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Found 11 results

  1. Good day all, Matchbox's 1/72 Vickers Wellesley. Seat harnesses and gunsights by Eduard, Bomb load from the Airfix Swordfish, scratchbuilt interior including the opened up wheel bays, Pegasus from Radial Engines and Wheels and Falcon vac-form canopy. Upper camouflage free-hand airbrushed Xtracrylix and undersides Mr Color Flat Black, with the fin flash airbrushed with Xtracolour Roundel Red and Blue. Decals from Kits World, Ventura, hobbyshop.cz and Modeldecal; all of them silvered despite a really shiny Mr Color gloss coat. Inspiration from this photo. Some WiP photos here. This aircraft, from 47 Sqn, was used to pick up the then Major Orde Wingate from Belaiya in Ethiopia in February 1941 while he was leader of Gideon Force. An unsung hero of a forgotten war, the Wellesley was instrumental in the campaign to prevent the Italians from driving the Allies from East Africa and then assisting the Afrika Corps by opening a southern front in North Africa.
  2. Hi Everyone, It's been a long time, and I am impressed and enthused by everyones participation in this group build already. That said my entry thus far is the Matchbox A-7D Corsair II kit. Back in the day I never built this one myself, although my dad did so I saw/played with it up close way back when. I've only just started it overnight, although I did remove the parts from the sprues some time ago, and have consequently misplaced the little man in the cockpit, yet fortunately for this build a somewhat blue chap who normally sits in a 2 seat Hunter has offered to stand in. As to my progress, well so far all I've got through is having finished cleaning up one fuselage half, the seat, fuel receptacle thingimy-jig and the tail pipe. While I've started cleaning up the intake parts as well. My plans are to paint it all, to hide our man blue. Plus finish it with all of the bombs, drop tanks, missiles, with wheels down and fitted on the stand as well. If I knew where the real A-7 driver was hiding I would build it without painting it. Yet I am just as happy to colour it in with paints as well. Of which the following pictures show the box, instructions and the parts I haven't worked on yet. Anyway cheers, and I hope you have all been well along the way since I was last here. Daniel.
  3. Here's my Matchbox Norseman, finished as VH-GSE of Ansett-MAL, which operated it in Papua New Guinea in the '60s. Built OOB, decals custom printed. This was built for the Australia and New Zealand Group Build, build thread is here. thanks for looking Julian
  4. Ready for inspection today is the Revell boxing of the old Matchbox Walrus in 1/72 scale. I would have preferred some pre-war British markings for this one, but didn't feel like paying nearly as much for decals as I did for the kit, especially when I wouldn't use the rest of the sheet. In any case, here is a French Navy Walrus, stationed at French Naval Training Base Hourtin in the summer of 1948. Apparently Walruses were used as training aircraft for pilots going on to fly the Sunderland. One mistake I did make was to align the top roundels with the ailerons, and not with each other, but it isn't terribly noticeable, thankfully. I may yet try to use a wash for the first time as well, as I have to imagine these aircraft were not the most well maintained / cleaned. Thanks all, Stay safe, Tweener
  5. I love Matchbox kits, they always go together really well despite lack of detail compared to modern kits. I picked this up from auction site a few years ago and it was a bit battered. Decals were ruined so utilised some from the Italeri kit - these were nearly as bad but were ok in the end so all good. Built OOB with addition of a few missing panel lines on top wing and some seatbelts.
