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  1. Model number 3 - firstly - loved this model!! - detail and general build of this kit is excellent - highly recommended! With my list of modelling tools steadily building and my confidence growing i was excited to build this kit - first time using the pre-painted and etched detailing kits from Eduard, bit of a learning curve but 10x better that the supplied decals - i do recall having an issue with the yellow wing/tail tips - the vallejo paint just didn't go on well, it seemed to be quite translucent so i ended up brushing on some spare acrylic so you can see its quite thick! if anyone could re
  2. This is my second Spad build. The first was a Navy Spad circa 1964 in grey and white. The HVAR rockets are from Eduard's brasin range. I had to buy two boxes which left me with 4 spare rockets. A bit cheesed off about the PE shipped with them as they only provide enough brass to do 6 of the 8 rockets in each box which is irritating to say the least. Guns are from that lo that do the brass guns whose name I clearly cant remember or be bothered to dig out and the pilot is PJ Productions. The prop is the new Barracuda prop and its stunning - got mine from the states and got st
  3. Hello! This is my post Korean F-86F from Hasegawa. Very nice kit, no issues at all. Since the decals were quite old and “yellowed”, I got a new set from Aeromaster. Metallic paint were automotive types and the rest from Gunze acrylics. Hope you enjoy! Cheers!
  4. I want to model Top of the Mark as she was when painted black on the undersides. Unfortunately I can't find any photos showing this aircraft other than close-ups of the nose art. Can anyone help with this? If not a photo of this particular aircraft, any photos of other 19BG, 28BS B-29s in the black scheme showing the tail? If I can't get the specific aircraft I could at least base the scheme on other planes in the squadron... The biggest thing at this point would be whether the tail fin is also in black or not. Any help much appreciated! Mike
  5. Hi Folks. I want introduce just finished model MiG-15bis 1\48 from TAMIYA. This model was build under impression from book about Korean War "Soviet aces in Korean war". Soviet pilot: Mihin M. I. ,may 1953 ,airfild Myaogou ,North Korea.
  6. Trumpeter’s little rendition looks to be a quick build. The 1/144 model is covered in engraved detail – all of it a little heavy, but it should look ok under paint. Trumpeter’s F-86 goes together well except for the fit of the windscreen – which is terrible! However, with some miniscule shimming, trimming, and polishing it is still useable. I’ll have to trim it yet more to get the sliding portion to fit properly against it... Trumpeter’s F-86 kit interior is actually surprisingly nice with a stick, seat, and instrument panel. Unfort
  7. An older build that finally made it out to the airport. This is the 1/48 Monogram Panther, painted with ModelMaster gloss dark blue. I would’ve liked to take more pics but I was afraid the gusty wind might take her airborne any minute. (there's that wind again!) This kit has a lot of nice detail, especially the cockpit. The framing on the windscreen was way too big so I sanded it all off and masked it with tape to get the more correct size frame. I read about the canopy frame issue in FSM years ago. I was really hesitant to sand them off but I jumped in and gave it a try. Believe me, I was
  8. Both of these aircraft came in the same kit, first issued in the mid-1970s I believe and reissued in 1987. That was the version that I bought, circa 1988-89. It stayed in the stash for several years until the Sabre was built. Then, a few years later, I finished the MiG-15. The kit’s age shows when compared to more “modern” versions of either aircraft but finished, they each are a fair representation of their real-life counterparts. I think I build “four-footers” in that they don’t look too bad when viewed from that distance (1.5 meters? :)). So, ready for your inspection are two more fo
  9. I'd like to show the few pics that I do have of this model. The wind was really gusting the day I took her to the local airport for some pics, and I had to curtail the session early. So, I only have a handful of decent shots. I was glad that I didn’t knock-off either drop tank. I have disengaged them a couple times just moving the model around the display cabinet! In the very first issue of FineScaleModeller magazine that I ever bought (Jan. ’89), there was an article by the great Bob Steinbrun on converting this old kit into one of the P-80s that were sent to Europe in the wa
  10. Italeri F4U-4B, VMA-332 Polkadots, USS Point Cruz (CVE-119), 1953. Better photos will be tomorrow. WIP here: Rockets will be added later (or won't be, don't now yet). Brothers in arms
  11. Hi This topic has already been explored in 2010 in this forum, but I am afraid the answer was not clear-cut. So, what was the colour for Centurions Mk.3 during the korean war, SCC or rather Deep Bronze Green ? There are some colour pictures of Centurions in the IWM collections ("The service of Sydney Sherriff in the Royal Armoured Corps in Korea") showing a rather deep green. Deep Bronze Green ? I am not a british colours specialist, but I am sure you can help.
