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Found 8 results

  1. Kit - Tamiya Paint - All acrylics. Decals - Spares Extras - Stowage from spares. RB Models turned aluminium barrel. ISU-152 Unknown Assault Company Konigsburg Pocket Spring 1945 First started in December, then back to the bench about a month ago ahead of a competition over in Hamilton in September. Tamiya's well known ISU-152 really does fall together with only the link-and-length tracks giving [me] a challenge (I'm terrible at building & installing tracks). I chose to replace the kit barrel with an RB turned aluminium one, which is so heavy, I had to add a counterbalance of garden pebbles & Miliput in the rear of the hull ! - regardless it's well worth the investment IMHO. Other than that, the seated crewman and the couple of items of stowage, this is an OoB build. Paint is all acrylics mixed using the Mk.I eyeball method. Followed by the usual chipping, pin wash, oil-dot filter and then pastels (my least favourite aspect of weathering). For this I wanted the vehicle to look used but not abused - the 'duelling scar' on the front cheek is an experiment - never done that before. The rubble was a last-minute decision, again an experiment, but I love the look - the relatively clean topsides imply the crew has cleaned-off the worst of the dirt and it's collected on the fenders. Not sure if it's worked, would appreciate your thoughts on that. Nothing else to say for now, to the folks who followed the WiP thread here, thanks guys, really appreciate your encouragement along the way. Please criticise, question and comment. All the best from NZ. Ian.
  2. The short-barrel (28 calibres) 152mm howitzer was the most powerful gun used by the Soviet army during WW2. Due to the separate loading it’s only drawback was a low rate of fire, only in the case of an experienced and perfectly harmonized crew, reaching 3 rounds per minute. In 1942, its self-propelled version was created on the KV heavy tank chassis. 670 such SU-152 SPHs were built. Used both as self-propelled artillery, assault gun, and (sporadically but with excellent results) tank destroyer, they earned the nickname Zvyeroboi among their crews, which in Russian means both Deerslayer and Goatweed (poisonous for cattle, thus killing some animals). It is not known which of these meanings was behind the nickname, although modern Russian self-propelled howitzers bear the names of flowers (Carnation and Hyacinth) as their official designation. There is no doubt, however, as to the origin of the German nickname (Dosenoeffner = can opener). A direct hit from the SU-152 torn huge holes (usually one on each side) in every German tank. When the obsolete KV gave way to the newer IS heavy tank on the production line in the autumn of 1943, it was only a matter of weeks for the SU-152 to go similar way. The vehicle on the new chassis (and with a new casemate) was named ISU-152. In December 1943, the first ISUs entered the units, and by the end of 1945 over 2,820 (plus 1,740 almost identical ISU-122 assault guns with the 122mm gun, recognizable only by their longer barrel) were produced. In the Soviet, Polish and Czech units, these new Zvyerobois (nickname stuck) reached Berlin. Then the ISUs took part in the conquest of Manchuria, in the wars in Korea, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. They are said to serve in the North Korean army to this day. Crewed by five and powered by the 520hp Kharkiv (nee Hispano Suiza) V12 diesel engine the vehicle weighed roughly 46 tons. Armament consisted of the 152mm howitzer mentioned above and a 12.7mm MG mounted externally. The 2013-tool Zvezda kit #5026 is probably the best Braille-scale ISU-152 on the market. There are 118 styrene parts (roughly half of them are common with the companion IS-2 kit #5011) on 2 sprues and two quasi-pliable (though not soft vinyl) tracks in the box. Great care must be taken when installing these tracks - Zvezda designed them in such a way that 3 of the guide horns have been significantly lengthened, and through the holes in them you should squeeze the axes of the return rollers. The hint is that these rollers are spaced ALMOST identically - the distance between the front and middle is 25mm, and between the middle and rear - 24mm. Attempting to install the tracks in the opposite direction may be successful, but the shape of the upper track section will be at least bizarre. As all the Soviet WW2 tanks in my collection are from the European battlefields , I decided to build the ISU as the conqueror of Manchuria. It is hard to find a reason why 200 ISU-152s (along with 1,200 smaller SU-100s) were delegated to the August Storm operation - against Japanese tanks and bunkers, even the tiny SU-76 would suffice. Nevertheless, their presence in Manchuria is documented by many photos, and 70 vehicles, which survived in the occupation forces until 1955, were handed over to the Chinese. It sports the standard camouflage of the 4BO Protective Green overall with 60cm wide white band along the casemate top. On the prototype it was applied in the field without any masking tape, thus I followed this way in 1/72 too. The paints are (as always) Humbrol enamels: 117 for the 1944-49 period 4BO and 130 for white - painted with Italeri brushes. The decals (each digit applied separately) are courtesy of my drawer - some 1/400 British submarine IIRC. Afterwards the Vallejo acrylic matt varnish was brush-applied overall too. The model was made OOB except for drilling the exhaust stubs and correcting the only obvious error - the bin on the casemate right wall was placed too high, so I moved it down according to the photos. The antenna made of 0.3 mm Aber steel wire appears thick in the photo, but be aware that the image on the 15” screen is about twice the size of an actual 1/72 model. The photos are taken with an LG smartphone. Comments are welcome. Cheers Michael
