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Found 179 results

  1. Fresh off the bench, Fine Molds Me-410 A1... A very nice little kit with just a few annoying fit issues and decals that are practically unusable, it was the first proper test of my new airbrush (H&S Evo CRplus) and it passed with flying colours! Built along side my F-4E for the Vietnam group build, primed with Stynylrez white and painted with Xtracrylix, which seem to be by far the best match for authentic RLM colours, the only really tricky part of the build is the 3 piece canopy which seemed to take ages to get right, im more than happy with the finished model though and its satisfied my Luftwaffe fetish for a while!
  2. Thought I might challenge myself for my post-Wellesley build and pulled out the Matchbox Dornier 28D. Original 1984 boxing The kit iself is fairly simple so to add a bit of 'OMG why did I start this?' I thought why go for the standard Luftwaffe scheme when there's an allover white option that I can go nuts on.. SE-EDT, Swedish Red Cross, Biafra/Nigeria 1969 But...cabin internals...? Any ideas of the layout? If I can't find anything on the original (all external shots so far) I was thinking something like: The door is to the rear of the side facing seat (where the lip is), and I'll add a rack for the equipment as a rear bulkhead. Plausible? ...or madness...
  3. I'm usually a firm Cold War man (with a fair bit of modern), but recently I've been getting rather interested in the last days of the Reich and the aircraft that they were producing: I love the idea that while these apocalyptic battles were going on closer and closer to Berlin, Nazi scientists worked feverishly using untapped technologies to create devastating new superweapons to unleash on the allies...well, you get the idea! So I ended up buying the 1/72 kit of an aircraft that's actually been thrown into the limelight recently with the Zoukei-Mura 1/32 kit. It's been in my stash for a couple of months now but with halloween approaching, I thought that it would be a good time to build this undoubtedly sinister looking aircraft. Lovely box art showing the Go229 in action: Nicely detailed fuselage: Cockpit parts in place and given a quick blast of rattlecan Humbrol Dark Sea Grey Wings clamped and drying: Instrument panel painted and decaled: Seat basecoated in Tamiya XF-61 Dark Grey, painted in Vallejo Model Air American Blue, harness straps and headrest done in XF-60 Dark Yellow, buckles done in XF-56 Metallic Grey, then the whole thing washed in Citadel Devlan Mud Off camera, I also gave the cockpit area a wash and did the rails and picked out the details in Metallic Grey Until next time!
  4. Hello here some pictures of my newest roll out. Its one of the Eduard Fw 190 posted as a WIP double build, a while ago. Since my last update, a third 190 has entered my bench and i made the decision to finish them not together but in a loose row. The build can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234970200-eduard-focke-wulf-fw-190-a-8-a-8-r2-148/ Hope you like this one.
  5. Hello and thanks for your interest, this is another marking option from AZ Model's latest G-10 "Diana" kit. It represents 'Gigi', a machine of II/JG 52, in the closing weeks of the war. I could not find a historic photograph of this machine, so I had to relate to AZ Model's paint instructions and a color profile in a Kagero book (JG 52) respectively. Photo etch parts from Brengun, vacu canopy from Rob Taurus. Painted with Gunze acrylics. Weathering with pastel chaks and artist's oils. Greetings from Vienna! Roman Photographs: Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes
  6. Hello, here's something without guns, just for a change ... It's AZ Model's 1/72 Bücker Bü-181 that I had received from a fellow IPMS member a couple of years ago. A very simple kit with only 35 parts, that seems to be one of AZ Model's earlier production runs. Fit is vague at best; expect a lot of grinding, filling and sanding! Some surface textures appear to be 'unclean' (minor irregularities and scratches) and need to be polished. The clear parts looked foggy, however, a dip in Alclad Gloss Cote improved the looks. The wheels were one of the poorest parts, being molded in one piece they were slightly off-center and were replaced with resin wheels from a Tiger Moth that have about the same size. Thanks to fellow IMPS member Walter Gagawczuk for providing these! Handrails behind the cockpit and exhaust stubs on the underside are scratchbuilt. Painted with Gunze acrylics, decals out of the box. Thanks for your interest, with kind regards from Vienna Roman Photographs: Wolfgang Rabel, IGM Cars & Bikes
