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  1. Hello there, comrades. With your indulgence (I didn't vote last year), I'd like to join the fun with this little beauty. Certainly fits the bill; it's a car that's armoured This is my first attempt at a groupbuild. I'm hoping that joining you will motivate me to complete this project within a reasonable time for a change. Today, the day that stops a nation is underway, when the chaff burners compete for the Melbourne Cup. A couple will fall over on the wet track and be shot, women wear fascinators, everyone splashes money around and most get Brahms and Liszt. Unaccountably, it's a public holiday! But it's chucking down with rain and we've just had a violent hail storm. What better day to stay indoors, avoid the soggy hullabaloo and start a new project? Here's how my dear friend Enviroman marked the dreadful day on his kitchen calendar a couple of years back...
  2. As I mentioned in my other entry, I bought the old Frog 335 kit in about 1974 and later decided to convert it to a single seat version. Having bought a replacement Frog (Matchbox boxing) kit a while back I never got round to starting the conversion, and instead bought the HobbyBoss version released in 2013. According to Scalemates this is an early A-1 production machine but it is in fact the second A-0 pre-production version currently preserved in the US. I read previously that there was a problem with the props and that is correct - I think the rear blades are the wrong way round, whilst two of the front ones are ok but the third blade which is the other way round - HB seem to have been also somewhat confused by the fact that the rear engine and prop were of course a pusher! I will have to sort that out but more on that as and when. There is also a problem with the colours it was painted in - HB seem to suggest two greens on the uppers and a "Sky" clone on the unders - perhaps the "mythical" RLM 84 or more likely one of the late war variants of RLM 76. In his Hikoki book on Luftwaffe camo Ullmann has an "official Dornier Works" paint diagram for the A-1 which shows "Dunkelgrun 81" and "Dunkelgrun" 83 uppers and 65 unders, and Merrick expands on this in his book. By the time the 335 was built the "official" instructions were to switch to RLM76 unders once existing supplies of 65 were used up, and as I discussed with Graham several years ago the names paint manufacturers and we modellers use for RLM paints are not always correct as the various manufacturers tended to use their own terminology - particularly I think Dornier. However, when the sole surviving 335 which this kit's decals represent, namely the second pre-production A-0, work number 240102, tail number 102, radio reporting code VG+PH was being restored, the original paint seems to have in fact been a splinter of light and dark green, possibly RLM82 and either a greener version of RLM81 or perhaps RLM 83 over RLM 76 unders. It has been repainted in the perhaps more common interpretations of 81 "Braunviolett" and 82 Hellgrun as we modellers know them, though he does not say if 65 or 76 was used on the undersurfaces. Technically it was I believe a "fighter/bomber" so maybe 65 would be correct though I have my doubts, but being in effect a prototype who knows? Anyway, in this GB I hope to build both the "normal" single seat version and the 2 seat night fighter version of this rather impressive if unorthodox twin engines machine, which perhaps fortunately for the Allies never entered service in any numbers before the war ended, only 11 production A-1 models being manufactured. It was significantly faster and presumably more manoeuvrable than the previous Me 110/410 and in one of his books Pierre Clostermann describes one out-running his Tempest V! Pete
  3. Several years ago I was considering refurbishing my old Revell C-6 but having lost one or two of the parts I decided to start again with a cheap HobbyBoss kit. I have not as yet decided which actual variant to build but I rather fancy one of the "heavy" fighters. HB provide markings for ZG 26 and ZG 76 and say it is a C-6. Should be a fairly simple build if they have not screwed anything up like the props on their Do-335 - the cockpit will need a little work and the gun barrels may need replacing. Assuming I have both the time and inclination I will have a shot at this before too long. Pete
  4. What better way to start off the collection of WWII Soviet armor/vehicles, than with one of the biggest ones available. The mighty T-35... or more accurately mighty looking, as it was pretty much completely useless in practice. Here is the WIP side of things,to give you a more complete idea of everything that went into making this, and my impressions on the kit itself. Basically, i wanted to create a T-35 that was a little more my own, and a little more lively and colorful than a huge Russian green steel brick. I also wanted to give the T-35 more of a fighting chance in WWII. The model is mostly out of the box with a new Gun 3D-designed and printed by me, and with a couple stowage items from Tamiya. The figures come from a couple Miniart-sets. Painting is a two coat job of Tamiya nato green and some matt white rattle-can paint put on top of all the parts, with everything else had-painted on top using basic Revell paints. Custom inscriptions where done using a 3D-printed stencil and a pen, and some of the decals come from an FW-200 kit believe it or not. "The Battleship" NOTE: the title-above, and everything below, is just a figment of my wild imagination, so don't take this too seriously. While i will be referencing history to a degree (to try an make all of