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  1. Hi everyone, well I did not finish this Etendard IV M in the Heller GB that just ended. Not by a long shot. So I am carrying on and hopefully can finish it in the next few weeks. Here is the WIP to date: Here is the state of the build at this moment: The re-scribing is almost over and sometimes next week fuselage halves and wings can be glued together once I have dealt with some work on the exhaust area. The decals are a bit yellowed and are going to be stuck behind my shed window (when the sun returns, which may take a while!). The crest of the 59S Flotilla is a terribly poor representation and has to be trashed (Shame on you Heller!). I found a possible very nice replacement on an Alize decal sheet. Just need to check the size... So things are in motion... Talk to you soon with some progress. JR
  2. Right, a Javelin Jambalaya, and not in the Cajun meaning of the word. I won't be making a stew for dinner. I have three kits of the Javelin (EDIT - four), the Heller T.3, the Airfix "FAW.9" (and that's in quotes for a reason as we will soon see), the Plastyk FAW.9, and the Novo/Frog FAW.9 all in glorious 1:72 scale. Thank the woman above that I don't need to add crazy detail like I did on that big Spitfire. So let's see what we have as raw materials - first, the Airfix "FAW.9" which I purchased at a model show swap meet, but was in its original package and still sealed. The Javelin Illuminati among us (they come out occasionally and are dreadfully frightening) will immediately notice that the grey sprues are in fact those from the Heller T.3 kit, with the tailcone removed from the sprue on the right in the second photo. However, the white and clear sprues are indeed from the Airfix FAW.9 version of the Javelin. Everyone knows that the original T.3 tooling was modified to produce the FAW.9, and it seems that Airfix have mistakenly packaged surplus T.3 sprues (but correctly snipping off the tailcone) in my kit. Oops. It would be rather difficult at this stage to make an FAW.9 out of this kit. But I also have this kit from Plastyk in Poland: I'm told that this kit is based on the second Frog tooling of the Javelin, but I don't have that so I can't compare. The sprue layout bears no resemblance to the Frog kit as seen here in the Frog Museum. I've seen a few very nice builds of this kit, but it is quite basic. So maybe. Now, I also have one of these babies, along with a Print Scale decal sheet to replace the nicely curled and yellowed one that was unearthed at some archaeological dig and packaged with the plastic: The sprues from the Heller kit look just like the Airfix sprues above, except they're in a yukky silver styrene and, of course, include the correct T.3 tailcone. Oh, right, aftermarket. I've assembled some, but maybe not enough. What to do? If I had another T.3 tailcone, I could build two T.3s and an FAW.9, but I really don't need to have three Javelins in my display case. Two sounds like a good number. I'll give this some thought and make a plan. The Airwaves airbrake PE set is designed for the Heller/Airfix kit, but might be useful for Plastyk. I will need another to make two models. The other Airwaves set is for the Airfix FAW.9, but could most likely be used on a T.3 and few would notice. I don't think there is a set for the T.3 like this, so I would need another of those too. More aftermarket tyres and pitot tubes will be easy to acquire. Oh, I suspect I will need to source some ejection seats. Martin-Baker Mk.3J for the FAW.9, but which mark for the T.3? The easiest route is to build a T.3 from the grey Airfix sprues (I hate that silver styrene in the Heller kit) and an FAW.9 from Plastyk. Easy is a relative term here, as the Plastyk kit looks like it need a lot of help, where the Heller kit maybe needs just "some" help. First, though, I want to find some layout drawings that are reasonably correct to see what I'm starting with. I have the stencil placement drawing that came with the Airfix 1:48 kit, and I suspect that is pretty good for an FAW.9. Drawings for the T.3 I'm still looking for. I'm not sure why I always make things difficult for myself, but I think this will be a fun project! Cheers, Bill PS. I do like the fancy paint job on that red and white FAW.9. I'm a stickler for that kind of stuff.
