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  1. Hi all Id like to throw another Kittyhawk into the mix. Another 112 squadron machine as I don’t have one and have wanted to build one for a while. I’ll be using the Hasegawa kit in 1/48. I’ve also got some goodies on the way from the big H. 1F68BCE6-C72F-44F9-B58B-6A71F4533DA3 by James Halls, on Flickr I had planned to use the Model Alliance sheet below. However when I started doing a bit of research I found this wouldn’t work. The a/c in question was based in Italy in 1944. That’s probably ok because Southern Italy is pretty arid but by this timeframe desert camouflaged Kittyhawks had had their mid stone areas painted over with dark green. That won’t work. 0F7B95A5-5FBB-4778-AC9C-BCCCBB1184F6 by James Halls, on Flickr So I’ll change a/c and model the one below instead. FR440 based in Libya in spring 1943. I thought I could use the shark mouth decals from the Model Alliance sheet but this won’t work as the black outline around the shark mouth on the sheet is too thin. I may use it as a template and cut some masks as I’ll use masks for the rounders too. We’ll see. 9635797C-6510-448B-BB5D-42508B0F5C01 by James Halls, on Flickr Credit 112 squadron web page. The fuselage in the Hasegawa P-40’s is modular so I removed the parts from the spruces to check the fit which should be fine. I also need to work out what colour the cockpit should be painted as I’ve found this a bit of can of worms too. 4ED95823-071A-4471-BB5D-55F17C36D68E by James Halls, on Flickr Ok update to follow soon hopefully. I do have other builds on the go at the moment for other GB’s but will make a start on this asap. Thanks for looking. James
  2. It's been a while! Real life distractions have had me otherwise focused since mid February. I did manage to finish another Wessex for the Salty Sea Dog GB (I still have to take the photos and put up the RFI for that...) but my BM time has been very limited. One of the things I wanted to do in 2023 was build a little outside of my usual fare and take on some more modern subjects. As the first project of this ilk I'm going with a Vought A-7E Corsair II. I've always liked the A-7, it's got a pugnacious look about as befits a dogfighter whose job was to get in close and beat up its opponents. This isn't my first A-7. I have a vivid memory of building one when I was 11 or 12 years old in Saudi Arabia on a visit to my dad's refinery. I don't remember the specific markings but I do remember it was a grey/white one with colourful decals. I remember showing it off proudly as it did look rather good - to my eye at least - and then, paint barely dry, taking it out to the desert and shooting it to pieces with my dad's highly illegal .22 rifle. For my second A-7, 45 years after the first, I managed to pick up one of Hasegawa's 1/48 kits; I read the HB kit is horribly misshapen and the older Fujimi/Eski(sp?) not as good as the Has kit. The first thing that struck me was how big it is. I picked up some aftermarket for this one to cover a few issues. I'm using the Eduard PE set for the cockpit as these jet cockpits are very technical compared to the single engine props I usually build so I was looking for some help with this one. I am going to use decals rather than painted markings. The markings are complex and artistic, and were applied with great skill on the real thing. They have an overall quality of finish I wouldn't be able to replicate with masks. I've chosen a colourfully marked grey/white scheme for this one, the uppermost scheme on the Zotz sheet below. I'm not confident the aged Hasegawa decals will work so I also obtained a Print Scale A-7 stencil sheet. With my materials assembled I began work, predictably on the cockpit. I followed my usual process of basic assembly, black base and then final colour. The seat took shape well enough with some PE and brass wire to add some detail. The cockpit tub took shape and colour equally well. I added a dark goop wash to pop some details and then a dry brush and grey pencil (I used grey rather than silver as it's more scale - to me at least - than bright details picked out in silver). I then did a dry fit to check alignment and fit and was pleased that it did indeed go very well together. It's been a long time since I've built a Hasegawa kit but I do seem to remember they fit well. I liked the overall level of detail of the kit parts plus the PE but know that my effort here pales compared to true jet builders. It was while comparing these pics to some on the internet of the real thing that I noticed the rear bulkhead was supposed to be black. Doh! A little careful masking was required and then the correction... When I had the bulkhead repainted I added some dry brush and pencil detail and also enhanced the detail on the panels on either side of the seat. I'm calling the cockpit done now. A test fit shows that all is still well in the fit department so joining the fuselage will not be an issue. However, in my haste I've left a couple of injector pin marks in the intake and there's a seam to clean up too. Much of this clean up would have been infinitely easier to do before I glued it together... One lives and learns. That task, and joining the fuselage is next. Cheers.
