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Found 25 results

  1. Ready for inspection, my A-4M, which has kept occupied for the past 2.5 months. This is out of the box except for the added weapons, and a few scratch built details in the landing gear and ejection seat. The centreline multi-ejector rack and Mk 82 bombs are from Hasegawa's weapons set A. The Sidewinders are spare Matra 550s from a Kinetic kit, modified to look like AIM-9Hs. I have kept the weathering light, to resemble what I saw in most photos of Skyhawks from this squadron and era. For more photos, and a few tips on the build, check my web page (link in my signature below).
  2. There is a photo from the Vietnam war, in black & white, showing a group of US Marines taking cover behind a tank during the street fighting in Hue, you’ve seen it, you know the photo. i am sure I saw a group of 1/35 figures depicting that scene some years ago but I am damned if I can rediscover them. Anybody got any ideas? It’s not a collection of Bravo 6 individuals but a complete set. Grateful for any help.
  3. Hi everybody, here's my latest off the workbench; I bought this kit last summer, at the gift shop of The Flying Leatherneck museum in Miramar, San Diego. I was there for vacation with all my family, and my youngest daughter in particular enjoyed so much that visit that she asked me to buy this kit and if she could help me building it. She did help during the first phases of the build, in fact; then, when things became more complicated for her, she just checked for progress She said she's happy about the final result, so ... It took me a little more than 3 months to build this kit
  4. Hi everybody; last August I was in California for a big family holiday/vacation and, among other things, I got the chance to visit the The Flying Leathernecks museum in Miramar, right next to the Marine Corps Air Station and just outside of San Diego. After the visit, we walked into their gift shop and my youngest daughter insisted on buying this kit, so that she and I would have built it together once home. Was I supposed to disappoint a 9 years old cute little girl? Not really! So I bought it and, after finally completing my 9 months build of the Italeri A-10A
  5. Do you have any idea (better supported by pictures of course) about the camouflage of UH-1N, CH-46 and CH-53D helicopters operating from LHA amphibious carriers between 1982 and 1984? Currently I'm building the Dragon/Italeri 1/700 USS Nassau LHA-4 featuring the airwing consisting of three abovementioned chopper types plus AV-8A and OV-10A planes. Harriers are already sporting the low-vis grey+green over light grey camo with black lettering and all-black insignia. Broncos are overall dark green with black lettering and insignia, but how did the helos look these days? On a picture sho
  6. 1/10th Mookies miniatures bust of a RM SBS Commando during the Fanning head raid on the Falklands in 1982. Painted with acrylics - Vallejo, Tamiya, Andrea;
  7. hi everyone new here got myself some Airfix 1/32 US Marines the other day thinking it would be simple but I do not use Airfix paint I use tamiya paint I have tried looking it up what tamiya paint to use for em but most evolve mixing and stuff and this may sound noobish but I dont like doing that. I have tried using converters from airfix to tamiya charts and I just dont get it. if anyone has a idea how to paint would really like to know. cheers this is the sort I am trying to do http://thepacific.wikia.com/wiki/Uniforms_depicted_in_The_Pacific http://thepa
  8. Howdy Everyone, Just put the finishing touches on my latest effort so I thought I`d share some pic`s My attempt at Eduards boxing of Hasegawas 1/48 F-8 Crusader Kit Finished in the markings of `The Stinger` of VMF(AW)232, while based at Da Nang 1966-67 Chose this scheme to complement my `Red Devils` Phantom you might remember from a while back, as I was a bit disappointed with the selection that came with the kit The rest is pretty much from the box contents, just added some brake pipes from some wire, the MER`s and bombs came from a Has` A-7
