is the scheme I intend to build: So far I know I will need to adjust the hight of the cupola (thanks SleeperService), but my main concern is the colour. Darkish (jungle?) green seems to be the general consensus on the various websites I have looked at. I have checked http://www.mafva.net/other%20pages/starmer%20camo.htm and the suggestion is for SCC116 Very dark drab for the Far East however I cannot find a recipe for the Tamiya acrylics I use and I don't know whether this would also be suitable for Australian vehicles - any advice that could be given would be very welcome! I also have to mess with vinyl tracks, which I gather can be awkward, so any advice on how to deal with them would be very helpful.
  15. Hey everyone, You can see my introduction thread here. So, everything has arrived. Got the cutting mat and some tools, it's all pretty exciting! The tweezers I pinched from some manicure set thing, I read that they can come in handy! Obligatory picture of the box (I think they are obligatory anyways, I see them a lot). Now this is all the sprues, more than I thought there would be. Felt a tad overwhelmed at this point, excited overwhelmed but enough to make me think 'this is gonna be hard'. Some individual sprue pictures, I'm loving all the detail in this. Even the figures head doesn't to bad, I had read that I might need to get a replacement head from somewhere (forget the name now). So, all the sprues are back in the box and I've set my cutting mat up. Honestly I'm a weird mix of excited and anxious, I don't want to muck it up, although saying that I am anticipating mistakes galore. I'm glad I've posted up the start for all you to see and witness my first ever build, I'm imagining that will give me added motivation to complete. I had a quick look around online for extra bits for the Matilda, I know you can get little shiny, gold bits (damn memory, can't remember the name of them either!) that make for a more accurate build. It's a tad confusing for someone like me who doesn't yet know all the ins and outs, could anyone recommend a definitive accessory to buy to add on to this kit, that would be braw. Anyways, I'm off now to make my first start on it or better yet I'll go through the instructions first. Take care folks, Pi P.S Sorry about the photos, I've only got my phone will probably have to invest in a decent camera at some point!
  16. Dear Fellow Modellers Not sure if I posted this one before? I used the 3" howitzer barrel in the Tamiya kit to do the Close Support version. Round about late 1941 to 1942 the preferred Infantry tank was the Valentine with photos showing Matildas hanging in there as CS tanks. As most of you know the standard 2 pdr gun on British tanks was a one trick pony only firing AP rounds. The odd 3" howitzer gun was supposed to do the other roles of HE and smoke. So these Matildas were fairly common sites around the UK as these armoured regiments did their training So this is the Tamiya tank with Bronco tracks. Hope you like it? Andrew
  17. I posted some WIP photos, but forgot to post the result. So, this is my 1/76 Matilda converted into a CS version in Soviet service
  18. I bought this kit a few months ago to cannibalize the decal and it was laying in the very bottom of my stash since then. Recently, after a couple of months pause in modelling, caused by our son birth and I decided to spend some time on building something. I don't know why I chose this kit. Inspiration came from an articel I read a few months ago on converting Tamiya's 1/35 Matilda into a Soviet MkIV CS. So decided to use the article as a manual. Here is my progress as of several days ago:
  19. As part of our website we have loads of vehicle Walk-arounds http://leicestermodellers.weebly.com/its-for-real.html Come and take a look
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