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  1. To run alongside the Miniart tram build (and give me a break from the intensity) I’ve started this 1955 Paris police car (99 parts compared to 810 in the tram) Ive made a start with the engine So far I’ve added a few additional details to the kit offering - it’s almost ready for some paint before adding the final kit parts and a bit more detailing ive also made a start on the bodywork by cleaning the shell up and rectifying the the glaring error with the rear window (way to small on the kit for the police version) Think I’ll finish the engine
  2. Heller 1/24 Renault TN6C2 I’d wanted to build this kit since seeing it in Beatties Birmingham when i was 13 and 40 years later I picked it up as my get me back into modelling project however not long after I got distracted and it was consigned to the shelf of doom where it sat for 5 months before being sent to the floor by the cat - it then spent the next 15 months in bits ……waiting. I took pity in March and resurrected it and finally finished it this weekend - it’s not a competition winner more of a “3 footer” but I’m happy with it now it’s done
  3. I've fancied a 1/72 Puma HC.1/2 for ages - my brother had the Airfix one as a kid - but that was about the last time anyone produced a Puma kit in 1/72! Picked this Heller one up off eBay a little while back, but only then started researching in earnest. Sounds like lots of accuracy and fit issues lie ahead of me. I don't mind a bit of tweaking; I'm not a competition-standard builder, and I know my scratch-building limits, so as long as I can tweak it enough to look quite a lot like an HC.2, that'll do for me. Initial look in the box doesn't seem too off-putting...cockpit detail a bit simplist
  4. Here's my first WIP. I say in progress, it's only taken approx 2 years to get to this stage, and probably 2 more to actually finish it, so don't wait with baited breath... In all honesty - it's been a bitch. The tyres/wheels aren't correct. The cockpit is not quite right (particularly where the roll hoop emerges). The engine is most certainly 'under' molded. The Heller kit decals... don't get me started (I used BestBalsaKits). The parts, not connected Re-made windshield from thin acetate sheet, sprayed with Tamiya TS smoke All rive
  5. Resurrection time...... I had coveted this since first seeing it in Beatties Birmingham when I was 13 - 40 years later I brought one on eBay as my get back into modelling project spent 2 months building then got distracted and shelved it - 5 months later and the cat decided he didn’t like it on the shelf so sent it to the floor - it’s sat there now for 15 more months dejected and unloved - it’s time has come though and it’s now back on the workbench first job was to repair the cat damage which got me back to this Over the last couple of weeks I’ve
  6. I have managed to buy some poor kits lately. And one of those is Heller Turbo 5 rally car. Somehow I have liked always this small car. One of these was also in Finland and was at one stage driven by Jarmo Kytölehto. Of course this was not best tool in Finland forest stages. Originally car was done for Group 4, but was transferred to Group B when this became major class in rallying. During season 1982 factory called these Gr.4 cars even there was Gr.B homologation existing. 400 cars were built in Dieppe factory to meet original homologation need. More cars were later buil
  7. I've long wanted to convert Heller's classic 1:72nd DC-6 to a DC-7 so I recently took the plunge and ordered the Aircraft in Miniature conversion set from Hannants. A box soon arrived crammed full of nicely molded grey resin along with a comprehensive set of instructions. The conversion kit gives you fuselage plugs to extend the DC-6 fuse to the longer DC-7, a new wing centre section, a new taller and squarer fin, saddle tanks for the engines, new cowlings and cooling gills (open or closed) as well as white-metal 4-bladed props. All in all a very comprehensive set.
