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Found 591 results

  1. Hello, just a placeholder for my build which will start a bit later. I have the 1/72 Italeri kit and the Flying Colors Aerodecals tiny sheet for the ETPS logo, hope the box decals will suffice for the standard colour scheme.
  2. OK this one is close to my heart. As a fairly new boy driving on the continent in the mid-late 1980s in my early 20s I was given this to drive... Now this is a Ford Transcontinental but it had been modified, for its time it was huge inside. It was many years before I finally made an effort to build this. Being as it consisted of a Volvo donor kit and a KFS transkit which had to be cut up, it had the makings of an expensive disaster... But I went for it in the end
  3. Hi all. As I wait for the paint I need for my Buffalo I thought I would start another kit. Italeri’s 1/72 Sea Harrier, which I believe was originally issued by Esci and was highly thought of at the time. This will be a straight forward out of the box build, no resin or PE. I will be doing the top one here: Sprues: L Finely engraved detail and very little flash, there a few ejector pins to be filled. My only quibble is with the main undercarriage leg which has to be attached as the fuselage is closed up which makes adjustment for a level sit impossible, so everything lines up. Also the auxiliary intake doors are moulded closed and will need to be opened out. Made a start cleaning up parts and filling the ejector pin holes: Wings assembled and rear fuselage closed up: Started on opening up the intake doors (a bit rough at the moment): AW
  4. Well I've been racking my tiny little brain for quite some time as to which kit to build for this GB as there were quite a few that came to mind that I used to build a lot of such as the Airfix Dornier Do-217 or Heinkel He-111, or pretty much the entire Matchbox catalogue. But then I had a thought (yes I know that's a rare occurrence before any of you comment) the age limit on this goes up to 18 and the kit needs to be a memorable one, now like a lot of you I left school at 16 (I know it would have been earlier for some of you old buggers) and started work and with my first weeks wage packet I indulged my hobby. At the time I was fascinated by the Vietnam War and the aircraft that took part in it and had worked my way through the kits available from Airfix such as the Phantom, Skyhawk, AC-47 and E.E. Canberra and wanted some of the other types not covered by their range. It was at that point that the local CO-OP started to stock Italeri kits which had some of the aircraft in their range that I had been reading about. Now my Dad had decided that I was too old for models after the age of 13 so my kits had had to come as presents from relatives or bought with cash for birthdays or Christmas but when I got my first wages I could buy what I wanted, so I did! I came away from the CO-OP with three Italeri Vietnam era classics; the AC-119, B-66 and the B-57, and no my Dad was NOT happy, never mind eh! I have all of these in the stash today (not the same ones I bought in 1987) and have decided to build the B-57 as it was the first of the kits I built from my new stash. Obviously back then I built it in the Vietnam camouflaged markings that came with the kit but this time around I am going to do it as something different, as either a B-57B or B-57E used for testing at Edwards AFB, the decision is yet to be made. Here are the usual box top and contents shots and also a couple of additions that I might use during the build; The new boxings excellent decal sheet; And the extras that I might use; Thats the introduction over so as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  5. At last I have the chance to place this kit prominently in a BB: I present: the mighty Ferret-E: Three spruces , One color, A ton of decals. What could go wrong? Find out this weekend on the mighty BB1. As it is a fantasy kit, I intend to rework it as part of an pop-culture military unit. I have a vision of it being a stealth fighter of the Cobra from the G.I Joe cartoons. This means either fun creating decals of fun creating strencils. Therefore a question to the host may I prepare the decals/stencils beforehand, or do I have to do them in the 24h as well?