this "fit in"), this vehicle or any of the guys operating it, aren't supposed to represent anyone or anything specifically. Not exactly the most popular or successful of vehicles, the last T-35 tanks where supposed to be scrapped in 1941 following a less than stellar success in the battle of Brody and further engagements in 1941. but our unit, dubbed the "hand-me-down division" still has 3 operational vehicles in the Winter of 1942, now on a small brake following the victory at Stalingrad. These vehicles being kept operational by using spare bits from other broken T-35 tanks. The 3 tanks of the units have been nicknamed "Battleship" "Monitor" and "Dreadnought" One we will be focusing on, is Tank 1, "Battleship" One of the tanks that took part in the fighting in 1941, still carrying around the scars from those battles. While otherwise a fairly lucky vehicle, in one battle it had to go up against a couple German tanks, thankfully these where or the older and lighter kind. The German tank crews realized that it would be best to disable the T-35's armaments first, and indeed managed to knock out the forward 45mm turret out of action pretty early on. As the battle continued, the two tanks exchanged fire while getting ever closer, With the Germans guns being rather light, and the short 76mm gun of the T-35 lacking range. A few hits where sustained on the main turret before the German tanks where eventually destroyed just in the nick of time. first hit scraped the roof of the turret... While the second scraped the side of the turret. By this point the other German tank was knocked out. Before the other one was taken out it had managed to get so close that the third and final hit nearly penetrated the turret armor. Instead of this and other T-35 tanks being completely scrapped as they probably should have, our, then fresh, unit's commander decided to accept a few of these into the unit, to be used as mobile-pilloboxes of some sort. 4 vehicles were originally planned, but the fourth one was instead assigned to be used as a source for spares. With a less than stellar success, and given the high likelihood that in further engagements, enemy tanks would be even better armed and armored. the commander and the tanks crews looked at ways of upgrading the vehicle. The Driver having worked as a test driver for the factory where these where built, he knew of some of the modification/upgrades that at some point where planned for the T-35 and even the T-28 tanks. And thus, they set about making these happen. First was the tanks main-gun. Since they couldn't get access to any ZIS-4 guns (one being tried on the T-28) they decided to instead modify some of the unit's ZIS-2 AT guns to work as tank-guns. With the ZIS-2 being a relatively light gun, it should work quite nicely give the sheer weight and size of the new platform for the gun (i know, while in many ways they are the same gun, there are some notable differences between the ZIS-4 tank-gun and the ZIS-2 it was created from) Another one was the addition of a new more powerful engine (a more powerful engine was an actual planned upgrade for the T-35, tough never implemented). They are of a rather dubious origin, and it's pretty-safe to say someone might come asking-around for them. It was also around this time that winter was coming around, so the tank received a new white winter-camo, onto which custom inscriptions where painted in red. And also some big red-stars where applied as-well. The unit not being afraid to "fly the flag" as it where. (I really hope that google translate didn't pull a prank on me and that that is the correct translation for "battleship") Winter of 1942 saw the vehicle engaging in some rather heavy fighting, having to hold off large German formations together with a network of gun emplacements and artillery giving fire-support. During one particularly nasty battle the tank was almost knocked out as an artillery-shell struck one of the skirts and pretty-much destroyed the entire armor-panel. Thankfully the shell wasn't big enough to cause any further damage. Coming from the spares vehicle, this panel is still sporting the original green color. To get the tank operational quickly, it was decided to leave the panel green and just slap on a new inscription in a hurry. As a result of some shrapnel damage from that artillery-barrage and other sources, a couple other bits where also replaced. It's winter of 1942 now, with the battle of Stalingrad won and the Germans now on retreat, the "battleship" is still rocking and rolling, tough wear and tear and sings of heavy use are evident troughout. And that's where the story ends for this vehicle. Overall, i really enjoyed the build, and it was a lot of fun taking things to the next level, and finally adding some serious weathering, as well as adding the PE bits provided in the kit. It was certainly a learning experience for me. Tough i wouldn't say there where any major pitfalls, i will certainly be doing a few things in a slightly different order. And to close things off, here is a little shot with some of the tanks crew together with their vehicle. And no, the guy on top is not actually part of the crew, he's the one wondering why he agreed to loan he's precious guns to be used on a monster like this. I left the original 76mm gun's barrel on the fender, so you can see just how tiny the original gun was. Oh, and be sure to check out the figure side of the project as-well, trough that you will also be able to find all the other parts of the WWII Soviet collection/project. for watching, and i hope i didn't bore you to death or explode your brains with my fictional story for this tank.
