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  1. So just some thoughts going round in my head for possible future builds. Torpedo bombers based in Malta? wellingtons, swordfish and Beauforts, I know of but have very little knowledge and can find very little reference info (it’s malta so that makes sense) as to what they looked like. I know wellingtons were 38 and 221 sqn and worked at night so pretty much guarantee black lower surfaces. But any info on marks? I’ve found a few pics of wellies being loaded with fish and they appear to have their front turret removed. swordfish were, 815, 828 (mainly albacore
  2. Hello everyone... This was built as a companion build to my Hurricane Mk.1. shown here in this RFI. I built it after asking multiple questions for almost two years, as well as asking more questions in this thread. I built it as one of P.Ofc. George Buerlings Mk.Vb’s. I used the Italeri Mk.Vb which wasn't that bad of a kit. However i am not satisfied with the cockpit. The instructions have you make a weird mount for the seat frame. Mine didn't work out right, so the seat is in very odd position. I went through the entire construction and paint for a Maltese Spitfire. I actually
  3. Hello everyone.. Im presenting my Airfix 1/72 Hurricane Mk.1. I built it using Alleycats metal wing resin conversion. It is part one of two kits built to represent defenders of Malta. The 2nd is a Mk.Vb Spitfire which will get its own RFI soon. This Mk.1 Hurricane is V7101 flown in the defence of Malta, by Flt.Lt. George burges of 69 Squadron. I started this project in September of last year. I used this Thread, https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235043421-69-squadron-malta-hurricane/ to confirm some information. Im quite pleased with the kit overal
  4. Hello everybody ... Im looking for some information about Hurricane’s Mk.1A V7101 & Mk.1A P3144 flown by Flt.Lt. George burges. I have a few profiles (yes i know) listed with #69 squadron @ Luqa. However they all show the Hurricanes painted in a solid color with exception for the vertical/horizontal stabilizers. The profiles show everything from a medium grey to almost black. I have read they were for Reconnaissance ? I’ve read medium sea grey as a possible color ? Is PRU blue another possibilty ? Any thoughts, ideas, help would be greatly appreciated. De
  5. Ok ive been running in circles so im going to ask the forum. What kind of Spitfire did George Buerling fly when flying in Malta ? Ive seen Vb’s and Vc’s accredited to him ? Did he fly both types ? Or is this just a case of confusion from non experts with mis-identifying the V sub-types ? Yes i know a huge can of . But im trying to build a Vb from Malta and it comes with the decals for beurling ?
  6. I'm just about to start building a Bf 110 D or E from ZG 26 in Trapani, Sicily. I was wondering what to equip my kits' underwings with, if I want to depict a fighterbomber on its way to Malta? Centrally carried 2x500 kg bombs are a natural choice, but were the 300 litre fuel tanks for wing racks the only option or did the range allow 2 smaller bombs per wing instead? I'll go for the fuel tanks in my build but would just like to know how it was. Thanks in advance, V-P
  7. The Gloster Gladiator – Airframe Album 12 Valiant Wings Publishing The tagline "A detailed guide to the RAF's last biplane fighter" is a perfect summation of the Glad, which soldiered on long past its sell-by date due to the pressures of a war that it wasn't really designed to cope with. It was always going to be a stop-gap aircraft, and was the winner of the competition for which the original Supermarine Type 224 was submitted. Developed from Gloster's experience with previous biplane fighters, the Gladiator bore more than a passing resemblance to how I would im
  8. Evening all, Does anyone have a clear idea of what the paint scheme would have been on Upholder in her pomp please? I've seen/heard that green over green is possible, also blue over red or all over one shade of blue-grey. I would very much like to pop my little U-class in for the current Mediterranean GB but have never reached a conclusive answer on her appearance. Many thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  9. Just finish these recently for the MTO GB. Cheers Jes
  10. I will enter this one, the new Blenheim from Airfix. I have just read the exelent book by Tony Otoole, No place for beginners, very recomedable, and been inspired to do som Malta a/c. I have build the Mk. 1 before, so i decided to glue the fuselage together first as I had some fitting issues when doing as the drawing said last time. Cheers Jes
  11. Hello everyone, apologies for my delayed start on this GB. SO much loveliness being built! Between now and Christmas there's a couple of builds I'd like to do but I'm going to start with something of a later vintage than I'm accustomed to: a 23 Squadron Mosquito NF.II based on Malta in 1942-43. The squadron had been flying intruder missions over France before it was withdrawn at short notice, re-equipped and flew to from the UK to Luqa, with a five-day stop in Gibraltar, in December 1942. It was equipped with Mosquito NF.IIs and stayed on the Island until October 1943.
