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Found 7 results

  1. I had this kit for a long long time. So on building I went. I have used the Aires cockpit and used a mixed of it and kit's parts to keep calm! Master barrels were used for all the 50 caliber MGs and Res kit wheels replaced the kit's ones. I thought the "Dirty Dora" was a striking deco and Accurate Miniature provides vinyl masks for that! But after all those years they were sticky no more. I went ahead but when I gave a try on the cowlings, using the kit's decals they explode despite the use of Micro decals! So everything was done with patience and white decals bands! Then one of the fishing weight I had used in the nose, went loose and decided to sit on the pilot seat! Thanks Lord the canopy was glued with white glue and I removed it, fixed the trouble and went ahead! Now it is done but what a struggle. My apologies for the pictures but I am not equipped to picture such a large plane. Those strafers B-25 were so much hated by te Japanese that most of the surviving shot down crews were beheaded on the slope of the Mother Volcano in Rabaul. best regards. 22557412-46BA-4D66-A727-36B5C0201F54_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 59FEEDBC-A8FA-4552-A19F-B322F06F2FC0_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 627C118A-ADD7-4A30-BD6C-C2585F47B5A5_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 6C791345-CB6F-4974-94B8-78FFE3D85179_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr C0759819-7397-44EA-A9E9-B2A17B609808_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 58473202-5319-4A92-80AB-6EB847624D51_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr A2C06068-9E70-41A4-B70B-8A8C63137DCB_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr F9DB8C4C-3F48-41B9-98F0-4D1E99B9AE5F_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr
  2. Hey everyone I thought I'd start a new thread on some thing that I have been wanting to do for a long time and that is the HK models 1/32 Lancaster cockpit (nose art). First off I want to get something off my chest and that is for £80.00 for a quarter of an airplane I expect it to be accurate? How HK models have managed to get certain elements of the basic airplane sooo wrong is beyond me and if your paying £400.00 for the full sized kit that was in development for 9 years (I may be wrong there) well really there is no excuse! Anyway I have found several references on line to the faults with the kit and ways to rectify them and on this very site is a rather helpful thread started by @224 Peter which gives the actual dimensions to the pilots platform plus some very useful images. So as is customary with my builds here are some pictures of the box art and AM that I will be using with this kit.. The box art.... AM... All the best Iain Ha ha only joking (or am I?) I've also invested in the Airscale instrument upgrade set Master Barrels Kits world Sutton Harness set (decals) And Edaurd masking set (bought before I received my Cricut) I have made a start butcher plastic (quite literally) but I don't have any photo's as yet. Cheers all and stay safe Iain
  3. Welcome to what should be the second build of this GB, the venerable Hasegawa Bf109G-6. I have had this kit for some time, collecting bits of AM, awaiting the right moment to present itself. The obligatory opening shots: Again the final scheme is undecided as yet but it will be one of the two provided: For Grislawski's aircraft, I also pulled the profile from the Eduard Bf109G-06 Royal Class to compare: Bartel's aircraft need a tropical filter and that is included in the AM: Onto the AM. Well if I cannot do something with this lot, I should give up. First is the HGW Riveting set, a first for me but I am keen to put my toe in the water, so to speak. On the metal side of the AM aisle we have Eduard full PE set, blotch mask set which may or may not get a run, canopy mask, Rexx exhausts and Master Barrels Fw190A-6 armament set for the MG131 tips, MG151 barrel for the gondolas and pitot: Moving over to the resin side of the AM aisle, we have Ultracast extra wide prop blades, wheels (on order) and Bf109G seat with belts, EE spinner, QB Tropical filter So that sees me set up for an exciting run of firsts. Regards,
  4. Gun Barrels and Static Wicks 1:32 Master Yet more releases from Master Models, but this time we have eight sets for 1:32 scale aircraft. Similar to the 1:48 scale sets reviewed earlier there are six sets of replacement barrels, and two sets of static discharge wicks. [AM-32-081] – This set contains two turned brass 20mm conical, (early) cannon fairings, two stubs and two muzzles, which have been designed for the Tamiya Spitfire IXe/XVIe. As with all these sets, they are direct replacement for the kit parts, but with a better look to them. [AM-32-082] – Also designed for the Tamiya Spitfire IXe/XVIe, this set contains two turned brass 20mm rounded, (late) cannon fairings, two stubs and two muzzles. [AM-32-083] – This set has been designed to fit the Tamiya Mosquito kit, and consists of four .303 Browning barrels, and their associated perforated cooling jackets, and four 20mm cannon muzzles, along with their associated spring sections. As with the 1:48 set, this set also contains a replacement pitot probe. [AM-32-084] – This is an upscaled counterpart to the 1:48 set that contains sixteen static discharge wicks for any F-16 kits. Even in