  12. Kit - Tamiya 1:48 Paint - All acrylics Decals - H-Models 48-005 Extras - Eduard cockpit set, Master turned brass gun barrels, pitot etc. MiG 15 bis Assigned to Maj. Mikhail Mikhin 518th IAP, Tatung-kao, DPRK Summer 1953 Built for [another] sites' Group Build, second time I've built this kit and second time it didn't let me down. Superb engineering as ever by Tamiya, and my favourite of their first tranche of 1:48 aircraft kit
  13. None of these I'm sure will be new to @Sabrejet, but I have been trolling for Korean War Sabre photos, and thought I would share them with you. I will add them as I find them. I hope you enjoy them and that they are new to you. The photo of Shernador II is not a period photo, as I just now noticed it has been painted with silver paint and there is what looks like a Buccaneer next to it, so I'm guessing is a preserved example- my mistake, but I got sooo excited when I saw a 2 Sq. Springbok Sabre photo! Mike https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2a/4b/88/2a4b88726e4f8d8be64c0236a008
  14. Do any of BM's Maritime Massive have any details on the AA gun fit for HMS Glory or Ocean during the Korean War? From study of not-so-close-up photos, I know that each had an extensive collection of single 40mm Bofors, but I also think I see twin pom poms still fitted? Does anyone have any close-ups to share, please?
  15. The Airfix F86F - 1/72nd. scale The wing tanks were moved in 5mm and wing fences 7mm. Options for the air brakes are provided with short (retracted) hinges for closed brakes or with extended hinges for the brakes open. Although, I think, brakes in the open position would not have had the correct amount of droop. Painting: Brush painted with Humbrol acrylics, even Humbrol 11 silver for the NMF. Decals: I think the dragon decal should have been provided for both sides. The broad yellow fuselage band extends under the fuselage. The decal for the part below
  16. Hi All Does anyone know where I can get some 1/48 US Marine figures suitable for a Korean War diorama? I don't want pilots or groundcrew I am after some marines in action poses, running, shooting etc. Regards Mick
  17. This is my Korean War diorama that I did for a competition. There was a bit of confusion and I was told that it wasn't needed because someone else had done one, however I was then told that they could of really done with having my diorama. So judge it all you want as I'd like to see how I would of got on Apologise for the bad camera
  18. Just finished this morning for the Korean War ‘Campaign’ (Group Build) over at Modellers Alliance, my other modelling ‘home’. This is the Dragon M46 that I bought when it was a ‘new’ release way back in 1995 !!. Only now did I attempt it as up until this point, I truthfully didn’t believe that my limited skills were up to the task, to be brutally honest, I’m still not certain. Well if it wasn’t for the fact that the (Italeri) tracks that I used to save time are two links too small I’d be 100% delighted with the build, however now that I need to go-back and fit a couple of links from the kit a
  19. Hi All, just thought I would share my little effort for an upcoming show, the theme of the show is the Korean War. Given what I know, it was quite muddy, so went to town on it. This was a first and think it turned out ok Hope u's all like it. Any thoughts/comments appreciated. Cheers Pearse
  20. Hello Chaps I'm toying with the idea of going outside my comfort zone for the upcoming Korean War GB and doing a little armour. I was thinking of doing a North Korean T-34 in 1/48 scale but have a couple of queries. Did they only use the T-34/85s or did they have any earlier versions? The few photos I can find, the markings seem to consist of a number on the side of the turret. Would this have been both sides and were there any other markings? I think I'm going for the Hobby Boss kit as it seems to be the best from what I've read, anything I should be aware of? Also anyone know of a good
  21. Morning guys, yesterday at night i finished another mustang, built for the Mustang STGB here on BM. She was built and painted along with my Sweet Arlene, but i did not have time to finish her (i wanted to try some more dirty weathering for her), so she had to wait. Hope it did worth The kit is again well known Airfix P/F-51D, this time i used CMK wheels (i like how much their wheels "sits down", for the fully loaded plane it looks good to me), Quickboost seat and exhausts, stole the antena stick from Italeri P-51A (i m pretty sure i m not going to built that one, i m not THAT crazy.. and the
  22. Minicraft 1:144th B-29's - Korean War I started building these for the Korean War GB earlier this year but with a house move and a baby arrival I ran out of time. The Minicraft 1:144 B-29's are quite simple kits but required quite a bit of work to make them presentable. All the gun barrels were removed from the turrets and replaced with wire. The raised panel lines were sanded back and both aircraft were completely rescribed. Decals are by Kits-World and are some of the best I have used lately. Painted with Citadel and Vallejo. Weathered with Mig Ammo washes. WIP Here Spirit of Freeport
  23. Hi all These will be my air entries to the GB. Two of Minicraft's 1:144 B-29's with decals from Kits world. IMG_3897 by Snapper_city, on Flickr IMG_3899 by Snapper_city, on Flickr I will be building the 'Spirit of Freeport' and 'Top of the Mark' with black undersides. IMG_3900 by Snapper_city, on Flickr I'm tempted to get another B-29 and do 'Command decision' also which shot down five Mig-15's during her time in Korea. There is some great reading a few paragraphs down HERE about 'Top of the Mark' and 'Command Decision'.
  24. WELL! Here we go, my first Group Build and on familiar ground The kits are by HobbyBoss and are a fantastic build The cunning Plan: the M26A1 to be 1st US Marine Division, Chosin 1950 and the M45 of the 6th Medium Tank Battalion M26A1 Pershing with RB .30cal & .50cal MG's and MDC .50cal ammo belts and a few resin ammo boxes M45 Howitzer Tank using T26E4 base kit and Accurate Armour M45 Howitzer conversion (had this for years, about time I used it) - Time is now 09:40 on Saturday 19th April 2014 and the build starts now! (well, after breakfas
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