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  1. I know I have a couple of long term builds on the go, but facing a major relocation and 2 to 3 months without any modeling, I don't want to get the other builds unnecessarily fragile for the trip, or masked for an extended period, so I'm going to start looking at another one I've always wanted to build. Although my main interest is WWI, I also have a long standing interest in the opening year of WWII and the Battle of Britain. To that end, I have built up a small stash of early WWII types, mainly new Airfix mouldings. However, there is one early type that is not yet represented by
  2. Well, I've gone and done it again..... I need to give the Muromets a gloss coat before going much further, and I decided to order a painting stand/turntable to help, so that put it on hold for a little while. Then I saw a resurrected thread on a couple of Do17s, and since my other area of interest is the Battle of Britain, I got an itch to do something outside my comfort zone. Here is that something! I haven't been able to find any other threads on this one, I would have thought someone would have done one on here by now! Anyway, here's what you get
  3. Hi all, For those who don't follow the Great War in the Air forum, I thought I'd post my recently completed Blériot XI scratchbuild. It's my first scratchbuild, but was surprisingly straightforward, the only problems being working out a logical order for the construction. The engine and prop are Aeroclub, seatbelts and wheels are PE (the wheels came from a Meikraft Albatros which won't be needing them) and the decals are homemade (my first attempt!). Other than that it's all plastic stock, brass rod and beer can (all the body panels).
  4. I'm about to start this one for a GB on another site, and thought I should post it here too. @John Aero, if you read this, feel free to chastise me for ruining a bloody good kit! Although I profoundly hope you won't need to! Start date is next Monday (Feb 16th) but I wanted to whet some appetites so got this posted early! As I'm sure you all know, John Adams of Aeroclub released this a few years back. Not long after, I was building up my stock of Aeroclub white metal parts, and also invested in a jig. and John very kindly, (and unexpectedly!) offered m
  5. Well folks, here she is! The first half of my Sopwith double build is now in the cabinet. The interior, all struts, beaching trolley, tail surfaces, and tail stand are scratchbuilt. The Lewis is MiniWorld, prop and engine are Aeroclub. Mods to the kit included removing the headrest and moulded front "visor", reskinning the entire top surface of the fuselage with .005" sheet to correct the cockpit shape and improve the definition of the rear turtledecking, reskinning the fuselage underside to reduce the depth, and drastically reducing the height of the main floats. The opening in t
  6. Aaaaagh! I give in, I'm going to have to do this! First a little background. The firm of Donnet-Lévêque was established in 1912 when French designer Denhaut and Swiss engineer Donnet got together. They built a 2 seat tandem flying boat based on earlier design of Denhaut's which had been built by Levasseur. This later machine was designated the Donnet-Lévêque flying boat and the company was formed to build Denhaut's designs. The original Donnet-Lévêque (the Type A) was a single-bay wing warper, and was powered by a 50hp Gnôme. The later B and C models had ailerons, and were
  7. I finally finished this one today. The type really should be better known, as it pre-dated Curtiss designs and was copied by the Austro-Hungarian designers, who were in turn copied by Macchi among others. The common features on this, the early Lohners, and the Macchi series, not to mention the FBA boats developed directly from the original Donnet designs, are readily apparent. Designed in 1912 by Frenchman François-Victor Denhaut and Swiss Jérôme Donnet, the Austro-Hungarian Navy bought 4, (numbers 8 & 12 - Type Cs, and numbers 10 & 11 - Type As) which it promptly copied, building 4
  8. Well folks, another double build has come to an end with the completion of the Pup. The kit is not perfect. I corrected the shape of the wingtips but didn't bother with the rest of the wing corrections: The ribs are spaced slightly incorrectly, which means that with the tips reshaped, the ailerons are slightly too short. A perfectionist might want to remove all the rib detail and correct the aileron length, but she looks ok to my eyes, and the surface detail is nicely done so I decided to leave it. The build log is here. The subject will be familiar to WnW Pup fans, and TV
  9. This is more of a notice of intention at the moment, as I want to finish the Muromets before getting involved in anything else. I have decided on my next build, and as I have also decided to repaint the roundals on the Muromets, I want something to do while waiting for the previous colour to dry enough to be masked. A little reasearch and parts clean up fits the bill, so here is what I'm starting with. The HR Models Pup is a really nice kit. The detail is well moulded and crisp. The decals let it down a little as the blue is far too light, but that's easily remedied. So here are the s