  8. Hi everyone, well I did not finish this Etendard IV M in the Heller GB that just ended. Not by a long shot. So I am carrying on and hopefully can finish it in the next few weeks. Here is the WIP to date: Here is the state of the build at this moment: The re-scribing is almost over and sometimes next week fuselage halves and wings can be glued together once I have dealt with some work on the exhaust area. The decals are a bit yellowed and are going to be stuck behind my shed window (when the sun returns, which may take a
  9. This is another placeholder. I figure I need to build at least one really old kit of a French aircraft, and this will do for starters. This is one of the Smer reboxes that were issued c. 2000, to my great delight, as the original Heller kit eluded me. The original catalogue number was L093 (?), the "black box" reissue was 213: These SMER box scans are my own:
  10. In graciously accepting Col's @Col. invitation to complete my LeO I am continuing my post here. There is actually little more to do. I was concerned about the rules but I have agreed not to post in the Gallery once finished. I hope everyone agrees with this. If not I will withdraw her so as not to offend. The full detail of the build is below. It is my attempt at building something a little different from the norm. as is my way :). I didn't manage to get her done by the GB deadline because of my slow progress and then I was tripped up near the end by my incorrect measurement of so
  11. I'm calling a finish to this one now as I think I have managed the best I can, so stopping before I spoil it. This is the 1/72 Heller E-3, with Combat Decals markings for an E-3D in the special markings for the 100th Anniversary of 8 Sqn. This kit has sat unloved in my loft for over 10 years (mainly because of its really poor Heller French AF decals), but I was inspired by the recent Combat Decals release to bring it down and make a start. The RAF-specific parts are those supplied as part of the Heller kit (along with the CFM-56 engines in my release) and the only c
  12. I have this in the stash for the last 30 years, but it's in the remote part of the stash. I wasn't sure I'd be able to access it in time, so I bought the re-release with shiny new decals! As a very first step, I mated the upper wings to the fuselage halves. The fit was very good for a kit from 1967, which is older than me! Dry-fitting these sub-assemblies was encouraging: These depressions on the ailerons will need correcting at some point: Work on the interior: I decided to pain
  13. I first built this kit back in the mists of time, as my own scan of the boxart proves: The kit is currently being sold by both Mistercraft and Heller. The Mistercraft boxing is cheaper, and has 14 (!!!!) subject options. For once with Mistercraft, the contents of the decal sheet and the instructions line up, more or less: I will be building this is a Yugoslavian aircraft, with a distinctive 3-tone upper camouflage schemes. The exact colours are uncertain. The instructions for the Eduard 1:32 and 1:48 kits are a good reference. Eduard has covered the Yugoslav
  14. This is a placeholder, as I might not be able to start this for some time. The original catalogue number was 277. This could easily qualify as a "kit you never built as a kid", and so on. I am building the Heller-Humbrol boxing, which includes the Norwegian markings that were dropped from later Heller releases: There's a school of thought that says this is really a Canadair-specific version, and as such the USAF subject (John Glenn) is not kosher. At any rate, I plan on building the JG 71 aircraft.
  15. A step into the unknown here, my first ever Heller kit build but it looks like a beauty - the Prinz Eugen. As you all know, this is the German heavy cruiser which accompanied the battleship Bismarck on the ill-fated Operation Rheinübung in 1941. The Prinz Eugen then participated in 'The Channel Dash' in 1942 and survived the war to enter the US Navy for a very brief period. Fantastic art on this big box. Actually, plenty of room in the box and the parts are still in the sealed bag, apart from the hull halves. The hull is very long and slim - just checking, Prinz Eugen
  16. Hi guys and girls, I am entering a second kit into this Heller GB. This means that I have lost my marbles: 2 kits!!! The lucky winner is the Nieuport Delage NiD 622 in 1/72. porting the kit number 80224, this is a 1993 rebox of a 1979 kit. Here are some photos: My priority build will be the Etendard IVM, but I reckon that this Nieuport will come together fairly quickly. So, it is worth the try. Cheers everybody! JR