  5. Hi I started this kit way back in 2018 but Mojo loss helped stall this build for a long time but I have been finishing some stalled builds this year and got the Mojo back for this one. The Kit needed to be modified due to the fuselage spine being too rounded and a wanted add for some canopy bits and some kind gestures by @Nick Belbin and @fightersweepre canopy parts and a generous trade with @trickydicky210 netted a Revell MkII for donor parts. Thank you guys. I also need to thank you guys on the questions about Spitfires thread especially @303sqn who provided some cracking photos. Thanks also must go to @Dunny and @Biggles87without who'm this build would have stopped completely so thanks guys. If I have forgotten anyone then sorry , I am getting old !!! The fuselage was modified with square section plastic rid and the Revell rear canopy fitted perfectly. The cockpit interior is part scratch and part revell donor and cross kitting with the HB kit as they have squashed their cockpit internals and it looks weird. Quickboost details and seat and Eduard belts were also used along with various sized lead wire and fuse wire were used for wiring and plumbing. U/C bays were modified with some plastic rid and the legs and doors were spruced up with some home made extras. The Revell tail wheel was also used as the kit one was just wrong. Aluminium cannon muzzles and fairings were used and a grey matters prop and spinner purchased. The spinner was squewed and attempts to correct broke it and another set was just tge same so Spinner taken from a Hasegawa kit that I am converting into a Prototype model was used instead. Painted by brush using Humbrol enamels and weathered with oil washes and silver pencils . The mirror on this one us very unique and the mount was scratchbuilt using the kit mirror. Anyway enough waffle here are some pics. Thanks to those who have offered support and encouragement along this long long journey. I hope you like it. Merry Christmas Chris
  6. Hello all, This is my first GB participation, after having followed many interesting GB topics and speedy builds of other BM-ers. I will be joining with this kit, one of HobbyBoss' "easy-assembly" kits: Earlier this year, I build the same kit, in Cuban AF markings: Found it a pretty straightforward build, and I added some details along the way that I plan to repeat with this GB build. Not being a very quick builder myself, I should be able to complete this one in time for this GB. My plan is to build another Latin American P-38, this time a Honduras AF (in NMF), using these aftermarket items: The LF Models decals were in my stash for a while, but the Aztec Latin Warriors sheet appears to be more complete - more on that later, when the build starts ... The LF Models set also contains resin wheels and I have a ResKit set as well should this be needed, I will see what I will use. Looking forward to seeing a lot of interesting builds develop here!! Cheers, Patrick
  7. HobbyBoss is to release in late November 2022 a 1/48th Hawker Hurricane Mk.I kit - ref. 81777 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=216 Box art V.P.
  8. This HobbyBoss Thunderjet was entered in the FB NordicPower Group Build. KP-F was one of a few Danish F-84Gs that eventually received a camouflage pattern. Thanks for watching! Luka
  9. Hi folk's.with the rest of the year mapped out with GB's I thought I would start a project to fall back into as a break from what's planned so I picked up a couple of HB's little easykit's for little money to see how they turn out.The twin seater has an Iraq A F scheme and the single seater I have Syrian marking's in the stash.Despite the easy kit style and cheap prices they do make sone nice little kit's in this' range.Expanded the thread to include a fitter and Flagon. Start in the usual place the cockpit's and we'll see how it goes,I've also an Airfix new tool 15 and a Dragon offering if these two go well.