  10. This one is now in the cabinet. I'm very pleased at how she's turned out, especially given the quality of the original kit. Major modifications included scratchbuilt interior, undercarriage and tail surfaces, replacement engine, prop, and wheels (all from the HR Models Pup kit), and Aeroclub Vickers gun. The fuselage was widened at the rear and cut out to open up the tail section, the cockpit opening was reshaped, and the rear decking was reskinned with embossed 5 thou card. The cowling was narrowed at the front by inserting a ring of plastic card, and the cooling slots were drilled out
  11. This is not strictly a WIP as it was done a few years ago, but while updating all my old threads to replace the PB pics, I noticed it hadn't been posted here. Since the primary aim of my posts is to provide a (hopefully useful) guide to anyone wanting to know what needs doing to these old kits to make them accurate, I have decided to copy and paste the posts from the other forum I am on, so at least it will be here if anyone wants to reference it. So without further ado.....the posts from late 2012.....hope you find them useful..... I know I have 2 on the bench a
  12. Here, finally, are the pics of my finished Short 184. But first a little potted history of this aircraft: The Short 184 was the first aircraft designed specifically to carry and deliver a torpedo. The prototype, (no 184 strangely enough!) was put aboard HMS Riviera on May 3rd 1915, then joined HMS Ben-my-Chree on May 21st. No. 842 was the second production machine and joined HMS Ben-my-Chree on August 10th, in the Aegean Sea. On August 12th at 0455hrs, Flight Commander CHK Edmonds took off in 842, without an observer, and with only 45 minutes fuel - all he could ca
  13. My first non-World War One aircraft in over 35 years is now complete! The kit is the new tool Airfix one in 1:72, with a resin wing conversion by Alley Cat to make it a metal winged version. I also added Eduard PE details, Rexx metal exhausts, and CMK resin 5 spoke wheels. The wing conversion is beautifully cast, with excellent detail, and fits the kit almost perfectly. I needed to sand under the nose to reduce a step there, but that was the only fit issue. My wing was also a little thick on the trailing edge so I had to sand that down, meaning I lost the detail of the ailerons and
  14. In a previous modelling life (ie first time around!) I developed a love of Hurricanes. One of those was (I believe) a Revell kit to which I added a scratchbuilt interior and main gear well using the Airfix "Classic aircraft and how to model them" book. A couple of years ago I found it in my Dad's attic and brought it back to the US to finish off. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as I liked to remember so I bought an old Airfix MkI/IIB kit to use the interior in. I also bought PE flaps and a resin gear well. Then the new tool kit came out, so I bought that too....Then I realised that the kit was
  15. I had some time yesterday for modelling but didn't feel in the mood for drilling all the RE8's rigging holes, and I'm still waiting for the paints for the twin Fokker build, so what to do? I decided to prepare for my next project, or more accurately, decide what it would be. Since I'm really enjoying building the 2 Fokkers together I thought I'd do another double build. 3 of my last 4 builds have been Fokkers, (E.III, D.I & D.II) so I decided to dig out 2 of the very first kits to enter my stash: Classic Planes' Sopwith Tabloid, and Eduard's old Sopwith Baby.
  16. Happy New Year everyone! To start off 2017 here are pics of my Sopwith Tabloid, the second half of the double build (Sopwith Baby) started in August. This was my first vac kit and I learnt a lot from it. It's a fairly easy kit for a first so no major problems. My biggest challenge was the wings, which were not very well represented. I removed the surface detail and added the ribs with plastic strip, sanded down to reduce the thickness. The aircraft represents number 168 of the Royal Naval Air Service, based in Antwerp up until October 9th 1914. On that date, Sqn Commander Spenser Gr
  17. This pair is finally finished. I'm not sure I'd want to do them again so a D.III & D.IV will probably not be added to my collection! Although they started as Merlin kits, only the fuselages (very heavily modified!) and some of the white metal parts, were used, the rest is all scratchbuilt. A spare Roden engine went into the D.I, the Spandaus are Miniworld, the wheels are my own design, 3d printed by Shapeways, and the nose decals on the D.II were custom ordered from Melius Manu in Poland. As far as the history of these aircraft goes, they were both in service at the same time, the D.
