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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all. Another submission of a project I finished off a while ago, and had on the go for a loooong time before completing it. 1/35 scale Tamiya M1046 TOW Humvee, dressed up as an abandoned vehicle from the late 90s and inspired by the setting of the original Command and Conquer videogame Thanks for looking ^-^ Gaz
  2. Here is my second vehicle for my diorama posted under dioramas " Battle of Fallujah-operation Phantom Furry" another great Academy kit I wont bore you with too many construction photos. You can also see the Meng Bradley on this forum. I did add allot of Live Resin armaments I have seen some funky weapons configurations for the SAG save -a-gunner turret. Live Resin parts arrived excited to get building! So pros of the live resin is great detail as advertised, cons are no instructions and the type of plastic used to cast the parts is extremely brittle and can only be bonded with crazy glue. Paint was a primmer coat of AK interactive desert sand primer then a coat of AK interactive 686A CARC Tan. After drying over night started weathering with Vallejo model wash 76.523 Tierra European Dust on all bolts and panel seams. I did the weapons in 2 coats of Vallejo black wash and picked up the details with Vallejo pigments dusted on. I also used the desert pigments to add a layer of dust on all the gear and vehicle. Check out my diorama " Battle of Fallujah-Operation Phantom Fury"- Work In Progress - Dioramas to see the vehicles on the scene I look forward to your comments. Sneak peek "Battle of Fallujah-operation Phantom Furry"
  3. Modified with DEF resin wheels (since Italeri still boxes their Humvees with the wrong type), I finally finished these two and incorporated them into my Division 2 diorama, found here I did consider camouflaging them, but thought I'd give the plain green (as they appear in the game) a go Thanks for looking Gaz
  4. So, finally finished this idea. I've had the vehicles and figures for ages, probably in excess of two years. The figures having painted long ago. I wanted to do a diorama based on Tom Clancy's The Division for a while, but couldn't get the layout right. With the arrival of the Division 2, it opened up more options for me, and thus we have this result Probably the most intricate diorama I've yet done Thanks for taking a look ^-^/ Gaz
  5. My friend gave me his old M2 and humvee already painted in camouflage , but he want me to turn them into desert color so i did it for him, And here is the result This kit is from Academy and very straight foward build. I'm also have this build video in my channel, you guys can check it out. Link is in my signature.
  6. Well, I've had this one for quite some time. I've posted pics of it before in the WIP page. Was originally supposed to be in a Japan setting, but over time I've modified some of my plans for things and the dioramas. The base for this one I was contemplating putting with an Italeri Commando Humvee, but when I noticed this M1151s scheme is darker than the M1083 truck I've been working on, I decided to swap them out and give this one its own little diorama. Its also my first time trying snow effects, specifically Tamiya's two snow effect texture paints, as well as the Krycell snow and ice wash. Was terrified I'd mess it up, but I'm happy with the outcome 1/35 Academy M1151 in Tamiya NATO scheme 1/35 Masterbox figures painted in ACU pattern (combo of a buff, dark grey and field grey/grey mix) 1/35 Accessories from Meng's Modern equipment set. Piece of extruded polystyrene foam Tamiya Snow Effect and Powdered Snow Effect Texture Paste Krycell Ice and Snow Wash Without further ado, here it be. Gaz
  7. Got this one finished and in the photo booth. It really is a great kit with no major problems, may possibly add a mine detection device when it goes on a diorama eventually. Also might be worth saying that the doors and the rear boot section are only tacked in with a bit of pva in case I have to open them later which is why you might spot a bit of a gap. Kit manufacturer: academy Scale: 1/35 Type: M1151 Humvee Extras used: DEF models resin sagged wheels Paints and colours used: MRP 080 and various tamiya. Weathered with mig pigments and ak washes
  8. It's occurred to me recently just how few variations there really are of the venerable Humvee, one of the most recognisable off-road military vehicles in the world. You have the Tamiya and Academy Armament and TOW carrier, versions, the Italeri Cargo Carrier, the Academy and Italeri Gun Truck versions, and the Academy/Bronco up-armoured ones, plus the old Italeri Avenger. Academy used to make the Ambulance, which I had many years ago, and didn't do a very good job with, pushing it almost beyond the realm of repair (I gave up trying to fix it). The Ambulance model is practically non-existent. In fact the only place I've found that actually has one in stock, turned out to be an online store that, although they say they ship internationally, only seem to ship to Canada or the U.S. (ARGH!). There used to be numerous types of Humvee available, but most are no longer made or stocked anywhere. The peculiar thing is that no company, particularly those that used to make those discontinued versions, seems to create new, modernised versions. I mean, we see countless WW2 vehicles being made time and time again, but vehicles like the Humvee (such as the support variants) or the HEMTT truck don't seem to get much attention in the way of modernisation. I think that's a big shame, because the newer models in real life look quite a bit different, especially with the newer armour packages. I really do wish more companies would put effort into releasing modern vehicle kits, and a greater variety of them. I'd love to see a Tamiya, Academy or Meng, or even Trumpeter M-ATV, or an M977A4, or a correctly up-armoured FMTV, or the M997A3 Ambulance, or even the Ural Typhoon-K. Modern figures too, would be most welcome. Masterbox make great figures, and I'm pleased they decided to create some modern setting kits (even if some of the weapons are inaccurate or outdated), but it seems the bulk of figures from current times are resin. Not to mention PLA soldiers seem to be non-existent outside of a parade set. Modern accessories too would be fantastic, especially considering the bulk of non-resin ones are either 80s-early-00s stuff, or limited to that one Meng set. Post is a bit of a rant, I know, and I've gone a bit off track from the Humvees, lol. But I do wish just once the modern era got a bit more love. I recently looked through some WW2 kits and my eyes nearly popped out on how easy and relatively cheaply you could create a diverse diorama. What kind of modern vehicles/figures/accessories would you guys like to see come to the market, and who would be your preferred manufacturer? Gaz