  10. Now with the Majority of the Soviet WWII figures complete, it's time to move on to the first piece of armor to go along with them. As the title would imply, im going to do some slight semi fictional upgrades/changes to this vehicle. Not only to make it a little more my own/interesting, but to also give the vehicle some more potential. All of the upgrades are one's that where actually planned to be implemented into the T-35, T-28 or both. As weird as it may sound, i think the T-35 has kinda always been one of my personal favorites. In it's own way it is a pretty magnificent beast to behold, with it's huge size and the 5 turrets that sprout guns in every which direction. And you can't help but imagine what a vehicle like this would be like in a more ideal situation, blowing up German tanks left and right while showering nearby enemy troops with machinegun fire. But... one also can't help but think about this vehicle the same way as David Fletcher. It may be a terrifying sight, but pretty-much absolutely useless otherwise. I think it's pretty-safe to say the T-35 was probably designed with a more WWI mindset, and given the limitations of technology and the sheer size of the thing, there was no hope for it to ever succeed in a WWII environment. Too big, too slow, with too little armor. And however decided to add that tiny 76mm gun to the tanks main turret, had to have taken one too many shot's It was however not mechanically unreliable as such, it's just that they ran them for far too long and didn't service them as often as was recommended. Hence, the transmission gave way a lot of the time, leading to an even worse service record. So, what kind of upgrades are you talking about. 1. I will be adding a slightly fictional overall white winter camo with some custom marking/inscriptions. 2. I will change that 76mm potato launcher with the 57mm Zis-4 gun. This was something that was planned to be added to the T28 and may have even been planned for the T-35 3. This is not going to show externally or internally, but one of the actual planned upgrades, was a more powerful engine, and mine will be receiving that. 4. Oh, and almost forgot to mention, but ill likely add some stowage stuff from the Tamiya Allied vehicles accessory set. Im still in the process of creating a full on story/history around this particular vehicle, but i will try my hardest to make this all "fit in" is as much as possible. I already began the process for this during my 3 week summer cabin trip, hence the change of tables/backgrounds. For one of the first times, im not actually all that concerned about all the PE parts, and am actually looking forward too seeing how they will turn out. But... looking forward to it or not... it's probably still going to be a pain. With this kit, you also get a "clear" version of that large sprue. Im guessing it's mainly so you can display all the suspension bogies even after the tank is complete. I just threw it to the side as it was making the box pretty tight. While im not a big fan of plastic tracks, im thankful they are at-least of the link and length variety, instead of individual bits. The coat of white on this didn't exactly go to plan, more of the Tamiya Nato green underneath was supposed to show up, but i ran out of white primer. Instead i had to use some matt white which gave a coat that forced me to turn this almost blank white. This wouldn't be so bad if it didn't mean i basically wasted 20 bucks worth of Tamiya paint (the plastic was already green btw). But never mind, im sure it will still look nice and dandy once it's complete . Just need to change the plan a little. While i was there i got a bit of the hand-painting process complete, but there is still work to be done in that area. Just yesterday i decided that the first thing i should do here back home, is 3D-model/print the new gun for the main turret. Some slight sanding later, and i think it looks pretty good and feels pretty smooth. Dry-fitting also went pretty nicely. And that is where we are now. Next up is some more painting, but im sure that by tomorrow, construction will commence. Overall, should make for a very fun project
  11. In 2020-2021, HobbyBoss is to release 1/72nd Grumman F8F Bearcat kits. - ref. 87267 - Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat - released - ref. 87268 - Grumman F8F-1B Bearcat - released - ref. 87269 - Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat - expected in December 2022 V.P.
  12. HobbyBoss is to release a 1/48th Fairchild-Republic A-10C Thunderbolt II kit - ref. 81796 A new variant from its original A-10 kit with a new sprue - ref. 80323 - link Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=207&l=en V.P.
