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Found 11 results

  1. I have been on and off this build for around a year and half. Every time I felt I was close to done I would screw up something and came close to making it a paint mule a few times if not trashing it. The discontinued Airfix kit has some nice detail in parts and is puzzlingly lacking in others. I scavenged my spares box to try and overcome some deficiencies and before I screw it up again by overcorrecting, I think this is good enough and will call it done. Apart from bits and bobs from the spares box, since I was building an Indian Navy bird, I used Magic Matra missiles from an old Heller Mirage 2000 and used my pin vise hand drill to make holes in the tailpipes of the missiles. Colors, wash and clear coat are Tamiya. The decal instructions said that this airplane, IN618, was heavily weathered by 2005 and the extra dark sea gray had worn down to a dark sea gray. Decals are a mix of the ones that came with the kit and Model Alliance Indian Navy SHAR decals though the roundels are from the Italeri SHAR boxing. This build could have been better but for my overcorrections and impatience. Regardless, I hope y'all like it. I do hope the new tool SHAR from Airfix out in the winter is much better. I have high expectations. LLAP
  2. I know that there is a Revell Do-228 kit floating around, but I haven't been able to find it on Hannants. Also, since I plan to build it as an Indian Navy aircraft, I was wondering if anyone did decals for that & if that was also available on Hannants. Thanks a lot
  3. Bronco Akula II Class Attack Submarine K335 Giepard, Scale:1:350. (Converted to K-152 Nerpa) INS Chakra, simple kit, no fit issues I had to scratch build the "bulb" located on top of the Akula's rudder, its towed sonar array. when I was almost done the decals disintegrated. I wrote to Bronco and they agreed to send me a replacement, I had to pay for postage. the INS Chakra is self made decal. I used humbrol enamel paints and humbrol matt varnish to finish it off after some washes with white oil paints.
  4. hello guys do you know if there is any conversion or upgrade for made a Indian Mig-29K in 1/72 ? Cheers Alvise
  5. Looks as if the Hermes is about to sail into the sunset for the last time... http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/defence/falklands-flagship-set-for-her-final-voyage-1-7182343 My uncle served aboard her during the Falklands War; we were on the dock side in that large crowd when she returned....
  6. Hello everyone! I'd like to share with you the predecessor to my last submission here, the Italeri 1/72 Sea Harrier FRS 1. It was completed around 4 months ago. The Hawker Sea Hawk played a pivotal role in the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. Deployed aboard the INS Vikrant (formerly the HMS Hercules), they flew successful sorties destroying or disabling vital installations in what is today Bangladesh, with no loss of aircraft. In honor of the role played by the Indian Navy and to a large extent, the Sea Hawk, December 4th is celebrated as Navy Day here in India. The Sea Hawk is part of my Indian Navy build theme, starting from the Vampire T55, the Kamov-28, the Sea Hawk and finally the Sea Harrier which replaced the Sea Hawk in the Indian Navy. These aircraft flew out of, or were based at Dabolim Goa, very close to where I spent my childhood. She, along with many others like her are now housed at the Naval Aviation Museum in Goa. The Sea Hawk bearing registration 076 piloted by Lieutenant RH Tahiliani was the first Sea Hawk of the Indian navy to land on the INS Vikrant. So it made for a unique choice of subject matter for this iconic aircraft. The kit itself was a joy to build. Along with the Eduard photoetch set to add in some extra detail, some custom riveting (which I took oodles of creative licence to place), and some hydraulic lines in the wheel bays (A big thank you to Vulcanicity here on britmodeller), the end result is a very sharp and detailed model for it's size. Boo-boos include the color- mixed it up from primary colors, and it ended up being too blue, and not grinding down the MLG bay doors before installing the PE panels which resulted in the doors touching the external tanks, and thus the wheels bend excessively inwards. The masking of the canopy also messed up unexpectedly. The Leaping Tiger was placed further aft on the original 076, and later painted forward on other aircraft. Lesson learnt. Anyways, on to the pictures! Two generations of fleet defense posing together: Thanks for watching!! Cheers, Alex.
