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Found 23 results

  1. I'm embarking on a project with the goal of representing a Hawker Hurricane in the markings of each Allied country that did not use more-or-less standard UK markings. First stage of this goal will be to represent a Hurricane with markings from every continent. Probably as follows: Africa: Egypt; Asia: Iran; Australia; Europe: Yugoslavia Poland; North America: USA (actually RN plane, but US markings in Operation Torch); South America: Argentina. Second stage will be to complete the rest (mostly other European markings--e.g., Soviet Union, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Ireland). I am excluding the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and even Norway (which seem to have only flown aircraft with RAF markings, but I would love to be corrected). Third stage will be five Axis versions--Romania and Finland as actual operators of the type, plus captured versions from Germany, Italy, and Japan. Along the way, I will be building most marks and many different kit brands, although I have no particular goals in this regard. I will post a photo of all my kits once I get them. Since this is an ambitious goal given the pace at which I build models, they will almost all be OOB and there will be minimal weathering and other detailing. The point will be have fun and produce interesting Hurricanes!
  2. I'm working on my Thai Spitfire PR XIX but I feel this GB needs a Hawker Hurricane, so I'm starting on this build now, too. The base will be the great Arma kit, which I have built several of already in my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project. This is the boxing I'm using: This is the plane I will model, which was a Mk IIb, with some PR modifications, which ended its life in Bangladesh. The caption below references 631 squadron, but I believe it should say 681. To modify the kit and provide the decals I am using CMK aftermarket. The relevant piece for me is the bottom one in the photo below.
  3. As the fifth instalment of my "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project, this is Asia's representative, a Mk IIc/trop of the Imperial Iranian Air Force. Iran received Hawker Hurricanes during the war, but I understand that this (2-13) is one of the ones received in 1946 and used as a trainer (which makes sense given its lack of armament). I used the Legato Mk IIc kit, OOB, with decals from Kitsworld (actually the spinner and prop on this are from an Arma kit, but I'm using the Legato one on the Arma kit, so it was just a trade). Tamiya acrylics on top, Vallejo azure blue underneath, and a variety of minimal weathering techniques used (panel liner, acrylic wash, oil exhaust stains, etc.). Here are some group photos with representatives clockwise from top left: North America (USA, Airfix Mk XII); "civilian interlude" (Hawker's test plane G-AFKX, Airfix Mk I fabric wing); Europe (Poland, AZ Mk I fabric wing); Asia (Iran, Legato Mk IIc); South America (Argentina, AZ Mk IV); and Australia (Arma Mk I metal wing). I have to finish Egypt (Arma Mk IIc) and then phase one of the project, representing a Hawker Hurricane in markings from every continent, will be done!
  4. This is another addition to my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project, an Arma Mk I modeled OOB in the markings of the South African Air Force. Brush painted with Tamiya (Sky and Dark Earth) and Vallejo (Dark Green) and not really much else to say! These Arma kits are fabulous! This was my twentieth Hawker Hurricane in the project, so I took some group photos that you might appreciate (not for the photographic skills, granted, but because twenty 1/72 Hawker Hurricanes is a sight to behold!). In the order I built them (not the order in the photo) the above are: Australia (Arma Mk I) USA (Airfix Mk XII) Argentina (AZ Mk IV) Poland (AZ Mk I) Iran (Legato Mk IIc) Egypt (Arma Mk IIc) Hawker's test plane G-AFKX (Airfix Mk I) France (Fly Mk IIb) Soviet Union (AZ Mk IId) Belgium (Airfix Mk I) Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Airfix Mk I) Ireland (Arma Mk I) Republic of Yugoslavia (AZ Mk IV) Turkey (Mistercraft Mk IIc) Netherlands (Arma Mk IIb) India (Smer Mk IIc) Japan (Arma Mk IIb) Portugal (Arma Mk IIc) Hawker's race plane G-AMAU (Revell Mk IIc) South Africa (Arma Mk I) There are still a handful more to model before I call the project complete--Greece which has been a WIP of my wife and four more Axis 'canes: Germany, Italy, Finland, and Romania. Stay tuned!
