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  1. I am about to start a Hurricane so |I thought I would start this thread. The Spitfire thread I started seems to be a melting pot where we all share and learn...first (stupid question)....I hope people find this helpful...doh!
  2. HobbyBoss is to release in late November 2022 a 1/48th Hawker Hurricane Mk.I kit - ref. 81777 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=216 Box art V.P.
  3. 404175609_10161127860529437_7868004904093265327_n by Evan Bailly, on Flickr Prior to WWII, Romania found itself reeling against an expansionist Soviet Union and reached out to anyone willing to help stem the growing tide of Communism in Eastern Europe. Both England and Germany were keen to oblige, they were equally opposed to Communist expansion and eager for defense exports. Without a viable domestic fighter, in 1939 the Royal Romanian Air Force ordered 50 each of what were then considered the best available fighters from both of these suitors: the Messerschmitt Bf.109E and the Hawker Hurricane Mk.I The Romanian 7th Grupul Vanatoare (Fighter Group) is quite possibly the only single unit to have been equipped with Hurricanes and Bf.109s as standard at the same time. The Messerschmitts were assigned to the group’s 57th Squadron, emblazoned with a Donald Duck mascot, and the Hurricanes went to the group’s 53rd Squadron, a Mickey Mouse mascot presiding. Only 12 Hurricanes arrived from England before Romania officially joined the Axis powers in late 1939, but the squadron was filled out with Yugoslavian Hurricanes after the invasion of that country. The Messerschmitts were similarly slow to arrive, only about a dozen had arrived by the time the invasion of Poland delayed exports from Germany. However, all 50 of the Bf.109E-3a fighters had been delivered by the time the 7th Group was set to participate in Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the USSR in 1941. In what Romania called “the Crusade Against Communism” both the Emils and Hurricanes proved successful, both types racked up kills over the Eastern Front’s southern sector. Both these small fleets would last for more than two years, in 1943 the Bf.109Es would start to be replaced by new G models and the Hurricanes would phase out in favor of Romania’s only domestic fighter of the war: the IAR 80. 404002660_10161127860494437_8518800263754336755_n by Evan Bailly, on Flickr My models, both in 1/72 scale, are Arma’s excellent Hurricane Mk.I and Tamiya’s expectedly pleasant Bf.109E-3. Both were built largely from the box, a few bits of photoetch such as seatbelts and some scratch details like fine wire brake lines found their way into the builds. Both utilized aftermarket decal sets, the Hurricane’s from Kits World, and the Emil’s from Print Scale. Oddly, the latter did not include the prominent Donald Duck mascots, so I ended up buying a kit from AZ that did have them, I plan on using that kit to build a Yugoslavian Emil in the future. Paints on both are mostly AK real colors, and both kits built beautifully and without any fuss. 404024915_10161127860574437_7291387672055969402_n by Evan Bailly, on Flickr 403986709_10161127860584437_6310463299883284104_n by Evan Bailly, on Flickr
  4. What seems like eons ago, I completed a kit - a Mistercraft Albatros, during August. I was left with an empty space in front of me. I thought what's new, likely to be a decent fitting kit, that I can exorcise the prolems I had with the Mistercraft Albatros (and the Mistercraft Sopwith Camel before that)? I went to the stash, my hand reached out, and picked the new-ish Arma Hobby 1.72 Hurricane IIb/c. I thought - yes! This is likely to actually fit in all those important areas! It comes with Etch and masks! And I'd bought a Yahu seat and seatbelt set. And Master cannon barrels. This can't go wrong, surely? Painting started the kit, on the sprues. That went well. Then I put the wheel well together, and dry fitted it to the wings. Result - the wheel well parts were too big for the wings to fit together.. I had to cut some of the wheel well walls off, and sand the rest to within an inch of its life to get the wings to fit. Then dry fitting the wings to the fuselage; that didn't fit too well, either. The rest of the kit has gone together nicely, but that darn wheel well/wings/fuselage fit - plenty of sanding and filler needed. Oh well, it's over now, painting went well, tamiya and humbrol rattle cans for the medium sky grey and dark earth/dark green. I chose the pacific area livery as I hadn't done one before. The livery is a Hurricane IIc, from 34 Squadron SEAC Dergaeon, in Spring 1944. This was actually a most extraordinary Hurricane; the only 5 cannon Hurricane in existence. Okay, it's a 5 cannon hurricane because one of the master gun barrels went into the hole I'd prepared in the wing and carried on into the wing itself. So every time I pick it up, the kit rattles. I ended up buying another set of master gun barrels to finish the kit with a fourth barrel! Decals went on fine, but given I'd been on this model for 3 months I decided to give the stencils a miss. Will I try another arma hobby kit? Yes, now that I know there could be fit problems, so I'll be on guard, so to speak. Here are the photos, you will be able to judge for yourselves how bad a job I did, or conversely, how well I overcame difficulties !!
