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Found 10 results

  1. OK making a space for a long term build (Yes another one) but with a difference a sort of WHIF or WTF if you prefer. I,ll be using the Trumpeter 1/350 PETER STRASSER Aircraft carrier kit but going to bling it up with the INFINI detail upset for the Graf Zeppelin hence the title now Zeppelin was launched and used as target practice and evaluation by the Russians after the end of WW2 So this will just be my imagination going wild for some reason while doing a bit of research on this I found a build by Hyun Soo Kim based on the world of warships game and camouflage scheme bit like the dazzle scheme that Tirpitz wore at some point So it will be a slow one and a learning one for me but if anyone wants to join in with some help or just entertainment please do so. here we go with some box and bits shots the detail set is quite full 😱 Even has a flying saucer kit too 🤔 can you guess where I got these from Like I said it will be slow Stay Safe beefy
  2. I've been using mostly AK Interactive's Hyper Thin, it's the second thinnest. I've got also Mega Thin, which is finer, and the finest from Uschi, but I find that they are a bit difficult to use, as they are so thin that just the air moving indoors makes the thread sway. I wish these threads were available in grey, or something that would look a bit more like metal. Has anyone used Infini's white rigging? I wonder how does it look in a 1/72 model. Black can look a bit stark, but on the other hand maybe white is too invisible. I've sometimes used a toothpick and Vallejo Aluminium to dye the threads, once the plane has been rigged. I've also used Prym's Knitting-In Elastic, which more transparent than white, but I know that some have left it as it is, unpainted. Prym is a bit too thick for 1/72 in my opinion.
  3. Greetings all, I've come back from a short holiday and a week back at day job and decided whilst listening to a new podcast that I want another new model. "Not another one" I hear you say. Yes, well, I can so I will. I would like opinions though at this very early stage because I need to make two key decisions almost immediately and all seem like attractive ideas. Why USS Yorktown? Generally I'm not that motivated to build models of US Navy ships. I've nothing against them but few appeal to me as modelling subjects. I've always been interested in the Yorktown though, probably because of the ship's prominent role in The Battle of Midway. The 1976 film "Midway" was one I enjoyed many times over and to be honest it still gets a watch now and again. More modern films depicting the same events which are more "accurate" make we want to imprison the entire film crew and every idiot who thinks its better than the old. I'm sorry but a computer model of the correct TBD-1 isn't better than real footage of the incorrect real aircraft when said TBD-1 3D model moves like a demented midge and there are smoke and flames trailing from bullet holes through the fabric on the rudder. That's not better, that's a very expensive cartoon for people who know nothing about water, air, ships, aircraft, firearms or physics in general. Anyway then, as a little company on the side of real life, we grew too big in terms of time commitment and we reached a point where my wife and I had a talk and agreed that constantly packing up orders, particularly for third party products, wasn't why we started this venture. Furthermore, third party stuff is really bad for cash flow as essentially you're spending thousands at a time to hold on to stuff for when someone here is ready to buy it, only it's difficult to perform systematic tax fraud as a UK based business long term (unless you're this guy https://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/award-winning-crispy-cod-owner-21348260). The upshot is that you have thousands sat on the shelf and you can only ask for minimal margins back in return because most in the market for these products price check you against Chinese vendors on eBay and figure they can probably dodge the import taxes and therefore you're charging "rip off" prices. The stuff will sell here, of course, but only if you don't really have a margin worth the hassle. It was hurting our paint investments, so third party stuff was divested of last Christmas. I kept the quite expensive Merit International USS Yorktown kit and the beautiful (but admittedly very expensive) Infini Model Detail Up sets for myself. There's actually a few things left including a Pontos set or two but we'll probably flog those off cheap at a show eventually - they're not going back on the website - that's for certain, because then everyone starts asking you to order in everything else and/or broker spare frets to replace parts they pinged off or mangled and their eBay vendor laughed at them. So: Plus: Equals a project. The kit is passable accuracy-wise. At least, any shape-errors are far less pungent than the utterly grotesque Trumpeter USS Hornet CV-8 abomination. One of the main criticisms it received