  13. The next Hobby Boss Corsair kit will be a 1/48th Vought F4U-1 Corsair late version - ref.80382 Release announced for late November 2015 in China. Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=51&l=en V.P.
  14. Hobbyboss has updated 3 new models for November 1:72 15U175 TEL of RS-12M1 Topol-M ICBM complex ITEM No.: 82952 1:72 Russian BM-21 Grad Late Version ITEM No.: 82932 1:48 “HURRICANE” Mk.I ITEM No.: 81777 via: https://hobbyzero.com/new-arrivals/hobbyboss-has-updated-3-new-models-for-november-2022/
  15. Just a placeholder for now, will add more details once the GB commences (and I've got some space on the workbench). I'm going to attempt the US Navy 3-tone camo (grey) scheme, I have some camo masks for it, so hopefully not too hard! According to Scalemates info here, the kit was originally a Trumpeter moulding from 1999 so shouldn't be too old, also I've become a bit of a fan of HobbyBoss 1/72 stuff, not overly complex and tend to build up quite nicely so fingers crossed.
  16. HobbyBoss is to release in late July 2021 a 1/72nd Lockheed U-2A Dragon Lady kit - ref. 87270 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=185&l=en 3D render+box art V.P.
  17. Here's my 1/72 representation inspired by a fellow Britmodeller "Old Viper Tester" who posted probably some of the finest 527th photos on these forums a few years ago. Built for the Northrop F-5 group build. Always loved the look of the F-5 & it's many variants, just wish I had enough time to build a few more, but just the one for now. Northrop F-5E 527th Aggressor Sqn RAF Alconbury 1987 74-1532 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-5E - after realising the differences between an A & an E! With some cutting & reversing I used the red & yellow two & three bort numbers from the Hobbyboss kit. I also scavenged serial numbers from an old Italeri F-5E decal sheet & the Heller 527th decal sheet with some stencils also from each. The main stars & bars were from the Superscale 72-479 black stencil sheet. I had to use artistic licence to turn the other letters into the low viz stencil font. Paints were from Vallejo & Ammo Mig, & Vallejo Metal Color for the exhausts. A Mig enamel panel wash was used but realised it was a tad too dark so proceeded to go over that with a lighter wash. Almost forgot...Minor adjustments were; Used the windscreen from the Rob Taurus vacform canopy. Cut & put the nose gear into it's fully extended position, also had to face the scizzor link facing forward using scrap plastic for the links. Used a Molotow chrome pen for the stansion. Drilled out the gun ports & used brass tubing. Pilot managed to escape from box of spare discarded pilots. That's enough waffle. Here's the pics.... Thanks for looking! Martin
  18. This HobbyBoss MiG 15 was entered in the FB Conflict100 Group Build. Captain Sergei Kramarenko flew this plane on June 17 1951 and engaged USAF ace Glenn Eagleston in his F-86. Thanks for watching! Luka
  19. Hi folk's just as a little side project I picked up a couple of HB easykit's which are Ideal for a quick stress free build when you want a break from a bigger project.I did this one in Syrian marking's sprayed the sand and brushed the green then a pin wash and a few passes in light earth to tone down the decals. WIP Here
  20. Allrighty I wasn't sure I was going to post this build. I started slapping the kit together a week ago (or thereabouts) and started making errors at almost the same time. I nearly canned it but carried on and it looks like it might turn out okay(ish) Anyway, the sprue shots are available elsehwere, so here's a pic of the box contents just to show it wasn't started I'm planning to do the Swiss scheme below This will be OOB since that's what I do. There aren't many in-progress pics 'till now. I thought I had taken more, but obviously not. Cockpit was assembled, painted and decorated. Then the fuselage halves were stuck together Major mistake was not attaching the stabilisers before that step. Snipped them in half then stuck'em in filler was applied to the nasty gaps Since not all of the armament and other underside stores will be attached, I filled in the holes This is where I got to before today More soon(ish) /P
  21. I entered this HobbyBoss Morane Saulnier 406C-1 in the FB Conflict100 Group Build. Porucznik (Lieutenant) Kazimierz Bursztyn flew this plane on May 13th 1940 from Moerbeke (BE) and was damaged somewhere near Etten-Leur (NL). Thanks for watching! Luka
