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Found 14 results

  1. I have had this P-51 Mustang in the stash for about 30 years, for it's age the detail is nice and refined, however the control surfaces are all moulded compete with the wing, the main undercarriage bay is also part of the one piece lower wing and is very shallow, even when compared to the Tamiya kit. I have the Eduard p/e cockpit set for this kit and some resin wheels by Barracuda. The decals I'm using are spare from an Eduard Mustang kit. I always like a story to go with a kit build and the pilot that flew this aircraft had quite an interesting one. Flown by 2nd Lt. Bruce W. Carr of the 353rd FS, 354th FG, 9th Air Force operating from Arconte, France. On November the 2nd 1944 he took off in his aircraft 'Angels Playmate' as part of fighter sweep to attack Luftwaffe airfields all the way to Czechoslovakia. During an airfield attack 'Angels Playmate' was hit hit by flak forcing Bruce Carr to take to his parachute. He landed unhurt and managed to evade capture, he then managed to get onto a Luftwaffe airfield and he borrowed a FW 190A-6 and flew it back to his base in France. By the wars end he had 15 credited victories, Bruce Carr stayed in the Air Force and flew combat in both the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. He survived all these wars and passed away in 1998. These are the markings that I'm using, it's how the aircraft was marked on 2nd November 44. Here are the sprue shots: everything is ready for the start of the GB.
  2. Hello, Here's my last complete build, the Hasegawa, 1/48 Lockheed F-104G of the Raoyal Danish AF, from Esk 726. Been using the !daco set for the wings and their ejection seat improvement. Seat harness from the Eduard Look set for the Kinetic zipper. Paints from the gunze acryl range. hope you'll like her. As usual, feel free to comment and critic Best Stef (#6)
  3. I always feel that the A-7 Corsair was overshadowed by it's better looking brother, the F-8 Crusader. I'm not sure I have ever made an A-7 Corsair kit before but I have a few in the stash. I've dug this kit out, bought when it was first released back in 1987, so after 35 years of stacking with another couple of A-7 kits I'm going to build my first SLUF. Here is the un-started kit in it's box, lovely box art: I have some AM to improve this old kit. Decals are from CAM, two nice choices but I'm always up for some teeth around the intake, Some nicely detailed ResKit wheels, Eduard p/e cockpit set and New Ware mask set to help paint the canopy. Just finishing off some Focke-Wulfs from that GB then I can crack on with this.
  4. My entry will be a Sea Harrier using one of the kits from this Hasegawa twin boxing: I’ll be doing the overall EDSG one. (The other kit is reserved for a future Indian Navy build). Mostly it will be out of the box, but I will have to do something about the cockpit as the one provided by a Hasegawa is fairly naff. I also have a Master turned brass pitot for it, and some better sidewinders from the spares box. AW
  5. I recently saw a good friend who is also an excellent modeler. Whenever I see him he always gifts me old models and things. Amongst the box of stuff he gave me was a partially started kit. He has a habit of using the rudder to open and close things such as bomb bay doors or canopies. This particular kit he told me, he ended up giving up on because of the way the canopy pivots open. So I've no hope in getting it to work. Below is a picture of what he'd already done to the seat I then noticed the air brakes have been modified. Looking closer there is a mechanism inside the fuselage. (I've taped it in place) Turns out this is to control the air brake doors, as can be seen on the under side. I've no idea where to start to get this mechanism to work. But I'll sure have a go. I will have to call him and see if he remembers what he was going to do. In the mean time I've started with the usual stuff. I've put the wings together and filled them Looking at after market cockpit sets I decided just to add some bits to the standard cockpit, just to add a little interest. I also removed the brass work my friend had added. (sorry) I've got another 2 projects on the go at the same time as this. But couldn't resist it since its already been started. I'll get some paint on it tomorrow hopefully. 🐧
  6. This kit is part of a batch brought home from the Netherlands by one of my brothers, way back in 1988 (!!!!!!) It has been on and off the workbench like a dog at a fair. I probably started it somewhere between 10 and 15 years ago, more likely the latter than the former. Why the delay? First up, the cockpit colours confounded me, but eventually I hit on Hu 226 interior green, as recommended by Airfix for its Zero and Kate. That doesn't mean it's right, but it will do. Then I ran into problems mating the assembled wing to the fuselage, in that the wing seemed to be at a slight angle in plan view. Whatever, it now looks OK. Then there was the canopy, which was a truly atrocious fit. I have another of these in the stash, as well as the Airfix kit, which effectively has a spare canopy if built with the canopies and rear gun port open. Something to bear in mind ... The propeller was a very loose fit for some reason, but that is hopefully now resolved. The main wheels, torpedo and propeller have yet to be fixed in place, as they don't need to be. I will just need to add an aerial and pitot tube from the spares box, having lost the originals. The small side windows were another roadblock, which Clearfix just couldn't seem to resolve. I have overlain them with my thinnest clear plastic (.013mm), which hopefully will look OK after carefully applied paint. Lastly of course, there is the conundrum of the main camouflage colours. Again, I will probably chicken out here, and go for simple dark green upside over green-grey underside, using Hu 195 and Hu 168 (Airfix Kate again). The wing root walkways can be painted, as they are clearly marked. I am currently painting the engine cowling, prop blades and undercarriage.