was Trumpeter's grossly overdone implementation of the hull plating, something which apparently the kit's sponsors absolutely didn't intend but by the time they'd seen what the factory had done the single most expensive set of dies for the whole had been machined and funding couldn't accommodate a redesign. I've seen a few threads start online which begin with someone plastering the hull in putty then the threads go dark. Unlike my usual self, I've decided to just let it go. I've softened it down with sanding sponges and will try to be judicious with paint to not highlight how exaggerated it is. You may notice the portholes are typical cheaply-moulded Trumpeter affairs - i.e. elliptical, since they make hull dies as cheaply as possible and extract the sides horizontally, so portholes cannot be in-plane with the hull plating since that would need more clever ejection of the parts. To improve on this I drilled them out in-plane with the plating. There is a more or less complete hangar deck in the kit: But one of the first things I have to do with the detail set is start adding PE in and about the hull. Not unsurprising... This is fine, but it does force my decision around about now I think. I have the Warship Pictorial book on Yorktown which contains many useful diagrams and photographs. The timeframe of the model is going to be within a week of the Battle of Midway, which was the beginning of June 1942. I have diagrams of the damage received at Coral Sea, photographs of Yorktown in drydock and lots of photographs of her listing and eventually sinking after the battle. Decision 1 is Full Hull or Waterline. I'm a technical person by nature, and I've always liked the near-battlecruiser hull form of the Yorktown class. This ship isn't a big fat tub, it has a long slender bow and interesting bilge keels. There is also good weathering opportunities for the underwater hull and boot topping. On the other hand, I'd quite like the ship to look like its in a natural environment. Whilst there are good photos of the ship in drydock, I don't particularly fancy a model of a drydock. Decision 2 is Undamaged or Damaged. Most of the Coral Sea damage was dented plating and sprung rivets. The flight deck was repaired and photographs of the flight deck following Midway don't show any obvious areas where repair has taken place. I could however model the ship with a list on and the mangled gallery below the flightdeck to port, which was ripped up by a water column from a torpedo hit. There are a couple of planes stranded on deck behind the island and some smoke damage and debris around the AA guns ahead of the island. That could be an interesting modelling exercise, but is it tasteless? I've got a little smoothing over of holes that needed filled in the forecastle deck and I'm going to start painting the hangar deck whilst hopefully a few of you offer your thoughts on how I can best display this ship
  4. Infini Model's latest release has been fairly well publicised on social media recently, but today it is ready. We've had quite a number of enquiries about this to so try to ensure people can get one ASAP we've decided to hold a "pre-order" for the sets: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/infini-detail-up-set/products/im-535010r1-infini-model-dkm-graf-zeppelin-detail-up-set For those looking to improve on specific areas without the expense or work scope of the full detail up set, Infini Model have decided to supply sub-sets as follows: Graf Zeppelin aircraft set https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/dkm-graf-zeppelin/products/imp-35024r1-infini-model-1-350-graf-zeppelin-carrier-base-aircraft-set 20mm Flak Vierling c/35 (38) Set https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/dkm-graf-zeppelin/products/imp-35023r1-infini-model-dkm-20mm-flak-vierling-c-35-set Graf Zeppelin Turned Brass Barrels Set https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/dkm-graf-zeppelin/products/imp-35022r1-infini-model-dkm-graf-zeppelin-metal-barrels-set Graf Zeppelin Brass Mast Set https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/dkm-graf-zeppelin/products/ims-35001-infini-model-1-350-graf-zeppelin-brass-mast-set Graf Zeppelin Wooden Deck Set https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/infini-deck/products/imw-35006r1-infini-model-graf-zepplin
  5. The latest shipments from both Infini Model and Tetra Modelworks are on their way to Sovereign Hobbies. Amongst the new products from each are the following maritime delights! Infini Model's new set IM-535009R1 is a comprehensive detail set including wooden deck for Tamiya's Imperial Japanese Navy I-400 Submarine http://village.photos/images/user//images/user/483a5850-3d62-4900-8176-6062170ac842/6ce1933c-8522-437f-a8e2-8e3868a4df40.jpg For modellers who prefer to stick with the Royal Navy, Trumpeter's 1/700 HMS Queen Elizabeth battleship gets the detail-up treatment with SE-70018