  5. I was surprised in counting up how many models I've completed this year that it was 15! Granted, many were actually started in 2021, but still well over one per month is a better rate of completion than I expected. Mostly 2022 was focused on carrying on with my "Hawker Hurricanes around the World" project which I began in 2021 (I built 10 Hurricanes that year!). My Hawker Hurricane additions for 2022 include seven from "phase 2" of my project, which is modeling versions in service with Allied or non-aligned air forces. Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Airfix Mk I) Ireland (Arma Mk I) Republic of Yugoslavia (AZ Mk IV) Turkey (Mistercraft Mk IIc) Netherlands (ML-KNIL) (Arma Mk IIb) India (Smer Mk IIc) Portugal (Arma Mk IIc) I also completed my first Hurricane from "phase 3," those in Axis service. In this case, a captured Japanese version (Arma Mk IIb) which I built as part of the Japanese GB. And then I added a "civilian interlude" Hurricane as part of the Prototypes, Racers, Research, Record breakers, Special schemes megaGB, Hawker's own post-war G-AMAU in the markings it wore for the 1950s King Cup Race. This was a fun one! So those were my nine Hurricanes. I began my "Last Legs Ponies" project early in 2022, modeling American fighters that ended their services lives in Caribbean air forces. So far I have completed two P-51Ds, the first from Costa Rica (Airfix); the second from Dominican Republic (Tamiya); and then I added a Nicaragua Air Force P-38 Lightning (Hobby Boss P-38L) as part of the P-38 GB. Here they are all together. I began my "Minor Gustavs" project in March 2022, in which I am modeling Bf 109Gs (or derivatives) in service with "minor" air forces. I have completed two so far: a Ga-6 in postwar Romanian service (Hobby Boss G-6) and a "Diana" Avia S-199 (KP) in Czech markings. Finally, I joined the unofficial "Photo Reconnaissance Spitfire GB" in December 2022 to complete this Swedish S. 31 (Airfix Spitfire PR XIX), completely OOB and done in just over three weeks (crazy fast by my standards!).
  6. For a year and a half I've been working on my "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project in which I am modeling Hawker Hurricanes in the markings of all the air forces with non-RAF insignia (it's a long list!). In all my research I kept coming across this beautiful royal blue Hurricane that participated in the King's Cup Air Race at least a few times, including in 1950. It is the last Hurricane ever built, an Mk IIc, which Hawker kept and (I believe) continues to own (although it looks nothing like the above photo today!). G-AMAU does not perfectly fit with my Hawker Hurricanes around the world theme, but last year I did a "civilian interlude" and built another Hawker-owned Hurricane, G-AFKX: This GB gives me a good excuse for a second civilian interlude! One goal of my project was to build a variety of 1/72 Hurricane kits, and while my wife joined the project and used the Revell Mk IIc kit to build Greece, I myself haven't actually built the Revell kit, so I picked up another one which will serve me nicely for this build. The kit is cheap and you get what you pay for (lots of flash, for example), and I considered buying an Arma Mk IIc, which are vastly superior, albeit much more expensive, but the deciding point was that the cannons are removed on G-AMAU, and Revell's wings are already molded without the cannon fairings so will be easy to modify. It would feel sacrilegious to me to cut up an Arma wing... I ordered the Lifelike decals from a shop down under, and they arrived this week: Besides the fact that the cannons are removed, another modification to be made is this racing Hurricane carried Spitfire-style exhaust stacks, and I think I have a spare set from an Eduard Spitfire kit that I can use (will need to test fit to be sure). Otherwise I think #41 will be largely OOB. I have to confess, I already began cleaning up some pieces and assembling the wings, but should be able to resist getting much further before start date... looking forward to this GB, I expect lots of interesting subjects in the gallery!
  7. Another installment from my Hawker Hurricanes around the World project, this time an Arma Mk IIc with Portuguese markings from Kits World. The Arma kits are great, and I especially liked this one. Have also been impressed with the Kits World decals. Here is the original: And my version in B&W: And colour:
  8. Hi all! For this GB I'm going to build a Hawker Hurricane from phase 3 of my "Hawker Hurricanes around the World" project... a former ML-KNIL Mk IIb that was captured and "redressed." The kit will be Arma... ... and the decals from "FlyingPapas." Prior to the GB start I cut some sprue... ... and began the wheel well, but nothing more than that so far: I recently completed another Arma Mk IIb as the ML-KNIL version, so this will be quite similar, just different markings!