  3. Good day everyone, in the wake of the F-35B Lightning I managed to finish earlier this year, I stumbled across an old kit I love for different reasons and unlike in the real world, the Lightning won't replace this one on my shelf but rather park next to it. It's the well known Hasegawa kit in 1/48th scale of the Harrier II Plus and it had a rather troubled story in my hands. It took me 11 years to finish this, believe it or not. Most of the time it sat in hiatus half built in its box because my old compressor had given up the ghost in the process. I started this kit while I was in school, which also kinda interrupted my model making. Graduation, the first job, the first love, then studying, other hobbies along the way, so something had to give. Finally after many years of absence I bought a new compressor in 2016, dug up the Harrier and got it done. This was also a kit of many firsts - The first multi colored kit with a camo pattern I tried with airbrush, the first time I used a detail set, the first time I tried to replicate bigger decals by using them as a template and airbrushing them, the first time I tried weathering and back in the day it was the first item I ever ordered online 😄. The result, of course, doesn't do the mighty Harrier any justice but I love the aircraft and because it took so long for the kit to be finished and what happened in the meantime, I love this kit. What amazes me, I forgot what I had for breakfast today, but I remember the whole build. So the story begins in late 2006 (The exact date I actually only know because I found the receipt still in the box). My brother and I were browsing on the web for modelling stuff and ordered the Hasegawa Harrier plus the Hasegawa USAF weapons set and a resin cockpit from Aires. As soon as everything arrived, I immediately begun construction. I remember being frightened by the use of superglue for the resin parts because I didn't want to mess things up so early into the build 😅 All went well, though, until the cockpit section and the rear fuselage needed to be joined together. The well know fitment issues there were also a source of frustration for young Luke. But with a bit of putty and some swearwords, it went together somehow. The rest of the build wasn't bad at all. With most of the construction done I started painting. I remember I used Revell Email airbrush colors, which I think got discontinued at some point. I managed to get the first two shades of grey onto the kit, then airbrush the vertical stabilizer by cutting out the big decals and using them as masks, then the compressor decided he's done with my s**t 😅 Being still at school and not exactly flush with cash I couldn't afford a new compressor at the time and so the Harrier got mothballed. The years passed, my brother moved away, we moved house, too, my father retired, etc....crazy how much stuff happened, while the kit sat quietly in its box, which itself got lost in the back of my closet at some point. Finally after almost 10 years I got a new compressor (ironically while visiting my brother in Poland, so he somehow put it all in motion and spiritually helped me bring it to an end) and got back to model building. I got a few kits finished before going back to this one. The last shade of grey was airbrushed, all the smaller parts were glued in place, the ordnance from the Hasegawa weapons set was added, then the decals went on, which got really brittle over time. Then I tried to weather the aircraft with acrylics and in the end everything got sealed with semi gloss varnish. Apart from the one big fitment issue I remember the build being utterly enjoyable, this includes the Aires cockpit. I'm also quite pleased with the result for so many firsts and tries. In some aspects I find it better in some aspects than some of my more recent kits, which worries me 😅 Of course for the balance of things, in other aspects it's worse but overall I quite like it. I hope you do, too and as always, thanks for watching (and reading through my probably boring story 😄 ) Cheers
