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  1. This is one of those extremely rare occasions that I have known what I want to build for a GB since before it got through the bunfight, I usually end up building something completely different from what I intended after going through several changes of mind. Right from the start the Henschel Hs-126 was the front runner in the stash and the colour scheme was going to be either from a land of snow or sand, and snow has won. ICM first released their very nice 1/48 Hs-126 in 2010 and It was released in boxings for the A and B versions, then about a year or so later it was released by Italeri with the options of both A and B from the same box (at least that is what it claims) and with a very nice decal sheet for 7 versions which actually made it quite difficult for me to decide what to build as I like a few of them, especially the Condor Legion and Greek ones, fortunately I think I have another one in the stash somewhere. Anyway lets start with the usual box top and whats in it shots shall we; Rather nice box art actually. The as yet untouched parts still in their plastic bag; And the 6 other schemes offered by Italeri other than the option on the box top; And the very nice looking decal sheet that comes with the kit; I have a couple of references that I shall be using for this build; Now those of you that know me or pop into my builds will know that I have a liking for a temporary Winter camouflage scheme and the Luftwaffe were kind enough to oblige by painting a fair few of these in such schemes from their service on the Russian front, such as the one on the front of the Aufklarer book on the right. And that aircraft is shown in the book with a nice clear picture to back up the profile; So that is the one I am going to try to reproduce, assuming I can find the correct size and style of code letters in the decal stash. I have a Helldiver to get either finished or very close to finishing before I can make a start on this one which will prove difficult as I really want to get started on this as I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  2. Once the Jaguar is finally done, my dad will start the next jet, building the Italeri reboxing of the Kinetic kit. Gonna do the box art scheme, to say a French Suez Crisis aircraft. DSC_0009 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  3. Hello everyone, I'm venturing into uncharted waters here, normally being a landlubber over in the AFV section where I'm half through a Mercedes-Benz L 4500 truck build. While mulling over cargo options, I briefly considered a S.L.C. "Maiale" as 'somethings a bit different' but thought it would be too long and too, well, 'torpedoey', to be feasible. But then I stumbled across the following which got the old cogs turning... Early in the video we see a 'truncated' "Maiale" separated from it's warheads... The warheads subsequently being bolted onto the 'nose'... Hmmm, interesting. The "Maiale" sans warhead would probably fit onto the truck bed quite nicely, and the detached warhead(s) could then sit alongside, something like this with some rearrangement... It's a total flight of fancy with no evidence that they ever put one of these things on a truck, but why not? The decision was made, let's have a "Maiale" cargo! I knew that Italeri did a nice 1/35 Siluro a Lenta Corsa (S.L.C - Italian, Low Speed Torpedo) also known as "Maiale" (Italian for pig, hence the topic name). I didn't know, however, that the kit is discontinued and so a bit tricky to get hold of. I did eventually managed to acquire one... I won't go into too much detail on the kit contents as there are several reviews available elsewhere. Suffice it to say that the kit is quite simple, being contained on a single sprue, with the warhead(s) already separated from the main body of the Pig (which needless to say is very useful for what I plan to do - result!)... The kit also contains a small etch fret, some diver figures (probably won't be used), and a booklet giving additional information and a pretty comprehensive set of photos (which is a very nice touch)... I've made a cursory start on the build by starting a tidy of the welders mask front shield. Holes were drilled in the shield roof as indicated in the instructions, using small moulded depressions as a guide. The shield walls are far too thick, looking like they are fashioned from substantial armour plate. Some thinning will be needed here, which will unfortunately result in the shield interior detail being lost (not a bad thing given the ejector mark and general untidiness of the interior)... The shield should be thin plate similar to this photo grabbed from the kit booklet... After some scraping, sanding, sanding and scraping things start to look a bit better. I'll leave it to you to work out which side has been worked on in this before/after comparison shot... I need to be a bit wary though as the plastic is starting to get a tad thin... A quick word of warning before I sign off - there may be the odd truck picture appearing in this thread! I'll try to keep these to the minimum, but if you want to venture over to the 'dark side' and see more, the parallel truck build can be found here.,.. Cheers, and thanks for looking, Paul.
  4. This is the Italeri 1/72 UH-1B dressed in DekLs delivery scheme markings. Finished in just under 2 weeks it was a nice change to build something OOB rather than my usual major kit bashing. I very different scheme for a RAAF Iroquois prior to going green.
  5. Italeri is to release a new tool 1/32nd MRCA Tornado GR.4 kit in 2018-2020 - ref. 2513 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235015790-news-italeri-2017/ V.P.