  6. Please find my latest completion Italeri's Grumman Avenger in 1/48 Scale. The kit was nearly built out of the box apart from a P.E. seat harness and decals by Print Scale for the insignia and markings plus a Techmod sheet for the stencilling since most of the original decals were not usable anymore from this ebay purchase. (Which was made clear to me prior the purchase which was at a reasonable price) Had some trouble with the windows, which required a few polishes with Tamiya polishing compound after which there were still some blemishes apparent. I once came across an article or video where they did some "after" polishing with car wax (Carnuba wax). So I thought I would give that a try and it did have some effect on these windows. Unwittingly I then used my polishing cloth to wipe some dirt of the wing........................... which resulted in wax on the wing, which I was unable to remove. Since The wings were meant to be specular sea blue. So I thought...............Why not wax the wings? Subsequently I accidentally got some wax on the fuselage as well...... So decided to apply the wax on the entire model in a last ditch effort to save the model. I am curious to know how you think it worked out. I would not repeat this method, but one pleasant side effect was that the gritty-like sprayed paint on the wings (Should have thinned the paint a little more) and some orange peel effect was totally eliminated. Turned super smooth. So something to keep in the back of the mind. Paints: Mr Color and AK real paints coated and polished in Simoniz Car wax! I did use an Eduard mask for the windows as well............ That's all, thanks for watching. Regards, Rob
  7. Recently completed this Italeri 1/72 kit & got it done just in time for our local club competition. I've always been very fond of the USAFE jet aircraft from the mid 50's to the late 60's with all the colours & especially in relation to all their local bases in the UK. The plan is to slowly add to the collection of aircraft already built that reflects aircraft based at Wethersfield, Shepherds grove, Lakenheath & the Twin Bases, maybe Bruntingthorpe & Sculthorpe as well. Sometimes wish I had been born a few years earlier! This is the Italeri F-100F which overall is a nice kit, but the cockpit details are minimal & if you look close enough don't resemble the real thing. So I added a new centre section & console & added some plasticard to support the reasonable decals present in the kit. I could have ordered a new resin cockpit, but tried to keep most of this build free of aftermarket gubbins. Also in reference to some online images of the ejection seats I added new straps & painted them accordingly. For ejection seat straps I always slice up strips from the Swann & Morton blade packets as it can be twisted & keeps its shape. Painted with Vallejo Metal Color & some Mig acrylics. F-100F 56-3893 79th TFS 20th FW Woodbridge Suffolk 1958 There will be another "F" coming in the shape of the Trumpeter kit which has decals for 56-3730 which was based at Wethersfield. Many thanks for looking! Martin
  8. Hi folks, A model I finished a short while ago. I am still quite new to model building, having done many years of miniature painting previously. A few notes on this one. - This is my fifth build and first Italeri kit. This will be the last time I buy a kit without reading a review. A lot of the pieces were ill-fitting and required a lot of sanding and filling. I would say compared to the other kits I have built (a Hasegawa, a Revell and 2 Airfixes) this was the most difficult and very nearly took a maiden flight directly into the bin! - I went a bit overboard with weathering and dirt in part to cover up some of my attempts at correction. A misfiring airbrush then splattered Tamiya smoke in thick quantity - upon trying to wipe it off I actually quite liked the effect and so discovered it by accident (although I'm not sure any Jaguar in service ever looked like it had such a had life! ) - Am not sure about the final colour - I had followed some advice I read online and used Mr Color 313 Yellow, but don't think this quite matches photos I have seen of the aircraft. - I still think the Jaguar is a lovely looking aircraft, and now that it is displayed on the wall was definitely a learning exercise! Any comments very welcome!
