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Found 16 results

  1. Howdy everyone, come to bother you again with some photo`s of the latest addition to my French Indochina collection My second attempt at Tamiya`s 1/48 Feisler Storch ............ ......dressed up as an MS-500 Criquet Slightly modified as the MS 500 had aluminium skinned wings as opposed to the fabric ones of the Storch.......... so sanded these off, which I nearly forgot to do and which would`ve been easier if I hadn`t already fitted the flaps and ailerons, Doh! The only other mod` I did was to fashion and add some power bulges ( filter intakes? )to the engine cowling and a whip aerial. Decals are partly from an Xtradecals Storch sheet and some from the stash Pictured: `dropping off secret orders at Bien Dien Phu prior to the start of the siege` Well loosely anyway Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  2. Howdy all, Here`s some photo`s of the rest of my French Indochina collection following on from my Goose posting last week, just in case anyone`s interested Eduards 1/48 Spitfire MK IX Hasegawas 1/48 AU-1 Corsair Monogram/Revell 1/48 Invader HobbyBoss 1/48 Bearcat Fonderie Minatures 1/48 Kingcobra Monogram/Revell 1/48 Helldiver modified to a `5 Latest additions: Czech Models Grumman Goose and Revells ancient S-55 Chickasaw kit Latest effort: Special Hobby 1/48 Loire 130 Cl `Colonial` and here`s the latest addition........Eduards 1/48 F6F-5 with Berna Decals Replacing the yellowing F/M kit, AMG`s P-63C kit some pic`s next of a missing subject I thought I`d never try to do... Revell/Monogram 1/48 Ju-52 masquerading as a AAC.1 `Toucan` Latest entry: Tamiya`s 1/48 Storch slightly modified to depict MS-500 Criquet Sanded off fabric effect from wings to represent Aluminium skinned ones Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  3. Howdy Everyone, just thought I might inflict some photo`s of my very latest addition to the `too big to go anywhere` collection My attempt at converting the 1/48 Revell/Monogram Ju-52 kit into a French AAC.1 Finished to represent a `Toucan` from GT I/64, based at Tan Son Nhut, Indochina ( but shown here depicted out in the sticks somewhere ) Had to make a few alterations, including: extra fuselage windows, moving the stbd side door from the rear to the front of the fuselage,....... .....scratch built some air intakes for under each engine, changed the main u/c wheels for some resin Dakota types........ .....deleted the outboard nacelle exhausts and fabricated new ones positioned above the mainplane, made and fitted some extra sticky out things behind the intakes and ......... ...last but not least, deleted and tried to blend in the dorsal gunners position Also dropped the flaps, just for the hell of it. Decals from Berna Decals BD 48-118 sheet which were a nightmare to apply over the corregated surface even using boiling water and scalded fingers. It was also difficult to photograph. The rest was easy..............as they say Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  4. Hi Everyone, Finished working shifts for the week, so hope you don`t mind me sharing some photo`s of my latest effort: My attempt at recreating one of the French Navy`s: half painted, hastily prepared AU-1 Corsairs, that they obtained from the USMC to take the place of Flotille 12F`s Hellcats.... who`s pilots were grounded on Doctors orders during the battle for Bien Dien Phu, during the Indochina War. Built from Hasegawa`s 1/48 kit that`s recently been reissued, using left over decals from the stash and bombs from the spares box. Apart from some seat belts, ignition wires, brake pipes, pilots step and extra aerials is otherwise from the box Found a great Site after much searching called `Bent Wing Pirate` that I used as a reference. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  5. Howdy all, I can finally ditch my yellowing Fonderie Minatures P-63 effort and replace it at last Latest addition to my Indochina collection, my attempt at AMG`s 1/48 P-63C Kingcobra kit Built 99% from the box contents and finished to represent an aircraft of G.C. 1/5 Vendee, 2 eme Escradrille based at Tan Son Nhut circa 1949 Only changes I made were: replaced the spinner with an Eduard item from the spares box as I thought the shape was better and I couldn`t find photo`s of Indochina........ ....aircraft with a protruding cannon, also used the nose wheel from the old F/M kit and the exhausts which came from an Eduard Airacobra. Sanded the kit propeller tips to a more rounded shape Decals are the kit items and went on beautifully, the bars came from the stash and the instructions imply that they were painted out, but after looking at a few photo`s I could find, to me they just look dirty Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  6. Hi Everyone, thought you wouldn`t mind if I shared some pic`s of my latest effort My attempt at a French Indochina Hellcat Built from Eduards 1/48 Weekend Edition kit Finished to represent an aircraft flown by Flottille 12 during the Indochina conflict As usual mostly from the box contents with a few additions................ ......namely rocket rails from the spares box and I noticed that French Hellcats didn`t seem to us the normal centre line fuel tank that US ones did. Luckily I found one that looked right in the stash ( probably off a Hobbycraft Bearcat ) and adapted it to fit. Decals were from Berna Decals set BD 48-24 Hope you enjoy the photo`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  7. Hi Everyone Managed to finish this last week after a long nerve-wracking slog My attempt at Special Hobby`s 1/48 Loire 130 Cl `Colonial` kit Built 99.9% from the box with just the pitot`s on top of the mast replaced with a home made item as my sausage fingers couldn`t handle the little resin bit Finished to represent an aircraft of: Section d`Hydroavions de la Marine, Cat Lai, Saigon, Cochin China, French Indochina late 1940 Apparently a few of these were still in use in 1949-50 so it fits in with my Indochina collection although I couldn`t cobble together any later decals. With it being a flying boat with no undercarriage I was a bit stuck on how to display it...... .. so I came up with it having temporary repairs away from base Decals were from the kit Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  8. Howdy All, Just finished my attempt at Revell`s ancient ( older than me I believe ! ) 1/48 Chickasaw kit. Finished to represent an S-55 of EHM 11/65, operated by the French during the Indochina conflict around 1955 Built mostly from the box contents but with a few embellishments to try to disguise it`s shot-comings. Cut some extra windows in the cockpit roof, some seat belts, cyclic stick, wiring behind the instrument panel and foot pedals but due to the thick transparencies you cant see much ( luckily ) Added missing windscreen frames, added mesh to most of the cooling vents, replaced the wheels with some from the spares box, extra aerials and d/f fairing, also some brake pipes. Decals came from Berna decals sheet BD 48-119 Probably more than 1 or 2 inaccuracies but it looks like one to me, hope it does to you too. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy Cheers Russ
  9. Recently, I stumbled on information that Type 97 Chi Ha tanks were used in Commando Blindé du Cambodge (French post-ww2 ad-hoc armored unit in Cambodia), amongst other Japanese and French types! Is it true? ...And must say that I did not manage to find any confirmation of that information ! In advance, many thanks to all of you!
  10. Hi Everyone, Finally finished my latest addition to my Indochina collection, My attempt at Czech Models 1/48 Grumman Goose kit Finished to represent an aircraft of Esc. de Servitude 8S, Cat Lai, Indochina, 1952 Built mostly from the box contents, additions being: Pitot Tube, Antenna Mast and Aerial Wire, Anti Collision Light, Window Blinds and Ignition Harness. Replaced some of the fiddley and weak resin items such as seat legs with more robust materials, especially as you can`t see them anyway Decals from Berna Decals set BD 48-81 Hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  11. total construction time just under two years. From Merit SBD-3/4 kit with extensive modifications. New windshield, scratchbuilt flaps and actuating mechanism, scratchbuilt interior, twin 0.30 cals, engine, engine accessory compartment, bomb racks and fuselage interior. Skinned with pewter sheet.