  9. So, this is my first planned diorama, and the first diorama I've attempted (actually, that's not true, I bashed one together out of balsa wood a long time ago ). But it will be the first diorama since I started putting more effort into my modelling. So far I only have the rough plan of it, and what will decorate it. Its one of at least three dioramas I have planned for this particular setting, which is a fictional conflict between China and Japan. This one will be set on a Tokyo street and features a Humvee crew meeting with a small group of JGSDF soldiers. Over the years I've picked up a number of JGSDF figures, some from the Iraq Humanitarian Assistance set and others the Type 90 w/ loading crew (which I'll probably put with my Abrams). Only painted up the two shown here so far (that camo is tedious, maybe more so than ACU). The additional decoration for this idea came from the Meng barriers set. The k-rails in the set I've painted up and will likely use with my Bradley idea. I also planned to get two other Meng sets, one being the highway set (possibly for the Abrams) and the other the vending machine (for the Bradley). The Bradley (an M2A3 BUSK), which I've started building, will also be in NATO three-tone. So without further ado, here's a basic look at what my idea could look like Gaz
  10. Hey all, back again This was a kit I got for my birthday and which I've just completed. The vehicle itself is fully painted and partially weathered with a wash. I'm still deciding on what type of diorama base I want to do for it, so further weathering is on hold for the time being Vehicle is completely OOB, with a few additions and modifications. Additions include the CIP panel on the hood, as well extra kit on the two as yet unpainted figures, taken from a Meng equipment set and spares from a Masterbox set. The gunner supplied with this kit (the guy at the back) didn't seem to work with the turret too well, but luckily his pose lends itself well to where I've decided to stand him. I also kitted him out with a CamelBak and helmet from the Meng kit. The replacement gunner is from the Masterbox set, but posed a bit of a problem. Where the M2 was originally positioned, as designed in the kit, it was too low for him to look like he was gripping it. As a result, I had to glue a small section of sprue onto its mounting to raise it up, as well as move the gunshield up a bit. Luckily the darker colours hide the bit of mounting visible through the glass Another note about the supplied figures is that the driver is bigger than he should be, and doesn't actually match his picture. His right leg is depicted as being straight in the instructions, but is bent on the actual molding. He just barely fits into position as disembarking. I had another figure from the Masterbox kit that I had planned to use, but again due to size restrictions inside the vehicle, I'll have to use him with something else, possible my upcoming Bradley. Other extras on the vehicle include the stowage, some of which came from the Tamiya equipment set, others from two Meng sets, which includes the hardcase in the back, the cooler and the M82 in the gunner cupola. I can't recall what the M136 is from; a Dragon figure kit, perhaps. Although the instructions can be a little misleading at times, and some smaller parts very easy to snap, this kit went together pretty well. My intention for the diorama (along with my Abrams and Bradley) is to depict its deployment into an East Asia conflict, providing options for either a snippet of an urban setting, or something muddy. Anyway, that's a large enough wall of text. Time for pics Gaz
  11. Hi I have posted some NATO QRA pictures and some visiting Warthogs from my recent Centre of Aviation Photography assignment to Šiaulia, but I thought you might like to see some of the Lithuanian assets and vehicles as well as some monochrome Hungarian Gripens..... Thanks for looking.
  12. Hi! This is Tamiyas Humvee built as a vehicle stationed at Camp Bond Steel, Kososvo in 2000. I was lucky to hitch a ride in one of these when I served with KFOR in 2000, and I have tried to depict the vehicle I rode in The model is built OOB, except antenna, and gunners strap. I then painted it using Tamiyas Nato colours. Weathering is added using filters, pigmenter og Rain Streaks from AK Interactive
  13. AM General High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), or Humvee. Pics thanks to Mike Costello.
  14. So I began wanting to build Meng's excellent D9R Dozer, then I thought; well I can't build it without a diorama, so this has snowballed into a few different areas now. One of which is this Israeli Armoured Humvee The base kit is Academy's old M966 TOW Carrier which I got on ebay for about a tenner. On top of that I got the Legend Productions Conversion set, Aggressive Pattern Wheels and a weighted suspension set from DEF Model and some Hamer Memugan decals from Model Minature. This was my first resin conversion project and it's an interesting learning curve I've also noticed some bits that need touched up in the photos so I better get to them!
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