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Found 8 results

  1. Just finished this one, Italeri's 1/72 SR-71. Built OOB with PJ Production French High Altitude Flight Crew which are excellent, even used the kit decals for the most part worked well. The kit had raised panel lines which I have rescribed, a first for me but went quite well. As its built in flight it only has 38 parts, very low for such a large aircraft. Finished in Tamiya paints. IMGA0825 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0823 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0822 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0821 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0820 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0819 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0818 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0817 by neil Connor, on Flickr As usual any comment are welcome.
  2. Just finished this one, Airfix's 1/72 Harrier GR3. Built in flight as a 3 Sqn aircraft with 4 SNEB's as often pictured during the 80's on low level range passes, OOB with Xtrdadecal's GR3 set. The base didn't come out as planned so went with a mirror instead, used an eight mm acrylic rod to mount the gr3. For a first in flight I think it works well although I will make more effort on the pilot next time. As usual all comments welcome IMGA0503 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0502 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0501 by neil Connor, on Flickr If anyone knows what that antenna on the spine is for I'd loved to know. IMGA0498 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0498 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0496 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0495 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0494 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0493 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0499 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0500 by neil Connor, on Flickr
  3. Morning All. As I still have another 20 days before the B17 STGB starts I made a start on another Airfix kit, this time the new tool BAE Harrier GR3. Pick up from Ebay for £5.99+postage due to the control column and pilot being missing both of which I had left over from the other one I built 4-5 models ago. I have the Xtradecal sheet that I used for the 3 Sqn aircraft I made before so plenty of options. IMGA0419 by neil Connor, on Flickr The plan for this one will be in flight on a range sortie, firing SNEB rockets from 4 pods as seen in quite a few video clips from the 80's. The only decision I have not yet made is the range location. It could be UK or Belize, this give me 2 marking options. 1. IMGA0421 by neil Connor, on Flickr 1 Sqn in Norwegian exercise winter camo 2. IMGA0422 by neil Connor, on Flickr 1473 Flight based in Belize, I was based in Belize for 6 1/2 months and watched the RAF set fire to the live fire training area with rockets and bombs and then spent 3 hours putting them out with fire beaters. Made a start on the cockpit and tested pilots for fit, the painted one is a revell figure and just looks like a giant compared to the airfix pilot IMGA0423 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0426 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0428 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0427 by neil Connor, on Flickr Not sure the canopy will fit of the revell pilots head
  4. Hi all, Our IPMS group was invited to show our models at the local RAFA's RAF100 event. With a week to go I realised I needed more than Spitfires and one Sunderland. With a week to go, I grabbed this starter set JP from the stash, mainly on the grounds that a single colour would be quicker...obviously red not a brilliant choice. I also built a Frog Meteor during the week, as well as completing the Spitfire Vb in the Classic Airfix GB. Built in flight for ease, hence the small 1/16" square hole in the underside for the stand. The RAFA and their guests were impressed and complimentary about our models, although various people kept pointing out rather obvious gaps in our selection...we also got to speak to two WW2 pilots, one whose time was spent flying rhubarbs and circuses in Spitfires, whilst the other had chosen Thunderbolts over Spitfires in Burma. He said that when he was given that choice, he fancied something bigger and tougher around him! Cheers Will
  5. Kit manufacture: Airfix Kit N°: A04055 Scale: 1/72 Type: Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3 Extras used: 1/72 UK Paveway II from an Airfix Tornado GR.4 Paints and colours used: Halfords Grey Primer, Mr Hobby Aqueous H330 Dark Green & H331 Dark Sea Grey, Vallejo Metal Colour 77.713 Jet Exhaust, , Tamiya X-22 Gloss & X-35 Semi-Gloss, Flory Models Dark Dirt Wash, Tamiya Weathering Powders Other info: This was built for the “Hawker Harrier 50th Anniversary Buddy Build” ran on facebook, the full build can be see here: Harrier GR.3 Build And here are my final reveal photos:1-72 Airfix Harrier GR3 final reveal 01 by Neal, on Flickr1-72 Airfix Harrier GR3 final reveal 02 by Neal, on Flickr1-72 Airfix Harrier GR3 final reveal 03 by Neal, on Flickr1-72 Airfix Harrier GR3 final reveal 04 by Neal, on Flickr1-72 Airfix Harrier GR3 final reveal 05 by Neal, on Flickr1-72 Airfix Harrier GR3 final reveal 06 by Neal, on Flickr1-72 Airfix Harrier GR3 final reveal 07 by Neal, on Flickr1-72 Airfix Harrier GR3 final reveal 08 by Neal, on FlickrThank you for looking and all feedback is very appreciated!Neal
  6. Hello one and all, Kit manufacture: Airfix Scale: 1/72 Type: British Aerospace Hawk T.Mk.1, No.208 ® Squadron, Royal Air Force Valley, 2009 Extras used: none straight out of the box Paints and colours used: Vallejo model air black and gloss varnish Other info: I've just finished putting together this little diorama for the RAF BF Hawk, I enjoyed building the kit, quite happy with it even though it is no way near the standard of most models on the forum. The kit went together nicely apart from the undercarriage doors aren't flush with the rest of the fuselage and wing. 20160902-03.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-05.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-06.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-07.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-08.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-09.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-11.jpg by Neal, on Flickr 20160902-12.jpg by Neal, on Flickr Thanks for looking, any feedback is welcome.
  7. Hi fellas, With a few models sitting waiting for the gloss coat to go off, I've cracked out the neat little Hasegawa F-4EJ Kai boxing of the Phantom in 1/72nd scale. The kit is the perfect starting point for an RAAF machine as all the parts except weapons are included in the box. The RAAF machines had unslated wings so no need for any mods or hacking of the kit. The final item will be an inflight display of A69-7205 carrying two sticks of three 500b bombs on TER's on the inboard stations. Missile stations will be empty but it will have a full compliment of gas bags as per this pic from add-serials (the aircraft in the foreground on the right is A69-7205). I've skipped the cockpit build for the moment and gone straight to the fuselage to get the bulk of the exterior done as there's nothing too adventurous going on externally. The blisters just aft of the intakes need to be removed. Before After The sharpie outline for the mounting post is marked here. It turns out I needed to move it forward a panel as it would foul the exhausts when they were inserted. The two blisters further behind the main gear towards the trailing edge have since been removed as Aussie Phantoms didn't have these. Perhaps the F-4 gurus can shed some light on what they were/are? A start on the cockpit. There's not much to it but once the crew are installed the decal instrument panels should be okay. The rear section of the nose gear door installed. No filler required here. I've started to busy up the sidewalls as they will be partly visible. I've no idea what the rear left hand sidewall of an F-4E looks like, but some gizmology will get me by. For whatever reason the right side is provided as an insert but no mention of it is made in the instructions. Some of the panel lines on the spine needed reinstating after being removed when cleaning up the seam. Some Pactra tape and an Olfa scriber put them back in their right place. Before. After. The circular access panels also needed some work. The first effort was made using a fluted punch but I wasn't happy with the result. Perhaps okay for a flat surface but not on a curved one. I reverted back to the old scribing template and needle for the rest. Progress so far after two evenings. The outer wings and fin cap have also been adde. You can see the hole where I had to move the mounting post position to. I've been doing some work on the ejection seats and drop tanks but once they're done I'll load up some pics of them. Anyway, that's it for the moment. I'll be back with another update tomorrow. Cheers, Mick
  8. Hi all, As stated above, any ideas on the best thickness acrylic rod for an in-flight diorama in 1/72 scale? (single engine props and four engine props) Also, how do you cut the darn' stuff? Thanks in advance, Dermot
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