  7. Right then, whilst waiting for my Hurricane to arrive I have got the modelling itch from watching all the great builds on this GB and have decided that I have to make another model for it. I have long been a fan of the Messerschmitt Bf-109 so what better excuse to start the build of one than this GB? Most of my markings for the 109 are for foreign operators of the aircraft but I do have some Luftwaffe decals and I shall use these to build what will be my first Luftwaffe 109 for around 20 years! I shall be using the new tool Airfix Bf-109 E which, as I'm sure you all know, can be built as any version of the E from the -1 through to the -7 and as such comes with a variety of options such as inserts for the wing guns and fuel tanks or bombs for the centreline rack. I will be building mine as a -3, which had the earlier rounded canopy and had wing mounted cannon. First a picture of the kit. As you can see some of the main parts were removed from the sprue a while ago and there has even been some RLM-02 applied to some of the interior components but this is well inside the 25% rule. As for the colour scheme I am still not sure. I have 2 schemes in mind, which are actually quite different. As you can see this a/c was operated 3/JG 53 and was flown by Feldwebel Walter Schultz (or Scholtz), this aircraft was brought down on 30th September at Langney in Sussex where the pilot was captured unhurt. This is probably my favourite choice as I like the different camouflage scheme. My second choice is below. As you can see this a/c was flown by Oberleutnant Heinz Bar, and he too was shot down in it, this time crashing into the Channel, from which he was rescued. He went on to fly over 1,000 missions and survived the war after fighting on every front possible. I actually have the correct decals to do Bars a/c but will have to cobble together the markings for Schultz's a/c, this should not be too much of a problem as I have a number 3 in the correct size and colour and should be able to make the number 1 from some bars I have in the correct colour. Now I know profiles in books can be slightly off at times (to say the least) I have checked both of these out and they appear to be correct, just have to decide which one now! Thanks for looking, and hopefully there will be a small update tomorrow. Craig.
  8. Hi guys, This is my recent entry for the ongoing Battle Of Britain Group Build. It's Airfix's excellent 1/48 Bf-109E built as an E-3 flown by Walter Scholtz of 3/JG53 when he was shot down on 30th September 1940. I really enjoyed building this kit and will definitely be buying others. Here is the link to the build:- http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234986206-bf-109-e3-airfix-148finished/ And here are the pictures, hope you like her. Thanks for looking. All comments and criticisms gratefully received. Craig.
  9. Ello gents and ladies.... I caved..... So there will be another 32 scale Spook in the house.... It will also be a Luftwaffe one and a F-4F, but the scheme has yet to be decided..... I hope that it will be a colourful one and an easy one... As time is a big thing here.... Pictures and so on will follow in the next couple of days. PS: Due to family illness I am giving a heads up already at the start that I might not finish, but the build will give me the time off and the inspiration to keep it going.... So, from the south west part of Norway.... So long for now... Ørjan
  10. Hey everyone, Like many, I only met Merv 'electronically' via the last Tornado GB...which also happened to be my first here on Britmodeller. He made me feel very welcome, encouraged me all along the way (even when my cr*p build wasn't going so well) and was a gent. So when this GB came around, I knew I had to build a Tornado to be proud of...and that would be an improvement on my last. So I'm in with this. Here's the real deal...that paintwork is going to be interesting.But it will be totally worth it. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Germany---Air/Panavia-Tornado-IDS/1813386/L/&sid=0e302a591a33725d443b9dc05d26aec3 Good luck with your builds! Dermot
  11. Hello all! This is my latest model, a Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 built from the 1/48 Airfix kit. I have replaced the prop+spinner (Eduard), canopy (Eduard), wheels (Academy), wheel wells (Eduard etch), exhausts (Quickboost) and shortened the landing struts. The cockpit has an Ultracast seat, a Quickboost gunsight, and some leftover Tamiya parts. András
  12. Hello Guys, Because I have to wait 8 weeks now for the missing part and damaged part to arrive from Revell Germany for my Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk.IIa, I'm now going to start a new kit that will be my 2nd entry into "Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary GB" both on here and on YouTube- hosted by Ukscalemodeller and CharlesScaleModelling. This is Eduard's "Weekend Edition" of this model. You can buy what is called a "Profi-Pak" version that is more glitzier, that includes a full color booklet, photo-etch and more color/marking options. This kit was kindly given to me by a modeling buddy and so the sprues had already been taken out of their bags and some parts had been removed from their sprues. The Box is made from a two-ply card base and a single-ply lid making it very sturdy, which I prefer moreso than the single ply Revell boxes that open