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Found 15 results

  1. After a long struggle with this kit, it's finally completed and stored in its display case
  2. This is my build of the Lamborghini Aventador Anniversario from Aoshima. Done with Tamiya spray paints. [/url
  3. I have now completed my entry into the Orange Countach club. I started this quite a while ago, but having a bit more time on my hands at the moment, I've been able to finish what was quite a challenging kit Build post here, if your interested: Painted in Lamborghini original Arancio California from Zero paints, with Zero pre-thinned clear. Only extra, besides a bit of sratch build extra detail was after-market ignition leads I took a picture of the interior before putting it all together. Details I know will never been seen by anyone, but I know there there Thanks for looking. Comments & criticisms greatly appreciated Cheers, Paul
  4. Still working through my old pics, I think this was the next one that I completed - Hasegawa's amazing Miura SV. No prizes for guessing the reason for this colour! The wheels were the kit chrome with several applications of a gold wash (just thinned humbrol enamel) to tone them down and bring out the detail. Whilst there are no opening panels, there is still a huge amount of detail to this kit e,g. the filler cap visible through the front vents: and the metal transfers included plenty for the interior too: and underside: The top of the engine is intended to be visible through the rear vents but once assembled, it's difficult see (or photograph), so here's a pic before the body was fitted:
  5. Taking a little break from the F1 cars and building something from my dream garage. This is the Hasegawa 1:24 Lamborghini Miura SV. It's the original red molded kit that I primed and changed to metallic green. I really liked this kit - proportions look great and the wheels are beautifully detailed. Foil transfer emblems also do a great job of enhancing the exterior of the kit. The only issues with the kit were some light sink marks around the headlights that I was able to level with some Tamiya Liquid Primer. Built box stock. The colour is Mr. Color Metallic Green #77 which was then clearcoated with GX100 Super Clear. It has a bit of a pearl in it which changes the colour depending on the light source - it can get very turquoise in some light and very green in natural light. I was trying to match one of the first factory restorations that Lamborghini's Polo Storico did. I think the metallic pigment is a good size for this scale, but my primer base could have been sanded smoother - the roughness of the primer showed up a bit more than I thought it would in the metallic. I stripped the chrome off the wheels and knockoffs, painted the wheels aluminum and used Alclad polished aluminum for the knockoffs. I love the wheel design and Hasegawa did a fantastic job replicating them. Window trim was all done in Bare Metal Foil with a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen for some of the chrome details like washer nozzles and door handles. There's half an engine in the kit, but it's all but invisible once you put the body on - you can just barely see the white air filters through the louvers and the glass at the back of the interior. Here's the interior before it went behind the glass. Interior was painted with Vallejo Air Golden Brown and Sand Beige. I used embossing powder for the carpet which was then painted but I feel it looks a bit too 'sandy' as opposed to fluffy. It looks okay through the glass. Some nice touches from the Hasegawa kit here including the foil transfer for the shift gate. I've been doing the grey background studio style shots for my builds so far but thought I would try some photographic backdrops to see how the model would look on 'location'. I found a few hi-res photo backgrounds online and then went to the 5 storey parkade next to my office and took photos of the pavement and sidewalk from above. I printed them out, mounted them on some foamcore and set them up as ground and background. I'm enjoying the photography as much as the build - I think my favourite part is seeing the reflection of the environment in the gloss of the body. Downtown location: At the parkade: Some back street in France maybe: And a shot of my elaborate outdoor studio: Thanks for looking, comments, questions and critiques always welcome. Martin.
  6. Phew! Well I just sneaked in under the radar with this build, plan was to complete and post the pictures before the stroke of midnight in the UK. Anyway here are the final reveal pictures; I have included a few pictures of the Trophy that was given to my Nephew at the Event in LA. I built the kit as a memento of the occasion for him. I painted the body in AK primer grey, followed by a white basecoat, then about 8 coats of Zero paints Arancio Boreallis pearl, however I found the colour to be too light and had a gold tint to it. So I over coated it with Tamiya LP-53 clear orange, then a few coats of 2k clear. This gave me the orange pearl colour I was after. I painted the seats, door cards and top of the dash with Zero paints charcoal textured paint, then picked out the stitching details with Flory models rust weathering wash, then sealed it over with Zero paints Matt clear coat lacquer. Finally I used black garment elastic cut in half length ways to make the seat belts and I made the floor mats from 2 layers of masking tape. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and Happy New Year! Now's where that drink?