  4. Hi all, Here are a a few shots of my just completed Sea King. It represents a CH-124A from 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron, while deployed on HMCS Iroquois, as part of STANAVFORLANT (Standing Naval Force Atlantic) at the East India Dock, London England in November of 1999. Some of the mods listed below are necessary to correctly model a Canadian Sea King, while some are just the usual stuff done. Cockpit - kit seats replaced with Quickboost resin seats - centre console modified to correctly depict Canadian style without CRT screen - auxiliary instrument panel console added to coaming Fuselage - scratchbuilt infra-red jammer mount added to tail rotor shaft housing - GPS made from styrene and added to tail shaft housing - scratchbuilt FLIR mount added to nose - central fuel filler port filled in - scratchbuilt cabin heater air intake - port and starboard windows above sponsons filled in - scratchbuilt Beartrap haul-down system track guide added - UHF blade antenna added to bottom of fuselage - APR-39 RWR blade antenna added to bottom of fuselage - scratchbuilt Doppler antenna added to bottom of fuselage - horseshoe shaped antennae added to both sides of cockpit - Belcher Bits resin radome added - scratchbuilt directional stability strake added to rear fuselage - Belcher bits resin CPI added - scratchbuilt laser warning receivers installed on windshield - landing lights replaced with MV lenses - scratchbuilt ILS sensor added in front of FOD deflector - fuel dump tube drilled out - various lumps and bumps removed - Belcher Bits sonobuoy launch tubes installed - American style radar panels removed from bottom of fuselage - cabin heater exhaust drilled out - antenna wires made from stretched sprue Wings and Sponsons - Belcher Bits resin sponsons installed to replace incorrect style sponsons - sponson wheel bays detailed with sheet and strip styrene - new fuel filler caps added to sponsons - landing gear torque links and tie downs drilled out - MV lenses added to lights on bottom of sponson stub wings - rear tail plane shortened to RCN style Paint and Decals - airframe painted with Xtracolor X158 Air Mobility Command Gray FS 16173 - all national insignia by Belcher Bits - all stencils are a photocopy of incorrectly coloured Model Alliance markings References - photos of 12429 found on internet - official DND paint specification drawings - IPMS Canada RT Volume 15, Number 3 - IPMS Canada RT Volume 16, Number 6 - IPMS Canada RT Volume 21, Number 3 - IPMS Canada RT Volume 22, Number 5 - IPMS Canada RT Volume 23, Number 4 [urlhttps://imgur.com/4Rklgep][/img][/url] [urlhttps://imgur.com/rXamqvm][/img][/url] [urlhttps://imgur.com/tVOd2b4][/img][/url] [urlhttps://imgur.com/YWg65Hn][/img][/url] [urlhttps://imgur.com/cXc3KH5][/img][/url] [urlhttps://imgur.com/UBZF5Dr][/img][/url] [urlhttps://imgur.com/QDsRamX][/img][/url] [urlhttps://imgur.com/aB2Uxv1][/img][/url] [urlhttps://imgur.com/d1EEqYR][/img][/url] [urlhttps://imgur.com/IV4EgtC][/img][/url] [urlhttps://imgur.com/fBDqxbo][/img][/url] urlhttps://imgur.com/uZEhluO][/img][/url] Cheers Randy
  5. The N1K2-J Shiden-Kai was the last generation IJN figther to fight in the skies of Japan in 45. A rare fact in aviation history, the Shiden-Kai was coming from the the Kyofu seaplane, when, in general, the seaplane is coming from the fighter. A very good plane, heavily armed with four 20mm guns, it was the main horse of the 343rd Kokutai commanded by the famous Minoru Genda, using modern tactics in aerial combat, something a bit too late at this stage of the war. Nevertheless the N1K2-Kai was more than a match for the the USN F6F and F4Us. My model is an early 100 production "Georges" with the large tail and represent the plane of Warrant Officer Hiroshi Oh-Hara. The white strap of buntai leader, the last two digits of the tail serial repeated in white on the fuselage hinomaru are peculiar to the 343rd Kokutai. I have used the fantastic SBS cockpit, riveted the plane, and have created masks for the markings, the Hasegawa decals being very poor. The green is from the Mr Color range 383 "Kawanishi green". Bye for now. 27DD5264-C0F5-4ED1-A665-774943DB58D8_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 369D7064-FA07-43A9-A004-F06638F366E5_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 54CEFD25-3344-45F1-9860-9ABFB3A808EF_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr FE8F6756-751B-49E7-9B0A-D0FAA4BBC306_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 8EBFE7D9-1229-4B7E-A3DF-B17FE99D48E5_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 8C837870-3164-4B1F-B4FF-25CB8EC2424B_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 59A1EF50-523A-4FD1-8BAE-19249E2D677B_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 9087B792-7D1D-40AF-8636-6332AFDB217D_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 83572104-DF48-4934-B508-232E39A4AFC5_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr
  6. If I don't enter this now, I'll never get started soooo.... here we go. Hasegawa's 1/48 SAAB J35 Draken. I don't know if I'll be doing anything super extra. from what I can see this model is pretty solid as is. But you never know with me. Lets see what we got to work with. Let the show begin!