  9. The goal of my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project is to model a Hawker Hurricane in the markings of each air force that did not use more-or-less standard UK markings. I would say the Indian Air Force is a bit of a grey zone, since the South East Asia Command markings were clearly also RAF markings, but I've gone ahead and modeled this IAF No. 1 Squadron Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc anyway. I've based this on the (in)famous "elephant" Hurricane which is so popular and shows up on an awful lot of Hawker Hurricanes decal sheets. I say "infamous" because it has been discussed how little evidence there is to support the scheme as usually illustrated, and so I have based my portrayal on photos and Arma profiles of other SEAC Hurricanes such that I feel I have a plausible scheme, albeit no photos to support it. Another aspect of my project is to try out different kits, and this one is the Smer kit, which is the Heller sprues plus a small (and mostly useless) PE fret. Actually the kit proved better than I expected when I first opened it, but I swapped out the UC doors and wheels for Airfix Mk I parts and added the bombs and bomb carriers from an Arma Mk IIb kit. The strangest thing about the Heller model is the lack of a starboard landing light, but I didn't bother adding that. She's painted with Tamiya XF-19 underside for the Medium Sea Grey and uppers are Mission Models' RAF Dark Earth and RAF Dark Green.
  10. The fifteenth instalment of Hawker Hurricanes around the world is an ML-KNIL Mk IIb. These were briefly operational in Indonesia before the Japanese overran the Dutch colony. I used an Arma kit OOB for this one, opting for Sky Blue underside (Tamiya XF-23) and Dark Green (Tamiya XF-81)/Dark Earth upper. The DE was a bit of a gong show (I tried a couple after my Tamiya XF-52 got too gloopy), and in the end it's Mission Models. I like the colour, but I'm finding it strange to work with. Anyway, that was about the only challenge I had with this one--the Arma kits are by now famously wonderful, especially the Mk IIb/c version. Decals are from my Kits World sheet (which, by the way, somewhat inspired this project in the first place). I think the only other thing to say is that the next (and I believe last of this project) Mk IIb I build will be one of these ML-KNIL Hawker Hurricanes in captured Japanese markings for the "Turning Japanese" GB, so see you over there! Otherwise, thanks for looking! Turkey got her RFI photos done at the same time, so here they are together: Turkey's RFI is here, if interested:
  11. This is the 14th installment in my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project, an Mk IIc built from the Mistercraft kit (originally from Heller). Mostly OOB, although some of the underside pieces were taken from other kits (trop filter from Arma Mk II, radiator from AZ Mk IV [which includes the Mk II unarmoured radiator], and wheels and doors from Airfix Mk I). The decals are from Kits World and some stencils (and that ugly underside ID "light") from Revell. Originally I looked at the kit with some disdain (it certainly isn't Arma!), but in the end I really enjoyed building it. I am definitely not an excellent brush painter on my good days, but with this one I really struggled. The underside was alright (that's Vallejo's azure blue), but on top the complement to the Middlestone (Tamiya XF-59) is Tamiya Dark Earth (XF-52), and it went on badly and gloop-ily. Got it to somewhere I can live with, however, and all told happy with another interesting Hawker Hurricane! I completed a ML-KNIL Mk IIb around the same time and here they are together--I'll post an RFI for the Dutch 'cane soon!
  12. This is the 13th Hawker Hurricane from my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project, a post-war Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia Mk IV. Mostly I've been modeling Hurricanes from unique countries, but in this case it's a duplicate, because I modeled a Kingdom of Yugoslavia Mk I already. The markings are very different though, and I was excited to model both the lovely and unique Royal Yugoslav Air Force camo and the rocket armed Mk IV, so Yugoslavia is getting featured twice. But, maybe you could argue that the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia were not exactly the same country? Slightly different borders and very different governance model and all that... This is the AZ kit I used. Mostly OOB, but I opted for styrene rockets from an Airfix Typhoon kit versus the resin AZ pieces. I also drilled out the ID light so that I could model that with Kristal Klear. Hand brushed with Tamiya XF-23 underneath and XF-77 on top which I chose based on insights regarding camo from @Supercuber and @Troy Smith. I opted for no weathering. This is the second Mk IV of my collection (the other is Argentina) but this will be the only rocket-armed of the group. Enjoy! Here is a photo of the original 9539, and my attempt to photograph the same angle... I understand this photo is once the Hurricane was already at a museum, and obviously she's wearing a tarp or something. You can also see how overly large the fin flash I had to use is versus the original. And here is the RFI for her older Yugoslav sibling (the Mk I);
  13. As part of my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project this is my version of a Zmaj-built Royal Yugoslav Air Force Hawker Hurricane. The kit is Airfix's Mk I and the decals are from AZ. Camo is all Tamiya acrylics and the scheme is based on a variety of sources around the internet! I didn't have a serial number decal, so I am not modeling a specific plane, but photos like this provided some inspiration. Sadly, most of these planes were destroyed within months or even weeks of completion as Yugoslavia was overrun quickly in April 1941. Thankfully for my project, Yugoslav Hawker Hurricanes did fly again, and I will soon complete an Mk IV in Republic of Yugoslavia colours, so stay tuned! For now, here is the Mk I: And, attempting to do something against the real sky: Underside photographed prior to mounting on the stand. The underwing cross is far larger than it should be, but it was what I had to work with. Finally, here she is with some of the other recently completed Hawker Hurricanes from my project--Belgium, Soviet Union, and Ireland. They will have RFIs soon too!