  6. This was a nice, quick fun build. Nothing too stressful and the fit was mostly really good. A few issues that I found out right at the end was the ride height. Even after taking out the rear suspension springs the car sits too high on the back axle. The windscreen doesn't fit flush with the side windows but this can only be fixed if you take off the location pins but then you are left with two large holes on the bonnet. Basically I have left it as it is but it needs to be fixed before painting. A nice engine is included but the bonnet is either on or off. Some aftermarket bonnet hinges would have come in handy but in the end I just glued the bonnet on. I got complacent on my first coat and made a bit of a mess of it, very grainy. After sanding and repainting it came out much better,although not perfect, it doesn't now look like red sandpaper. It was a good lesson to treat my airbrush and paint with a bit of respect. Paints used. Tamiya LP21 and Mr Color 158. Both Italian Red and exactly the same shade. Interior Tamiya Rubber black with a coat of satin, which gives a nice leather look. All metallics Tamiya/Mr Hobby lacquers. Anyway, thanks for looking. I would recommend this kit. It builds into a nice model and there is plenty of scope for super detailing. Just keep your eyes on the back axle and windscreen. All the best.
  7. Here is my contribution to the group build. I have finally got around to building aircraft that I have worked on during my RAF career. During my tour out in Germany, at RAF Gutersloh, I worked in the Radar/Comms/Recce Bay and part of my duties was to download and replenish the camera systems of several NATO aircraft types, including Dutch F-16s that visited Gutersloh. This was known as Exercise Ample Gain, which was an ongoing training exercise in the 80's to train for the possibility of the Russian horde decided to invade Europe - Gutersloh was one of the nearest NATO air bases to the East German border and so would be the place where aircraft would refuel and rearm etc. Every year I would go to the RNLAF air base at Volkel (306 Sqn) to be retrained which was great fun! I picked the Italeri NATO Fighter boxing as it contains decals for a 306 Sqn aircraft, which was the sqn I trained with, and luckily, DACO Products make a 1/48 Orpheus pod (they actually supply two in the pack so if anyone else is after one I am sure we could come to some arrangement) so I can reproduce one of the aircraft that I possibly worked on (I didn't keep tail numbers! . I normally replace the seat with a resin one and use Eduard's Cockpit Zoom set but this is the first time I have bought a resin exhaust. Looking forward to starting this very soon. Mick
  8. I saw Bridge of Spies a few weeks ago and quite enjoyed the film. The U-2 sequences where very good, dramatic license aside, and it wasn't long before I had checked out a few books from the library on Lockheed's Skunk Works and the U-2. The next step was to see what kits were available. I was somewhat disappointed to discover that there were no kits currently in production and unless I could find something on eBay, I was out of luck. Well, as luck would have it, soon after I started looking one or two popped up on eBay UK. The one I liked had a low starting price so I put a bid in and waited. Only one other bidder joined in but didn't seem to want it as much as I did so I won the auction. The box was a little worse for wear and many of the parts had broken off the sprue tree but it was all there. It is an old kit, however, and not at all cutting edge but, based on drawings I have since acquired, I think the general overall shape is good and it just cries out for a little scratch building and super detailing. Which I am more than happy to get stuck into now that I'm giving the Camel a bit of a rest. I've started on the cockpit and will post a couple of photos tomorrow. Meanwhile: pic in a minute.
  9. Hello everyone This is my first "Non-GB" build here on britmodeller. I have acquired myself 3 1/72 mig 29 fulcrums, and have wanted to build a fulcrum for some time now, so here we are. So far the plan is to make one from Poland (this one), one from Irak, a italeri Mig-29a kit, and one from Iran, a mig 29a as well, which is a tamiya kit, but exactly the same as the italeri, right down to the decals I've read a bit about the kits, and I'm a bit excited to get started with the models since I've read the are not the best kits Anyways, here are some pictures: The box The sprues Aftermarket parts, decals
  10. Having made a Norwegian Starfighter, Danish registered SAS Caravelle and Swedish Saab Draken for the previous Nordic GB, I decided it was time for a subject with a Finnish leaning and thought that this would be something different to my usual aircraft builds. It will also rekindle memories of time spent trudging along forest tracks on cold November days back in the 1970's to watch Scandinavian drivers teach us how to drive on the Special Stages of the Lombard RAC Rally. Anyway, here are the box and contents photos of my subject choice, but it will be a short while before I start the build because I have to finish a few others first. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr Cheers. John
  11. While I encountered more difficulty with this model than I had anticipated (so what’s new?) and, as with all large models, it took longer than a smaller airplane would, I feel that the result is impressive. There are better made examples of this kit on this forum (I see one beautiful example with motorized propellers) but I feel that my relatively 'quick and dirty' approach to model making has some merit too. To see more photos and description, click the link in my signature and then click Gunship: Spectre of death (indented under Vietnam war plastic models). (That hopefully complies with forum rules limiting links to personal web sites while avoiding duplicating content on different servers.)