  7. "I am Shinden II, the second prototype, I was born to soar through the heavens... yet I was deprived of my destiny." Evening everyone, So I am planning with joining in with two builds, but I need to collect the secone one from my parents house (I have a modelling shed from when I lived there). I wasn't planning on joining in with this kit originally, but then I saw it sitting there and though I might as well as it seems simple enough - plus the SWMBO is nagging that I never finish anything. It is also my first ever 1/48 kit that I can think off that I would've built (assuming I finish!). So this kit originally dates back to 1981, so it's older than I am (1983), but this particular boxing was first originally released in 1999-ish, my boxing is from 2019 however. The kit is as the title emplies is the Hasegawa 1/48 J7W1 Shinden from the massively popular manga/anime/movie "ああっ女神さまっ" - "Aa Megami-Sama" - "Ah! My Goddess". It doesn't take much of a stretch to say that this show/series is my favourite of all time and I own way too much merchandise for it. I was even mentioned (not by name) in an offical review of the English version of the tv show back in 2007 as saying I would consider world domination in the name of the main Goddess character - Belldandy... he wasn't wrong. The title comes from the English chapter where the Shinden turns up in, the Japanese chapter is called "Automated Vehicles"... not sure on that one. With this being a Japanese themed GB, I had to do something different and Otaku/Anime related (Otaku means geek/nerd). I will be joining in with a Gundam when I can find it at a later date. So on with the kit... As with every model kit ever made the box is massive compared to the actual kit. You could probably get two kits in the box. The main person on the box is the Goddess Belldandy, with chibi Keiichi and 5 x chibi Urd's (Belldandy's older sister). Those of you who have an interest in mythology and in particular Norse mythology might know of the name "Urd" as she was one of the 3 Norns as was the Goddess of the past. Belldandy is actually based on "Verthandi" but due to the Japanese language being what it is, there was no way for the them to say that, so the name was changed to "Belldandy", there is also a "Skuld" as well but at this point in time she is looking after Yggdrasil... it's a long long story! Anyhow... As you can see the Shinden itself is actually white and blue and not green. There isn't much to the kit tbh and it is all raised panels, I might try to re-scribe this kit... maybe. The decals are nothing really much to write home about neither. The "NIT MCC" decals are the only real ones I need. The blue bits I will probably just paint as it looks better I think. For anyone that was interested "NIT MCC" stands for "Nekomi Institute of Technology - MotorCar Club", it's the club that the main character Keiichi and Belldandy joins and spends most of their time even though it usually causes the most headaches for the pair after Urd and Peorth. The paint scheme, with the decals, you can do the fuselage stripe and the verticle stabilisers but not the wings.. I would have to paint them regardless. So I will just keep the colours the same and unit form. I will have to cut out the NIT MCC decal as best as I can. I just love the way the instructions are presented in this way, it is pretty much just a copy of the box art but I still think it's cool... that is probably the fanboy within me talking. The reference materials, yes I own both the English flipped/unflipped/coloured version and also the original Japanese manga from 1991. I have also just noticed that the picture on the box cover is the same as the original manga cover... thats clever/cool. This is one of the reasons that I love this series is the fact that the creator - Kosuke Fujishima is a massive tech/mechanical head. You can see this in all of the art he draws within the series. Normally I would try and get a decent scan of this picture, however this from the manga and I am not destroying that for anyone. I will have to see if I can translate that text at a later date as I have already spotted a few errors in the translation now I know a *tiny* bit of Japanese. There is a 1/72 version of the kit out in the wild also, I am hoping to find that one when I am out in Japan in October, we will see what happens. As I type this I have seen that a new figurine of Belldandy has some slots opened... guess what I have just ordered... whoops. Wonder if I can get any decent AM stuff for the kit?... Kind regards, Dazz
  8. As I have been slowly building up a collection of aircraft used for testing at Edwards AFB over the past few years this GB just seemed to good an opportunity to miss, the only problem being narrowing down the field of potential builds and actually choosing what to build. After much consideration I finally settled on one of Vought's finest, an A-7D Corsair. This has been on my "to do" list after I saw some of Sven's ( @Old Viper Tester) superb pics that he took of A-7's at various points of their careers in testing at Edwards AFB. I am particularly drawn to the very early YA-7D's which still carried the US Navy style of refuelling probe which were also painted in a grey and white scheme, but not Light Gull Grey as per the Navy but Air Defence Grey. For a discussion on this colour and for some pics of what I am trying to recreate have a look at this thread; The kit I shall be using is Hasegawa's venerable 1/48 A-7 (still the best in any scale) which I have in a joint D/E boxing which gives me all the bits I need plastic wise for my project; As you can see below all is still safely sealed in it's plastic bag; For detail references I shall be using this excellent book; Whilst focusing solely on the A-7's service in Greece it has some superb detail shots which are applicable to the A-7 in general such as this one of one of the avionics bays which I plan to use by having open on the model; I think I have a resin seat somewhere that I shall add to the kit if I can find it but other than that she will be built OOTB, the decals will be coming from the spares box. The start date can't come soon enough as I am really looking forward to getting started on this one, all I need to do now is decide on which airframe to build! Thanks for looking in and as always all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  9. Hi all, My latest build. Out of the box except for the decals and home made pitot and AOA covers.