  3. Hello, I anticipated a lot this GB because there are so many wonderful subjects to build! My first will be the prototype which I plan to convert from the Heller F-84G kit. Now superseded by the Tamiya and Academy much better efforts, bust still enjoyable. Pictures to follow. Cheers Fabio
  4. Hi guys, this is the final reveal of the 1/8 Heller BMW R750/5, which my friend asked me to build for his elder brother and some pics of the real bike. His brother who is now 57 bought the bike when he was 19 and toured Europe on his Honeymoon!
  5. I thought that I would open my account for 2024 with something different and a subject that I am unfamiliar with, so I will get to learn something along the way. The moment I saw the Record I thought that curves typified the rounded shapes of many American and European car manufacturers of the 1950's, add to that the chrome enhancements and I was sold on the idea of building this. I am not sure how far I will get, it depends how I cope with ny chemotherapy treatment, but I am hoping that it will keep driving me forwards and give me another target to aim for. Here are photos of the box and contents and I don't intend adding too many bells and whistles so it will be built more or less as it comes. The Box, by John L, on Flickr Body, interior and chassis parts, by John L, on Flickr the shiny bits and tyres, by John L, on Flickr and finally, a set of destructions. by John L, on Flickr Off to check the ol' tinterweb to see what I can find. Cheers for now. John
  6. Some time ago, I can't remember if it was spring of 2021 or earlier, I started a 'quick' project involving a few T-6 builds: I like this subject a lot and already have a few built to which I wanted to add more. Unfortunately, as it often happens, this transformed in a lenghty/stalled/frozen project, mainly due to building kits of three different makes which had different issues to solve. In the end I had to face this as three separate builds to make some progress and here I am hoping to complete the whole project. The first iteration is an Heller T-6 in the last 'Red Chequers' livery, it is actually complete but for some reason I stopped before applying the final satin coat. Will have to remember the (surely good) reasons for that before doing anything and finding later why it was a mistake! While waiting for my brain cells to work on that, I present the second build, which is an Academy T-6 with the earlier 'Red Chequers' livery in silver/dayglo red and fern leaf roundels, also courtesy of a Ventura decal sheet. The third one for the moment I won't tell, just say it will be based on the Hobbyboss easykit. Cheers Fabio
  7. SAAB Sk35C Draken F10, Angelholm, Sweden, 1980s Heller 1/72 conversion The Heller Draken kit contains a Danish two seater option so I initially thought I could produce the Swedish version without too much work - I was wrong! The Swedish version is based on the early Sk35A airframe which has the shorter rear fuselage compared with the later versions. I tried just cutting off the rear fuselage, but finished up rebuilding the whole area aft of the rudder hinge with Milliput. There are all kinds of other differences, such as a single centreline drop tank compared with two and a totally different fin tip.. The kit I used had a lot of plastic shrinkage on wings and fin so I started with a Milliput session and rubdown, followed by a lot of panel line scribing. At the same time I removed the control surfaces from the wings and repositioned them drooped as seems to be the case as the hydraulic pressure bleeds away. Also completely refurbished the cockpit interior and seats. Decals became a bit of an issue but I found numbers and Swedish crowns from the decal bank and made up the stencils from a combination of hand painting and donations from various Superscale sheets. The final result is small but colourful!
  8. I'm looking for some opinions as to which 1/72 kit has the more accurate propeller blades, Heller or Italeri? Going a step further, what about the Airfix kit? It's the props themselves that I am interested in. I do not think that there are any other 1/72 kits out there (or real life aircraft) that used the same prop as the Ju.52. TIA.
  9. Hi folk's I noticed looking through the magnificent number of kits already submitted a distinct lack of both French and Heller aircraft.Happy to correct that with this one,picked up for a tenner still in cellophane the Musee issue is on it's way,never seen or built this kit but researching on the net seems a well moulded and liked kit we'll see and might even do the Vichy scheme!