  5. AZmodel is to (re?)release a 1/72nd Hawker Hurricane Mk.IID kit - ref. AZ7594 Sources: https://www.facebook.com/208070375871052/photos/a.208144655863624.54782.208070375871052/1947006051977467/ https://www.azmodel.cz/produkt/hurricane-mk-iid/ V.P.
  6. Source: https://www.facebook.com/ArmaHobby/posts/3462056447158021 Considering it'll be most probably a WWII period a/c and in 1/72nd this will be uninteresting to me... My (Polish) wishes - 1/48th plastic kits from: TS-8 Bies, TS-11 Iskra & PZL-130 Orlik. V.P.
  7. Something a little ancient from the depths of my stash that deserves to see the light of day. Monogram's 1/48 Hawker Hurricane. Since this kit lets you build any one of 7! versions(box says 5, but there are 2 more as well that you can do). I think for this outing a MKCII in SAAF livery might be out of the ordinary for me, but it is a simple little build . I'll probably make an addition here or there just because this kit was originally more toy than model and as such some detail that's normal today (cockpits and Gear wells) were almost unknown way back then. I think I first built one of these back when Johnson was in the White House, Lyndon not Andrew. I'm not THAT old. I just feel like it. So lets see whats I gots wit dis. The kit decals are definitely old so I'm using Aeromaster for the national insignia and whatever I can scrounge from y decal spares to supplement.
  8. Hi, I am building the newest Hurricane mk IIc from Arma Hobby and I need some help with LKoA paint scheme (blog). Arma Hobby chose black/OG/DG: However, my interpretation of LKoA is quite different. I am a little unsure about lighter tone on DG (rudder, rear fuselage, elevator, ends of the wings). In my opinion, it's not definetly "brush strokes" effect, because in this case we should see them at the front of the fuselage and on the other aircraft. Of course, OG put on DG is only my proposal, but maybe someone saw something similar on other RAF planes and know answer. I'm open to discussion, feel free to share your view.
  9. Hurricane IV RP from No. 351 (Yugoslav) Sqn RAF. Serial LD975 'O'. Hi there! I won't insult you Brits by detailing the Hurry story! I'll just say that No. 351 was part of the Balkan air force, flying there in 1944/45 in support of Tito's Partizans. To build this Hurry, I've started from Hasegawa's Hurry IId box, as I had two, and I didn't know that they had a specific IV box... before getting one much later. I had also an old SAM Publications conversion for the Mk.IV RP including 44 gal. fuel tanks and/or blast plates and rocket rails... but not rockets!!!! And a Lift Here decals sheet. Nothing specific to say about the build, just take care of the pit with its tubular structure when positioning it inside the fuselage: Dryfit, dryfit and dryfit! The same apply for building the front central part of wings. And to me, that's about all. The paint scheme is far from being 100% correct, and the edge of the colours are too much blended. Was afraid of the decals, because of a bad experience with another sheet some weeks ago. I took extra cautions, and everything went smoothly. Well, take care anyway with Lifthere decals. Rockets, again. Well 15 years ago when I started to think about this build, the weapons configuration that I wanted was a bit specific, in any case asymmetric! Four rockets on one side, and an external tanks on the other. This was more than often used by Balkans air force Hurrry. Buuuuuut.... fifteen years later, I just forgot. In fact, I remember, but too late, as the blast plates were in place already. Nevermind, off I go to source eight rockets... I'm still searching, as I would like some 60lb warhead, and so far, nothing in sight. I missed the chance with Airfix's Spit 18, who I think have those RP. BUT..... I've already given them to a friend... For the weathering,, it's not ok to me, just too heavy and far from being subtile. And in the end, a nice little kit, but I didn't really do it justice. I'll try hard for the next Hurry! Here you go!