  12. Hi everyone, Thought I`d show some photo`s of my just completed Eduard, Weekend Edition 1/48 Spitfire Mk IX Completed to represent a French Airforce Mk IX of: GC 1/4 `Dauphine`, Nha Trang, Indochina, 1947 Not quite OOB this time as after some research it became apparent that most French Spitfires in the theatre..... had `E` wings fitted and not `C`s as the decal instructions suggested. So had to modify the wings to suit which was a pain as I`d already 3/4 built the kit. The decals were from Berna Decals Sheet, BD 48-18 Otherwise just added seat belts and had to remove the aerial wires I fitted as I noticed at last minute they didn`t appear to have them. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  13. Hi Everyone, Just finished building my attempt at making a French Naval Helldiver from the Revell/Monogram SB2C-4 Kit for my Brother in Law Completed in the markings of an aircraft flown from the Arromanches Aircraft Carrier and was used to drop supplies to the besieged French Garrison at Dien Bien Phu, Indochina 1954 Had to make a few mod`s to the kit, mainly; extending the bomb bay and bomb doors, reworking the cockpit to incorporate side consoles larger prop` from a Thunderbolt kit and sanding off the canopy frames from the sliding portion. Decals were from and Aeromaster Set 48-358, The Beast Part 2 Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  14. Hello everyone. This is my new project - HobbyBoss Bearcat. In general, this is pretty decent kit, especially if compared with other options in Testors or Hobbycraft kits. Kit has crisp engraved panel lines and rivets here and there. Overall details are more than You will expect, although engine is little rudimental. I've put some details on it and it looks just fine. For cockpit I've used Eduard zoom set for Hobbycraft. It needs some surgery to fit properly, but that is not a big issue. There are few problems. The engine cowling has some minor shape issues. This curve at the front needs to be a lot smoother, so some sanding is required. It won't be 100%, but it will looks nicer and much closer to the real thing. Next problem are wheels. They are to simple. So I've changed them with True details set. The problem is a bigger diameter so sanding is required (again) on wheel struts and/or wheels. The last issue and the biggest problem are wings. There are more than few problems with them + bad fit with fuselage. Intakes are too close to the fuselage, and wings looks maybe too short. I will have to live with this. I've inserted piece of styrene plate between fuselage and wings... that way You can have extra 1/2mm or so... it is something at least. The fit was bad anyway... And there we are: First step... A color... few shades darker than what I want at the end. Next... few color shades and weathering made with AK interactive washes/pigments. I've spent 2 weeks making weathering... And It's not finished yet. I'm pretty satisfied with current situation. Upper side is at 90%... Underside still needs some work... Decals are good... very thin and nice, but some are just a little out of register... Wheel bay with some scratch build details New update soon...
  15. Hi Everyone Finished my Hobby Boss 1/48 Bearcat the other day, so I thought I`d share some pic`s with you Done as an aircraft of L`Armee De L`Air, G.C.1/22, Savitange, French Indochina, Mid 1950s To go with my small collection of aircraft from the conflict Built OOB including markings, only additions being; some wire antenna and engine embellishments, seat belts sway braces and fuses for the bombs Very heavily weathered as plenty of photo`s show these aircraft to be Hope you enjoy looking at... Thanks for looking, Russ
  16. Hi Everyone, just completed my Revell boxing of Monograms 1/48 B-26B Douglas Invader, which I`ve completed to represent an aircraft of GB.1/19, L`Armee DeL`Air, Indochina, Circa 1954-55 Decals are a mix of; kit, spares stash and a Berna decals French Invader sheet Had to resort to a Vac-form canopy (as the kit contained an early framed item) which gave me some headaches and at one point I had to cut it off and start again due to superglue fogging. Apart from decals and canopy the rest is OOB with some wire embellishments around the engines When I purchased the kit in March I intended to do it as a `sanitised` CIA aircraft from operation Millpond but when I saw the kit contained both turrets and rockets and gunpods I just had to do it as a French bomber. so no guesses what my next Invader will be Hope you enjoy looking at...
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