  10. This is the Heller 1:72 Arado Ar 196A which was first manufactured in 1979 - I had found an original boxing at a model show a few years ago. I'd expected the kit to be rather basic, as compared to current kits, so I'd searched for some extras. Fortunately it had been re-boxed by Revell so I was able to get: - a photo-etch set from Eduard (very comprehensive and including a complete new cabin and really nice detail to add to the floats) - a replacement cowling from Quickboost (a single piece avoiding the difficult seam in the kit parts) - new exhausts from Quickboost (the kit does not provide exhausts) - a replacement gun for the navigator from Eduard (fantastic detail but ever so teeny) - decals from Kora for two schemes aboard the Tirpitz (I'd expected the kit decals to be almost unusable, because of their age, but in fact they were missing) During the build I also bought a 'transport trolley' from Kora. I thought a floatplane on a trolley would look rather different - although buying it did change my weathering approach. I had originally thought of a heavily weathered plane as aboard Tirpitz but settled on an 'as new' approach showing the floatplane as if it had just rolled out and was ready for its' pre-delivery test flight. I did a WIP thread which is here: The proportion of p.e. to plastic was a new one for me and a challenge at times but I'm happy with the end result and if anyone has this kit I would definitely recommend the Eduard set. Here's the photos. all the best Mark The Eduard replacement cabin: The transport trolley - a little resin kit from Kora: Thanks for looking Mark
  11. Looks like after its still future E-2 Hawkeye (thread), Heller Gmbh is to release a 1/72nd Grumman C-2 Greyhound - ref. 82303 et 56303 (with brush & paints) Source: https://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1652352#p1652352 V.P.
  12. This is a project that is sure to feel very nostalgic for some, as the kits i have in the bench at the moment, date back to the 60's and 70's. Personally, i don't think ive ever actually bought a Heller kit (might have gotten some Heller plastic in a different brand of box tough), tough ive seen some around and have been aware of the brand. But thanks to Glow2B and them reviving the brand, i can right that wrong, and have my own taste of some fine French vintages. As for how fine these will be, we shall see. But if nothing else, i got this small fleet for less that what a new Trumpeter 1/350 battleship would cost (like the O-class). And i can guarantee i will have quite a bit more fun doing these as-well. Even if the level of detail will be a little low in comparison. And to further increase my enjoyment, i will be painting these in a rather more custom and colorful paint scheme that hopefully shouldn't bee too wild/out of place. My only bit of aftermarket detailing, is some of those 1/350 scale human shaped cardboard cutouts. They might be really simple compared to the newer 3D-printed stuff, and slightly out of scale. But i think that for this project, they ought to be a weirdly perfect match. Oh, and Ive already got the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle and the submarine Le Redoutable in order , and i hope eventually we get to see many more of these kit's, as from what i was able to find, there where quite a few back in the day. So, ought to be an absolute delight, and but a light snack compered to the PE infested kit's of today
  13. Aeronavale’s main air base is at Hyeres and the French Fleet based at nearby Toulon, both firmly on the Côte d’Azur in Southern France. The kit is a fairly elderly Heller boxing but it’s quite reasonably moulded. Two grey plastic sprues, and a small clear one with the canopy A simple instruction sheet, which matches the vintage nature of the kit. Colour call out and transfers for two Aeronavale aircraft. The upper colour call out is a mix of paints but it should be Blue Gris Fonce, Dark Blue Grey. I’ve got some somewhere but Gunship Grey is close. I don’t think Extra Dark Sea Grey is quite right, too dark and not blue enough. Anyway, that’s a bit away so probably best to start painting the interior parts and getting some glue on.
  14. Back in 2018 I was bought an air experience day for my Birthday. It involved a flight in a Dragon Rapide at Duxford in which we flew in formation with Spitfire N3200. I built the Spitfire for the 2020 Spitfire GB using the Tamiya 1/48 kit and have since built a 1/72 in-flight version using the Airfix MkI kit. This GB will see me using the Heller Dragon Rapide kit to build the aircraft we flew in, TX310 from the Classic Wings Company in Duxford. The kit. I will be building this one in flight so purchased some architectural figures to add, they are 1/100 scale but should fit the cabin and give the impression that it is occupied. These GBs are coming thick and fast, I currently have three builds underway, so won’t start this one until I have finished them.