at one end. The box contains a 8 page black and white instruction/assembly/painting and decaling booklet. Only one option of color/markings is offered, that of Major Otto Bertram's aircraft who was a Luftwaffe ace fighter pilot with 22 kills credited to him that earned him the "Knights Cross of the Iron Cross".... The instructions look straight-forward and the color call outs are for Mr. Color and Hobby Color only, so conversions to your preferred paint will be necessary. Front Page 1 and Back Page 8 Pages 2 and 3 Pages 4 and 5 Pages 6 and 7 There are two sheets of decals/stencils that are very thin, nicely registered, almost zero carrier film around the edges and they are a nice satin/matt finish. Decal Sheet Stencil Sheet The kit comes with 6 olive colored sprues and one clear sprue, but as mentioned earlier, because this kit was given to me, the sprues had been taken apart. But, here are photos of all the parts on their sprues or removed with some close ups too, to show the nice fine panel line and rivet details and also how nicely molded these parts are. There is zero flash on the majority of these parts, with the tiniest amount in a few places. The parts are crisp and clean with zero warping/distortion and ejector pin marks are absent from seen surfaces. One thing that I'm excited about is that this kit includes a Daimler-Benz DB601N engine and removable cowlings to display it if you wish to do so, unlike the Revell 1/32 BF109G-10 build I did recently that didn't include one... The Clear Sprue is very clear with thin molded parts that include riveted frame details. They are free of any aberrations and very little distortion of image when looking through them... At first sight, this kit looks like a really nice kit, well engineered and excellently molded, although it would have been nice to have one or two more options of color/markings. This kit is available from on-line USA distributors for $35.85, which is about 24.00 quid in the UK, which is $12.00 (8.00 quid) more than I paid for the Revell 1/32 BF109G-10, although the Revell kit didn't have an engine and open cowling options. At the end of this build, I'll let you know my thoughts on how well it goes together and compare it to the Revell kit I built to establish my personal opinion on whether it is good value for money. Okay, with that out of the way, I can now go and wash the parts in readiness to make a start on her next Monday! I have the grandson coming soon and he's here until Sunday evening! In the meantime, if you'd like to see my YouTube "In-Box-Review" video for this kit, here is the link: https://youtu.be/H23GCnQS9os Happy modelling and have fun! Cheers Martin : )
  13. My first model and diorama made some time last year after over 20 year break. I've made it as a kind of exercise to test the materials and techniques that I wasn't even aware of when assembling kits as a kid (pre/post shading, weathering etc.). Brush painted (haven't had a airbrush yet) with Mr Hobby paints and weathered with pastels. I've done some photoshop work on two first pictures to blend the diorama with the background to look like an old photo. I haven't touched the model or diorama itself.
  14. Revell 1/32 Messerschmitt BF109G-10 "Erla" "Final Reveal" There are two options available with this model and I chose to do the version as flown by Ace of Aces Luftwaffe Pilot Erich "Bubi" Hartmann who was credited with the highest number of aerial victories ever recorded- 352! This is another great newly tooled 1/32 scale kit from Revell of Germany (GmbH); very nice crisp clean moldings with great details including recessed panel lines, rivets, a great cockpit, undercarriage, movable flaps, elevators, ailerons and rudder! The decals are cartograf and go down very nicely indeed. My only issues with this kit are: 1) For this size kit, I was expecting it to come with a detailed Daimler Benz DB605 engine, but it doesn't. That would have been another nice addition to this kit to be able to have the engine cowlings hinged open to show off the engine, which then allows further options for after-market maintenance men, or "black-men" as they were known due to wearing all black overalls, to be posed working on the engine. 2) The main undercarriage have a sloppy fit between the axle lugs and their locations within the wheel-wells. This could be improved with simple modification in the mold tooling to increase the geometry of the lugs so they are a nice slide fit/tighter fit within their location points. I had to super-glue mine in position one at a time and hold their position until the fast acting super-glue had set solid. Super-glue is highly recommended for ensuring that the main undercarriage is fixed solidly. 3) The assembly instructions have some incorrectly numbered parts ie the part numbers in the instructions do not match the part numbers on the sprues. 