  9. "SPRING 1963 - TRAINING" F-100F Super Sabre, Royal Danish Air Force, ESK 725, Karup Kit: Italeri F-100F Super Sabre Double Seater (#003) Scale: 1/72 Aftermarket: Taurus canopy, Aires wheels, Aires nozzle, Master pitot, Pavla seats Paints: Vallejo Model Color, Model Air & Metal Color Weathering: Flory Models Wash, Mig weathering Products Solid - if somewhat basic - kit from Italeri. Added some aftermarket & DIY work to improve the looks. Display base made from scratch. Built for Nordic GB. Build thread: Thanks for looking! Comments & constructive criticism welcomed
  10. I've made a start on a new model which will be something I never really do - a diorama of sorts but really it's two model aircraft. I've had to depart from my preferred 1/48 scale for this for various reasons but let's simplify it down to kit availability. The ultimate aim is to try to recreate a scene like this: I expect the readership is well familiar with the USAF's Combat Search And Rescue (CSAR) efforts which really came to maturity during the Vietnam war. The Sikorsky S-61R model in USAF service as the CH-3 was modified with long range tanks, refuelling probe, pilots' seat arm, winch and some defensive guns and became the HH-3E, nicknamed the Jolly Green Giant. They didn't and couldn't work alone though. They were still relative sitting ducks to ground fire, expected to fly into a hover in an area where a fast jet had been shot down. They flew in pairs, a high ship providing cover and a low ship which went in to pick up the downed airman/airmen. They usually had an escort of around 4 Douglas Skyraiders which flew under the nickname of "Sandy" which would provide heavy suppressive fire support for the helicopters. The whole operation was initiated, supported and coordinated by the crew of the Combat King however - the HC-130P would patrol and listen on the US military's radio frequencies monitoring ongoing air operations. As soon as they heard communications that suggested a friendly aircraft was in trouble the CSAR machine was warmed up. The Combat King crew would direct the rescue aircraft to the scene but also provided refuelling services to the fairly short-ranged Jolly Green Giants. The models then - I'm using a Whirlybird kit of the HH-3E which is almost entirely resin with a fret of photoetched brass. Unlike their earlier S-61N conversion which used a Revell donor kit, the HH-3E is a complete kit. Good then. The HC-130P is going to be provided by Italeri, with HC-130P conversion parts from David J Parkins' Flightpath, with photo etched details (mainly to get the flaps which, as can be seen above, were normally extended to allow the big Herc to fly slow enough for the helicopter to keep pace and take on fuel) and the correct Alison T56-A-15 engine nacelles from same. I still need the air to air refuelling pods from Flightpath and they're not available right now but David, if you're reading, I'll be keeping an eye on your website for them coming back into stock. It'll be a while before they hold up proceedings though. Never one to be content however, I have decided to attempt to make this much more difficult. I've never been impressed by clear plastic discs with blurry blades and the like, so to try to get a good impression of movement, I've decided to electrify this little ensemble. That's going to be easier said than done... Apart from any thing else, when you've actually seen things like the helicopter (or at least are familiar with its family members) things like relative RPMs begin to matter, within fairly broad reason. When photographed, the relative blur achieved by an camera will be more telling than just looking and since most people will see this through the results of a camera, I wanted to make a reasonable effort during the parts procurement process to try to get it close-ish. I've known 3 Hercules pilots, and have no way of contacting any of them so I've had to guess at what is probably a sensible propeller RPM for a C-130 flying straight and level with flaps down - and my guess is that 1200 RPM isn't going to look out of place. I ordered 4 of these for the Herc: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC3V-1200RPM-Micro-Mini-6mm-Planetary-Gear-Reducer-Motor-Precision-DIY-Robot-car/254151008187?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648 These are approximately 17mm long and 6mm in diameter. The solid resin engine nacelles are, I believe, a benefit here since I can drill the nacelles in my pillar drill and get all the motors and thus all 4 propellers on the same axis. It would look dreadful if they all had different up/down/side thrust. Everything needs to be straight and aligned properly. On to the helicopter for now though. I needed to measure up what I had to work with, and that meant cleaning up the fuselage halves: The fit is pretty good, but there is a mismatch on the top of the fuselage to deal with later - but it doesn't affect what I need to know now: I have a bit of space to work with for the main rotor, but still the smaller the better - I don't really want a huge silver monstrosity gleaming through the cabin windows: The tailrotor however is a real issue: I have better data here (I think) about what speeds I want, but in truth that probably makes me less satisfied with whatever I get in the end! I have my father available who was licensed on the Sikorsky S-61N and has all of his Sikorsky course notes. I'd love to show some of the amazing reference material inside, but Sikorsky never miss an opportunity to sue people and the course