  22. Hi folk's second Mig posted is the twin seater version in Iraqi colours,same process as the Syrian example.WIP here
  23. This latest completion was kind of built alongside the Heller P-39Q and I finally think I understand a little bit about the differences between the different P-39 variants. This is the HobbyBoss Easy Kit version of the P-39N in Soviet markings. HobbyBoss also sell this kit as a P-39Q and they seem to be as confused about the differences between variants as I was. The P-39Q has the underwing gun tubs but no guns in the wings themselves. The N has two guns per wing and no gun tubs. The HobbyBoss kit would have you fit the gun tubs to the wings which also have two guns per side. Leave off the tubs and fill the locating holes for an N, cut off the wing guns and use the tubs for a Q. The Q-25 and later had a 4-bladed prop, which is in the Heller kit, but not the HobbyBoss. I stuffed as much weight in the nose as I could, and sanded flat spots on the tyres to move the pivot point backwards and the model just barely sits on its three gear legs. This meant giving up any idea of having a spinning prop, it's glued on solid.
  24. Hi all, finally finished the Hobbyboss J-11B. It's essentially their Su-27 kit with Chinese missiles and WS-10 engine nozzles, also has the modernised cockpit with MFDs. The kit was great, the fit was largely spot on. It's by far the largest kit I've built, dwarfing the JF-17 in the same scale. A few minor annoyances which I covered in the WIP thread like the sprue connections (an issue I've also had with the trumpeter kits). Here's the WIP: I built this in the PLA Naval Air Force scheme, Blue 24 based out of Hainan. This aircraft is notable for intercepting a US Navy P-8 Poseidon, with the US claiming the pilot performed a series of dangerous manoeuvres. The Chinese deny such allegations but clearly Hobbyboss didn't get the memo as the box art features the aircraft flying inverted above a P-8 . It's is also the aircraft I use as my profile picture... I should mention the front canopy snapped during the build so there is a noticable crack, the two halves are just bluetacked in place until I find a long-term solution. The usual place I use take photos was a little too small for the aircraft so I had to try something new for most of these. Anyway, here are the photos: Thanks for looking in! 向前!向前!向前!
  25. 同志们好! With my Beaufighter almost wrapped up it's time to start a new build and I'm very excited to finally get my hands on this kit. I'm a huge fan of the Flanker and the J-11 was China's license built Su-27 for use by the PLAAF, with over 400 being built. The J-11B features a range of upgrades over older J-11s, such as weight-reducing composite materials and Chinese domestic avionics. Block 2 airframes also use domestically produced WS-10 engines. I'm especially excited for this kit as it offers a PLANAF scheme for aircraft '24', the aircraft which I use as my profile picture. This specific J-11 is noteworthy for it's interception of a US Navy P-8 Poseidon in August 2014 off the coast of Hainan island in southern China. The US claims the J-11 made a series of dangerous manoeuvres, flashing it's compliment of missiles (2 x PL-8s and 2 x PL-12s) as it passed by the P-8's nose. It's also claimed the J-11 performed a barrel roll over the US aircraft, though the Chinese deny these allegations. Clearly Hobbyboss didn't get the memo though as it's depicted on the box art . This wasn't the first interception to cause a diplomatic storm however, as a J-8B collided with an EP-3 Orion in 2001 during an interception, leading to the loss of the J-8 and its pilot. The damage caused by the collision forced the EP-3 to land at Lingshui Airbase at Hainan, where the aircraft remains- though heavily gutted. The kit itself is essentially the Hobbyboss Su-27, it even says so on the fuselage- though it comes with the Chinese PL-8 and PL-12 missiles. It also has open and closed exhaust nozzles and some rubber tyres. This build will all be out of box. The decals provided offer a PLAAF and PLANAF scheme. Looking forward to making a start on this, though the F-5 GB starts tomorrow so I've also got my Tigershark to work on. Thanks for looking in!
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