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  1. A difficult base model, ill fitting, badly moulded and just plain incorrect in many parts and places. However, as usual, this gives great scope for the dedicated, or some might say foolhardy, modeller. The result is very gratifying even if It is not totally correct - there are some areas of the subject that there just isn't reference to and even common sense doesn't produce a completely satisfactory depiction; I've tried my best. Lesson learned - a complete and thorough dry fit is necessary, I nearly always find that something isn't square, but only at the very end! • Body colour - Tamiya TS 10 French Blue, over 26 Pure White - no clearcote • other components generally Halfords automotive spray cans - satin Black and weathered/toned with MIG dark wash • Chrome and other metal colours - Alklad • Seat cover is tissue worked with PVA glue, belt is inkjet printed on photoquality paper from my own artwork with resin cast hardware by Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland (Norm Veber, doesn't appear to produce any F1 items these days). The back (maybe a little whimsical) but one reference photo appears to show yellow carbon/kevlar • The Heller decals were useless not only because they were yellowed with age (and not even UV exposure treatment helped) but mainly they are incorrect - wrong typeface/sizes/poor definition. Bestbalsakits are by far the best for both quality and being comprehensive and the ONLY absolutely correct set. I also used BBK instrument/gauges decal sheet • I replaced every single rivet with PlusModel (Czech Republic) resin items • The air intake funnels and plug details, mesh etc of the DFV engine is Model Factory Hiro • Switches on the dashboard are by Decalcas • Surprisingly, the supplied Heller kit tyres - solid plastic, not vinyl - initially disappointing (their profiles are completely wrong), redeemed themselves with the 'hardness' of the plastic proving the perfect medium for detailing slightly worn formula one tyre texture • The Heller rear, inboard, brake calipers were... 'disappointing'. I replaced them with a pair of Italeri 1/12 Alfa Romeo 179 units (Italeri could not have been more helpful, for a cost, obviously) • The representation of the 'glass' (windscreen) in this model (and every vehicle model, especially at smaller scales) is woeful. Simple enough to re-cut it in thin acetate and, in this case, give it a very light coat of Tamiya TS71 Smoke • There are many small items that I have 'scratched' together - the roll over hoops are 2.5mm solder for instance
  2. Hello During the "special operation" in Algeria, the Amée de l'air needed a lot of planes to support the ground armed forces against the FLN rebels. From 1956 to 1959 they used the N.A. T-6G but this one had a very noisy and underpowered engine for close air support in the mountains. The Air Force HQ was therefore looking for another two-seater aircraft and chose the N.A T-28B as it was used in the US Navy at the time. But these were not being available, France bought 146 T-28A airframes from the US Air Force, 1300HP P&W R1820-56S engines (excess of B-17) and three-bladed propellers like the T-28B. The Fennec as it was called was assembled by Sud Aviation and equipped 4 units in Algeria from 1959 to 1962. These units were sister squadrons of units in France and the pilots were temporarily assigned to Algeria. The four points under the wings enabled to carry any combination of 2 elements among the following : - containers of 2 machine guns of 12.7 mm; - T10 shaped charge rockets; - a 7 x 68 mm rocket launcher; - a 36 x 37 mm rocket launcher; - 120 kg bombs. Here is one with this Heller kit of T-28 with some parts in resin given by a friend of mine (machine guns, rockets and cockpit parts). This is Fennec N°7 from EALA 3/9 Numidie in 1961. (Escadron d'Aviation Légère d'Appui) Patrick
  3. I have always liked the alpha-male looks of the turbo charged Bentley 4,5 L Blower. Somehow, it simply is so iconically British with the racing green colour and the Union Jack on the sides. The car took part in the 24 Heures du Mans in 1930 but had to abandon the race after 144 laps. There are still two specimens left of this legendary racer, one in the UK and the other one in the USA. I built the model from a Heller 1/24 scale kit. I must admit that generally I'm not a great fan of Heller kits. In the past I have encountered all kinds of problems with them, be it with the cryptic instructions or the poor fit and quality of the parts. Well, this kit was much better in many respects and with very careful reading of the instructions and with multiple dry-fittings of the parts the build was quite problem free. However, I must say that this is probably not a kit for new-beginners. I painted the dark green parts with Tamiya TS-9 British green and the other details with Vallejo acrylics and Revell enamels. Overall, the painting instructions had many discrepancies with the actual colours of the remaining cars. I tried to use the right colours and shades but here and there I have used artist's liberty in choosing them.