notes have prohibitions on unauthorised disclosure all over them, so you'll have to take my word for the rest. Not knowing any S-61R drivers, but believing the powertrain to be very similar to the S-61N, my dad's course notes state that 100% on the mainrotor is 203 RPM. The same drawing shows that the power take-off for the tail rotor runs at 3030 RPM at 100% and that the 45deg gearbox at the bottom of the pylon is a 1:1 gear ratio. The final drive gearbox to the tail rotor itself has a ratio of 2.4375:1, making the tailrotor run at 1243 RPM at 100%. The best I could find that would fit in the fuselage for the mainrotor was this 242 RPM geared motor, measuring 16.5mm long by 6mm diameter: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253771137237 That's at 3v so I've also ordered some little potentiometers to, hopefully, tweak that down a touch. Compromise is the key here. I considered asking someone to design and 3D print me tiny bevel gears and sit a motor in the pylon coaxial with where the transmission shaft would be on the real thing, but then I found these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC3V-3-7V-4-2V-Ultra-mini-Coreless-Motor-3-2mm-12-2mm-Vibration-Vibrating-Motor/283101330780?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=583506556671&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 They are tiny little things 3.2mm x 12.2mm overall including the shaft which has a vibrating counterweight attached, so I've ordered 2 of them incase I ruin one. This should just fit in there. I expect it spins far too fast for what I want, but I will mock it up first with a potentiometer and see how low I can get it - but really I think I'll just need to take what I get as this really seems to be the absolute bottom end of what's readily available on the market just now. Since I had the stuff out, I made a move on the sponsons. Whirlybird provides sponsons with separate end plates; one with floats for the HH-3F "Pelican" used by the Coast Guard, one plain as used on some of the CH-3C utility versions and one with the pylon for extended range fuel tanks. The fit isn't great unfortunately. I spent a while trying to make sure the pylons were aligned and looked like they would be at the same angle of incidence as each other - I don't want one fairly long, spindly fuel tank pointing up and one down! I've had this stuff for a while but have never used it, so thought I'd give it a go It's like Milliput but seems a bit softer and easier to knead/mix than my packets of Milliput. That said, my Milliput has always been quite old whenever I've used it - mixing epoxy putties always seems a real faff so I'll use solvent types normally. For resin here though this is probably more suitable. Thanks for looking in. This won't be fast paced - and indeed I need to wait for motors to arrive, but I will work away at it along with my other projects. I'm not always in the mood for shaping / painting / photo etch / sanding / scribing so I like having different models at different stages of build and pick up whichever I'm in the mood for. I'm not a linear person.
  11. My Italeri Leopard converted to an AS1 with resin bits and photo etched parts. First ever AFV.
  12. My second lockdown completion and another Wessex, this time a HAS3, it is the 1/72 Italeri kit with the Rotorcraft correction and External fuel tank and pylon from Air Graphics, markings came from the kit and various Modeldecal sheets some of the markings are a best guess as HMS Londons Wessex 3 seems to have been a bit camera shy and I could only find two very poor pictures of her including one that showed the name 'Cockney Rebel' but I'm happy with it _IMG9032_1 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr _IMG9029_1 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr _IMG9037_1 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr _IMG9036_1 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr _IMG9042_1 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr Anyway Enjoy Willy
  13. After the highly detailed S4 to the really basic Stratos I didn't realise how bad and basic Italeri kits were, but then it's an original 70s kit, so things have moved on I suppose, it doesn't even come with windows for the doors, which I thought was odd The bodyshell isn't too bad even though it took a lot of filling and scraping to get it half decent. It also fits way too far forward on the chassis so had to be modified to make the wheels central to the arches. I also thought I'd go away from the usual Alitalia decals and with the Chardonnet instead
  14. Finish No5 for this year is Italeri's B58 Hustler in the rumoured SEA camo used on the Project Bullseye test program which used a B58 to use its sophisticated radar bombing system to guide a flight of F4 on night time raids of North Vietnam as the accuracy of the F4 was not great but it never got beyond trials due to political concerns that America latest most technical bomber could be shot down. The kit is not bad but has some issues with wing and engine mounting but otherwise is fairly straight forward. I used Caracal's decal set supplied by Billin after his excellent build last year, using the Project Bullseye test aircraft rather than doing a NMF scheme. There is 3 crew from Revells pilot set seated but only the pilot is still visible and the 4 Mk84's came from a Hasegawa weapon set. Paints are all Tamiya and no weathering was applied as the aircraft (if painted in this scheme) where on test for a short time. As usual all comment are welcome.
