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Found 11 results

  1. GasPatch Models is to release a new tool 1/48th Messerschmitt Me.163 Komet kit - ref. Source: http://master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=110151 Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/80229502@N07/49051009031/in/album-72157711742696723/ V.P.
  2. Brengun has just released a 1/144th Messerschmitt Me.163 Komet "War Prize" kit - ref. BRP144009 Source: http://www.hauler.cz/e-shop/1-144-plastic-kits-32/me-163b-komet-„war-prizes“-1427 And PE set - ref. BRL144134 http://www.hauler.cz/e-shop/1-144-accessories-19/me-163b-komet-2pcs-(brengun-kit)-1431 V.P.
  3. built some years ago but pics went photobucket off, so here she is back cheers
  4. Hi guys Here is the latest kit on the bench. The lovely Meng Me-163 Komet in 1:32 flavour. So far it has gone together flawlessly apart from one area which I will highlight in the last picture. This will be a naked build using metallics and Uschi van der Rosten wood decals. I have never used these before in trying to stick to a theme of trying a new technique on each build. I saw one of these naked builds online and decided I just had to have one. Sit down, strap in, lets see where this takes us... Firstly here is what I'm working with. IMAG4125 by Mark Inman, on Flickr The office area with a little scratch building to liven things up. Apologises for the poor quality pictures. My phone really struggles these days... IMAG4126 by Mark Inman, on Flickr The Quickboost resin seat Vs the kit option. The kit does come with P.E seat belts to be fair to Meng but you cant beat resin. I did think about some HGW fabric straps but decided against it on this occasion. IMAG4127 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Behind the cockpit bulkhead is one of the fuel tanks. This area is barely visible once the fuselage is together so I'm not going to go too mad here. IMAG4128 by Mark Inman, on Flickr The chemical reaction hot end. IMAG4129 by Mark Inman, on Flickr IMAG4130 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Here is roughly how things will go together. Cockpit attaches to the fuel tank which attaches to the rocket motor. IMAG4132 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Mk108 30mm cannons IMAG4133 by Mark Inman, on Flickr The long sticky out bits for all the armour guys.. IMAG4134 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Finally the ugly area. This giant seam line will be visible through the open port on the top of the wing to expose the guns. This will need taking care of as I'm still working this out. Do I fill and sand or create a cover from plasticard? I will be scratching a little in here also to jazz it up a bit more. IMAG4135 by Mark Inman, on Flickr Until next time..
  5. Hi Guys A model finished for a forcoming issue of Wingmasters. A tricky kit with Aires cockpit and eduard's PE. Cheers Pierre
  6. Hi all, Bit late in the day but I've had an absolute mare trying to get photos out of Flickr via my Android tablet..... Here we have the HB easy build Komet. Happen to have two kits as the first purchased 2nd hand was missing the decals, options are Luft and RAF so it made sense in my twisted little mind to buy another. Build started at 11pm uk time on sunday so it'll be the 24 hour option I'm aiming for.... World clock set to GMT so deadline is 11pm BST or 10pm GMT. On with the builds. They were quickly assembled as promised by HB and took about an hour each. One is in flying mode as part of the undercarraige was eaten by the shed monster, as the cockpit is too shallow for a pilot I've had to black out the glazing. Didn't fancy the Luftwaffe scheme provided so went for something a little more, er, distinctive. In this case, courtesy of Peugeot Cherry Red... Flew just the once in that colour scheme according to the pilot The other one is more conventional, although it will have a yellow underside, first time I've attempted mottling freehand with an airbrush, This was the state of play at 02:35 BST on Monday. Should make the finish, family and Flickr permitting...