  7. Hi guys, I picked up this resin kit from Hiroboy, I originally ordered the hard top version of the kit, but they contacted me to say they had a mix up with their stock and only had the convertible available at this time. There's a bit of a back story to this project, my Nephew Richard is a long time online car racer, earlier this year he joined a professional racing team so that he could compete in the Forza Racing Championship 2019 event. His team qualified to go to the semi final and finals weekend in Los Angeles, as he had never flown or been abroad before, I offered to accompany him. We had a great time and although Richard's team did not make the final, he still came away with some prize money and some cool freebees. Lamborghini was a sponsor and they provided a car for the stage for the weekend’s events. I wanted to build a 1/18 model of this car, however the Alpha Models convertible was the nearest I could get to it. When the kit arrived I found it had no instructions, so I had to follow up with some research on YouTube looking at the real cars and a guy in Australia who built this kit and also reviewed it. The wheels in the kit were a different spoke pattern to the car in LA, but I found a set on eBay that looked more accurate, so I bought them, they took about 10 days to arrive from Australia! Anyway I have been suffering with a bad cold and chest infection since I got back from LA, but I am hoping to get this kit finished by the end of the year, wish me luck.
  8. Hi all. Just setting out on my first big project and I have aimed high with the pocher aventador roadster. I have just in boxed the amazing looking kit, set out a workbench and I am looking at the first step of the manual, daunting but awesome looking thing! Anyone out there with advice for me setting out in this would be great to hear from you. I want to add a few bespoke touches. But need to stay within my novice skill set. What would people recommend?
  9. so this will be my first 1/24 car kit, done a few 1/12 bikes and of course lots of gundam and scifi stuff. the theme will be gundam, neo zeon, sazabi with the decals. so opened the kit today and really surprised how small it is, i think its due to not openning up a 1/24 car kit since i was a child. oh well it is what it is, ive also got the hobby design liberty walk upgrade kit and extra wheels and extra tyres. the decals are hologram and il just use a few of them. ive seen some photos of the finished kit and isnt as slammed as id like so may try and mock up and see if i can get it really low. heres the pics.
  10. Finally, just before the end of 2016. I have completed another model. At this rate I may finish something else just before the end of 2020! Anyway, here are the images: On the whole, it was a pleasurable build. My biggest worry was getting the decals off the paper. My first attempt in lukewarm water failed to budge them. However, I tried water that was almost too hot to put my fingers in (i.e. From a nearly (well almost) boiling kettle), and that shifted them easily. A little bit of micro-sol finished the job. That's probably the last completion of 2016. Hope you enjoy. Cheers, Alan.
  11. I discovered that there aren't many Diablo builds here, especially the Italeri version, so I though that even though the damn thing is nearly finished after 10 or more years on the shelf of doom. I recently got my mojo back after another hiatus of nearly a whole year. So here it is: First the box: A bit tatty, but it's been in the loft for a long while, so can be excused perhaps. This is I think, the original boxing. I think that Italeri have re-released this this year. It's gone together reasonably well, so far. But Italeri kits have a bit of a reputation as being a bit of a bugger in the fit department... The current state: The engine bay is really just the top and not complete. But after a bit of careful painting, I think that it looks quite good. I think that the plenum chambers (if that's what they are) need a bit of prettifying. The Lamborghini raised parts need to be another colour. I doubt that the real engine has this, but frankly I don't care! It's my Lambo, and that's what I would want! Body: Wheels and tyres: This is to be honest, is the weakest part of the kit. The tyres are that crappy vinyl stuff, that leaks an oily goo that eventually melts polystyrene. Fortunately all the wheels are fully painted, especially where the tyres touch the plastic, so this should protect it. Hope you like it. All the best, Alan.