  10. I seem to have difficulties with Hurricanes. The Arma kits are superb, of course, so why that should be the case, I really don't know. Anyway, my last two went the way of the dodo, and so, inspired by @AliGauld's Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib build I thought I'd have another go. What I've broken into are a Mk.I "kit" and a Mk.IIb/c "expert set". Be under no illusions - as far as I'm concerned, an "ex" is a has-been and a "spurt" is a drip under pressure. I've got a fair few bits of Arma and Eduard etch floating about, some of which will make an appearance. There may also be a few scratch built bits and bobs along the way. Boxes and sprues: Progress so far: some interior work, wheel bays, cockpit floors and control columns (Quickboost resin replacements), plus some paint. Mk.I Mk.IIb And both together: Its not really easy to see the dull aluminium, its that dull! The light is pretty hopeless which doesn't help, perhaps I'll try a couple of pics in daylight. As for schemes, the Mk.I will be an Idku-based night-fighter, while the Mk.IIb will be a Polish aircraft based at RAF Churchstanton, which is near my home town. Thanks for looking in - there may actually be more soon, who knows....... Cheers, Mark
  11. Twenty one volumes of the Wingleader Photo Archive series. The new Typhoon book makes it 21 volumes! Still big original photos, still 'I never knew that!' text, and still £19.95. Check out the range at: www.wingleader.co.uk
  12. Hello, First build of the year (began in 22 , the Airfix , 1/48, Hurricane Mk.I in the markings of RAF 242 Sq. Gunze acrils paints and Aeromaster decals. Hope you'll like her, Best Stef (#6)
  13. Build last year, Arma Hobby Mk IIB, 1/72 scale with some minor changes and CMK resin photo pad.
  14. Hi chaps, After reading for quite a while, and then joining, this is not my first Hurricane, but certainly my first showing to strangers to be commented on (if anyone likes to do so)... The first thing any Hurricane/BoB specialist will see is that I goofed big time on the camo scheme. This is my first non-paintbrushed camouflage, and being all nervous about working with those rattle cans, i switched the colours... ...which is not a big problem for myself, as I've built and marked it as I liked, not based on an existing plane. Just a little bit, because I know about it... I've assigned my plane to No. 145 squadron, because the squadron code is the same as the town "code" of my car - SO. I would have loved to build one after original pics, but I keep getting the same single one, SO-K, which was fitted with an experimental bulged canopy... and I neither had nor wanted one. The L was from my daughter's first name. Enough words for now, more pics. One more sentence - please don't see the spots at the front cowling near the wing root. Hope you had fun with the pictures. If anyone wants to drop a line, chocks away! Maybe I'll manage to post some other things rather soon. (Due to covid-19 crisis I am temporarily home all day, but time keeps slipping through my fingers🤷🏼‍♂️) Pics by my wife, who could finally combine her hobby with mine
  15. Ding ding, round 4....... I can't resist another build to this infectious GB Unfortunately i don't have any of the missing subjects but will balance up the Spitfire Hurricane ratio with this nice little kit. I anticipate progress will be swift as i am also taking part in the M3/4 STGB which has just started. So a couple of pics to get the ball rolling, thanks for looking Cheers Greg BTW I am doing the box top version as @CanadaMoe is doing the night intruder option.