  7. First off, I was coerced into this build. It was not my fault and I didn't want to start it just yet. I realize I have too many projects going at once and it would be nice to complete one or two. But this is all Nigel's fault. The creator of AA and past purveyor of Antics is entirely to blame. I was innocently perusing some threads and came across his build of the 1/48 Dragon Me 163 Komet. In his thread, he stated he had purchased after market goodies that included a resin rocket engine. Since it was so pretty, it needed to be displayed and he innocently asked if anyone had any ideas about an engine stand for this plane. What a ploy!!! I had the 1/32 Meng kit of the Me-163B Komet in the stash and had been avoiding it because it was so tempting to build. I also knew the kit had display stands for the rocket engine and tail assembly. So, being the good-natured soul I am, I offered to look in the kit to see how the stands were portrayed to help him out. He further sucked me into his web by wondering about the detail of the rocket engine. So now, I am looking through the kit instructions for details about the stands and the engine build. I find both. My plan was to send him copies of the appropriate instruction pages and then photos of the kit parts regarding the stands and engine so he can use them to detail his kit. What a trap. Here I am removing parts from the sprue for him and drooling over the detail in this kit. The stands were very simple parts wise and I thought why not build them up and take pictures of the completed assembly. As I was doing that, I noticed some comments in his thread about the detail of the rocket engine and how some of the PE parts were not just cutting it. I then started removing engine parts and . . . yeah, I'm hooked on this kit. So this build will begin with the stands and the rocket engine. Please bear with me, as this build will start strangely with the support stands. They consists of 5 parts creating 2 stands. One stand is to support the rocket engine as it is exposed from the end of the aircraft. The other stand is to support the tail structure that is removed to expose the engine. The stand supporting the tail assembly is complete, no assembly. (Yea, no work except for painting.) The stand for the tail assembly consists of 4 parts and is very simple to piece together. The way Meng represents the stand makes me think they were made out of wood. So, the toughest part of the stands will be to represent the wood grain. Or, I can just decide they were painted and move on! Next up, assembly of the rocket engine. Upon examining the parts on the sprue, you have to wonder if you can remove some of them because they are so delicate. The detail is just superb. I started doing sub-assemblies for the rocket engine tailpipe, the rocket engine turbine and the T-stoff tank. The only real problem I ran into was the T-stoff tank. The join of the two halves of the tank is not good; either my fault or design of the kit. Normally, I just fix the join as filler and putty are my constant companion, but in this case, that will be difficult because of all the matching straps and tank machinings. I can’t really think of a way to fix it. Hopefully, most of it will be hidden and not seen. All the engine parts were then given their base colors. While everything dries, I will hang my head in shame I was so tricked into starting this build. It is Nigel’s fault!! As always, all comments are welcome.
  8. After Meng (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945392-meng-132-komet/?hl=komet), Cyber-Hobby is still reported working (since 2011...) on a 1/32nd Messerschmitt Me.163 Komet kit - ref.3213. Source IPMS Germany: http://ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2014/Nuernberg_2014.html V.P.
  9. This airframe is Me 163B-1a, Werknummer 191659 and RAF Air Ministry serial number AM215, "Yellow 15", was captured at Husum in 1945. Now at The National Museum of Flight, East Fortune Airfield, East Lothian, Scotland Pics thanks to Nigel Heath.
  10. Last hope for the Luftwaffe: Me.163, He.162, Me.262 1:72, 1:48, 1:32 Kagero This is issue 37 of Kagero's successful MiniTopColors series, that consists of a booklet of 18 pages containing three-view digital paintings of ten different aircraft with decals to match in 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32. There are three schemes for the Komet, four for the Salamander, and three for the Schwalbe. As these are late war aircraft, they are rough and ready, with very heavily adapted and personalised schemes, altered airframes with unpainted parts, previously painted grafted sections, and naked metal with puttied seams evident. The schemes are as follows: Me.163B V53 W.Nr. 16310062, White 9, flown by Kurt Schieber of 1./JG400, Brandis, Germany early August 1944. Me.163B White 10 flown by Lt. Hans-Ludwig Loscher of 1./JG400, Brandis, Germany, late February 1945. Me.163B V52 W.Nr.16310061 Yellow 1, flown by Lt. Reinhard Opitz, Kapitan of 7./JG400 Nordholz, Germany, April 1945. He.162A-1 W.Nr. 