4) The kit has some alternative parts, such as three versions of rudder and two styles of vertical stabilizer, but, they're are no references indicating which one of the optional versions to use with the two different options of aircraft that can be modeled. So, again, this forces you to do research to find out from available images which versions look correct for the particular plane you build. 5) The painting instructions have color call-outs that are mixed around on the orthographic views; which could confuse a younger modeler that doesn't bother to research and check where the grey/green and grey violet camo colors go. ie, you could easily end up having the green camo airbrushed/painted where it should be grauviolet and vice-versa. 6) The two upper camo color call outs are for RLM 74 Graugrun and RLM 83 Lichtgrun over RLM 76 Lichtblau, In my opinion and following research, the RLM 83 Lichtgrau is incorrect and should be replaced with RLM 75 Grauviolet, which is what I did. 7) As with the part numbering and color call out references, some decals are incorrectly referenced, too. My conclusion is this kits instruction/assembly booklet missed the quality control checks during manufacture/production and hence the issues pointed out above. But, that said, I still believe it to be a great value for money kit that is engineered very well with some great details. I paid $22.50 for this kit and it is available on line from Hobbylinc.com and Scalehobbyist.com for $23.95, that's about 16.00 quid for our British friends. Anyway, with that out of the way, let's move onto the "Final Reveal" photos, and forgive me, there are 37 of them?!! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed this build! Well, there she is! My conclusion to this build is that this is a great value for money kit that is well engineered, goes together great and offers some great details and options. I paid $22.50 for this kit, and it is available from Hobbylinc.com and Scalehobbyist.com for $23.95; that's about 16.00 quid for our British friends. If you've been thinking about buying/building this kit, you won't be disappointed, I really enjoyed building her. I'd give this kit 4.5 stars out of 5 or 9 out of 10, based on my points mentioned above. Thanks to everyone that has followed this build both on here and on my YouTube channel, and, for leaving encouraging comments, greatly appreciated! In the meantime, if you'd like to watch my "YouTube "Final Reveal" video for this build, then here is the link to that: https://youtu.be/_q-AcPsBLTU If you didn't catch my "Build Update" thread on here, for this build, here is the link to that thread, too: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234984450-revell-132-messerschmitt-bf109g-10-erla-as-flown-by-erich-bubi-hartmann-build-update-4/ Until the next build, happy modeling and have fun! Cheers! Martin
  15. Completed for the Phantom STGB right here on Britmodeller. Revell F-4F kit with Eduard exterior set, loads of scratchbuilt modifications, painted scheme and homemade decals. Photos courtesy of Farnborough IPMS website, taken by our very own Kallisti. (Thanks Andrew!) Lots more pics and build thread HERE Cheers, Al
  16. Hello Guys, This will be my second Revell 1/32 Scale model that I have built and will go alongside my first one- the Revell 1/32 Arado AR196A-3 Seaplane in a diorama that I have planned. This kit retails in my Local Hobby Store for $27.50, but I had a $5.00 coupon to use making it only $22.50 (about 15.00 quid in the UK), which at first hand appears to be great value for money! Erich "Bubi" Hartmann was the Ace of Aces with the highest number of air victories that totaled 352, which earned him the "Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds". Introduction to the kit: The Box Art: The Box Contents: Inside the box are 4 clear bags of grey sprues, 12 in total and 1 clear bag containing 2 clear sprues. There's a 16 page black and white assembly/instruction/painting and decaling booklet and a sheet of cartograf decals. The Sprues: Sprues A and B: Sprue C: Sprues D, G and H: Sprue K: Sprue M: Sprue N: Clear Sprues O and P: The 16 page black and white Instruction/Assembly/Painting and Decalling Booklet: And finally, the decals: Initial Observations: The molded parts are very crisp and clean with zero flash apart from a couple of little areas. the parts have nice fine recessed panel lines and some rivet details. The clear molded parts are very clear and not thick with zero aberrations. The decals are excellent looking with zero carrier film beyond the decal edges. The black and white instruction booklet appears to be clear and concise, but the two paint and decal options would be better in color. There are three blank pages at the end of the booklet. The color call outs are in Revell colors only. I will make a final report when the build is complete indicating any issues that I come across. In the meantime, thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoy following along with my build, which I started already, but haven't had the time until now to start this post thread due to family from Florida staying with us for the last 10 days. Anyway, if you'd like to see my "in-Box-Review" video for this kit, here is the link: https://youtu.be/PNScSYj4E6c My Build Update #1 report will follow shortly! Cheers, Martin