  4. Hello everybody , after roughly 20 years away from the hobby , I'm back in the business ! Considerring that I have everything to (re)learn and new technics to discover and apply, I' ve decided to start with a rather basic kit. It will be a french carrier born classic : The Etendard IV M. The model is the very single one available in this scale : the Heller one that I bought 30 years ago ! The general shape is very accurate, but most details are inexistent , to sum up what I'm expecting from this model : it will be no picnic ! Let's start with the "bang seat" a Martin Baker Mk4. Détails in scratch ( copper wire , an old toothpaste tube , platic card ). See you !
  5. Here's my WIP for the 1/24 Heller Renault Estafette. As you may notice it's more or less together and painted as I'm juggling several projects and time is precious and so I post when I have a spare minute. After a slightly heavy handed coat of rattle can lacquer [note to self don't used that again] I rubbed it down then went through the colour coat in a couple of places and so today it has been resprayed, a mix of Gravity Olde English White and Tamiya LP Flat Earth. I'm also convertimg it to a high roof using an aftermarket resin product from... oh I'm not allowed to say! This along with the wheels and bumpers have been sprayed Halford's Italian Racing Red, about the fastest thing on a 45PS powered van . However, the real thing has white bumpers but they looked a bit anaemic and so I've used artistic licence. This will be finished in another alcohol themed livery to add to my collection. I'm not sure how quickly this will progress from here as it's back onto something else this afternoon.
  6. I saw a couple of freshly painted Nigerian AF Jaguars in a hangar at Warton about 30 years ago and have always wanted to do a model of one. This is the Heller T2 kit with home made decals, I looked at using the Model Alliance decals but it was just as easy to draw and print my own. Thanks for looking. Steve
  7. Hello. First post here for me, I'm usually skulking around the aircraft section. And my first modelling post for a long while. (Aren't you lucky!) My workbench often gets neglected over the summer when the weather is more pleasant. A double hernia op two weeks ago gave me a good excuse to get some kit time in, while I was confined to barracks. Well, it's been on the bench for months. Started straight off the back of the excellent Matchbox GB and I'm already trying to banish it from my memory, this kit really sucked all the joy out of modelling for me, right from the get go. Can't really put my finger on what exactly it was on this 30 year old kit that I found so uninspiring. I didn't like the fact the 2CV's best feature, the roll back roof, was molded closed. The only part of the kit that was animated was the bonnet, which just sits in place, it's not hinged, allowing you to lift it off and see the engine. And that doesn't even fit. I'm getting angry again just typing this out! I'm the type of modeller who builds one kit at a time. I don't have a shelf of doom. I don't park a kit and start another. Once I start the kit gets done, regardless. Of course there are many flaws in this method! As I got near the end of the build and my already low enthusiasm waned, I made several schoolboy errors in the final push to get it over the line. Mistakes that would have broken my heart on other builds just got a lackadaisical shrug! Also I was having a major battle trying to airbrush on the orange paint. The thinned Tamiya acrylic needed so many coats I lost count, and still showed grey primer though it. Like I said, one of those builds plagued with mistakes! Anyway, I didn't deem it worthy of setting up decent studio shots, you just get a few slapdash phone pics! I'm just putting this out there in the forlorn hope it may exorcise whatever modelling gremlins currently plague me Heller 1/24 Citroen 2CV by Mike, on Flickr Heller 1/24 Citroen 2CV by Mike, on Flickr Heller 1/24 Citroen 2CV by Mike, on Flickr Heller 1/24 Citroen 2CV by Mike, on Flickr I have two other Heller Citroen in the stash, the Traction Avant, and the newish HY van. Two vehicles I love, but I may put a few aircraft through the workbench before tackling them!