  7. Decided that the next challenge should be an old kit, one with raised panel lines that needed a full engraving and riveting job done on it; chickening out on old Monogram B-24 & B-26 kits as I wanted a quicker build, out came this old Hasegawa kit; this still hasn't been a quick build: too much work and trying to slowly pack up the house ahead of a move in the new year. Overall this is a surprisingly good kit, yes the detail is not up to modern standards, but the fit is very good, making for a simple, fast build. The only challenge is the one I set myself. I didn't add much to the cockpit, just careful painting a few handles on the throttles, and a seat borrowed from a N1K1 Shiden update set (yes, I misread it and ordered the set for a different aircraft!) The to work with the engraver and the rivet tool; there are some lines already engraved around the intake and on the wing, but the rest are me. I left some raised lines in inaccessible areas and for small rectangular hatches; most of the rivet layout is my imagination as I could not find a decent plan. I chose to depict larger fasteners around the gun access panels. All this is highlighted with Vallejo black panel line wash; this wipes off bare plastic easily when dry, leaving a nice contrast, but over paint it doesn't seem to come off at all, so I avoid using it over primer. I am not bothering with primer here, rather going straight over the plastic. And initially this seemed to be working out well; this is the underside grey going down, using the Mission Models system for the first time It did not work out quite so well in reality; I don't know what it is like over primer, but over bare plastic this stuff comes off with the lightest of touches, its very fragile. And yes it went down nice and wet, so this isn't a drying-too-quick issue. In the end I wiped it all off - and it was easy to wipe off - and laid down some XtracrylixNeutral Grey (I am not too fussed about colour accuracy for this one) A quick spray of interior green over the canopy and we are ready to mask up and lay down the green Everything seems to show through nicely A slightly lighter version of the green was then used to break up the monotone a bit, and some pastel work to add a bit of dirt here and there; obviously this is all in what-if territory as this aircraft never saw combat, indeed I believe it was never actually fitted with real guns, so the kit is a bit 1946 as presented by Hasegawa And that brings us up to date; I hope to be adding a gloss coat and decals in the next few days, assuming they are still usable after 30 years in a box!
  8. Hi all Moving straight on from my Eduard Fw190 A4 build onto the latest delivery from Mr.Postman, the Italeri rebox of the Hasegawa Typhoon. I haven't done a WiP before so not sure how exciting this one will be but i'll try to keep progress ticking along- I state my intent now! To be fair though the small part number should help speed things along. We'll see how I get on with the infamous fuselage inserts- seen a few different ways of tackling this but watch this space. I've also a few extra goodies to help with the final look I'm hoping to put quite a bit of detail into the cockpit as its fairly sparse. I've made a start with the milliput seat padding and plonked a compass in using the unnecessary part the attaches to the back of the headrest. Next will be adding all the wiring.
  9. I like building Scifi, mostly Star Wars and lately lots of Warhammer 40k but sometimes I dabble with the anime Macross. This is a VF-J Valkyrie Varitech Fighter in 1/48th scale from Hasegawa. I built it OOB but decided for a paintjob of my own. I went with a TPS-ish rugged finish. Why? Because I love it! 😛 well here ya go guys 😄 Cheers!
  10. While going through my loft I found some models I put together when I was between about 12 and 16; about 28-32 years ago. I think it's fair to say that my desire to get things finished far outweighed my patience and desire to do a good job. I also found some models that I must have started and maybe even finished at least ten years ago. As I'm new here I thought it might be good to put them all in one thread. My preference is for 1:24 or 1:25 scale kits and I think Tamiya was the easiest brand to get although I have a few others. I tended to get the cars that appealed to me, rather than following any more carefully thought out collecting strategy. The newer ones will come in a while, when my phone has recharged and I've taken some photos. Here are the really old ones, I'm a bit nervous sharing these (warts and all). From left to right (oldest to most recent); Hasegawa Buick Wildcat; Tamiya Porsche 911 Turbo "flatnose" and Tamiya Mercedes-Benz 500SL 6.0 (not sure if that's the correct designation). They were all brush painted, probably with Humbrol enamel as that's pretty much all I could get at the time, from a distance they don't look too bad but up close they're pretty rough. Here's a close up of the Buick; complete with runs, hair in the paint, poor masking and excessive glue. There are similar flaws in the 911, it's also lost the lip to the spoiler and part of the rear suspension. I also had some odd ideas about decal placement. Underneath the Porsche. Probably the best view of the Mercedes. I didn't bother with a test fit so the engine is too high and the bonnet doesn't actually sit properly. That rear spoiler fitting isn't pretty! I'm actually still quite pleased with how the interior looks, main flaw is that driver's side door trim that isn't located correctly. I'm not sure what to do with these. I'd quite like to strip the Buick down and give it a decent paint job. The Porsche, it would be nice to add back the missing/broken bits. The Mercedes, maybe just leave it as it is. I hope you will see from subsequent posts how my skill has improved even if only slightly.
  11. #9 finished for the year. Mixed feelings about this one, not my best work, made a few mistakes and didn't have time to properly correct them as I was up against a GB deadline on another site, but she's a decent 4 footer. She's a real hard bird to photograph with those big ole prop blades, and either my camera, or my photo editing software really doesn't like those stripey decals on the top of the wings and fuselage either.
  12. Maybe a simple question to ask, but I just can't figure out by reading some of the online reviews; which is the best B-17F in 1/72? The obvious candidates are Academy, Hasegawa and Revell. Any Britmodellers out there that have some good pointers for me?
  13. Hello everyone, I've started another model after finishing my Ki 84. This time is the Strike Witches themed Erica Hartmann's Bf 109G-14.
  14. Hi all lm here ,make a change for me no star`s n Bar`s so here we go The Kit Cheer`s Les
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