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Found 5 results

  1. Hello dear modellers This is F-5E Tiger II in 1/48th scale from AFV CLUB representing nose up take off configuration. (with extended nose gear) Colors are Mr.hobby with decals from Hi-decal Line. This model represents one of the famous Tigers from 2nd tactical fighter base in Iran during 8-year war with Iraq. 3-7059 is famous because has shot down several enemy fighters during war time. Col.Yadollah Javadpour who was one of the F-5 ace pilots of the war with 5 victories , shot down two enemy Su-20 jets in their own territory with his 3-7059 as a leader on a 2ship Kirkuk refinery bombing mission when he encountered with 2 enemy jets. Col.Javadpour jettisoned his four Mk-82 snake-eye bombs and entered a dog fight which it’s result was another two victories and escaping his wingman from being shot down. Hope you like Barzin IMG_0195 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0197 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0238 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0204 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0198 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0205 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0215 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0218 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0201 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0241 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0200 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr photo_2019-03-15_04-35-38 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0129 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0156 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr
  2. Hello dear modellers Another model entered to my IIAF fleet! This time a very special bird , The first ever jet aircraft in Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) service that started a new era in my country’s aviation history. This is the orange one used to fly as dart carrier with both T and RT versions. Kit is Great Wall Hobby T-33A Shooting Star early version which was superb. Colors are Mr.Hobby Decals come from Modeller decals. Hope you like (pictures taken by my cell phone) Barzin IMG_8217 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8208 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8210 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8212 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8206 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8218 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8221 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8224 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8220 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8203 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8211 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8223 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8204 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8229 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8209 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8205 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_8222 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_5879 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr image-1-45-1 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr
  3. Hi folks My latest build is an F-5B in 1/48 scale from Kinetic. -The kit shape is good but to me it was a little challenging in some parts. -Colors are Hataka and Gunze painted free-hand. -Decals are from Print Scale. -Resin ejection seats are from Wolfpack Design This aircraft entered in service with the Imperial Iranian Air Force in mid 1960's and the IIAF became the first Air Force to receive Freedom Fighters. The two-seaters were in high demand in order to train new pilots locally. Hope you enjoy Barzin 2020_06_14_IMG_8080 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr 2020_06_14_IMG_8072 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr 2020_06_14_IMG_8073 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr 2020_06_14_IMG_8081 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr 2020_06_14_IMG_8090 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr 2020_06_14_IMG_8092 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr 2020_06_14_IMG_8095 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr 2020_06_14_IMG_8097 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr 2020_06_14_IMG_8083-1 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr Last Iranian two-seater Freedom Fighter produced, 01613, at Ramstein (Germany) on 12-06-71 still in USAF markings. photo_2019-08-20_19-42-00 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IIAFF-5B2-328_jpg by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0214 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr
  4. Hello gentlemen, I am starting a new project which I had planned a long time ago. I am going to build an IIAF F-4D which took part in the Iranian military intervention during the Dhofar Rebellion. And, as this is a quite unusual subject, I'll give you a brief summary about this conflict. Historical summary of the situation in Oman in the 1970s The year is 1952, the country is the Sultanate of Oman. An armed rebellion, which will last until the late 1970s begins. On the rebel side, radical left armed groups, mainly supported by South Yemen, the USSR, China and other Eastern bloc countries. They fight against the Omani government, which receives help from the United Kingdom, and later, Persia, who was at this time, an important ally of the United-States. The Shah's intervention will take place in the late 70s, with sources claiming the exact date to be around January 1978, and will include more than 4000s troops, including an important air support, consisting of Helicopters (Hueys, Cobras, Kiowas, Chinooks) and aircrafts (F-4s, C-130s). The province of Dhofar (read "Zofar") in the Sultanate of Oman British troops searching for mines in Oman About the Airway in Oman ​At the beginning of the conflict, Oman's military isn't really advanced, and lacks of airpower. Britain will help them by providing them with Hunters and Strikemasters, which will show useful in anti-guerilla fight, but will later be no match compared to the weapon capacity and range of the F-4s. On the Iranian side, the Shah being a strongly "anti-communist leader" and his nation being in a period of trouble, with leftists groups taking importance in Iran in the late 70s, he sees as crucial to extermine any communist threat in the Middle-East which could propage to his country and thus when he will send his troops in Oman, will he make a very intensive fight to eliminate the menace as quickly as possible. When the Iranian Revolution starts in 1979, the "Red Threat" in Oman will indeed have been wiped out. Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi in his military uniform ​Iran didn't publish a lot of informations about their part in this conflict, the Islamic Government didn't appreciate to telle the "exploits" of the government they overthrew, but here are some things we know: C-130E, F-4D, RF-4C and F-4E models aircrafts took part in the task force, with alternating squadrons, keeping always at least a dozen aircrafts on Omani soil. By the way, a dozen aircrafts might seem like a low number, but it already had a bigger fighting power than the whole omani Strikemaster air fleet combined. My aircraft will be a F-4D with the markings 3-616 For the weapon load they carried it would usually consist of: ​23mm SUU-16 canon, extremely useful against low armored targets and cheaper than missiles or bombs 2x AIM-7E-2 missiles as a security measure Mk. 82 Bombs, 12 on high value targets, 6 against lower value targets. About my model kit. I chose Academy's new tool F-4D, which seems quite nice for the moment, crisp details and easy adjustments, I don't think I'll need a lot of putty. It is the ROKAF model because I couldn't find any other versions at my local model store, but since I won't be using its decals, if anyone is looking for a Korean F-4, I'll gladly give them to him! I'll also add some detailing and, of course, the IIAF decals, which are from Hi-Decal, a brand that I highly recommend for anyone interested in exotics paint schemes. I started with the cockpit, using Eduard's PE parts: The main challenge about this kit will be time: I want to finish it before November so I can give it as a present to my aircraft enthusiast and modeler uncle, who lives on the other side of the Atlantic and I thus can't often see. And finally, please excuse me for my English, I guess I did some mistakes, but I am still learning this language, so I can't guarantee a perfect level for the moment. Have a nice day, Daniel
  5. Well I can't resist any longer! I tried not to but resistance is futile, or so it seems. Despite already building for another GB I just have to build a Phantom. So here is my entry. I am going to build the Hasegawa RF-4E as an RF-4EJ of the JASDF. I bought this kit second hand last year and some of the interior has been sprayed black but no construction has taken place. The kit I have is for a special scheme Luftwaffe RF-4E and a picture of the box is below. I am not a huge fan of these schemes and would like to do an actual service aircraft and for a long time I have liked modern Japanese aircraft, especially their RF-4E's with their unique colour scheme so I intend to build mine to look like the aircraft below. A good friend of mine who has built a couple of JASDF is hopefully coming to my rescue with some decals, but if not I think I have enough to do one in their original grey and white colour scheme. And if that's a complete failure I know I have some markings for an IRIAF RF-4E, nothing like keeping your options open is there! Don't expect stellar advances with this as I am already building for the French GB and have tentatively promised them another (I seem to have zero will power lately!) but I shall hopefully make a start later this week. Thanks for looking. Craig.
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