  15. A recent build by my son Nathan. The Northrop YF-23 has always been a fascinating aircraft looking more like a Science Fiction object than a modern fighter. The Italeri kit is the better rendition in 1/72, the only other kit available being the Dragon one. To me the YF-23 has always been a better aircraft than the YF-22 that won the ATF contest. It's stealthier, better super cruise and certainly a much nicer looking design. The YF-22 was more agile. The official line regarding selection is that the selection panel "had more confidence in Lockheed in their production capability". An evolved YF-23 would have even been neater looking as conjectured in "The Warzone" https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/24911/this-is-what-a-northrop-f-23a-wouldve-looked-like-if-lockheed-lost-the-atf-competition I still think an evolved F23 would fly rings around the Su 57 or Chengdu J20. This model represents PAV-1 which was finished in a dark grey and had a "Black Widow" motif under the fuselage. The Italeri kit was pretty good except for some sinkage in the flaps which needed filling. The decals were replaced by a more accurate "Caracal" sheet. Nathan fitted a bunch of F15 etch to the cockpit which confused me until I read the reference which discussed how such parts were used to speed up the prototype. I have the Testors boxing of this kit (and the left over Caracal decals) to model PAV-2 (though the kit actually represents PAV-1). Cheers Michael
  16. Now I have the Beaufighter finished I am starting this one, been after one since Billin's great build last year and ebay came up with this for £20. It will be done as the fabled Project Bullseye test aircraft in SEA over black camo with 4 mk84's on the underside pylons. I haven't decided if this should be an in flight build or not yet, if so I'll need some crew. Should be fun!
  17. It may be strange, but in my "Falklands War model collection" Sea Harrier is still missing! That's why I decided to make two at once. To make it more interesting, they will be models from two different manufacturers - Airfix and Italeri. They are most popular kits of SHAR in 1/72 scale on the market (so far) and are well known, but I`ll try to compare them on this occasion. Airfix kit is from 2011, meanwhile, the Italeri is a rebox of the old ESCI kit, which comes from 1983! It would be logical if Airfix was better, but as you know - it is not. So let`s see both kits. As you can see - my Italeri`s SHAR is from anniversary combo box (with Wessex HU.5), but it`s the same as in standard box, except for decals. AIRFIX SPRUES: ITALERI SPRUES: Airfix has more parts and seems to be better detailed. Let`s take a closer look... AIRFIX PANEL LINES: ITALERI PANEL LINES: COMPARISION (ITALERI OVER AIRFIX): As you can see the old Italeri/ESCI kit is MUCH MUCH better in this regard. I will have to work on Airfix` lines... AIRFIX ENGINE EXHAUSTS: ITALERI ENGINE EXHAUSTS: Both are craps - Airfix exhausts will be very difficult to process (sanding required in the middle) and Italeri are too shallow. I will replace them in both kits with Pavla`s resins. AIRFIX SIDEWINDERS: ITALERI SIDEWINDERS: 1 point for Airfix here, but I think I will look for substitutes for both kits. CLEAR PARTS COMPARISION (ITALERI ON LEFT): Italeri is much better in shape and details. AIRFIX DECALS: ITALERI DECALS: Another point for Airfix. I have spare SHAR decals from DP Casper, Xtradecal and Condor Decals, so main decals are not a problem for me, but I have to use stencils from kits. To make "the match" even I will use almost the same additions for both kits: - Eduard`s PE sets (73384 for Airfix and 73457 for Italeri), - Pavla`s resin air intakes and exhausts (72-118 for Airfix and 72-082 for Italeri), - Pavla`s resin MB Mk.10H ejection seats (72-060 for both kits), - Pavla`s resin gun pods (72-117 for both kits), - Master`s Pitot tubes and angle of attack probes (AM-72-052 for both kits). ADDITIONS FOR AIRFIX KIT: ADDITIONS FOR ITALERI KIT: I know that there are some shape issues in Airfix kit and I will try to do something with that. I hope it will be fun.