  9. Hi Everyone, Finally got to do some modelling after a 2 week break and managed to put the finishing touched on my latest effort this morning My attempt at building a CH-53D from Revells 1/48 CH-53G kit and finishing it to represent........... A US Marines Sea Stallion at about the time of `Operation Frequent Wind Option IV` 29th April 1975 Which was the evacuation of Saigon, S Vietnam following the N Vietnamese invasion of the city Most of the work consisted of leaving lots of aerials and sensors off and using the earlier type main rotor blades
  10. Hi all, Having just completed my YA-7F project posted earlier, I decided to try and squeeze in an old "shelf queen" that has been in the works for 3 or 4 years. As a very slow progressee, it didn't seem very suitable for a W.I.P., so here are just the pictures of the final result. The kit was the venerable Hasegawa SBD-3, with a few mods, and some aftermarket parts: The True Detail TD72461 SBD/A-24 cockpit set, as well as the Carrier Deck's Accessories 1/72 SBD Dauntless Dive Brakes set. Paints used were Model Master and Colourcoats enamels. Since I wa
  11. Hi everyone, finally finished my attempt at building a Electric Intruder from the Wild Weasel boxing of the 1/48 Revell/Monogram kit Although not done as a Wild Weasel as I wanted to do a Vietnam aircraft Used a mixture of the kit decals and a few from the stash to represent an aircraft of VMCJ-1, Marines, Da Nang, South Vietnam, circa 1969-72 The actual aircraft is an option in the box but in US Navy markings Apart from a little detailing on the canopy frame, some slightly altered antenna and drilling out some of the various air ducts it`s what`s in
  12. Hi Everyone, Just finished refurbishing my attempt, at making something resembling a Bronco from the very old Hawk 1/48 prototype kit I posted it here quite a few years ago but had to do it in very generic markings as there wasn`t any aftermarket ones available The last year I picked up Caracal Models Bronco Sheet CD48068 in the hope that a new tooling would soon follow..... .....but alas it didn`t happen. So the next best thing I thought was to tidy up and partially repaint the one I`d done to represent an actual aircraft ........ ..
  13. Hi Everyone, I`m relieved to say that this one is finished, my attempt at Academy`s 1/48 scale F-4J kit Finished to represent an aircraft of: US Marines, VMFA 232, the `Red Devils`, based at Nam Phong RTAB, circa 1972 The aircraft itself is mostly what is in the box except for the rear view mirrors and some added seat belts but I added some different armament to fit the units mission and theatre of operation These being some Eduard Brassin` Zuni Rocket Pods and some Rockeye Cluster Bombs from the spares box . The decals came from Furb
  14. Hi Everyone. Hope you don`t mind seeing some photo`s of my just completed Hobby Boss 1/48, Grumman A-6A Intruder Completed to represent an A-6A of VMA(AW)-242, `The Bats`, U.S, Marines, Da Nang, South Vietnam, circa 1968 I was looking to do something different with the weapons load than the normal `Snakes and Rockeyes`, when I came across a photo... on line and later a profile in the Osprey Book, of one loaded with WWII vintage 2000 pounders, decorated as Easter Eggs. Had to make a few modifications to back date the base kit to fit the time fram
  15. Hi Everyone, Just took some photo`s of my latest effort: Hasegawa`s 1/48 TA-4J kit completed as a TA-4F Forward Air Controller Skyhawk...... ...to go with my Kittyhawk Marines FAC Cougar you may remember me posting. Finished to represent a TA-4F of US Marines, H&MS-11, based at Da Nang, South Vietnam around 1972. Luckily all the parts I needed to back date to a `F` were still included in the box. The markings were a mixture of items from the decal stash and some various coloured stripes I bought off Hannants The Zuni Rockets are m
  16. Hello everybody. I've been away from this site (and, indeed, model making) for a rather long time. Recently, however, I have noticed the old urges making themselves felt and so here I am. My entry for this GB is Italeri's UH-34J Sea Horse. I've been interested in this type since I first saw Full Metal Jacket and innocently asked why a Wessex was appearing in a Vietnam War film . In the interests of actually finishing a GB I'll be building the subject of the box art, in an OOBish sort of way. I do have the Airwaves etch for it but I'm cautious about committing myself to all that eff