  10. Hello all. Here is my rendition of the Arado 234 B-2 from Hasegawa. It took me longer than usual because I have used the very nice Aires cockpit and wheel bays, some part of the CMK set showing the fuselage tanks, and also because it was important to protect all the transparencies from any blemish or scratches as this is one of the main attraction of the first Jet Bomber in aviation. As a matter of fact one is obliged to glue the undercarriage legs before the painting and it is not the best of things.The plane belongs to the 8/ KG76 and participate in some bombing missions on Antwerp and Bruxelles and on the Remagen bridge as well. Camo is RLM81/82/76 from Mr Color lacquers, markings are made with masks. Thanks for your comments to come, bye for now. 45594791-B51D-4FFA-9318-1196B54C439C_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 50E7C2D2-B3AD-4675-B91F-ACB7C19374E5_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 6679AC7A-27F1-47D5-8645-258E3D14B319_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 8CCF5C80-793A-4FFA-97D0-69C447650283_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 2B3B2B59-FDD9-4767-B0A0-6B79360FDB54_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr FAA5D30A-8A05-4BAD-B831-3938530247ED_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 2CF72B53-5142-4154-8D03-674F0B58AEEB_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr
  11. Hi to all Here are the frist in progrees pics i've ever posted on this forum, and to do so what else than then a majestic British Phantom It's the venerable but respectable Hasegawa 1:48 F-4 GR2 Phantom, with some add ons: Aires office and exhausts, AlleyCat seamless intakes, Res Kit wheels, and decals from Airdoc's British Phantom in West Germany. Adapting the AIres Cockpit is a pain as usual but so it's such a beauty... on the other hand Alleycat intakes are a breeze to adapt. So far I'm here Aires Seats awaiting paint Now for the exhaust... well to make a long stoy short: Aires on the left, Hasegawa on the right Something's wrong here! when installed ,the Aires parts fall into the fuselage, they are way to small in diameter! I've therefore cut the inside of the Aires parts ton adpat them to the external Hasegawa part... much better: once gain original on the left, modified on the right: To be continued! Phil
  12. Well seeing as I'm co-hosting I thought it was about time that I revealed what I will be building for this GB. Now those of you who have seen my builds in the past will know that I like to build things in markings that are a little out of the ordinary and have an interest in things flown in smaller conflicts from around the World and as such I voted for the Small Wars GB which unfortunately didn't get picked this time around so I thought I would use this opportunity to show why I like the subject and hopefully garner some support if it comes up for voting again, and also to point some of you in the direction of the Latin American GB which could really use some more support in the Group Build Chat section, go on you know you want to! Anyway to the build. I will be using the venerable Hasegawa 1/48 F4U-5N boxing which is still the best 1/48 kit for anything from the F4U-5 onwards and I will be using a decal sheet from FCM to produce an F4U-5 NL that was used by the Argentine Naval Aviation in the 1963 Navy Revolt which saw them used to attack armored forces of the Army as they advanced on the Navy base at Punta Indio causing quite a bit of damage. An interesting fact is that they were used in conjunction with the Navy's Grumman Panthers, which would also make a nice topic to build. The revolt got absolutely nowhere but cost the Navy dearly as a lot of their aircraft were destroyed on the ground by the Air Force. Onto the box and it's contents, here are the usual box and contents shots starting with the box top; And the contents; And the decal sheet by FCM, currently taped to a window to increase it's whiteness; And a look at what she will look like, hopefully! So there we have it, a build which covers 3 GB's, Corsair, Small Wars and Latin America and will hopefully get a little support for the other two. Thanks for looking in and all criticism and advice is always welcome. Craig.
  13. Hiyas, Back with another freehand cammo, this time it is an Asia Minor scheme on an Imperial Iranian Sabre. When I saw that High Decal was releasing decals for a cammo Sabre I just had to do it! Converted a japanese Sabre with the long wings and dropped the slats with a set from Kasl other than that I threw in a cockpit from Aires and wheel wells from CMK. Here's some pics Cheers!