  18. As I've nearly finished the S4 barring a couple of detail bits I'm waiting on, I thought I'd choose my next victim. As I'm running low on white paint and awaiting supplies, I thought I'd do the Stratos as I seem to have plenty of red to hand After all the detail of the S4 I thought this as a curbside kit would be easy and quick as there aren't too many parts, but looking at it I think I'm going to have to do a lot of de-seaming, flash removal and loads of filling sink marks, but that's all part of the hobby I suppose
  19. Thats my first build up there, one I did a year a go - an Italeri Super Sabre. Was fun enough build to get me hooked again after a really long pause. I thought It would be fun to re-live that build with my current knowledge - but obviously with a twist, not gonna do the exact same build, but rather a Danish double seater. Here's the scheme. As far as I know, Danish Super Sabres were not NMF - but painted with aluminium paint, a rather dull and grey aluminium paint. Looking at the pics, first I thought they were painted ADC Grey as it was so grey. I can already imagine that bright red will look great against the aluminium and the heat stained rear end! Whats in the box. Simple stuff, only two sprues and the clear parts. Decals look still ok. Scheme and decals. This is the 1999 boxing of the kit. Details are okay, little bit soft maybe but considering this is a 1982 tooling, not bad at all. Rather simple clear parts. I had hoped to display the canopy open, but no luck. There are few things I'm hoping to do with this build - and one is scratchbuilding an intake tube. That is not a good look as it ends so sudden. Always a problem with these nose-intake planes. Not a big one - but still one that bugs me. No idea how I am gonna do it yet, but let's find out, shall we? Other thing is that this build will be titled 'SPRING' and it will be displayed on a simple display base. Not a diorama but something to liven up the build a bit. This build will be followed by three other builds fitting the overall theme, but more about them once/if we get there!
  20. This is my Italeri AC-119K Stinger in 1/72. This is a mid 1980's vintage kit and it shows with its raised panel lines and somewhat fuzzy detailing. It was what I consider typical Italeri with good fit is some places and lousy fit in others. But on the whole it was a fun build. The decals that came with the kit were printer by Cartograf and while nice there were a bit minimalist where kind old so I went with the AOA Gunships: Raining Fire (I) set, also printed by Carograf and excellent. other then that it was OOB. The Vietnam era SEA color scheme it is a pain to do all that masking, but I really like the way it looks: It's hard to get a shot showing all the ordnance Next up it their AC-47 Spooky Enjoy
  21. Italeri 1/72 Short Sunderland MkIII, always wanted to build one of these. Nice kit, unfortunately the painting didn't go according to plan, initially started with Tamiya Flat White which thinned with Levelling Thinners lays perfectly, but ran out part way through and finished with Revell Aqua White. What a mistake that was. Totally ruined the finish.. spent days trying to sand it back and find the motivation to finish it, but it never really came back, then topped off with Ultimate Weathering Wash sticking to the gloss surface despite being fully cured and smooth. Haven't added several aerials and rigging which I may add at a later date, but calling this one done before it ends up in the bin. Extremely frustrated. Didn't meet my expectations at all, but I guess with the current climate and worries an occasional unhappy build here and there is inevitable. Lots of lessons learnt on this one.
  22. Did the Parachute Regiment use this type of stripped down Land Rover as produced by Italeri? I know they used a version for the anti-tank platoon’s WOMBAT wagons but I wondered if this version saw service with them, particularly during 3 Para’s BAOR tour in the seventies; contemporary pictures would be most welcome.
  23. Introducing this Italeri Spitfire 6, This is my first long-wing, complementing several clipped-wings that I've built. Bought at Monk Bar Models, York in 2019, for £9.99. Parts. Options and decals
  24. Good day one and all! Just seen the thread open so laying down my marker. I am going for Italeris Avenger in 1:48 (the old Accurate Miniatures kit). This one will be decked out as a Fleet Air Arm version, hoping to do a Pacific Fleet one. The only thing I have done is blow the dust off and give it a good wash! I will do the obligatory parts and accessories shots tonight and post them up tomorrow, along with more details on what version I am doing. Until then Laters! Bob
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