  17. Hello, In between bursts of enthusiasm for my ongoing 1/24 Tiffie build I've scaled right down and been gradually working on the very fine 1/72nd Academy Crusader. I've always liked this US jet, building the old Hasegawa version many many years back and trying/failing to do something decent with the Esci 48th version a while ago. In this scale I can afford to visit the aftermarket, and have added Eduard's Zoom, Quickboost slats (with Flaps to follow) and intakes. I've read that the slats set is too short - we'll see, they certainly have finer edges than the kit parts, which itself is beaut
  18. Hi Everyone, thought I`d post some pic`s of my latest effort; My attempt at sticking together Kitty Hawk Models 1/48 `Twougar` Done as a TF-9J, FAC Cougar, of the H&MS-13, US Marines, based at Chu Lai, South Vietnam Built completely OOB with no additions what so ever Had a lot of problems getting the parts to stay stuck together on this one, as the plastic seems to only partially bond using normal cement and bits would seem to be stuck only to break off whilst handling it later on Still, I`m glad to have one in the collectio
  19. Bell AH-1G Cobra 'Marines' Special Hobby 1:72 The US Air Force started to use helicopters early in the Vietnam War as offensive platforms. Following a failed attempt to provide a dedicated attack helicopter in the guise of the Model 207 Sioux Scout in the early ‘60’s, Bell independently invested $1m into a new helicopter using some of the technology of the infamous UH-1 Iroquois, or more affectionately known ‘Huey’. This was in spite of the fact that the Army was more interested in a Lockheed venture with the AH-56 Cheyenne in response to Bells previous failure, however that didn’t come
  20. Hi Everyone, I`m afraid I`ve nothing new to show, so hope you don`t mind seeing one from a year or two ago Monogram boxing of their 1/48 F-8 Crusader In the kit markings of VMF-235, `The Death Angels`, Da Nang, South Vietnam, around 1965 I modified the kit seat to more resemble the real thing, widened and lowered the main gear, raised the nose gear slightly and........ added some 2000lbers off a Tamiya Skyraider, as per several pic`s in books I`ve seen and suggested by someone on another forum Hope you enjoy looking at, Cheers Russ
  21. Morning Everyone, Just finished my shifts so I thought I`d show some pic`s of my 1/48 Gallery Models H-34, before I hit the sack. Built as Mr Gallery Models intended with just a very few additions, which include some hydraulic hoses for the winch and the antenna on the fuselage underside Also improved it a bit by cutting away the areas beneath the Photo-Etch mesh on the nose although I did leave the smaller areas around the tail as per the instructions as they weren`t a great match I mixed the paint to represent the Marines Field Gree
  22. Hi all, just finished my Academy 1/48 scale CH-46A Sea Knight or Phrog Done as aircraft of HMM-262, US Marines, the `Flying Tigers, Vietnam 99% Out of the box, only additions being seat belts, a cable run along each cabin side (that you can hardly see) and some bits of wire to simulate pipes on the rotor hubs. there`s a lot of decals on it, which took me 3 evenings to complete oh, and I used some kitchen roll to simulate sound proofing on the cabin roof to cover where Academy left a gap at the rear and you can see the fuelage join
  23. Hi All, Here is my latest build, which I am happy to say was terrific fun from start to finish. In fact it was such fun that I didn’t even bother to photograph the sprues (absent the fuselage halves which a previous owner had untidily liberated from those same sprues). The fun was so great that I also didn’t bother to take any work in progress shots either, since it was a simple “Matchbox”® kit from a 1973 boxing, which saw it built rather rapidly. Now that it’s complete I can share my musings on this kit, which I first experienced through a 1974/75-style boxing as a child of 8. Although I
  24. Hi all, Thought I`d take the chance to show you my build of Czech Models 1/48 Skyknight, which I had to build as I never thought I`d see one injection moulded in `48th. Done as a US Marines Ef-10b ECM aircraft Based at Da Nang, South Vietnam around 1965 built virtually out of the box, only additions being Home made windscreen wiper, seat belts, and brake pipes if I remember correctly Hope you enjoy looking at, Russ
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