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Found 6 results

  1. Iron Maiden Aces High Spitfire Mk.II (07047) 1:32 Revell The Spitfire II was created when the early mark I Spitfire was fitted with the new 1,175 HP Merlin XII engine, but enough about that! In 1984 Iron Maiden released their fifth studio album "Powerslave". Track one on this album was "Aces High" with the lyrics being written from the view point of an RAF Battle Of Britain Pilot. The art work for this song features the bands mascot "Eddie the Head" in the cockpit of a Spitfire. Aces High would go on to be one of the bands most popular songs and would often feature as the opening song for concerts. The Kit This is a re-release of Revell's 2014 new tool kit with a new spure containing two "Eddie" figures and a new decal sheet. If building the kit with the seated "Eddie" at the controls then the first thing for the modeller to do is build that figure. Next up the cockpit for him to sit in is built up. and said Eddie can be placed in. After a few extra parts are included in the fuselage sides, and the tail wheel is added; the cockpit can be placed inside the fuselage and it closed up. Next up the wing are made up. There is one single lower, and left/right uppers. The main wheel wells must be placed inside the wings before the go together. They can now be added to the fuselage. The tailplanes and their control surfaces are now made up, and along with the rudder can be added to the fuselage. The ailerons are also added to the wings at this time., with the wing tips going on also. On the underside of the fuselage the underside part of the engine cowling completes that. Flaps can then be added either in the open or closed positions. On the underside of the wings the oil cooler and main radiator are added along with the centre line carb intake. The engine exhausts can then go on as well. Next up the main landing gear is constructed and added to the aircraft. The cockpit door goes on either open, or closed and the canopy is attached. Last up the prop is made up and placed on the front. Revell have also supplied a standing Eddie figure if you don't want to use the sitting one, or if you want to use both! Markings There are markings for the aircraft in the video and the aircraft for the stage show. These are printing in Italy by Cartograf so should pose no problems. Conclusion It's always good to see a Spitfire kit, even more so this one. Very Highly recommended if you are an Iron Maiden fan. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  2. There goes the siren that warns of the air raid There comes the sound of the guns sending flak Out for the scramble, we've got to get airborne Got to get up for the coming attack Well the mojo has taken a godawful battering this year, I've now got projects queueing up to get onto the SoD, (sorry you can't come in in those - they're trainers!), and builds queueing up for stickering on the markings production line that was formerly known as my kitchen. I hoped to relight the fire with an undocumented build as my last two WiP's have stalled, so I quietly sat down in the corner and got on with an Airfix 48th Lightning, which although substantially well on its way also has hit the buffers. How to cure this malaise I ask? (and it is a genuine but not rediculously serious malaise in the scheme of things; I'd been whingeing about shingles and feeling run down in my previous WIPs and blood tests have confirmed virtually a lack, as opposed to a deficiency, in my Vitamin D levels so I've been put on a horse-tablet dose of that for the next 6 months to see if it can lift my mood and stop me feeling so unwell all the time. Oh and because I'm self-employed and work virtually every waking hour, I also got prescribed some regular breaks and holidays so lets start taking them regularly too!) The news that Revell were releasing an Iron Maiden themed boxing of their 1/32 Spitfire II made my eyes light up with joy though. Having been about 5 years too young to see them in their infancy at one of my regular goto teenage pubs, The Ruskin Arms in East Ham, I jumped onto their rollercoaster ride in the early 80's, seeing them at Hammersmith Odeon and Wembley with regularity plus a trip up to Donnington for Monsters of Rock shortly after passing my driving test. OK now I have to see them at the O2, which to me has as much soul and life as Sainsbury's bacon, but it's still Maiden! Now on their last tour the opening song Aces High was accompanied by a 90% scale model of a Spitfire; OK a bit of an ambiguous mark of Spitfire and one that would keep rivet-counters awake all night sweating, but it was a Spitfire. As the on-stage version was what I wanted to model I hatched a plan to use the decals and the Eddie pilot figure (Eddie is the Iron Maiden mascot) from the Revell boxing with the Hobby Boss Spitfire Vb I had in the stash and that had been panned for it's rear fuselage shape issues amongst many others. Now the stage Spit has a 4 blade prop, two early style oil coolers but no radiators, 20mm wing cannon and a frickin' monster as a pilot so I couldn't see how HB's facsimile would detract from the Spittiness of this build, but once I had started building the kit up I looked at Revell's painting instructions and found that the stage Spits didn't have a genuine camo pattern applied (despite well-researched serials and codes), and that has proved too much for me; so I am now decorating this as the Mk 1 from the Aces High single cover. OK I know it's a Vb (sort of) and it's going to be painted as a Mk.I but from this day hence we're not going to speak of this again - got it! http://warbirdsnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/single12_aceshigh_b.jpg Another piece of the jigsaw as to why this is just a fun build with no hang ups is that I am building this as a gift for a friend who I am seeing on 18 December, so timings are tight. Also my buddy is not that much of a plane geek as to notice, despite one of his other besties being an airline pilot (hopefully he doesn't show it to him!). I hadn't planned to run a WIP for this but now that I'm ahead of my schedule I think I can do some mini-updates to show what I've done so far. The boxes and stickers just because we should........ Now I never ever ever ever ever put pilots in my kits, well not since years back, before I discovered Brett Green, then BM and hopefully proper and better modelling, so figure painting is not my forte. I started the construction/painting with the cockpit and with Eddie himself. I am well chuffed with how Eddie came out btw, even if self-praise is feint praise. Although not getting quite the attention my normal 'pits get I'm happy with this for a quick and dirty build. All painted with Tamiya Acrylics and given a Future wash. OK as we're in a rush here's where we're at now. Fuselage is buttoned up, wings attached with "special aeroplane glue" (thank you Taaj), seams sorted, Halfords rattle cans rattled, some black lines to infuriate folk and the first coat of Tamiya Sky for good measure. Anyways 8 days to go and I think we're on track. Anyways it's time to Run to the Hills (or more like climb the carpet hill to Bedfordshire) so until the next one, be good...... Chris
  3. I didn't initially have plans to do a WIP as virtually on the day that Revell released their Iron Maiden boxing of their MkII Spit, my good buddy Mark told me that Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris was playing a gig in Colchester with his side project British Lion. Now the gig was on December 19th and as Mark is very good buddies with Steve I knew I'd be invited along for a meet up and a chat. Last time British Lion toured Colchester I organised a trip down to Merville Barracks for Steve where he was well hosted and entertained by 2 PARA's Corporal's Mess before the gig, but with 19/12 being after stand down and the start of Christmas block leave I had to come up with another idea to help him remember Colchester and hopefully come back again in the next couple of years. The catch, well I had about 3 weeks to complete this if I was going to be able to present it at the gig. There was a very brief WIP once I realised that I was on course to complete this on time....... Anyways without further ado I present you with the Aces High Spitfire, ably piloted by no other than Eddie!!! You may notice a tiny speck of brass on the armoured windscreen frame, this is my nod to the spent cartridge case embedded there on the original cover of the Aces High Single and for our Sea-Hat friends following is not "the golden rivet"!!!! https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTDrm9AsqCcSq2xTtRFHa7YkV6v8_73XEoApLvl__REjeDaARhH&s Anyways, here's the good home that the model went off to.....
  4. Well, it's been sitting in my room for a couple of weeks looking dejected after my criticisms of the kit on first glance and I finally decided to make a start on this basket case. Firstly, a note on my skills as a modeller. I don't do this very often; time and circumstance mean that I am busy with other stuff, but I have deliberately made time to build this. Also, I haven't made models consistently for around 15 to 20 years and I don't have an air brush, so I will paint it by hand and rattle can, so don't expect excellence; mediocrity is a skill unexploited in forums like this, I feel. So, here 'tis. Crank up the volume... "Here is the soul of a maaaan. Here in this place for the taking. Clothed in white, stand in the light; here is the soul of a maaaaaaan...." As Bruce Dickinson warbled his way through the first bars of If Eternity Should Fail I contemplated my options with this kit. There are many issues that should be tackled properly, accuracy and fit problems that those of you with an eye for perfection would fix, but I'm not one of you. I have made the decision to turn this into a (rather imposing) desk top model with a custom made stand, so accuracy issues won't be top of the list, although some things will be unavoidable and won't be ignored. The box looks suitably fancy and the photographs on it give useful reference for finish, but there's plenty of stuff on the net on this aircraft anyway, including Iron Maiden's own site. At first glance, there's lots of flash on the sprues and as I commented when I got this, the sprue thickness is a bit overdone in parts. Boy, I'm glad I'm not tackling the undercarriage. Sink marks, circular mould spots, surface blemishes, excess flash; this kit could have come from the 1950s or 60s. As I mentioned elsewhere, the first thing I noticed was the nose shape; the 747 has a straight nose from the windscreen to the radome; as you can see here the kits' is not. I'm not sure at this stage whether I will actually alter this or not. I was hoping this would be a OOB assembly, but oh no... So I'm inclined not to tackle this as, where do I stop? There are so many issues I've found so far with accuracy. Another glaring issue is with parts fit; for example, the holes for the hori stab don't line up with the part. I'll cut the pins off and make new ones with dowel. Also, the hori stab butts up to this bit of it that sticks out. Why didn't the kit manufacturer just butt it up against the fuselage? The hori stab, as on most big jet airliners is variable incidence and there is a flat plate here that's not represented, although I see some detail lines on the decal sheet that are vaguely meant to represent this. I began with removing parts from the sprues and because of the excessive flash, each one has to be trimmed and sanded individually. The hori stab was glued first, which revealed big gaps in the leading and trailing edges and these were filled with putty and sanded - twice. The next bits were the engine exhaust cores, which were painted black (after the obligatory sanding and trimming of excess unwanted sticky-out bits). Next I'll be tackling the fuselage and main wings. If you are following this, please be patient as I won't be adding to this every day... "Reef in a sail at the edge of the world, if eternity should fail. Waiting in line for the ending of time, if eternity should fail...