  15. Heller is back with a new tool aircraft kit! Announcement with 3D renders (Kinetic looking...) 1/72nd Grumman E-2C Hawkeye kits. Three boxings are already scheduled: US Navy, Japan/Taïwan and French Navy. Source 17.59' :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5qG8llYFqY First boxings - ref. 82300 & starter kit with paints - ref. 83300 - Grumman E-2C Hawkeye - US Navy Sources: https://www.glow2b.de/view.php?sku=1000823000 https://www.glow2b.de/view.php?sku=1000583000 V.P.
  16. I see this is a popular subject, as the Tarangus/Special Hobby kits are being built in both 1/72 and 1/48. Time for someone to go retro. The previous Viggen kits I built were from Airfix and Matchbox, which will probably come as no surprise. I have 4 of this kit in the stash for a long time, including the JA 37 version with extra parts. One kit was bought in 1993, the others about 10 years later. I have held off building any of them for two reasons: One is the mega-complex paint scheme used on all three versions included in the original release. Another is the nagging suspicion that this may be a far from easy build. But there's only one way to find out. Artwork from the first two boxings. Unfortunately, I never got either of these. The black-edged box style dating from the late 1970s is a particular favourite of mine. This is the box style for my kit: Parts and instructions. This particular kit had the extra JA sprue included by mistake, not that I'm complaining. All spare parts gratefully received.
  17. Hello everybody, I'd like to join the GB with this subject: Base kit will be the old Heller multiversion Mirage IIIE / R / 5BA Revell multiversion Mirage IIIE / R combined with Modeldecal sheet #92.
  18. As Patrice has pointed out, we only have a month left in this GB. So why not try and squeeze another one in?
  19. Sabrekits is to reissue the Heller 1/72nd Morane Saulnier MS.230 kit - ref. SBK7029 Source: https://www.facebook.com/Sabrekits.cz/posts/pfbid02Bk3DCbqiguizxFLWWfsGKU49V3WXPJTw9sg4DK53Aa9rbpMAxQbjYDrfoFg7ULHyl - ref. SBK7029 - Morane Saulnier MS.230 - ref. SBK7030 - Morane Saulnier MS.230 V.P.
  20. Three weeks to go and he's starting another one!!! Well, this time I know I'm unlikely to finish it in time. It's just that I'm in a Mirage frenzy at the moment. However, I have a lot of other GB-related irons in the fire and I know if I build it as an independent, it will get lost in the GB madness. At least this GB will give me structure for the first part of the build. I've never been too keen on the Mirage 2000. The 2000C has a weird sit-up-and-beg vibe which doesn't seem to fit its role as a warplane. But the 2000N and 2000D are a different kettle of fish. The canopy seems to be lower, giving the aircraft a broad-shouldered look. The tactical camouflage scheme makes it look very purposeful, almost as though it's a small Mirage IV. Hardly surprising as that's exactly what it was designed to be. This is the brand new Dream Model kit of the Mirage 2000N. Although the box top says "2000N", there are additional parts for the 2000D, which is the version that I shall be building.
  21. Hi everybody! Totally unexpected my new project arrived today. As I already announced earlier it’s the tug boat SMIT Rotterdam/London by Heller in 1/200 scale. I will build this as the SMIT London, because it was the first of the two sister ships entering service and because this is BRITmodeller forum. But first a bit of history. SMIT London was built in The Netherlands by shipyard De Merwede NV in Hardinxveld and entered service in 1974. Constructed especially for towing of very heavy objects like oil rigs over long distances together with her sisters Rotterdam and Singapore these ships had been the most powerful and biggest tug boats of the world in their time with 22.000 hp engine power. They were also used for salvage assistance to ships in distress. Dimensions: 74,75m length overall 15,68m width 7,60m depth SMIT London was registered at shipping company SMIT Internationale in Rotterdam from 1974 till 1987, from 1987 till 1991 at SMIT Internationale in Nassau, from 1991 till 1998 as ‘SMITWIJS London’ at SMITWIJS Towage CV in Nassau, from 1998 till 2007 at Wijsmuller Scheepsholding BV in Singapore, from 2007 till 2013 as ‘London’ at Svitzer Ocean Towage BV in Singapore, and in 2013 her name was changed to ‘Global Change’ while being registered at Illiana Shipping Ltd. in Panama, but she was finally broken up in India in the same year. The box: What’s inside? Hull and deck parts Funnels, bridge parts, deck parts, detail parts Railing and anchor chain Decals Instructions come with a drawing of the paint scheme in the same scale as the model Seems like a nicely detailed kit. It comes as a starter kit, which has colours, glue and paint brush included. Also included is a gimmick, which made me smile: So on to new modelling horizons with my first ship build!
