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  1. Hello and Welcome to a collection of my builds that I'll fill up as this CraZY year progresses. Hope you enjoy them. Johnny Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a/U1 by Airfix 1/72 WIP RFI The Mighty "JUG". P-47 N Thunderbolt by Academy 1/48 WIP RFI De Havilland Sea Venom 1/32 by Revell / Matchbox WIP RFI Dr Spadgent's House of Horrors . ( Multitudinous modelling
  2. Hi ho folks - straight off finishing Johnny Red’s Hurricane, I’m pretty eager to start a non hurricane related subject / since my last 3 builds have been the same aircraft. So lets wash that type out of my hair with something completely different: It’s Tamiya - apparently it’s a very nice kit so I’m very much looking forward to possibly not having to break the laws of physics trying to make things fit That said I didn’t want to make things a little too easy on myself... I bought some Aires resin engines to spice things up a littl
  3. I finish it, as extras it has the Jumo motor in resin from Quickbosst, masks and wheels from Eduard, canopy from Rob Taurus since Revell's had a small bubble and EagleCals decals. Primed with Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500, painted with Gunze, subsequent treatment with oil and watercolor pencils, final varnish with Ultra Matte from AK. Regards.
  4. Aaaarrgghhh I can’t take it anymore!!! The Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a/U1 By Airfix 1/72 Good evening you lot. I’d like to welcome you to my first build of 2020. As the title suggests “Aaaarrrgghhh I can’t take it anymore !!“ I’m talking about the kit I’m currently finishing off. It’s one of those Sci-Fi jobbies. There’s just no glue, fit issues, learning new stuff, banter, all the stuff I love about modelling. It’s looking good but all I seem to be doing is disassembling parts I’ve already assembled and painting said bits on sticks before assembling again. I don’t know wha
  5. Hello guys! Today I made the final push with the Tamiya kit and finished it in two hours. I forgot to install the armoured headrest because Tamiya didn't show it in the instructions, and by the time I found it, the canopy was firmly in place.
  6. After taking a look at these two links: I've decided to contribute to the late Luftawaffe club with my own version of Rudolf Sinner's Me 262. I'll paint it in RLM 70/71/76. The kit is the excellent Tamiya model, which has decals for four versions.
  7. Hi, which colours would be better suited to represent this aircraft flown by Rudolf Sinner? RLM 70/71, RLM 70/82, RLM 70/83, RLM 82/83 (which doesn't have any tonal variation on the Dora I built), ot RLM 81/82? Personally, I think the first option would be more colourful, but I'd like to know a definitive answer. TIA! P.s: Here's the Dora in 82/83:
  8. Good night fellow modellers, here are some photos of my most recently comopleted model, Tamiya's excellent Me 262A-1a. I used the decals provided by Tamiya, and using the trick of hot water managed to make them thin enough to sink into the panel lines. I also used two brush strokes of Microsol. My next Me 262 from Tamiya will be painted in Major Rudolf Sinner's Green 1. I'll paint it in RLM 70/71.
  9. Hello all, after my completion of the massive 1:32 Ju 87G from Hasegawa, I decided to go back to my usual scale of 1:48 and build the famous Me 262 done by Tamiya. Here's the boxart, pretty nice. The obligatory shot of the sprues. They're six in total, five in dark grey and one clear. The instructions and the decal sheet: And finally, the nose wheel well/counterweight. The kit will be built as Heinz Bär's famous Me 262A-1a Red 13 in the RLM 81/82/76 scheme, with its red nose. If you'd like to see my progress, click on th
  10. Evening all, I'm after details relating to the above aircraft which is pictured at Zatec airfield in 'Air War over the Czech Lands' by Jiri Rajlich. There is just one photo, in which the aircraft is partially dismantled; the accompanying profile shows it with a replacement tail unit in 74/75 and no markings at all apart from national insignia and the 'A'. Has anyone seen other images of this aircraft? I'm very keen to find out more about its camouflage and markings, and also about its history before it ended up in pieces at Zatec. Any help much appreciated!
  11. This is a marker for this GB, as I have multiple unfinished builds all over the place at the moment. This kit will make a pleasant change I hope, as it's much newer than the ones I normally build and as it's sealed in the bag hopefully complete ! So just an FW200 Condor in the Maritime GB, and 3 trainers in the Trainers GB, then I will be back ! Meanwhile please drop in on my daughter Rose with her Arado 196 in this GB as I'm hoping to encourage her in our great hobby. cheers Pat
  12. Hello! Here is my Academy 1:72 Messerschmitt Me 262C-1a which I built 10 years ago. The Me 262 is one of my all-time favourites and I only bought this over-priced kit because of the option to make this variant with the tail rocket to help gain altitude. I had to double-check since the box size seemed to be for a 1:48 kit! It represents V186, the "Heimatschützar I" prototype, Wk Nr 130186, which was first flown by Gerd Linder from Lechfeld, Germany on 27 January 1945. It was later flown by Obersleutnant Heinz Bär of III./EJG 2 from Lechfeld in early March 1945, when he reputedly shot
  13. Continuing with the topic of my last model: I built the Hobby Boss 1:48 Me 262A-1a with the same theme, and painted it entirely in red, the way it looked in the show. Regarding the aircraft itself, it wasn´t as well fitting as the Fw 190D-9. The gun bay is designed to be posed open, so the covers won´t seat flush with the rest of the fuselage. I used the weight that came with the kit, and found it pushed the nose outwards a bit, but pressure, glue and superglue fixed everything in place. The biggest problem with this kit was the way Hobby Boss decided to attach the big
  14. As the title says, is the noseweight provided on the Hobby Boss 1:48 Me 262A-1a heavy enough to avoid the aircraft from tailsitting? The weight doesn't feel too heavy. I was thinking on adding another 30 grams or so in the space between the cannon and cockpit's bulkheads. Adding the armament might also help. I could also delete the roof of the nose gear (where the cannons are glued), add the nose bulkheads, and then add another weight in there as a roof. Any help is welcome. Funnily enough, I wasn't able to find any build reviews for this kit
  15. I found this image while searching for Heinz Bär´s Me 262. I think it´s Nowotny´s aircraft because of the 8 in front of the cockpit and the yellow band behind it, said band was present on the Me 262´s assigned to Kommando Nowotny. Notice that the aircraft has mottling behind the cockpit instead of a splintern pattern. Edit: I added a second picture.