  6. Hello everyone... I just bought a package deal of three Matchbox N.F. Meteor’s, yes I know Im a glutton for punishment. Some basic questions about the kit and the type ? 1) The kit comes with different noses but the real long nose is entirely fictitious isnt it ? So I can lose those. 2) RAF Squadrons and foreign operators is there a good list as to which type served with which unit or Air force. Im thinking two RAF and one Belgian, or one each from the RAF and two other operators ? 3) Aftermarket decals and parts Ive found some decal sets at Hannants, but can one of these be converted to a T.7, Is there a A/M conversion ? If not thats fine its just a question I thought I’d ask. 4) Im always looking for options/ideas so suggestions are welcome ? All answers of course a gratefully appreciated and accepted. Dennis
  7. Another Matchbox Hunter completed today....to join my other Royal Navy T8 so apologies if you don't like Hunters! 😁 Built OOB with just the addition of Tamiya tape belts and brass rod for the pitot tube, plus Fantasy Printshop decals for a No. 43 Sqn machine around 1959. Paints were Vallejo Model Air Aluminium, and Tamiya for the yellow trainer bands Comments appreciated, thanks for looking... (edit...oops just noticed some yellow overspray in the wheel wells! 😕)
  8. I've been looking to do a twin seat Hunter for a while but couldn't decide the best route. The Xtrakit offering isn't the easiest build apparently, plus it would need a replacement nosewheel. The PJ / Revell conversion is probably the most accurate and detailed but works out quite expensive, so the only alternative was to have a go at the old Matchbox offering. OK so it's probably not the most accurate and the shape isn't the best in some areas but it was a thoroughly enjoyable build and brought back many happy memories. It is completely OOB, with just the addition of some tape seatbelts and a plasticard nose wheel door to replace one I lost to the carpet monster. I filled the worst of the trench lines and used Xtradecals to show a Royal Navy T8. Unfortunately it's not totally accurate as I couldn't find an arrestor hook. Paints from Vallejo and then Humbrol for the dayglo. It won't win any competitions but I enjoyed the build so much I've picked up another couple! Thanks for looking, comments appreciated.
  9. Been reliving my childhood with some Matchbox straight OOB quick builds. Here is the latest addition - RAF 124 Squadron Spitfire Mk IX in 1/72 scale. The Matchbox kit is from 1973 that I got lucky on at an eBay auction. Colors are Tamiya (Medium Sea Gray. Ocean Gray, RAF Dark Green). Didn't do any chipping but gave it a panel line wash which was interesting considering it has both engraved and raised panel lines. I hope you like it. I added a picture of it with my other 2 recent matchbox builds - a Hurricane IIc and a Tempest II. Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions. Thx for looking!
  10. This is an attempt at the Douglas D-601 - F3D-3, which was an improved swept-wing version of the Skynight radar-equiped night fighter. In this case, it was done in a bid to avoid having this Matchbox model end up as parts in the spares box. I bought this one a long time ago and, years later, when I opened up the well-sealed box, I discovered it was missing many pieces, including the lower wings, landing gear and doors, the entire cockpit and several other parts. But, I did get an extra set of upper wing parts ........ so, with not much to lose, I decided that I would make an effort at building the interesting (but never completed) swept-wing edition of the Skyknight night-fighter. Naturally, pure chaos and comedy ensued ! I fashioned wings from the parts I had and they were then cut to produce the swept-wing. I had measured the angle carefully but I still needed some balsa-wood wedges (and toothpicks as wingspars) to get the proper look. I added sheet styrene extensions that were profiled to shape and used CA glue to reinforce the joints. The tail was done in a similar manner with sheet styrene additions and the vertical tail cut and then reversed before cementing back in place and then sanding to shape. Putty was applied at a number of places. Finally, the canopy was a real pain in the aft to install ! The real D-601 would have looked very good, almost like a smaller-size A-3 Skywarrior combined with a bit of the later A-6 Intruder. The swept-wing Skyknight was supposed to have more powerful J-46 turbojets, but Westinghouse couldn't get out of the woods with that engine (or the bigger J-40), so I'll imagine here in the pictures that it's 1956 - 1958 or so and this one has J-65 Sapphires or perhaps General Electric J-52's. Here's some snapshots of the F3D-3 flying about : Photo Series 9-23-14 016mod1XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 9-23-14 001mod1XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 9-23-14 005mod1XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 9-23-14 007mod1XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 9-23-14 009mod1XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 9-23-14 010mod1XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 9-23-14 011mod1 by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 9-23-14 013mod1XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 9-23-14 015mod1XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Mike
  11. This is a Heinkel He115 German seaplane reconnaissance/torpedo bomber in the older Matchbox 1/72 range. Besides Luftwaffe service this craft, designed in the late 1930's, also saw employment with Scandinavian air forces during WWII. The He115 was an attractive and solid-looking twin-float seaplane and could do an effective job as long as active fighter opposition was not in the area ! Photo Series 9-5-11 012mod6XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 7-8-12 037mod4XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 9-7-11-II 004mod5XCZ by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Photo Series 7-8-12 047mod4XCZN by mikedetorrice, on Flickr Mike
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