  14. As the twelfth instalment in my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project, here we have an Arma kit as an Irish Air Corps Hawker Hurricane Mk I. Shout out to @Beard for generous sharing of the Airfix decals. Hand brushed with Tamiya acrylics. The "real" 105 is in the row below. And here she is in a feature with three of her friends--Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Airfix Mk I), Belgium (Airfix Mk I), and Soviet Union (AZ Mk IId). RFIs for the others linked below.
  15. Here is another of my Hawker Hurricanes around the world models, this one a Belgian Mk I built OOB from the Airfix kit with decals from Print Scale. Hand painted with Tamiya acrylics up top and Testors enamel silver on the bottom. Left clean--mostly these were destroyed in a few days in May 1940 before they saw almost any combat at all. In the case of white 25, I think her life may have ended with her nose in the mud! Here is a group photo with a few others in the collection recently completed along with Belgium: Soviet Union (AZ Mk IId); Ireland (Arma Mk I); and Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Airfix Mk I). Here is the RFI for Kingdom of Yugoslavia... ... and Soviet Union. Ireland to follow soon!
  16. From my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project, another instalment, this time an Mk IId from the Soviet Union. The kit is AZ Model and built OOB except for a few of the decals and the wheels which were Aires resin. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics. This will be the only Mk IId out of the 25 or so Hurris I'm building as it was not a mark built in large numbers nor used by many operators (in fact the VVS may have been the only foreign operator). I have now built a few of the AZ Model Hurricanes and was really not a fan of the Mk I (which I think was actually the old Sword kit), but finally with this Mk IId I started to enjoy and appreciate what they offer! Not much more to say about it, hope you enjoy! The real white 21 suffered a sad fate, apparently. Finally, here she is with a few of her recently completed friends--Ireland, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and Belgium. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia RFI is here and others will soon follow!
  17. This was my first GB entry ever, a Hawker Hurricane Mk IIb built for the Fancy French GB. It's also part of my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project--the first instalment of the second phase, which is to represent Hurricanes in non-UK, Allied markings. I used the Fly Mk IIb kit, which was expensive and has its issues (mostly related to the camo call-outs, decals, etc. (@Troy Smith has much to say in this regard!), but in the end I was quite happy with it and how it came together. I did borrow a spinner from an Arma kit and replaced some of the decals with Print Scale. I kept the WIP separate from the larger project, so it is here: This is the plane I was modeling: And here is my version in b&w: And, now, in colour!
  18. Here is instalment one from my "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project--WIP here: This is the Arma Hawker Hurricane Mk I/trop kit late/post war version of the only Hurricane that served in Australia. I found the kit challenging in places (e.g., cockpit, propeller/spinner, nav lights), but in other ways it is a real beauty (I was especially impressed with the decals). I have another three Arma Mk Is in my stash so I'm hoping I can take some lessons learned from this one and apply them to those.