  3. While IS tanks were not needed to fight the tankettes of Japanese Kwantung Army in August 1945, the ISU-152 - which, contrary to popular belief, was more of an assault gun/howitzer type than a tank destroyer - was used in quite substantial numbers in Manchuria. David Glantz in his book https://www.amazon.pl/Glantz-Soviet-Strategic-Offensive-Manchuria/dp/041540861 writes, that among the 1,400 SPGs sent by the Soviets to Manchuria in 1945, there were about 200 ISU-152. There're even some pictures of the ISU-152s laden with soldiers crossing a river somewhere in Manchuria, although most rivers in Poland, Hungary and Germany look broadly similar https://www.reddit.com/r/TankPorn/comments/ne9e25/an_isu152_crossing_a_river_manchuria_august_1945/ https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-heavy-self-propelled-guns-crossing-a-river-in-manchuria-china-23250179.html My question is how long was the white IFF stripe along the casemate roof? Should it go to the back vertical wall or could it end somewhere earlier? The soldiers on the roof make both pictures blurry And one more question: the digits #159 seem much darker than #152 - has the number 152 been retouched for propaganda purposes, or have you seen any yellow tactical numbers on the Soviet AFV participating in the 1945 Operation August Storm? What's your opinion? Cheers Michael
  4. Hi Pals, Here I present you to the ISU-152 revisited and finished (I hope at all ... lol). For those who have not followed the WIP, and are interested, the upgrade consisted of a Metal Tracks, a metal cannon, a couple of tow copper cables and some used cartridges. Also, I had to fix the train a little to adapt the tracks, and to go over some weathering, especially the snow, pus in the process was lost a lot. IMHO I think it was worth it and it was better, something closer to reality. Here is link to the WIP, and another to the old RFI, to see differences... Thank you very much for watch and comment, and for the interest shown. An old rear view ...
  5. ISU-152 1/35, Tamiya with Friulmodel tracks. I made it because i've wanted a bit of rest from constructing of B-747-400F 1/72
  6. Hi Pals, I finally finished the kit, to my taste. Not exactly as would have imagined that over, but I like the end result. I tried some new methods for me as the most severe pigmented and do some snow. I also decided to add at the end some leaves and dried herbs, to see what they looked like, and ... there they stayed. The kit is OOB except for the slogan in Cyrillic As a final point, I have taken pictures with a SLR camera, which is, I think, the perfect complement to a finished work, for good or ill. Thanks for commenting and watch, and the support and good wishes in the thread. Included link to WIP, and vice versa the RIP To WIP: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001060-white-hunter-red-heart-isu-152-zvezda-135/ Some shots on detail.... Cheers to all
  7. All righty, it's time to plunge (back) into the wonderful world of armour! I haven't done any armour since I built a Sherman Firefly in the one true scale (1/72nd scale to you heathens), many years ago. It will be interesting to see how I get on with this one. For this adventure, I've chosen as a subject the ISU-152 Soviet assault gun/tank destroyer. I've always liked the brutish appearance of this beast. To me, an enduring image of the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany is that of an ISU-152 rumbling through the ruins of Berlin in April of 1945. To those who don't know about the ISU-152, it was a heavily-armoured assault gun/tank destroyer which mounted a huge 152.4-mm gun-howitzer on an IS-2 tank chassis, and was designed to replace the similar SU-152 (which was mounted on a KV-1 tank chassis, and used the same gun). It was particularly useful in destroying fortifications with its huge shells, which could weigh over 100 lb. Although being relatively short-barreled with low muzzle velocity, the gun fired such a large shell that an explosive shell could kill or disable a German tank crew with its blast effect without even penetrating the armour. Regarding its nickname, 'Zveroboiy', that is Russian for 'Beast-Killer', as it killed Elephants, Panthers, and Tigers. At any rate on to the kit. It is supposed to be a 'snap-fit' kit, but it can obviously be built conventionally with glue, as I intend to do. The moulding looks quite nice, with no flash and sharp details. Regarding its accuracy, it looks like an ISU-152 to me and I'll let the tread-heads debate its accuracy, as I intend this to be an easy OOB build with no AM goodies (with the likely exception of a turned-metal barrel). Enough of my prattling on, below are some piccies: Best Regards, Jason
  8. HI Pals, On this occasion, I would like to share with you, mounting an ISU-152 Zvezda brand. I decided to try this kit because if I do not end up liking the finished model, it is a tank destroyer, not a tank. I think it's the cheapest kit, so if not just liking me, spending has been minimal, and will OOB by other side, for the same reason. Anyway, I've seen other models Zvezda in the forum, and have been proud. The first photos are of almost finished model, for though I was taking pictures, I unfortunately the lost / deleted without noticing. I do not remember having special problems mounting at the moment, perhaps with fuel tanks that have just not fit quite right and I had to sand the adjustments. Soon more updates, thx for watch and comment, cheers mates
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