  12. I needed a break from grey RAF fighters! The ETPS schemes are always a nice change. Here's the old Italeri 1/72 kit with a slightly hybrid livery - I don't think XX145 was ever in this (newer?) version of the scheme, but if she's ever restored and repainted, who knows! Mostly built OOB but with a little aftermarket etch from Eduard, and resin seats and wheels (can't remember where from though, as I started the build ages ago). Decals were from the Air Decal "Raspberry Ripple" sheet which I found on eBay, over Hataka Red Line acrylic airbrushed paints. I'm not sure if the various shortcomings in fit and finish are from the kit or my lack of skill, although it was certainly much more of a struggle than the last kit (the fantastic Airfix GR9). Don't peer too closely! Thanks for looking (from a distance). And with a previous T.2 (Hasegawa kit)...
  13. I consider Reggiane Re. 2002 "Ariete" model in 1:48 from Italeri as finished. It depicts a machine from Reggia Aeronautica. 239Ma. Squadriglia, 102 Gruppo Reggio Emilia, Italy, February 1943. Model made straight out of the box, I know the carbon paper is getting silvered because I copied it myself. Workshop - Reggiane Re.2002 "Ariete" 1:48 Italeri - Work in Progress - Aircraft - Britmodeller.com
  14. I consider Reggiane Re. 2002 "Ariete" model in 1:48 from Italeri as finished. It depicts a machine from Reggia Aeronautica. 239Ma. Squadriglia, 102 Gruppo Reggio Emilia, Italy, February 1943. Model made straight out of the box, I know the carbon paper is getting silvered because I copied it myself. Workshop
  15. If you followed my 'Re-Mojo' build of the T-28B you know it was, unsurprisingly, a bit challenging but enjoyable build - after all it was a Roden kit. You also know that life beyond the bench sucked as I lost my job. The P-400 double build is still in progress, but as it is in the painting stage, and the paint schemes are intricate and the kits were not cheap - I will have to attend to them when I have some more energy. So I cruised the part of my stash that is stored at home (a small part) for some fun build. I have a couple P-51's of different models in my stash - most of them good kits (Tamiya, Eduard, Modelsvit) and also this Italeri P-51D/K. I think this could be a good quick build. It is an NMF build, but I think can build it quickly and it will help out in restoring the fun and good spirit I get from my bench time. So here we go: Not too complicated (I hope), nice decals and an appealing subject - who can ask for more? Ran
  16. If you followed my 'Re-Mojo' build of the T-28B you know it was, unsurprisingly, a bit challenging but enjoyable build - after all it was a Roden kit. You also know that life beyond the bench sucked as I lost my job. The P-400 double build is still in progress, but as it is in the painting stage, and the paint schemes are intricate and the kits were not cheap - I will have to attend to them when I have some more energy. So I cruised the part of my stash that is stored at home (a small part) for some fun build. I have a couple P-51's of different models in my stash - most of them good kits (Tamiya, Eduard, Modelsvit) and also this Italeri P-51D/K. I think this could be a good quick build. It is an NMF build, but I think can build it quickly and it will help out in restoring the fun and good spirit I get from my bench time. So here we go: Not too complicated (I hope), nice decals and an appealing subject - who can ask for more? Ran
  17. Hi guys! Here's my next project, Italeri's Mirage IIIE with aftermarket decals to paint it as an Argentinian machine. The decals I'll be using are Condor Decals 48054. The Italeri kit comes with the extended fairing for the empennage as a not for use piece, but I'll use it to make this kit as a IIIEA. I'll be painting this aircraft as I-007. I'll also be my first three coloured camouflage aircraft. Paints to be used will be RLM 79, 71 and 70 for the upper surfaces, and white for the lower surfaces. I'll be picking up the kit this Friday, so pics of the contents will be posted on Friday's afternoon. Photo of the real machine. As you can see, it doesn't have the yellow rudder shown in the profile of the decal sheet.