  6. We are now taking pre-orders for Pontos Model's forthcoming 1/200 scale HMS Hood Detail Up Set and Infini Model's forthcoming 1/350 scale USS Enterprise CV-6 Detail Up & deck sets: HMS Hood: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/1-200/products/pontos-2300xfx-1-200-hms-hood-1941-detail-up-set-pre-order USS Enterprise CV-6 Detail Up (hull & island): https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/1-350/products/im-xxxxxxxx-infini-model-cv-6-enterprise-detail-up-set-1-350 USS Enterprise CV-6 20B Deck Blue stained Wooden Deck set (inc deck PE): https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/1-350/products/imw-xxxxxxx-infini-model-deck-blue-cv-6-enterprise-wooden-deck-set-1-350 USS Enterprise CV-6 natural wood Wooden Deck set (inc deck PE): https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/1-350/products/imw-xxxxxxx-infini-model-natural-wood-cv-6-enterprise-wooden-deck-set-1-350
  7. Evening all, I've now completed my Stuka as per the following build thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234998686-148-revell-junkers-ju87b-2-stuka/ It's the Revell boxing, built OOB save for Eduard fabric seatbelts (I'll revert to PE in future - I didn't get on so well with these to be honest) and an Eduard Brassin MG15 machine gun to replace the kit item. Paints are all Colourcoats, but I used Humbrol clear coats. The stencils and crosses were from the Revell decal sheet. The ID markings and nose art were from an old FCM Battle of Britain decal sheet, and the Swastikas were from Xtradecal. The aerial is Infini Model Lycra Rigging Line, Fine / 70 denier (0.091mm diameter). Sorry about the indoor photos, but the light is starting to fade and I wanted to post this tonight for personal reasons.
  8. We've just received these in from Infini Model in South Korea: They have produced 4 different gauges / thicknesses for different applications, be it ship rigging, aircraft ariels or rigging wires. It's slightly stretchy, black in colour (this may expand) and nice and easy to work with. Why not have a look? http://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/infini-model
  9. We have the latest products from Infini Model from South Korea arriving tomorrow, plus restock of the hugely popular cutting mats and lycra rigging line The new additions are: Imperial Japanese Navy, United States Navy and Royal Navy inclined ladder sets, all in 1/350 scale: US Navy radars (including turned brass parts) in 1/350 IJN Type 96 anti-aircraft guns in single, double and triple mounts (including turned brass barrels) and various ammunition boxes in 1/350 And last but not least, the full range of lycra rigging lines in white to compliment the black which we already carry.
  10. It's a very soggy day in Aberdeenshire today and therefore one purpose made for model making indoors! It has taken me far too long to get around to having a more formalised presence here on Britmodeller and hope to share some of what we're doing both in the UK and internationally. 13 months ago I read on Facebook that White Ensign Models were to cease trading. This came as a shock and huge disappointment. I've been making models since I was a child with both my father and grandfather but had only fairly recently got back in to it properly after a break where starting careers and family got in the way. I'm quite clear on what happened after that Facebook announcement but how it all happened is a bit of a mystery and somehow I ended up owning my favourite paint brand. We started the new company immediately but it took us some time set up properly. I dislike chaos and wanted to do things properly. Colourcoats was relaunched at the Scottish Nationals model show in Perth in April 2015, the first commercial order was dispatch to the USA shortly after and our shiny new webstore opened for UK Mainland customers in June. I mostly model aeroplanes and ships myself, and soon after getting Colourcoats up and running again, I realised I could no longer obtain most of my favourite naval modelling products in particular, so we have thus far reinvested everything we've taken into improving that situation in the UK, and now offer White Ensign Models again (now imported from California), Pontos Models and new-start Infini Model both from South Korea. More is on the way this quarter. We're just rolling out colour boxsets at the moment which are proving popular already, happily. The Colourcoats paint range currently comprises: Colourcoats Sea. Modern Naval The Great War United States Navy Imperial Japanese Navy Royal Navy Kriegsmarine (German navy) Regia Marina (Italian navy) Colourcoats Land. Australian Army Imperial Japanese Army Army for Defence for Israel United States Army Red Army (Soviet) British Army Wehrmacht (German army) Regia Esercito (Italian army) Colourcoats Air. The Great War Armee de l'Air (French air force) US Army Air Corps / US Air Force / US Navy Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Royal Air Force / Fleet Air Arm Luftwaffe (German air force) Royal Australian Air Force Regia Aeronautica (Italian air force) Royal Netherlands Air Force
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