  19. Stage one of my "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project is to model a Hawker Hurricane in markings from each continent, and I'm two thirds done that (Australia, North America, South America, Europe), with Asia and Africa getting close. Spontaneously this weekend, however, I decided to see if I could complete a model in 24 hours, so at 19:00 on Saturday I opened up an Airfix Mk. I ragwing kit to model the Hawker test plane G-AFKX. This is a bit of a departure from my actual project but somewhat fits the theme, and I had G-AFKX decals left over from my recently completed AZ Mk. I kit (which I modeled as Poland). G-AFKX has an interesting history, but I'll leave that to others (lots of info on here and elsewhere). This is the only photo of it as a test aircraft that I'm aware of: Note that it is a bit of a "cobble"; for example: early-style exhaust stacks, later-style lower fuselage strake, Rotol prop (with no yellow tips), no antenna mast, later-style rear wheel, apparently early-style pitot (not visible here, so can't confirm that), and no guns. All of this makes it interesting to model. It was used among other things to test a variety of props, so it also had the two-blade Watts, etc. (again feel free to Google or check out the WIP thread for some details). Most excitingly to me, I've read that the fastest speed ever recorded in a Hawker Hurricane was 345 mph in this plane. So, what we have here is the fastest Hawker Hurricane modeled in (personal) record time! Sacrifices had to be made to complete in 24 hours, but certainly I had a complete model by 19:00 on Sunday, and here she is! First some, b&ws to compare to above. And now some colour pics: This is all OOB except that I had to use an Arma Mk I Rotol prop and spinner. Unfortunately I couldn't get this together perfectly, which is why it is sitting awkwardly. The awkward look is somewhat consistent with how it looked on most Hurricanes, but in G-AFKX's case apparently the nose was modified such that it sat flush. I suppose you can say I modeled it before they modified the nose but after they started testing the Rotol (that's my story, anyway). I filled the gun and ejector ports (could have done this better as you may note) to reflect the lack of armament, but made no modifications to the upper wing. I'm not sure what this would have looked like anyway without guns, but interesting to think about. A few spots could use touch-ups of some sort or another (e.g., I got some silver paint on the port tire, the rear tire could use a splash of matt clear coat), and I may still do these, but for now I am leaving it as is consistent with the spirit of the 24 hour completion goal. The biggest disappointment for me is that in the last half hour as I applied the handful of decals I was using, the G-AFKX on the starboard side disintegrated on me. Poland's decals were nice enough, and these are from the same sheet, so it may have been a consequence of me moving too fast, but I also think these AZ decals are a bit thin and fragile (this was my experience with Argentina from the AZ Mk IV kit). The decal ripped on the port side too, but I think I fixed it fine. Anyway, obviously this was really unfortunate, and if I was only going to have one decal, I wish I had got it onto the starboard side to match the historic photo! If anyone happens to have spare 1/72 G-AFKX decals they want to share or sell for a reasonable price please let me know! I would love to fix this, but don't want to fork out for a whole new sheet of decals (such as this: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ILD72013). Here is the sad, bare, starboard side:
  20. This week I completed my sixth and final instalment of phase one of my "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project. WIP is here: Phase one involved completing a Hurricane in markings from a country from each continent. The final entry of this phase is from Africa, represented by a Royal Egyptian Air Force unarmed Mk IIc used postwar for meteorological work. The marking decals are from an AZ kit, but the model is actually an Arma Mk IIc. As many know, the Arma kits are very nice (with Mk IIs even better than the Mk Is), although not without their challenges. AZ and others call for desert camo on the REAF Hurricanes as I have gone with here, but I am actually persuaded that it is more likely they wore DFS with Sky spinner and fuselage band. Nonetheless, stuck with desert camo and white spinner/band because I had started it before being persuaded it might be wrong! This is Tamiya acrylics up top (XF52 and XF59) and Vallejo acrylic azure blue underneath, with a variety of oil, enamel, and acrylic washes used to weather, especially on the underside. This is the original plane, apparently with some special meteorological equipment installed up top behind the cockpit, which I declined to attempt to replicate. I did, however, make an attempt at replicating the photo: This REAF Mk IIc joined the representatives from the other five continents for family photos (clockwise from top left): Australia (Arma Mk I); South America (Argentina, AZ Mk IV); Africa; North America (USA, Airfix Mk XII); Europe (Poland, AZ Mk I); and Asia (Iran Legato Mk IIc). They are actually very difficult to photograph altogether on a cell phone, much like a real family, I suppose, but here are two more attempts: Here are individual photos of the other five and their RFIs: These are the six kits I used: Finally, I threw together an Airfix Mk I as Hawker test plane G-AFKX as a "civilian interlude" while completing the six above: Up next is phase two, the rest of the non-RAF Allies-marked Hurricanes, so stay tuned! Thanks for looking (if you made it this far)!