  5. My first big build after nearly 4 months of forced absence due to our house renovation...What would be a better start than a 747 ? Lots of cursing had been heard/read about the Revell 747-400,esp. for the Iron Maiden release being a very bad kit. Well to be honest...yes its a truly awful kit. I built the Revell 747-400 British Airways version that comes with Rolls Royce engines,and being, apart from the engine types,the same kit,those moulds were not as problematic as with this offering here. Lots and lots of excess plastic on virtually every part (these would have well given enough material to do another kit),very thin moulded parts,one engine half was unusable. Luckily I had some replacements in my spares box. Adding the shape issues that plagues the 747-400 kit,it is a shame that Revell didn't put in some more effort in this release or even better,created completely new moulds. Esp. the Iron Maiden version tempted probably many modelling unexperienced people to buy this kit,the results can be frustrating and off putting,a shame as it would have been a nice and original entry into the world of airliner modelling or modelling in particular. The owner of my local modelshop told me about some very disappointed customers who bought this kit and tried to build it. Experienced modellers will have probably much less trouble with it but here Revell surely missed a chance here and one can only think of being cheated by this company. If one make a repack and put this kit in an Eastern Express box,no one could tell the difference... Well,having learnt some lessons while building the BA Landor 747-400,I thought I will have another go on a Revell 747-400 and get me one of these Iron Maiden kit. Corrections / alterations I did on this build; - Correcting the noseshape,but not widening the front end,and using decals for the cockpit windows - Replacing the locator pins on the elevators with aluminium wires to give more stability - Adding hydraulic cables son the main gear - Putting in some sprues in the wing section of the fuselage to strengthten this section for a better stability when gluing in the underfloor plate - Replacing the APU with a plastic pipe cut to shape - Sanding down the wing halfs on the inside before glueing together to get a better wing profile.The wings are too thick out of the box - Using the Flying colour detail decal set for the 747 to enhance the overall appearance Once every part was cleaned,filled and sanded to shape and corrected where needed,the build itself was pretty straight.Problems came when dryfitting the wings...One wing half was a bit shorter than the other,thus creating a gap at the fuselage join.This was corrected by cutting a piece of Evergreen plastic to shape and glued on the lower wing root. I find it much easier to build and paint the parts in sections and then put the model together.It safes a lot of masking and time. By doing so on this kit,I had to correct all parts upfront to guarantee a smooth fit. Small gaps that could not be prevented were filled with Crystal Clear and these sections were then painted in the required color after drying. Paints used for this build;Tamyia Pure white from a rattle can for the fuselage,Revell white airbrushed on the engines, Testors Canadian Woodoo Gray for the wings and landing gears,Mr.Color Super Metallic Chrome Silver for the leading edges and engine inlets. The coroguard panels are a mixture of Revell grey 374,Silver 90 and black 08. The fuselage received a cote of Testors metallic sealer after the white was on to give it a smoother,more realistic look. After the decals were on,a cote of "Future" was applied to seal them. The decal set,again a superb work of quality from Daco,are very nice to apply and also the big fin decal went on and around the edges just beautifully. Overall and despite the faults with the kit,I enjoyed this build and the final result is better than I expected. Its a unique livery and makes this 747 a very special one in every Jumbo collection. On with the photos,taken on the new balcony and my critic (Kitty)
  6. Iron Maiden's (chartered, I think) 747 suffered some damage on the ground this week; http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/iron-maidens-ed-force-one-11030798 looking at it, it looks to me as if the engine will need a complete new cowling and maybe a new engine, if any part of it has been damaged in the incident. Any ideas out there as to the possible time it might take to repair the engine (and undercarriage, if the story is right) and of course the cost of a new cowling and/or engine, or engine repairs? I couldn't see the R R logo on the cowling, so I am assuming it is an American engine. Some of us Iron Maiden fans are wondering how much tickets for concerts might go up by, depending on the cost of repairs/insurance!! John Oops! looks like I have already posted something previously posted. Apologies.
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