  12. It feels like I'm under-performing in this GB. I've got a Mosquito on hold because the canopy needs a set of masks and a 'quick and dirty' P-40B that is proving to be anything but quick. So while I await the kabuki tape assistance needed to finish both of my (current) aeroplanes I've decided to build something without a canopy. Or any windows, in fact. It's HMS Upholder. Despite the human story of the siege and the excitement caused by her heroic aerial defence, Malta's key role in the war was always offensive. The Royal Navy was pre-eminent in Malta's strategic role an
  13. Hello all! So I am on a trip to Malta that I planned around their Airshow. Pretty much the only reason Malta came to my attention for a trip this year was that my last attempt to see the Polish Iskra team isn't Florennes, Belgium they cancelled. I wanted to visit Malta anyway - so made it a holiday. Thw he Airshow was actually cancelled on the 25th due to poor weather. I'm very glad I went on the 24rh where it was near perfect skies. There were not many attendees this year...but the main draws were the Polish TS-11 jet trainer display tea m "Bialo-Czerwone
  14. Hello I am searching infos about the Fulmar mk. I (N4004) of 800X Squadron, shot down by Italian anti-aircraft fire, off Siracusa (Sicily) on the night of October, 8, 1941. The wreck lies on a sandy bottom at about 15 meters depth. I would like to build this aircraft in 1/72 and I need info mainly regarding camouflage pattern and individual code. Thank you for your help Domenico
  15. I have just been having a trawl around on Google Earth and found, what appears to be, a WW2 or early postwar era submarine in Malta Dockyard's basin, Grand Harbour. At first I thought it was a U-Boat but I don't think any survived to be in a floating condition. Does anyone know more about this and confirm the class, better still the name, of this submarine which is afloat? Mike
  16. Airfix 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb "Build Introduction" (4.1.16) Hello Chaps, In 3 weeks time, my wife and I will be moving to our new home, so, I'm not going to start another large scale plane build until we are settled in. But, that said, I feel I might be able to grab a few hours here and there, in between packing, to build a smaller quicker build kit. Therefore, I've chosen this kit, which was one of five kits that my wife bought me for Christmas from the Airfix "Black Friday" sale. I have made a start on her this week, but haven't found the time to start a WIP on here until now. So
  17. I just ran out of time to complete this one within the Hurricane GB, so here's my take on the famous 242 Squadron Hurricane Mk.IIc that was based on Malta from late 1941 to early 1942. Usually this aircraft is modelled in Desert colours but I think that's a red herring. One or two early Hurricane Mk.I arrivals were in DE/MS and the aircraft flown out from Egypt by 229 Squadron in March 1942 were in full Desert trim. Apart from that, almost every Hurricane on the Island was in Temperate Land Scheme, including BE402. Here is the original aircraft after its famous nose-over moment in November 19
  18. Quick and dirty Hurricane build coming up! I've been meaning to get this one done since the Malta GB in 2012. Hobbycraft's old IIc is, I think I'm right in saying, based on the old tool Airfix Mk.I and for the purist it does neither one thing or the other. It looks like a Hurricane, however, and I still think that the old Airfix is the nicest 1/48 Hurricane out there for shape. Keep the cockpit closed and nobody will mind too much about the lack of detail. The subject is to be that old favourite, BE402, which was photographed with 242 Squadron markings LE-S after nosing over on the Island. M
  19. I went looking for this, but could only find Part 1. I thought that there was more but can't find anything in the Airfix back issues listings - was more ever published?
  20. So, I am in danger of repeating myself.....well I say that! I have repeated my self three times in the BofB GB, but here I go again. Airfix kit, which is a little cracker, but completely limited by only coming as a rag wing It's this version Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr However I will not be doing it OOB, and this is the repeating bit, I will be adding a set of rescribed older airfix hurricane wings! And the subject is one I have always wanted to do! Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr I love aircraft from malta and have always wanted to model this hurricane due to its link to
  21. I finally finished my Spitfire Vb yesterday, having struggled to find a decent matt varnish. I thoroughly enjoyed this kit, except for the landing gear.
  22. Hi All, I started my Spit Vb a couple of weeks ago. It's proving to be as pleasant as other new tools in the Airfix Arsenal (well, apart from the landing gear) and I thought I ought to share my progress so far... Masked and Primed I painted the underside in a mix of Hu 90, and 34, to tone down the green tint of their sky Painted topside in Tamiya Flat Earth I tried my luck with free hand camo on the HU 27, a bit poor but I tidied it up with blu tac, and more flat earth And this is the result after tidying her up Sitting on her wheels (after a little swearing and superglue)
  23. Hi all, So this is my second RFI but my first WIP. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234979665-148-spitfire-vbmalta/ It's not my normal scale and my first try ant any sort of detail like this and scratch building (very tiny bit in the cockpit but it counts). The kit is the old tool airfix vb.... not the best kit in the world but it came out OK, I definitely learnt a lot (like buy the new tool one). So the aircraft! Spit vb from malta flown by this chap Squadron leader johnny lynch, an American pilot who joined the Eagle squadrons then transfered to malta, after that h
  24. Hello! I have redone this post as i am having a tech nightmare! So the aim is to build the old tooling airfix spitfire VB which is actually from the 2010 vc boxing . The easy option may have been to build a vc with the newer parts as they are more detailed..... but i'm not..... I really love squadron leader johnny lynch's AC from his time on malta. http://agapemodels.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/lynch-spitfire.jpg 1/48 is not my thing I am a 1/72 kinda chap, but this is for my kids ceiling (their request!) Which is about 11 ft high and I want them to see it. It needs to be blue as tha
  25. My daughter bought me the new tool 1:48 Spitfire Vb at Christmas time and last year I picked up cheap at a swap and sell the Malta Defender's boxing of the Special Hobby Spitfire Vc. I thought it would be instructive to build both of them "side by side". The Special Hobby kit was a bit trickier than the Airfix kit (no surprise really), although the Airfix kit did have its moments (the landing gear legs were particularly troublesome). I also did not make use of all of the photo etch in the Special Hobby kit - not being a great fan of it. Rather than use CA glue I used Humbrol Clearfix, which wo
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