  7. Hello everyone! Greetings for the new year! I'd like to share my last build of 2015- the 1/72 Italeri Sea Harrier FRS 1, 300 sqn, Indian Navy. I used the Eduard PE detail set, along with the Model Alliance Sea Harrier Decal sheet. Additional decals were sourced from some old Modeldecal sets as well. Brass pitot from Air Master. I tried cramming in detail where ever the kit fell short- the Ejection seat, the nose gear bay, and the nose-gear itself. Styrene sheet and stretched sprue worked wonders together. I churned up my own shades of paint using primary colors, and eyeballed it as close as possible to selected references. It still ended up being a tad too blue. Oh well... Weathering was done using oils, and everything was sealed up with a lacquer matte coat. Scratch built the ejection seat using styrene sheet and stretched sprue. Eduard Seatbelts and decals from spares. Here it is installed in the cockpit Shot a new closeups in natural light to showcase the weathering better Thanks for watching and have a great year in modeling ahead!! Cheers! Alex
  8. Hello Everyone! I would like to share this build from early 2015. Living in sunny Goa, India where a squadron of the Ka-28 used to be based, I used to see these birds flying around overhead. Their characteristic shape with the lack of a tail rotor made for a very unique sight. The kit used was the Zvezda Ka-27, so to convert it to the Ka-28 (Ka-PL), I scratch built the tanks beneath the exhaust, the extended starboard cockpit window along with some rudimentary cockpit detailing. At the time, I lacked styrene sheet to build the tanks, so I attempted dissolving some sprue in paint-stripper and poured it to dry out flat on a sheet of glass. I effectively knocked off a few years off my life span dealing with that noxious stuff. Also added some riveting, drilled out a few absent vents and the radio antennae. I got the rotor setup all wrong though- Not sure where I messed up. Decals and stencils were from Begemot. A picture to compare the before and after weathering. The final matte coat toned things down quite a bit. Thanks for watching! Cheers, Alex.
  9. Hello everyone! My first post to Britmodeller! This build was supposed to be part of a group build for the Indian Navy Day on December 4th. Unfortunately, with limited time available to devote to modeling, I never made the deadline. The build is now tottering towards completion a touch before three months, nevertheless, I thought I could share some of my milestones here. I decided to go with the italeri kit over the Airfix along with the Eduard PE set. My reasoning being that with a bubble canopy, a lot of detail in the cockpit could stand out. The Italeri Kit has finer detailing in the panel lines as well as the landing gear (especially the outriggers) over the Airfix kit. However, the Airfix kit offers the option to keep the aux air intake flaps half open (powered down) or fully closed, along with marginally detailed wheel wells for the nose and main landing gear. I also picked up the Model Alliance BAE Sea Harrier Pt. 1 Decal set http://www.hyperscale.com/2007/reviews/decals/ma48153decalrevielp_1.htm This will be my scheme of choice. The weathering patterns are expecially exciting to work towards! <Airliners.net picture removed due to copyright infringement. Please only post links to their site> I usually rivet the aircraft I model, but not being able to find diagrams online, along with a deadline to work towards, I decided to skip the step. Reference pictures also didn't throw up any obvious airframe rivets. So, as with most builds, the first stop would be the cockpit shop....
  10. I built this straight from the box using the Indian Navy markings. I love the Extra Dark Sea Gray/Sky combination and colors presented in the Indian Navy markings. The kit went together with the usual angst regarding these kits. There are several builds on BM that talk about how to approach attaching the tail and the bottom line is the kit instructions are not the preferred method. I found it better to put the main fuselage together then add the tail section one side at a time and shim along the main seam. That way the panel lines will line up. Kit needs a lot of nose weight. I used about 10 grams pushed in around the nose gear bay. More is better in this case. The rest of the kit was fine.
  11. Sea Harrier FRS51 - IN623 / 23, 300 Sqdn, Indian Navy, circa 2012 The latest model (build 12) in my Harrier Project is a FRS51 Sea Harrier in the latest Indian Navy scheme. At least I think it's the latest scheme, because trying to find up-to-date reference photos has proved to be quite difficult. Job done now, so a bit late to change. The Indian Navy Sea Harriers are now nearing retirement, so I expect this to be the last camouflage scheme that they carry. IN623 / 23 was the last FRS51 to be delivered to the Indian Navy in April 1992 and is one of only eight still flying / flyable, together with three T-birds. Twenty plus years of service is on a par with some of the longest serving Sea Harriers of the Royal Navy and in much higher temperatures! Yes, it is another boring monotone Harrier, but I fancied the new scheme, even though it meant I pretty much had to create all the stencil decals myself using an inkjet printer and inkjet decals paper. The roundels were provided courtesy of Nick (NG899) from an old decal sheet. I'm still learning the ropes with home made decals and as a consequence the swear box kitty has had a bit of a topping up (I'm sure the charity where the proceeds go will not mind). Trying to produce colour matching to print light numbers proved beyond my wallet. Hence, there's a few dodgy decals, but probably in keeping with some other parts of the venerable Airifx 1/48 scale kit that I chopped and changed to try and get a more representative SHAR (courtesy of Nick's indispensable build guide). My reference photos from 2010 showed a pretty clean Sea Harrier just out of it's "LUSH" upgrade, so I've moved it on a couple of years and given her some wear and tear in keeping with the traditional state of Harriers. Aside from having a go at most of the suggestions in Nick's build notes, I added a resin seat, and Heritage Aviation's nozzles and dropped door intakes. I did mix and match the undercarriage from various items in the spares box. She's brush painted of course, using Life Color's acrylic Light Compass Ghost Grey (FS36375) and Light Gull Grey for the radome. Klear coating has darkened it a fraction more than I would have liked, but let's not go to far down the shaes of grey debate. Weathering from Tamiya and rounded off with a spray of Humbrol matt varnish. So here she is ... Comments welcome as ever. Next up on the bench will be a Monogram / Revell AV-8B II.
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