  22. I recently finished the Heller M4A2 as Sherman III 'Sheik' from the Royal Scots Greys, as it appeared in the vicinity of Naples in 1943. This was for the Sherman Group Build on the Braille Scale Discussion Group forum. I just loved the tank's spotted 'leopard' camouflage and luckily Star Decals has it on their 'British Shermans in Italy' sheet. Although there is some discussion about the colour of the spots, I decided to go for black since other tanks in the unit were camouflaged in mud and blue-black, so they would have had access to that paint in theatre. I hope you like it. Peter
  23. Dassault Mirage IVA EB1/91 “Gascogne”, Mont-de-Marsan, France, 1964 Heller 1/72 kit rescribed - Berna decals I also built this kit as a IVP with resin photo pod and Modelart decals some time ago:
  24. You would have done the same as me yes? In a moment of enthusiasm for this GB, bought that just-listed, reasonably-priced Airfix/Heller Super Etendard that was still in it's original plastic shrink wrap packaging, untouched in 30 years? The retro 1990 Airfix box art and design may have also prompted an impulsive 'buy it now' acquisition! 😄 I may be deluding myself in thinking with so few parts it will be a quick build. But with only a handful of parts, it will be a quick build, yes? 🤪 Of course the old and out-of-register decals were a gateway to just a few other items of aftermarket! If I have to order new decals, I may as well order some masks (hope they can be made to fit as they're for the Academy kit!) and a new seat. I did though decide against PE. I'm going to leave the raised panel lines (for a quick build - yes? - and my scribing skills need a lot of work!) so it didn't make sense to add PE for better detailing when the kit still has raised panel lines. Meanwhile, these decals are on their way to me: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/berna-decals-bd-72-129-dassault-super-etendard-aeronavale--1410102 so I can build an Aeronavale aircraft, probably in the later blue/blue-grey scheme. And yes. I'll definitely hang the Exocet of it. I have seen some great models made of this kit online that set the standard for what can be done with this humble kit. So hopefully I can fly the flag for the Super Etendard in this GB (while also progressing my Mirage 2000 and finishing my Salty Sea Dog Intruder) and do this very pretty aeroplane some justice. Merci bien, Gerard
  25. This stalled out six years ago, if I recall correctly I didn't like how the paint was doing on the undersurface. This was the intended subject: An appeal to the hive mind back when I started the thing got me the underwing number, and other useful stuff. Between this old debt, and meeting delays during the KUTA GB, I have come to take getting this done and dusted as a point d'honneur.... Here it is with top color on, and some dressing required still on the wavy demarcation. This is how it stood when I had to pause the thing short of the GB deadline. I shook down my decals, and found cockades and the needed letter and numbers for the matricule on the wing. The undercarriage doors are tacked in for the application, because the ID marking laps onto them. Here it is up on its hind legs: Getting legs under it was a production. Far as I can tell I followed the instructions, and the result was godawful. I lengthened legs and doors, clipped the braces, thinned down the tires, gave them new hubs and bits of stub to toe them in.. Before I did the gear, I prised off the rear canopy piece and put in the roll bar I had omitted by oversight in setting the clear bits on. I expect I will enlarge the rudder a bit, to match available decals. Still have to organize some decals, and tend to a few little bits and bobs.
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