  16. These tables show the individual aircraft letter codes for Hurricanes held by RCAF 126 Squadron (Dartmouth, NS) during Jan - July 1943 which were then taken over by RCAF 127 Squadron (Gander, Nfld) after mid-July. 127 Squadron would subsequently be renumbered to 443 and go to the UK to fight in Spitfires. When the squadrons swapped bases in mid-July 1943, they each left their planes behind for the other to use. This means planes from 126 were used by 127 after mid-July and vice versa. For example: 126 received Hurricane Z 5655 in Dec 42 at Dartmouth and used it until July when it was under the control of 127, which took over Dartmouth. Pictures of plane Z 5655 on the Internet are labelled as 127 Squadron but it was originally received and labelled by 126. The aircraft serials and letter combinations were taken from the Operational Record Books (ORBs) of 126 Squadron from Jan to May 1943. The ORBs list each flight of the planes by their serial numbers or their letters. From time to time, the letter codes were also scribbled beside the serial numbers. Sometimes there are some inconsistencies that appear to be errors. Aircraft Serials and Codes The first column is the aircraft's individual letter code The second column is the most frequent serial number labelled with the code The subsequent numbers after the // are potential errors because they are infrequent / contradictory / overlapping with another mention of itself for a flight time Code Serial // Mistakes? A 5632 B 5658 C D E 5633 // 5640, 5632 F BW883 // BW847 G [from photo below: 5640] H I BW872 J K 5659 // 5655 L M 5657 N O 5638 P Q R 5666 // BW872, 5632 S 5654 T U BW868 V BW869 W X BW854 Y BW878 // BW865, 5655, 5633 Z 5655 ORB Image References Below are the images of ORB pages held by Library and Archives Canada on their digital site that show the codes and serial numbers. https://heritage.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.lac_reel_c12253/442 https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0sj19k66m01/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0ns0ks8jv1d/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0qj77s9jj9b/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc06m3321sn5v/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0833mw48x36/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc04b2x36n54h/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc00k26990d20/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0vx05x4676c/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0r49g46jg3k/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0mc8rb8wq0m/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0zp3vt3hh01/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc03b5w689n36/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0736m05zd8v/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0bv79s3m59x/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0gm81k17x81/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0mc8rb8wq0m/full/max/0/default.jpg https://image-uab.canadiana.ca/iiif/2/69429%2Fc0r49g46jg3k/full/max/0/default.jpg - David
  17. Hi all, Well, it's been quite a busy year with work, which has meant another slow year at the bench. It's been quite difficult with lots of distractions to keep the modelling mojo flowing this year. I've recently started my Christmas holidays, and I've felt the need to do a quick and simple build, to get said mojo flowing again, and to kick off the new year on a good modelling foot. I recently asked my 85 year old father in law (who is still an avid modeller) what I should build. Being an ex-pat Brit, and a young lad when the Battle of Britain was raging over his home in London, he suggested a Hurricane ("the Spitfire is a beau'y and awl, but the 'urricane was the real work-'orse", he said). I had the 1/48 Airfix Mk 1 in my stash, and promptly dusted it off. It's the 'trop' boxing, but all of the parts for a standard Mk 1 is in the box. Somewhere along the line i'd also added an ultracast seat with moulded harnesses, and exhausts into the box. Now, I know very little about Hurricanes, which is perfect (as I won't get bogged down in details or accuracy related rabbit holes, as I often do). My deadline for completion is 16 January, when I start back at work. "The game is afoot"! So far, I have completed the interior. In keeping with the the simple theme of this build, I kept the cockpit essentially out of box, save the aforementioned seat. I did have to add belts to the top of the seat, to slot through the bulkhead behind the pilot. The Airfix interior is complex yet simple to build, and looks very nice (especially when compared to their earlier 1970s/80s rendition of the Mk1). I followed the Airfix instructions for the interior colours. Thankfully, most of the cockpit and interior is silver, with some RAF interior green to add colour. I decided to avoid the complexities of using the kit decal for the instrument panel; the panel is buried quite far inside the cockpit so not much will be seen. A simple dry brushing and picking out the dials with Future will suffice. Here's some pics so far: I also painted the wheels (one of my least favourite parts of any build, so best to get those out of the way early). The wheels and hubs are quite nice out of the box. I don't intend on showing off the gun bays (again, a complexity I don't need, so I'll likely trim the spars away, just in case they muck with the wing fit, which looks a little tricky. We'll see how we go with that when we get there. So far, so good! All feedback welcomed. I also welcome any tips from anyone who has built this kit before as to what I should keep an eye out for during construction. Cheers! BC
  18. Hello My first model after 18 years of abstinence. It's not perfect of course Model Airfix new amazing precision mold almost no putty needed! Yahu dashboard Vector Exhaust Paintings with the Ps 270 Airbrush : - Underside Vallejo Air "Eau du Nil" (paint used as Sky in 1940 before the real Sky type S was available in squadron) - AK real color Dark Green and Dark Earth paint on top Box + Model Alliance decals
  19. The model has been built for a long time and now it's time to put it in the gallery. This time is always too little for me, and the worst is when I put something on the shelf. Then the topic drags on and there is no end in sight. I trusted the additive manufacturers for it and a few mistakes are there and I don't correct them, maybe someday I will come back to this model to correct it. There was a bit of fun with it, but in the end it resulted in "Hurricane" Mk.IIc in camouflage from 309 squadron RAF (Poland), june 1944.
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