  18. Hi Pals, I finish working with this model. I have seen that it is a fairly simple kit, without major problems for assembly, with acceptable instructions. As a bonus, you can make several versions, just before the Paladin appears. Although this is an old kit, modestly I think that you could still get a good result, (I am reasonably happy with it), the only thing that gave me headaches were the main pieces of the turret and helmet, as they were crooked , I imagine that by the passage of time, and the worst, the tracks, which when they were already in place, split, where the hardest (in the curve), although I was able to rectify it quite well. I have chosen to make a version in Vietnam, because although the kit does not bring that option, I saw some photos (which I include) about this, I liked it a lot. Thanks to my box of spare parts, it was not a problem. I thank as always all fellows of the forum who have accompanied me in the assembly process and encouraged me with their comments to improve / continue. I include a link to the WIP section, in case someone is interested in seeing the post. I wish you all a Merry Christmas! (If possible ... lol) Some shots in detail.... And some pictures of real model in Vietman (ALL PHOTOS ARE ONLY FOR INFORMATIVE PURPOSES, AND ALL LEGAL RIGHTS BELONG TO YOUR LEGITIMATE OWNERS)
  19. My second Tomcat is the Italeri 1990 boxing of their 1988 moulding and is for a low-vis F-14A Plus, later re-named the F-14B and is a far simpler kit than the Fujimi one - not that many stencils but I do have a Microscale/Superscale decal sheet of low-vis stencils for the F-14 if needed. I will probably have a lot of spares if anybody wants them! Again, more when I start. Pete
  20. Well, after totally ruining my 3 month build of the Italeri Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza (see below), it's got hidden away in a box until I can pluck up the courage to look at it again without crying. I've decided instead to have a go at spoiling a different Alfa kit I have in my stash instead, an Alfa Romeo 179C. This next build will probably be of the 179C that was driven by either Mario Andretti or Bruno Giacomelli back in 1981. My original plan was to have an Alfa Romeo racing car from the early days and one from nearer to today. Unfortunately, due to my ham fistedness with an airbrush and unfortunate accident with a Q-tip (do NOT ask!), its now just going to be the later car! As per usual, I'll be totally ignoring the order of build as advised in the instructions and so will probably end up with lots of containers all awaiting detail painting! I'll be using Zero Paints to apply the finishing colours but first a lot of research has to be done as I'll probably be adding and amending parts as I go along if the 8C was anything to go by! Build progress photos to follow - when I actually do make some progress!
  21. In 1977 the Finnish Air Force ordered 50 Hawk Mk 51 trainers to replace the already obsolete Fouga Magister and Saab Safir ones. In the 1990's 25 more Hawks were purchased bringing their total number In the FAF's service to 75 planes. The Hawks are estimated to stay in service till the 2030's. In order to build the Finnish version of the Hawk I bought the Italeri Red Arrows Hawk kit in 1/48 scale (it was molded in bright red plastic). The quality of the kit was allright, but didn't reach the tamigawa level, though. The nose of the plane needed surprisingly much weight, some 50 grams, to prevent the model from being a tail sitter. For the cockpit I bought a FAF photoetch detail set sold by the Finnish manufacturer Kuivalainen. To replace the over sized pitot tube of the kit I ordered a Master Model brass tube. The decals for the Finnish Hawk are from the sets of Gal-decals and Avalondecals. I added the orange day-glow stripes to the tail from a Microscale sheet (the stripes were used for marking the adversary planes in combat exercises), I also scratched a lot of details, antennas, etc. that were seen in the Finnish Hawk versions. Unfortunately, the kit didn't include missile pylons that I would have liked to add to the model. For the FAF camouflage I used the following paints: Light Bronze Green FS24151 (Xtracolor Interior green, nro X117) Very Dark Drab FS24064 (Xtracolor Braunviolett, nro X210) Light aircraft grey FS26440 (Xtracolor Light Gull Grey, nro X137) The landing gear, the wells and the doors I painted with Revell's light grey SM371. For smaller details I also used Vallejo acrylics and Humbrol/Revell enamels.
  22. Not content with the Matador and Fw190 multi build I joined the VSTOL group build with the intention of building the prototype V22 as the Italeri kit needs correcting to make a decent MV22. Since I missed the GB deadline I will move the build here. And this is where it sits at the moment
  23. Hi all another model from old Italeri mold finished. Yes, there are a lot better F-16s on the market, but those are still worth to be done, as at the end represents this nice plane quite fine (with all existing flaws....but) I wanted to do this colorful version for a long time, and now it is done. I tried to do small corrections, like drilling intake duct and make it deeper, adding cockpit details, relocate horizontal tail surfaces to more correct position....and some other minor details. Colors are AK, with minimal weathering as i wanted to have this one clean as possible in balance with beautiful tail decal. Not to bother you more, i hope you will like it, best regards, Djordje
  24. Hi All after long time not making models, again got some free space to finish one. I planned to do this version of MIG for a long time, as it really differs with its crazy non standard colors. As i understand information from the web, this plane was shown in fresh colors to ‎Kim Jong-un for one of his birthday, with interesting detail, text under cockpit in red squares. Model is old Italeri, with some upgrades: riveted surfaces (quite visible on mig-s, replaced nose cone, replaced models intake covers with new made from plastic, added details in cockpit. Colors AK acrylics...mixed to get closest as possible to real thing, decals Dream Model. Very light weathering as i can not imagine that somebody leave dirt on plane during visit . So it is finished, i do not like MIG in this colors, but i am happy with overall look of this old mold. Till next post, wish you all happy modeling time. And at the end, compare image with referent photo from the net:
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