  14. Here is my start at the old Hasegawa F4U-4 Corsair. It will be done as a Korean War plane with rocket stubs but I may not use rockets as I have none. I will be ordering PE seat belts as it looks sparse in the office. So far In have the cockpit assembled and painted along with the engine.---John
  15. Now for a dirty build, really dirty! After 9 years on The Shelf of Doom, when I ran out of mojo, it got ressurected when I felt the need for a dirty TPS scheme Anyways a straightforward build, a bit old gawa model but it went together nicely only issue I had was really all the open doors everywhere...I don´t like open doors. Some aftermarket found their way into it, Aires pit, reskit wheels, Airdoc decals, verlinden bombs, eduard masks and some scratching. I went for VA-37 "Bulls" and loiaded it up to the teeth! Here are the dirty pics...enjoy! Cheers!
  16. Here's my 1/48 A-4C, built for the In The Navy group build. Build thread is here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235072127-a-pair-of-skyhawks/ It's finished as BuNo 147781 of VX-5 in 1965, using Two Bobs decals. This Skyhawk was used by the Naval Air Test Center at China Lake for weapons testing so it needed something under a wing - I found a photo of it carrying an orange and black AGM-62 Walleye so used a Daco resin Walleye. Unfortunately the same photo revealed one error in my model - it didn't have a refuelling probe. I also got the alignment of the 'China Lake' decals on the fin wrong, which I realised too late to fix! thanks for looking Julian
  17. With Phase Hanger Fuel tank and seat, AOA decals
  18. Nakajima Ki 43-I Hayabusa (Oscar) Hasegawa 1/48 This is my second project in the Pacific group build. First thing to say about this project is this wasn’t the original scheme I was going to do. I had a problem with the decals that weren’t working for me at all. I changed to the second scheme in the kit which is a Burma plane from what I can see. I checked the pilot’s operation theatre. As a result of the change and time being short in the group build I left the lower paint colour as it was. In theory it should be bare metal. I painted all the bands as I wasn’t going to risk messing the decals up again. The red makings are decals. I was going to do it as a clean build. However, I stuffed up the chipping by adding too much. It looked good from the direction I was working, but when I looked at it from a different direction a lot more showed up and wasn’t looking good. The same thing happened on my Zero. That is why it has too much chipping on the side of the cockpit. I was lucky with the Oscar because I had forgotten to add the black walkway panel decal. After I added that it looked better. Anyway this is why I went further with the weathering. The kit went together well all though I did have to use some filling because of my less than perfect building work. I had to do some last minute corrections because of hurrying the build in the end. So here it is, done. Have a look at the Pacific group build it ends today. There's some nice models there. I thought I would add one more image. The sight in this image has been corrected as you can see in the other two images.
  19. Here's my latest build based on the 1/48 Hasegawa F-4EJ. Quite a lot of work was carried out on improving the surface detail. Aires seats were added and plastic card was used to enhance the cockpit. MRP paints were used throughout.
  20. There were some Hurricanes around the place that were painted silver and looked quite smart, but it seems there was but one airframe that got the full buffed up natural metal finish treatment. V6787 was with the Rhodesian Airforce, and as I understand it, took part in a Battle of Britain memorial flight in September 45. Other Hurricanes got the silver paint treatment, but this one - the squadron leaders plane- got the works. I can't resist a nmf build, and having picked up a kit... I came up with a plan to avoid the dreaded brown and green splodges. Somehow, I managed to find one other picture of the little beauty, on the ground at " RAF Cranbourne, Rhodesia", and bless me, it portrays the starboard side!! It was meant to be, right??
  21. Hello, My last one. In winter Romanian colors. Thanks for looking at ! Anis.
  22. Hello, The project I'm working on. The challenge is to achieve an interesting white finish. Here, an option. Captions are not important, everything is in the pics. But if you need to get a point, let me know. My pleasure. Thank's for loooking at ! Anis.
  23. Hi everyone, Just thought I`d show some pic`s of Hasegawas 1/48 Kittyhawk that I`ve just completed for my Brother In Law Completed as the 2nd option in the box.... to represent Flying Officer Neville Dukes; Kittyhawk Mk I, of 112 Squadron, Libya 1942. Built almost completely from the box contents with just some seat belts, brake pipes, resin exhausts and aerial wires added Had a bit of trouble getting the Shark Mouth decals to fit, so there`s a bit of hand painting involved there. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  24. Hi all, I picked up a really nice Hasegawa Mitsubishi F1 from the Hinckley show today but as the ejector seat is rather basic I wondered if anyone knows if there's a replacement resin seat out there for this kit? Hopefully the seat is a common one used on other aircraft, so wonder if there are any JASDF experts on BM who know if there's a suitable aftermarket item? Thanks in advance, Pete
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