  21. As my fourth instalment of my "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project, and my first representative from Europe, here is a Polish Air Force Hawker Hurricane Mk. I. Poland's initial order of Hurricanes was shipped in summer of 1939, but were much too late to enter service. The only documented serial number I have seen for one of these Hurricanes is L2048, so I am assuming the L2045 on mine is an error and should have been L2048. But, I suppose it is also possible that one of the Polish Hurricanes was L2045 (in which case it later ended up in RAF service, because I have seen a photo of L2045 in France in 1940). Regardless, I am unaware of any photos of any of the Hurricanes in Polish Air Force markings--whether L2048, L2045, or otherwise--so mostly this is based on assumptions. @GrzeM was able to let me know the documents indicate a three-blade prop, which was helpful because I was going to use a Watts two-blade! This is the AZ model Mk. I early kit, which proved the most challenging kits of the four I have now built (Arma Mk. I; Airfix Mk. XII; AZ Mk. IV). It does have the Polish Air Force decals (and also Yugoslav and Italian which I am excited to use!), which was the main reason I bought it. Believe it or not I spent more on this kit (with shipping) than any of the other 20 Hawker Hurricane kits I've bought (even Arma's Expert sets!). In the end, I stole parts from Airfix (prop and spinner, windscreen, carburetor intake, UC doors, rear wheel, decals), Arma (canopy, 5-spoke wheels), Fly (exhaust stacks), and another AZ kit (the Mk IId's landing lights) to make this come together. Frankly, after all of that, I'm happy with how it turned out! Incidentally, while completing this I celebrated my one year anniversary of adulthood modeling! Here are photos of my first four Hurricanes altogether representing North America (USA - Airfix Mk XII [actually Royal Navy, but US markings for Operation Torch]); Europe (Poland); Australia (Arma Mk I); and South America (Argentina - AZ Mk IV). WIP for the project is here: And other RFIs:
  22. This is instalment three in my "Hawker Hurricanes around the World" project, the lonely Hawker Hurricane Mk IV that was gifted to Argentina. Here is the WIP: This is the kit; AZ is the only 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk IV that I'm aware of, and certainly it has it's strengths. But, probably these are kits better tackled by more experienced modellers than myself, and I certainly struggled with it. Honestly, I probably wouldn't even bother doing an RFI except that I think the subject is so interesting! My biggest disappointment is the decals, and ultimately I painted out some of them because they settled so poorly. Anyway, certainly a fascinating subject and a necessary addition to the first phase of my project (which is to represent a Hurricane from every continent), as this is the only "entry" from South America! My understanding of the story in terms of the scheme and photographs below (I can't read the captions, so may have some of this wrong) is that it was shipped to Argentina [in 1945] and had begun a transition to Argentine scheme/markings, but was not completed before going on display in Buenos Aries [the photos below are from Cordoba in 1948, not Buenos Aires in 1945--my bad!]. So, she's Argentine "in the back," RAF "in the front." Given the fact that it was being displayed and was certainly to participating in any combat missions, I assume it would have been quite clean, so I didn't bother with much weathering (although I was tempted because it may have helped cover up some of the sloppiness and ugly decaling!). All hairy stick (medium sea grey and dark green acrylics and olive green and ocean grey enamels), although I did use Tamiya rattle cans to create a base coat of light grey underneath and dark green on top. It was my first attempt at painting yellow leading edge, and interestingly out of the 20+ Hurricanes I plan to build for this project, I think this is the only one that has that (I'm glad!). This was also my first time working with resin (some interiors which can't be seen anyway and the radiator) I borrowed some decals from an Arma kit for the walkway strips and machine gun covers, and an Airfix kit donated the wheels and undercarriage gear, but otherwise all OOB. Here are my pics attempting to mimic the angles above. And here she is in colour: Her companions so far are USA and Australia, and RFIs for those are linked here: And here are all three together. These will be the only representatives from Australia, North America, and South America of the whole project. Finally, for some reason I like this picture of them in a shoe box! Thanks for looking!
  23. Instalment one of my "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project was Australia. This the WIP thread for this project. The initial phase is to represent a Hurricane in markings from each continent. Here is my second completed Hurricane, an Mk XII from Operation Torch. Although technically a Royal Navy plane, I am counting this as my representative from North America since she wore USA markings. I used the Airfix club kit with the Swordfish for this one and really enjoyed working with it. All brush painted with Tamiya acrylics; I went for some relatively heavy weathering using a variety of techniques and am fairly pleased with the result. My goal with my project is to finish Hurricanes relatively quickly (ultimately I intend to build over 20!) so not taking too much time to detail, etc. Hope you enjoy! Here is the original, crashed in northern Algeria, likely near Oran. And, finally, here she is beside Australia:
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