  8. Hello happy campers, the time is nigh when I will try once more to finish a model I should have finished long ago. I have to finish the Heller Etendard IV M, not only because I feel bad towards @JOCKNEY who kindly sent it to the middle of nowhere, but also because it is a beautiful plane, like all aircraft designed by Marcel Dassault. This is now personal. Here is the original build thread, for those who my be interested: Have fun! JR
  9. Heller will put the La Seine Kit back in production! It is the best oiler model ever produced. I have build one and one in the stash. the first i bought for more than 100€, and then it was sold in package with a carrier and destroyer. I also bought this, but sold the carrier and destroyer again at the well-known auction site. Regards Andreas
  10. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Heller Sherman M4A2, built as a British Mk.III. Stowage from Milicast, figure, decals and photo-etch from Dan Taylor Modelworks. Painted with Mr.Hobby acrylics, pictures by Wolfgang Rabel. I'm primarily an aircraft builder, and not an expert on Sherman tanks. However I understand that "a Sherman is not a Sherman" and there's numerous differences between marks and operators. Studying my (limited) references and the Dan Taylor Modelworks decal instructions (27th Armoured Briagde Set 3, T-76007) I hope I got most details right. The brushguards and the antenna socket are photo-etch parts from Dan Taylor's selection. The antenna itself is a piece of stretched black sprue. Markings represent a mid-production vehicle of the Junior Regiment of C-Squadron, 27th Armoured Brigade in France, 1944. Thank you for your interest, all feedback and comments on possible errors is welcome! Greetings from Vienna Roman
  11. I've long wanted to convert Heller's classic 1:72nd DC-6 to a DC-7 so I recently took the plunge and ordered the Aircraft in Miniature conversion set from Hannants. A box soon arrived crammed full of nicely molded grey resin along with a comprehensive set of instructions. The conversion kit gives you fuselage plugs to extend the DC-6 fuse to the longer DC-7, a new wing centre section, a new taller and squarer fin, saddle tanks for the engines, new cowlings and cooling gills (open or closed) as well as white-metal 4-bladed props. All in all a very comprehensive set. Looking at the work ahead I have decided to tackle the wings and engines first as these look to be the most demanding parts of the conversion. My first job was to remove the DC-6 engine nacelle extensions that sit over the wing - the new saddle tanks will replace these in due course: Next I prepared the upper wings for mating to the new, extended wing centre-section by removing the inner section of the wing to fuselage fairing: I then added a false roof to the main gear bays as the surgery required to add the saddle tanks will undoubtedly be ugly, and then I offered the lower wings to the new wingbox. The original DC-6 centre-section gives a useful comparison: I've encountered a small issue in the fact the chord of the new resin wingbox is greater than that of the DC-6 wing, but a file should soon take care of that... More updates to follow as this project progresses - stay tuned! All the best, Tom
  12. North American T6 DG Texan is a US built single-engined aircraft, that was widely used in the WWII by the USAAF and the RAF to train fighter pilots. Texans were globally very popular and in addition to the main users these planes were also employed as trainers in sixty other nations. Nowadays you can still see Texans in air shows around the world. The French Air Force were one of the operators of Texans and in addition to pilot training these planes were also used in combat duties during the French-Algerian colonial war in 1954-62. I built the model some ten years ago from an old Heller 1/48 kit. It depicts the FAF Texan fighter that operated in the Algerian conflict from the Alger AFB. The kit was unfortunately a far cry from the excellent tamigawa products. There were all imaginable issues, the biggest being the lousy fit. At some point I was about to throw in the towel but at last won the long battle. If my memory serves me right I painted the model with Xtracolor trainer yellow X011 The decals that I used were from Aero Master.