  17. Dear Fellow Modellers, I've finished yesterday my first Luftwaffe fighter: Revell's Bf 109 G10 in 1/72. Of the two options offered by the kit, I chose the option of the IV. Gruppe/JG 27, early 1945, Berlin aircraft, with yellow underside wing tips. The WIP thread is here My main objective when I started this build was to learn how to paint mottled camouflages. I managed to do it successfully and also learned a lot more. The notable learning points of this build were the following: this was my first Luftwaffe mottled camouflage also my first use of resin parts: the exhausts I scratch built several parts: seat belts, using painted masking tape and electrical wire for the buckles armoured glass support structure made out of plastic sheet armoured glass and gun sight made out of acetate I cut the canopy piece and assembled the moving part in the open position canopy's support arm made out of elastic fishing line engine cover hinges made out of elastic fishing line navigation lights on the wings' tips cannons made out of plastic rods and masking tape cannon cartridge ejection holes on the belly first use of chipping fluid first use of pigment fixing fluid (this didn't result very well) Here are the pictures of the finished build. I apologise in advance for the large number of pictures. First, the general views: And now, some details. The cockpit with open canopy, showing the seat belts and (further down) the instrument panel: The cannons: The exhausts and exhaust stains on the sides of the fuselage: The chipped paint on the port wing root, over which access to the cockpit was made: The weathering of the wings' top surfaces, showing dirty streaks along the direction of air flow, and the navigation lights on the tips: The same for the under surfaces: The fuel tank, landing gear and wheel wells: And to finish with, the Bf 109 together with my other finished models (Spit Mk I, Hurry Mk IIc and Grumman Duck - I've published RFI posts for all of them): I hope you liked. All comments are much appreciated. Cheers, Jaime
  18. Dear Fellow Modellers, I've started this model back in November 2014 and I'm nearly finishing it. However, since it is still a WIP, I thought I could post the main building steps here. The kit is the Revell Bf 109 G10 in 1/72. This is the box and contents - just two gray sprues, one clear sprue and decals for two aircraft. 37 parts in total: My main objective when I bought this kit was to try to properly paint a mottled camouflage. As you'll see later on, I tried a few other techniques, namely some scratch buiiding, in order to correct some lack of detail / errors. I chose the option of the IV. Gruppe/JG 27, early 1945, Berlin aircraft, with yellow underside wing tips. I didn't find any information on the individual aircraft portrayed by Revell, but found several sources about Bf 109 G10 aircraft (109 lair, barracuda decals Part I and Part II), which I used to correct the painting instructions and other details. I was also inspired by the excellent build of this kit made by Rato Marczak, though for a different individual aircraft. This virtual view of a Bf 109 G10 cockpit was also useful. My first step was to cut out the main parts (fuselage, wings, cockpit components) and make a dry-fit test, to check potential fit and seam problems: There was nothing specially problematic. Next I cut out the canopy, gave it a bath of Alclad Aqua Gloss, which I found to be a superb product to bring out the transparency of clear parts, and let it dry overnight: When dry, I masked it with Tamiya masking tape. Here are a few steps of the masking process: Then, I proceeded to the cockpit. Luftwaffe aircraft of this period had their cockpits painted RLM 66 Schwarzgrau (Black Gray). The instrument panel was given some color according to pictures of the real thing. The backs of the dials were painted black and the rims of some of them were dry-brushed with yellow and red. A dry-brush with silver was applied to provide a worn off look. A flat coat of varnish (Micro Flat) was then applied and, in the end, the dials were covered with a drop of Alclad Aqua Gloss, applied with a toothpick, to simulate the dials' glass covers: The cockpit base, seat and control column were also painted RLM 66, dry brushed with silver, and washed with a Vallejo brown acrylic wash. Finish is Micro Flat. The cockpit sides were subjected to the same treatment: At this point in the build I intended to display the aircraft with a closed canopy, so I considered the existing cockpit detail to be good enough. Here is the cockpit base, seat and instrument panel already glued together: And now glued to the fuselage: Well, I guess this is enough for the first post of this WIP. Hope you found it interesting. Thanks for looking. Jaime