  18. I know, I have more than enough to be getting on with, but the E.III is waiting for bits to dry, the RE8 is awaiting the postie....and I have too much spare time. I also just bought the Windsock Special on the Fokker D.I to D.IV with the aim of starting this so here we go...can we say "sucker for punishment"? Here's what I have to start with: The wing detail is actually very nice, but they are way too thick so it would have to be sanded off anyway...add to that they are the wrong length and I think the best option is scratchbuild new ones....
  19. This one has been a must-do project for a while, having built it twice previously: once as a kid, with no additions, alterations, rigging, or anything else not supplied in the box, and once about 5 years ago when I got back into the hobby. That time I added some basic detail such as interior, rigging, and a little engine detail, but when I looked at it later on I realised it was nowhere near what it should be...Once I got hold of a Choroszy engine and Miniworld guns the project was all set to go! So, what was needed? Here's what went into this transformation: Choroszy resin engi
  20. I know, I must be mad...but hot on the heels of the Roland I felt I had to butcher some more plastic, and this one is one of the best candidates for that treatment! This is a fairly new boxing, and it looks as thought the moulds have been cleaned up as most of the details are very crisp. It's a shame most of it will have to be removed anyway! The decals are new and include a Belgian version, although for reasons best known to themselves, all 4 RFC wing roundels still have the white outer ring, instead of just the 2 for the upper wing! So aftermarket decals will be needed anyway.
  21. Well, since my 2 current builds (both 1:72 scale WWI aircraft, which is my speciality) are on hold for parts, and I don't want to "start" anything new, I've decided to finally dig out the old Airfix kit that's been in my stash for over 30 years. I did make a start on it back then, but stopped due to lack of good references (I was obviously not TOO dumb a kid!). This will be a long term build, as I intend to finish the 2 that are "in progress" before I get seriously involved in this one, but I will post updates as and when I get anything done. Since I now have a good few pics as refer
  22. I'm calling this one done. I must admit I slightly lost interest, possibly because the kit just falls together and really requires nothing other than glue and paint! It's not my best effort, but I'm happy with it. The model represents an aircraft of FA6, a German unit flying for the Turkish Air Service in the Dardanelles in 1916. The pilot was Lt Hans-Joachim Buddeke. Buddeke was killed in action over Lens, France, in March 1918. His good friends Rudolf Berthold and Olivier Freiherr von Beaulieu-Marconnay lie next to him in the Invalidenfriedhof in Berlin. The colour is speculat
  23. Hi all, Whilst waiting for the paint on the Roland to dry I decided to start a quick OOB build of the Eduard Fokker E.III. This kit is streets ahead of the Airfix Roland - everything matches the plans perfectly, including the positioning of the wing ribs! I am in the process of upgrading my collection and replacing some of my early efforts, built when I first re-entered the modelling "arena" about 5 years ago. The Roland C.II is one of those early efforts, but my very first one, built with only the meagre supplies and tools that I purchased at the same time as the kit, in my local hobby sh
  24. Fresh from the mammoth Short 184 build I decided I wanted something a little more straightforward. My display cabinets are getting full and they include my earliest efforts, built when I got back into modelling 5 years or so ago. Not surprisingly they are not up to the standard I now aim for so I will be remaking at least 4 or 5 of them. I was going to go for the Eduard Fokker E.III Profipack, since the Revell E.III was my first build and definitely needs an improved version, but that has everything in the box, and I need to cut up some plastic! So here it is, the Airfix (actually the Heller b
  25. Well folks, after all those issues, this one is finally done. It's nowhere near what I was hoping for when I started (due mainly to the painting issues and numerous resprays required), but it is certainly acceptable, and a huge improvement over the basic kit. For those who didn't catch the WIP (here): All surface detail was removed. The nose was lengthened by 1.5mm and the tail shortened by the same amount. The rear fuselage was then reprofiled and the observers cockpit was faired in with putty. The engine is Roden, the exhaust was drilled out and a scratchbuilt manifold and coolant
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