310003 Yellow 5 of 3./JG1, Leck, Germany, May 1945. He.162A-2 W.Nr. 120067 White 4 of 1./JG1, Leck, Germany, May 1945. He.162A-2 W.Nr. 120028 White 3 of 1./JG1, Leck, Germany, May 1945. He.162A-2 W.Nr. 120231 White 6 of 1./JG1, Leck, Germany, May 1945. Me.262A-2a W.Nr.110613 9K+DK flown by Ofw. Hermann Wieczorek of 2./KG51 Rheine-Hopsten, Germany 25th February 1945. Me.262A-1a Yellow 2 of 3./KG(J)54, Prague-Ruzyne, Czechoslovakia, May 1945. Me.262A-1a White 34 of III./EJG2, Brunnthal, Germany May 1945. The decals are printed by Cartograf as usual, and are of top quality, with good register, colour density and sharpness, accompanied by a very glossy and close-cut carrier film. Each scale is separated by a dotted line, so you'll not get confused between scales. Conclusion Perfectly timed for the release of the new Meng Me.163B kit, and I'm sure a great many of us will end up owning both. The partially bare metal schemes are very interesting, and there's a lot of mottle, scribble and soft demarcations between colours, so you'd best spruce up your airbrushing skills to tackle them. I'm personally very tempted by them all, although having only one Salamander in my stash is now starting to look like a problem. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  11. ME-163 Komet 1:48 Testors The Messerschmitt Me-163 holds the distinction of being the worlds first (and only) rocket powered fighter to see operational service. Designed by Alexander Lippisch and built by Messerschmitt AG, the Komet, as it was known in Luftwaffe Service, was the unofficial holder of the world air speed record for some time after World War Two. The aircraft was highly unconventional by the standards of the day. Apart from the unique rocket propulsion system, it featured a swept wing and no horizontal tail. Operationally the Komet was less than successful. As cutting edge design, it was not as easy to fly as a conventional fighter. Its combat record was also rather hit-and-miss, with the fighter accounting for relatively few Allied aircraft. Legendary British test pilot Eric Winkle Brown managed to arrange an unofficial powered flight in a Komet immediately after the end of the war in Europe. Although wary of the aircraft because of its reputation and cutting edge design, he was suitably impressed with its sprightly performance. Despite the relatively high profile of the Komet in military aviation history, there have been relatively few kits of the aircraft in 1:48 scale. Aside from a number of resin and vacuum formed kits, the choice boils down to this kit, originally released by Hawk in the early 60s, and the Trimaster kit (re-released by Dragon, Hasegawa and Revell) which dates back to the early nineties. Unsurprisingly the more modern kit is the pick of the pair, but the older sibling is not without some merit, not least because of the relatively low asking price. The kit is made up of just 24 parts moulded in grey and clear plastic. Surface detail is made up of recessed panel lines and raised rivets. The overall effect is actually rather effective. The kit is no spring chicken and there is a little flash in places and a few sink marks here and there, most notably on the upper fuselage and under the wing root. Construction begins with the cockpit, such as it is. Detail is comprised of a basic seat, an instrument panel and a pilot. There is really nothing kind I can say about the pilot as he is quite misshapen. His legs are joined together in one piece and he has a large sink mark in his abdomen. Not only that but he is gripping something with his left hand that I can only presume is the control column. Thankfully the canopy is pretty thick! Before you can join the fuselage halves together, you will need to add the landing skid and the generator drive propeller. The wings are comprised of upper and lower halves. There are separate underwing flaps and leading edge slats, which is quite nice, but the chord of the wing is too broad. This is the major weakness of the kit in terms of accuracy. Finishing details include the detachable main gear, the wing mounted pitot tube and the FuG radio aerial. The take off gear is as basic as the rest of the kit, but will do the job. The canopy is pretty thick, which is just as well given the sparse nature of the cockpit. A generous choice of four options is included on the decal sheet, although none of the aircraft are identified by pilot or unit. Wolfgang Spätes bright red aircraft is one of the choices, but Im not an expert on the type and couldnt tell you what the other options represent. The decals are very nicely printed and look thin and glossy. Conclusion I was quite surprised at the paucity of options for Komets in this scale, and in some ways that makes this kit a little more likeable. It isnt particularly accurate and it is quite crude by modern standards, but the treatment of surface details is pretty good and it shouldnt take too long to put together. Review sample courtesy of UK distributors for
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