this scale they are quite small, but a little easier to photograph and I presume, use. [AM-32-085] – As with the set above, this set is the larger scale counterpart of the 1:48 scale set for the Russian static discharge wicks. Again for use on Sukhoi aircraft, but may be of use on Migs as well, just check your references. These are certainly unusually shaped and quite distinctive. [AM-32-086] – This set if for early armament barrels for the P-38 and contains four 50 cal barrels, each of a different length, their attachment collars and drilled cooling jackets, plus the single 20mm cannon muzzle. [AM-32-087] – Also for the P-38, this time though these barrels are for a specific a late armament fitting and contains replacement 50 cal machine gun barrels, this time with covered cooling jackets, attachment collars, and the 20mm cannon muzzle. [AM-32-088] – Also for the P-38, this time though these barrels are for a the P-38M and contains replacement 50 cal machine gun barrels, attachment collars, and the 20mm cannon muzzle, each of which are fitted with cone like flash hiders. Conclusion There’s not a lot more I can say, that I haven’t said before. These are great replacements for the kit parts and give a higher fidelity that injection moulding cannot readily match. The perforations on the P-38 cooling jackets are superb and the static discharge wicks, well, actually all the parts are beautifully turned. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  5. Turned replacement barrels 1:350 Master It’s quite amazing the number of sets of turned barrels Master Models have released, and they continue to dominate in the field with the release of these four new packs. Each set comes with a small sheet of instructions informing the modeller how to use the metal barrels and what size holes you need to drill out once the styrene parts have been removed. [350-082] this first set is for the newly released USS New York battleship from Trumpeter. The small packet contains twelve turned aluminium barrels for the main 14” armament, eight turned brass 5” barrels and twelve turned brass 3” barrels. [350-085] This set is for the Trumpeter 1:350 Tsevarevich (1917), and contains four 12” turned aluminium barrels, twelve 6”, two 47mm and two 37mm brass barrels. [350-083] Contains eight 5”, (127mm) turned brass barrels for use on Japanese destroyers whose turrets are not fitted with blast bags. [350-084] Contains eight 5”, (127mm) turned brass barrels for use on Japanese destroyers whose turrets are fitted with blast bags. Conclusion Well, there’s not a lot more to say about these sets, other than if have a requirement to replace you kits barrels then you NEED them. They are so much better than the injection moulded ones can ever be, and will really enhance the finished models. I really would like to see the lathes that these are turned on. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  6. Hi all, I intended getting this finished for a trip to Scotland last year to give to my father, but the trip never happened. However, I went up at the weekend and finished the ship in time and then we finished the whisky!! The bottle that started it all. I've noticed from the pics that there are a few things I should have spent more time on and will probably fix them the next time I head north. Also, between my Dad, Brother, Great Uncle Ronnie and myself, I now have an empty bottle!!! Cheerz all, Jockster
  7. B-17 Brass Gun Barrels (for HK Models) 1:32 Master Barrels Cleverly, HK have moulded the barrels for their new and immense 1:32 B-17G as separate parts from the breeches of the .50cals, so they can be added later to avoid knocking them off. As you can imagine, the styrene barrels can be bettered by the use of brass parts, and of course Master were always going to make replacements. It was inevitable. This set arrives in their standard package, with an inner bag heat sealed into three sections for the barrels, cooling jackets and flash-hiders. There are thirteen barrels, onto which thirteen flash hiders slide, to be fixed with a little dab of CA on the mating points. You will need to insert them carefully the first time to clear the swarf from the drilling process, but once that has been cleared out, they slide in and out nicely. If you have a piece of 1.1mm brass rod nearby, it might be wise to ream them out before inserting the barrels, which are thinner in the middle, so may conceivably bend under extreme pressure if you encounter a log-jam of brass shards. Four of the barrels are supplied with large flash-hiders that slide over the tip of the barrels to both protect the operator from the blinding flash of their weapons, and to act as an intimidating sight for enemy aircraft attacking from front or behind, by giving the impression of larger calibre guns in those positions. A scrap diagram shows the correct positioning of the parts, and a little scraping of the diagonal cut will result in a better looking finish. Conclusion There is little more appealing on a model than a set of brass barrels, and a large model like the Fortress deserves only the best aftermarket thrown at it. Because the B-17 bristles with guns, it makes sense to replace the kit parts with these brass beauties, as they are a focal point in themselves. They aren't cheap, but they're worth it. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
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