  17. Hi All The result of stash diving this T-6 . Marking yet to be chosen as the kit ones are suspect. Maybe a finisher to redeem 2020's shocker. Anyhow here it is . All parts accounted for Thanks for looking Martin H
  18. Hi all, after those months of waiting, this keenly expected GB has finally arrived! I shall enter it with one of my favorite French Navy aircraft: the Etendard IV M. This beautiful kit is a Christmas present (with a few other gems) from our Scottish Father Christmas Pat, aka @JOCKNEY Here are a few photos of the box and sprues: All in all, it looks like a lovely kit! I have to finish my Me 109 for the BoB GB first and then try and make some serious progress on the Huey. But I am looking forward to this
  19. I'll be up front: I don't think this will be my best build, and that's OK. It started as a father/son build with my 6-year-old until I discovered the terrible fit of the fuselage: When I held the tail and the tip of the nose together, the two halves of the fuselage bowed so badly that there was about a 1/8" gap in the seam in the middle (above the wings)!! No Kidding!!! I had a hard time holding it together just dry-fitting it and I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to glue it. At that point, my son decided he was more interested in starting his 1/48 Bf-109. I decided it would be a
  20. I've not attempted to build a model kit for decades, since the 1980s actually. Now I'm getting on a bit I decided I best proceed with doing some of the kits in my stash. My main interest is UK based RAF/USAF stuff from about 1970 to 2000, but I've ended up with a few other things in the stash that I can practice on first... And as it's the 50th anniversary of the first Tomcat flight later this month I figured I may as well start there! It's a wheel up OOB build, of a kit I bought second hand, which turned out to have a couple of bits missing... Not done a huge
  21. My second entry is Thornier Armour, a tuna fishing boat originally released in 1978. Didn't plan this built, saw it on eBay a couple of weeks ago, thought it looked interesting but didn't press the button. Price was later reduced to £5, couldn't resist that, so here it is. Not many parts and a sheet of vacform sails. Need to a bit of research, my sailing knowledge is limited, it has been over 30yrs since I got my RYA competent crew certificate, which was also the last time I set foot on a sailing boat.
  22. A bit late, but I hope this 1999 re-issue of the 1972 Heller original tooling is OK. I'd like to build it as she was with No. 1426 Enemy Aircraft Flight, Collyweston, 12 April 1943 – January 1945. It seems that the aircraft was kept until a serviceable engine or cylinder block could be acquired from a downed aircraft in the Middle East. In August of 1943 the aircraft was delivered to No. 1426 (Enemy Aircraft Flight). A F/Lt R.F. Forbes flew the aircraft at RAF Collyweston on 24 October, while it was still in Luftwaffe markings. Shortly after that, it was painted in RAF colours
  23. #18/2020 And now for something completely different... Being usually an aircraft builder and doing from time to time some armour, this is my dad´s first car model since 30 years. The last one he built was this same Heller kit, now he gave it a new try. Built oob without any scratchbuilding or improving. The kit is not that bad, but some parts were warped, that´s why it doesn´t stand on all four. Had to cut away some parts of the engine to make other parts fit, therefore the hood is closed. Painted with an altered Tamiya Sky Blue. A pity there aren´t any modern kits of these classi
  24. Hi folk's,my eternal quest to build another ship model continues.I had hope's of building Airfix's Gt Western but much as I washed,scrubbed and swore at it I could not get paint to stick to the plastic! I've had similar issues with their white plastic on some old aircraft kit's.Anyway I was about to give up when I saw this kit on e-bay for a tenner,the seller had a good set of photo's and identified a few bit's missing including a cannon and the sails were a write off. I quite like the look of sailing ships in port as it were without the sail's so took a punt,made
  25. Hello all, Here is my little Heller T-28D, finished as a Royal Thai AF trainer. Although an older kit, this is a pretty nicely detailed model, with delicate raised panel lines and rivets. The air intake on top of the cowling (correct for a French style Fennec but not for a D) was removed and the exhaust pipes drilled out. I also removed the hardwing pylons and added some aftermarket parts and scratched items: - Quickboost resin engine (some ignition wiring was added) - Armory resin wheels - Pavla resin cockpit (this particular aircraft was actually fitted with eject
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