  13. My second entry will be this 1/72 Heller SAAB Tunnan: Sprues: Some aftermarket goodies: The Aries wheels and paint masks set came sans paint masks . Print Scale decals, I will be doing the second one, with the black tail. Incidentally, and some of you will know this, the J-29 had no official name, “Tunnan” Swedish for barrel, was a nick name bestowed on the aircraft due to its, shall we say portly, appearance. Seems that SAAB were not impressed and all their subsequent fighters were given suitable names to avoid any repeats. Hopefully I can make a start on this tomorrow. AW
  14. My latest completion the Heller SA316 Alouette III Gendarmerie boxing finished as a Marine Nationale SA319B using some of the Brengun etched brass set and the Berna Decals Sheet BD 72-94 and a bit of scratch on the engine and for various aerials and other lumps and bumps, would have been finished a couple of months ago but when I removed the masking from the cockpit I found that I had manged to stick a bit on the inside so the all the glazing had to be removed which saw it on the shelf of doom for a while before I could get up the enthusiasm to rectify. anyway here it is. Aerospatiale SA319 Alouette III by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr Aerospatiale SA319 Alouette III by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr Aerospatiale SA319 Alouette III by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr Aerospatiale SA319 Alouette III by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr Enjoy, C and C Welcome Willy
  15. The second of my builds in the Nordic II Group Build, Heller’s old 1/72 Tunnan with Maestro PE, Aires resin main wheels, Master turned brass pitots. Finished with a Vallejo Metalcolour acrylics, Print Scale decals: and with its predecessor, the piston engined pusher J-21: Thanks for looking. AW
  16. Hi all, here are the final pictures for the H1. It is not a shake and bake kit and far from perfect but it will be sitting on the shelf next to its bigger brother the H2 750. Thanks for looking in on this 70's "snap crackle and pop" classic bike.
  17. Morning. My first entry for this GB is the somewhat basic, but still beautiful, Heller 1/48 Rafale A demonstrator: The decals look ok. The cockpit detail is somewhat basic, so this will have the canopy closed. I probably would have opted for this anyway to try and preserve the sleek beauty of this aircraft, in its striking scheme, so no issue there. The ordinance that comes with the kit looks very suspect - will need to find some photo references to see what this carried when on public display. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  18. Fancied another one, and since there's a couple of Heller thingies in the stash, what better than the first French-designed operational jet - the Dassault Ouragan! Designed in 1947 and first flight in 1948, and ordered for the AdA in 1950 this plane became the starting point for the restoration of the French independent aircraft industry. The kit itself is part of the 100 years Dassault set; basically a reboxing of the Super Etendard, Mirage III, 2000 and this one - impractically large box with four bags of kits loosely in there. Still, the bits are OK and there's a nice set of decals supplied. I might stick my finger out and go for the Indian Air Force one. All metal, and relatively clean though it may be it has it's own interest as one of the first export customers. The intake splitter and nosewheel bay already stuck together and done. Cockpit based on dry-fit will not show very much, so I'll keep to the base colours.
  19. This is my third build for the Heller 60th Anniversary Group Build on HyperScale's 1/72 GB Forum, and conveniently serves to mark the plane's 50th anniversary as well. I finished mine as Royal Thai Navy machine. The main modifications were to scratch-build closed cowling gills as the kit's were terrible, add push-rods to the engines, scratch-build the nose radome and wing fences, plus plunge-mold the bulged observation windows. The Siam Decals were a gift from good pommie-kiwi mate, Colin Milliput (AKA Whitehouse) who lives in Thailand. The hardest part of the build by far was assembling the undercarriage. Build Log: http://www.network54.com/Forum/644810/thread/1509340676/last-1509678989/(View+All+Messages+in+this+Thread) http://www.network54.com/Forum/644810/thread/1509243251/last-1509301138/(View+All+Messages+in+this+Thread) http://www.network54.com/Forum/644810/thread/1504349593/last-1504428684/(View+All+Messages+in+this+Thread) http://www.network54.com/Forum/644810/thread/1504433118/last-1504470561/(View+All+Messages+in+this+Thread)
  20. I completed this kit around this time in 2020 for the Heller Group Build & never got round to completing what I had in mind for it. So I purchased the Ace 1/72 kit of the Traction Avant 11CV with the idea of posing Antoine with one of his crew before his apparent suicide reconnaissance mission to Arras, which he obviously survived to tell the tale. There may have been two other crew members, gunner & camera operator, but with this I am just using artistic licence. They're still waiting for the other crew member to arrive by bicycle. This is actually my first if not rather basic airfield diorama scene. I still haven't got round to reading the book, so I will have to try & track it down. Figures are adapted from the Airfix RAF Personnel set. Thanks for looking! Martin