  19. I have a sneaking suspicion there's going to be a few of these, but here's the start of mine (eek) it's also my first WIP that I intend to finish. I'll forgo the usual sprue shots and instead point you all to this thread. The intention is to do it in the flight test scheme even though I swore off orange paint after the Belgian F-16. First up the seats both before and after: Once the paints dried fully I need to touch up a few areas then give it some weathering. Thanks for looking....... until next time
  20. Hi everyone! Here is my Eurofighter Typhoon (Revell 1/72 kit), built completely OOB. Overall it's a nice kit, though clearly not as good in terms of quality as other kits from Hasegawa or Academy. I hope you like it! Best, Ricardo Bonus: bottom detail
  21. Hi, here is a build of mine, from the past. Not from my stoneage but quite old, done in the 2000-2002 time frame. If you build the Italeri offering of this well known type, you can do what ever you want, it won t look like a Ju 88 build from the box. That kit was probably the first time, that i noticed, a bad looking kit is not only my fault. While the wave pattern, sprayed free hand on,was quite good, i decided to make some changes, to bring it more to the real thing. -the nose cone got some strokes with a sanding stick -The props were shortened to achieve the look of the massive wooden propellers (the two this engine nacelles are way to slim, so undersized props are not to bad) -the undercarriage is way to long, i cut of most of the oleo strut and the tires lost some air pressure -the brooms protruding out of the canopy were cut back, the simulate the look of the MG 81 – The canopy was polished and got a layer of clear The L1 code of KG 26 should be the small one, may i change this in the future. The rebuild and the pix were done in fall 2014. Could be a Ju 88 ? I hope you like this oldtimer Cheers Bernd
  22. Hi, my first build on Britmodeller. The chosen subject is Eduards Fw 190 in 1/48 scale.Not only one but two ! Last Sunday i couldn t choose which, so there will be two of them. On both build every hatch will be closed.Eduard did a lot of effort in open and detailed gun bays, but i feel it disturbes the clean but powerful lines of this type. There are offerings from Hasegawa,Dragon and Tamiya for closed 190s but i like Eduards surfaces and the nicely detailed cockpits and wheel bays, as well the nice decals ...... And they were in my stash ! The build has started with some sub assemblies, the cockpit tubs, the engines(the hardest part with the single exhaust stubs).The underwings with the wing spar and the wheelwells. The upperwings need a cutout to fit the gun hatches for the inner wing guns.To get a better fit the inner parts of the hatches were sanded down. So much for now. Cheers Bernd
  23. Another tribute to all who were fighting over Great Britain. This time I'm presenting Ju 88 A-4 crashed at Blackbrook. Whole story You can find here: http://www.dorkingmuseum.org.uk/the-blackbrook-bomber/ Thanks to Mr Nick my profile of Ju 88 is at Dorking Museum.
  24. Hi, Two archive models from my German shelf - Siebel 204 it two appeareances. Siebel 204 - this was WWII Luftwaffe light transport and trainer airplanes - something like Oxford in RAF. I have two models of them - early version with step nose - Siebel 204 A and late model - 204 D, with all glass nose. Both I did about 10 yeras ago from the only one available these days kits in 1/72 by Kovozavody Prostejov. They have raised lines etc. Now there is modern kit of Sibel 204 D/E (bomber version) by RV Aircraft) I work a bit on them - for example I made new frames on glazing in 204, some minor correction and interior following mongraphy in Zlinek magazine. Markings of Siebel 204 A are taken from a photo (as far as I remember), which I found in Net. Double yellow belt showed that she served as trainer. The unit I do not know at the moment. The emblems on nose are free hand painting on decal. Other decals are from drawer. Markings of Siebel 204 D (BU+PP) are basicly taken from the profile published in book "Fighters 1938-45, transport and training airplanes" issued within Blandford Colour Series. In this book presented in Siebel after being captured by Allients and was impossed to RAF. So in profile she wears post -war (likely) markind with RAF roundels, and code "Air Ministry 4". "Basicly" means that I made model in very probably look - how she looked likely during war service in Luftwaffe, where she served for training of night fighters crews of Ju-88 and He-219. There is a variation of this marking without RLM-76 overpaints on the top in Wing Palette but I. There is a photo of her in the Net (obviously I did not know it 10 yeras ag, when I did her) where ther is lighter colour on the tope - perhaps RLM 76...(but also possible darker paint, RLM 75??? ): https://www.flickr.com/photos/austin7nut/5347005740/ I assumed, that like in case of night fighters 76 is more possible over 70/71 background. She is equipped with radars FuG 218 V2R and FuG 217. I hope you will enjoy them Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek Siebel 204 A: and Siebel 204 D:
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