  16. Here´re the photos of my latest model, Revell´s 20 year old Me 262A-1a. The model had an overall good fit, except for the front nose piece, which curves up and the canopy, which has a terrible fit (worst fitting part in the entire kit). I added a 30 gram lead weight in the frontal bulkhead of the cockpit, and discovered after attaching the wheels that it was just enough to keep the model from being a tail seater (I bought some 10 gram weight that I´ll cut in half and glue them as forward as possible for the next time). I´m also accepting advice regarding how I should take my pho
  17. It was nice to finally open again Revell Germany´s rectangular blue box. I had built this model twice in the past, both times I ended up with a mess instead of a plastic model (the second time I ended with melted plastic because I used too much glue on my weight in the nose), but this time I got a fully assembled aircraft without much trouble. Time has not been kind to the model, the moulds are worn, resulting in a lot of flash, particularly in the lower nose assembly. Instructions forget to mention to open holes for the lower antennae and the circular one over the fuselage. I w
  18. I bought Revell´s Me 262A-1a, and I´m inclining to build the aircraft as the mount of Erich Mikat, but I have doubts about the camouflage. Revell´s instructions show an aircraft with high fuselage demarcation line of RLM 76 with several squiggles of RLM 81 and a splinter pattern in RLM 81/82 on top, however, Osprey Aircraft of the Aces "German Jet Aces of World War 2" show the same aircraft with a solid RLM 82 (or 83) camouflage and several RLM 76 squiggles on the fuselage. There´s one real life photo of the aircraft, but its too small to figure something out. Anything is
  19. Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe. Me 262 A-2a W.Nr.112372 at The RAF Museum Hendon, pics mine.
  20. Hi, Another Messerschmitt - Me 262 a1a, Revell, decals from drawer, markings of a/c W.Nr 110826, ,9k+LK belonging to I/KG(J)51, Germany spring 1945. Comments welcome, cheers. Jerzy-Wojtek
  21. Hello fellow modellers! I think the best way to introduce yourself to a new forum is to share some of your work. So here it is, my latest finished build which is the gorgeous Me 262 from Hobby Boss. It provides you with a nearly flawless fit and great details for just around 20€. Nothing to complain about. The only extras I've used are a set of Brassin wheels (Eduard 648106) and some wire for detailing the back of the instrument panel. Painting all that curly-wurly nearly left me nuts, but in the end I can live with the result (despite some splatter here and there). And yes,
  22. The Messerschmitt Stiftung is a collection of Messerschmitt-Planes in flying condition. The Planes home is in Manching AB, near Ingolstadt.
  23. Hi, I have had an idea to build this 'What If' for quite a few years now but I never got around to it... however my club voted to make our club display at next years Southernn Expo show a What If theme so there are no excuses not to build it.... My original idea came about while I was modelling and researching aircraft of the Irish Air Corps.... I noticed that the IAC allocate a simple code for each of their aircraft with each new batch issued the next available number... Twelve Hawker Hurricane mk.I's were ordered for the Irish Army Air Corps in 1940 but were not delivered due to a wart
  24. Messerschmitt Me 262 A - 1a "Yellow 2" 3/KG(J) 54, Ruzyne 1945 Hobby Boss 1/48th Last year was a very quiet year for me modelling wise and am determined 2014 will see me start to clear some of the stash. Having said that, it hasn't been a good start as I have been suffering with a herniated disc in my neck which has made modelling quite painful. My first effort for this year is Hobby Boss's vice free kit of the Me 262 A. Although the panel line and rivet detail isn't really appropriate, it is nicely done. I built it OOB except for some lead wire brake lines and EZ Line antenna wire. Paints
  25. Hello friends, here you are the result of my latest effort... The 1/48 Italeri kit is apretty good one, plenty of details and photo etched parts. The model is basically OOB with just few scratch built details such as the radar antenna and some internal parts of cockpit and landing gear bays. For painting I used a mix of Tamiya and Italeri acrylic colours sprayed with a gravity airbrush using a 0.2 mm nozzle. Any comment and suggestion is more than welcome. Thanks for looking. Cheers Andy
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