  21. Just a placeholder for now. Grand unboxing later.
  22. Hi All, I hope the Hosts won't mind me throwing another chapeau into the ring while I've already got one build in progress in this GB? I'm not sure whether this one will make across the line, but we'll see how it goes. What, you may ask, is a Nieuport-Delage NiD 42S? To be honest, until a couple of days ago I had no idea either! Two were built to compete in air races with one, flown by Joseph Sadi-Lecointe, winning the 1924 Coupe Beaumont. Nieuport's designer, Gustave Delage, drew heavily on the company's concurrent fighter designs - they were very much "developers" rather than "innovators" - for the NiD 42S, and thus the fuselage is virtually identical to the NiD 42C.1 parasol-wing fighter (hence also the NiD 622 - see where I'm going here?), but with the wings mounted at shoulder height. The engine used was a variant of the fighter's unit, a Hispano-Suiza 12Hb developing 600hp. The radiators were incorporated into the upper surfaces of the wings. Nieuport-Delage also incorporated an aerofoil on the undercarriage axle, and referred to the aircraft as a "sesquiplan"! The NiD 42S' cockpit was positioned slightly further aft than that of the 42C.1, which was possible due to the method of manufacture where a hollow plywood fuselage was built in two halves around formers, joined, and an 'ole for the driver's head was cut out. The completed fuselage was then covered in doped fabric et Robert est le frère de ta mère. There are a few leads on t'interweb, but finding a drawing has been quite difficult. A couple turn up in other articles, and are in any case relatively small. However, they can be enlarged and printed, and their scale determined using known dimensions. Here are some links in case anyone is interested: Wikipedia AviaFrance Les Ailes 19 Juin 1924 The Last Racer Produced by Nieuport There is also a similar build here on Modelling Madness, which in part inspired the one I'm planning, although the builder does confuse the designations a bit and what he actually built is a 1921 Coupe Deutch de Meurthe racer, not a NiD 42S. There seem to be very few photographs which show the upper surfaces of the wings, so some guesswork and cross-pollination from other similarly-equipped aircraft will probably be needed. Interior? Who knows; probably very sparse! Colour scheme? I would imagine a rather fetching shade of Bleu Français and aluminium dope/polished aluminium. For the basis of this kitbash, I'm using Heller's venerable Nieuport-Delage NiD 622. Obligatory box and sprue shots: http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// There we are, then. Should be an interesting little project without being too taxing Cheers for now, Mark
  23. This qualifies for the GB on all counts, a Heller 1/43 Peugeot 206 WRC driven to victory in the 2000 Tour de Corse by French brothers Gilles and Herve Panizzi. Having built a couple of these in the past I'm not expecting any problems. DSCF2332 by timothy jones, on Flickr DSCF2333 by timothy jones, on Flickr
  24. I built this in the current High Wing GB here on BM, WIP below This was inspired by a mate @jean who once flew in one. Despite being a vintage kit I'm really pleased with how it turned out, I hope you like it. Cheers Pat
  25. Hello all, These vintage Heller kits date back to the mid '70s and are known for several shape issues of which I corrected (only) a few. The bulges on the tail fin and horizontal stabilizers were flattened. The cockpits were completely scratch-built as the kit is pretty much devoid of anything. Same for the nose gear wells. The ejection seat in the J-6 is homemade, with a Pavla resin MB seat being used in the F-6. The Heller kit builds into a long-nosed Mig-19PM, so I shortened both noses by some 2 mm and reshaped the intakes using Milliput and styrene strip to better resemble the overall Mig-19S / J-6 profile: not perfect, but close enough too my eyes. The distinctive guns are also absent in the kit: I added some Master gun barrels (the pitot tubes come from the same set). The parachute housing and AIM-9B sidewinder pylons on the PAF aircraft were scratch-built also. Final touches are Reskit resin wheels and the smaller scratch-built fins/actuators on the wings. I used Printscale decals for both aircraft. The PLAAF roundels are from the spares box though, as the Printscale ones are way too large. Paints are Gunze/Tamiya acrylics; weathering was done with oils. Thanks for viewing - comments always welcome! Patrick
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