  12. Hi all, Thought I should drop a little post here for the benefit of those who model in 1/43 or are Lambo or Mustang fans... I was in Morrisons this morning with SWMBO doing the weekly shop and as i walked down the toys isle these two caught my eye: OK I thought, are they worth a dabble? there was a risk that they were a bit basic and crude, no interiors etc, lets face it they were in the cheap toy section of a supermarket! The boxes were well sealed (tape on all four edges) so no chance of having a sneaky peek. However as they were the vast amount of £3.00 each, yes you read that right £3.00 each! I thought what is there to loose so I took a gamble and slipped one of each into the trolley. Were they worth the three quid? Simple answer is; indeed they were Here are a couple of quick 'what's in the box' pics i managed to take of the mustang before lunch... And a close up of the chassis/interior sprue... And the bodyshell... There's also instructions and decals for the stripes, and two metal axles. The mouldings appear to be 'multi finish' e.g. on the interior the floor has a matt texture whereas the molded in rear seats have a glossy texture. The holes in the underside appear to be a bit strange (the two outermost ones are for the screws holding the body on), however I can live with them as it's a part of the car you don't normally see. The Lambo is on a par with this one, the engine top has a gloss finish, with a subtle carbon fibre effect for the rocker covers (all on one molded piece smaller than a postage stamp). These are the only two they had, but it might be worth keeping an eye out for others. I have since done some research and it appears that they were originally molded by Doyusha, and I've seen what appear to be the same kits with slight differences to the boxes for sale on the web for around £7.00 a pop. Verdict... For three quid each they were a bargain Al
  13. After becoming slightly obsessed with the new Star Wars movie, i decided i wanted to actually be IN it as a character, unofficially of course. So i needed a ship.. a Starfighter to Bounty Hunter and Smuggle my way accross the galaxy! I love the new T-70 X-Wing esp the new wing design, but i wanted something more individual than just a re-colored one. I love Lamborghini's and Ducati's and after looking at an Aventador.. a light bulb went on in my head. This isnt an ordinary X-Wing, cockpit forward, based on a lengthened Lamborghini Aventador roadster, now a single seater with Ducati wing Intakes. It will have a segment of Millenium Falcon style engine on the rear, with the main fuselage tapering up/down to meet it. Lighting planned for Cockpit, Engine nozzles & front guns.
  14. A fantastic kit of a uncompromisingly old school super car: What a beautifully engineered kit, especially around the "working" features. Literally the only place I used filler in the whole build was a small smear to fill the join line UNDERNEATH the black wing mirrors -- a real "because God can see" moment... There's a bit of extra wiring on the engine (the only bits you can see are the four wires from the cylinder heads disapperaing under the airbox, and then only if you look. The OOB engine is pretty good. Interior paint is mostly Vallejo and Citadel, plus Tamiya Rubber Black and NATO black. Exterior is Zero Paints Giallo Orion and Tamiya Rubber Black from a rattle can. The wing has a masked "carbon" texture, not that you'd notice in these pictures! The main thing I learned from this is that if you are spraying a two-layer colour (yellow base overlaid with gold "pearl"), then you need to keep the pieces physically as close together as you can while you spray, to make sure they come out an even colour. If you look carefully, the doors and airscoops are a very slightly darker yellow than the main body. I've distracted as much as possible from it with big black decals etc so it's not too noticeable, but it's a lesson I've hauled on board. bestest, M.
  15. Two very different cars, but both a tribute to the best of Italian sports car know-how... The GTA in primer. I'm trying out a technique suggested by "Cruz", on another forum, in which you wash the shut lines with black while the car is in primer, before painting. He suggests rescribing the lines first, but I thought that the GTA had crisp and deep enough lines out of the box to test the technique without needing to scribe them. The Murcielago in primer. I wanted to get as many parts of the body together as possible to avoid having to match the colours, and glue clear-coated pieces together. In practice, this means the extreme nose, skirts and lower edges of the extreme rear can be attached. Doors and one intake (which has a segment of body colour inside) have to remain separate... The Murcielago will be Giallo Orion -- a pearl yellow colour -- with lots of black/grey carbon trim. This is, once again, the ever reliable Zero Paints system of ground coat, base coat and clear coat. Whereas the Giulia Sprint GTA is in a colour scheme inspired by some of the racers I've seen at Donington over the years. More Zero Paints, this time Alfa Rosso Corse and Lamborghini Powder Blue (a Miura colour which eventually lost out to the lime green when I built mine, but I may still do another in this colour, because it looks so cool...) And now with the clear coat on. You can see how much it changes the apparent colour of the base coat, especially on the Lambo. I think the change is even more intense with the pearl finish because it reduces the scattering of light by the pearl layer, and lets you "see through" to the base coat more directly. I also tried using clear over a decal for the first time, (the Alfa "snake" on the bonnet) which has worked very well. There are the odd spot imperfections here and there, but once again the Zero 2K clear has done its job and settled into a smooth, glossy finish all over. These will now go away into plastic boxes for a week or so to fully cure before polishing out those spots. It's good to be back at the bench! bestest, M.
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