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Found 6 results

  1. Everyone has their first childhood memories of the News, the Taskforce returning to Port is mine. I was 4 years old when the Falklands campaign happened. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Harrier GR3, so thought I’d give on a bash for this GB and there was a rear link Sgt in one of my units that had transferred from the Scots Guards who was on Mt Tumbledown during the battle as a GPMG gunner which gave me sortie profile. I was able to get a copy of a crib that was put together by Nick Greenall of the Harrier SIG for the Kinetic kit. i picked up a couple of Paveway II’s that were used on the sortie, smart munitions weren’t used extensively in the conflict mainly due to battery reliability for the ground designation kit so I’ve been told. I will get some pictures of the kit over the weekend as it’s currently in the loft, a first view of the kit it looks very nice and even I should make a reasonable job of it.
  2. For my contribution to this GB, I have decided to go for the Airfix 1/72 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3 - for 2 reasons. One, because there's a Falklands related scheme straight from the box and two, it's literally the only kit I have in my stash that would fit the bill for the GB - amazing considering my stash never gets any smaller - only bigger It also presents a perfect opportunity to be able to build my first ever Harrier model as well as being a fitting tribute to our armed forces who took part in the conflict. During the Falklands War, Harrier GR.3s of No. 1 Squadron operated from the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes. They also fought alongside the Sea Harriers which were used to primarily conduct fleet air defence and combat air patrols against the threat of attacking Argentine fighters. The GR.3s meanwhile, focused on providing close air support to the ground forces on the Falklands and attacking Argentine positions as suppressing enemy artillery was often a high priority. However, both Sea Harriers and Harrier GR.3s were used in ground-attack missions against the main airfield and runway at Stanley. So without further ado - here's how she looks on the the very eye catching box art... ...and here's what you get inside the box: Instruction Sheet (with scheme I will be using) Sprues Clear parts and Decals Think that covers everything for now. Really looking forward to this GB due to both the subject and to the fact it's my first ever Harrier build. So as always - good luck with your builds everyone and can't wait to see the results in the gallery at the end Best wishes Kris
  3. Fujimi 1/72 BAe Harrier GR.3 #7A-B4 I thought that, rather than my usual Japanese dominated Stash Clearances, I'd do something a bit more unusual with a kit and colour scheme rarely, if ever, seen. According to Scale Mates, this kit was first moulded in 1983 and subsequently reboxed in 2008. This is the original boxing. Built OOB, save for a harness from Tamiya tape and aftermarket decals. The inbox decals are firstly for 1417 Flight and the second for No.223 OCU in the standard camo scheme of the time Dk Green/Dk Sea Grey/Light Aircraft Grey. I also had Modeldecal Sheet 78 which portrayed 2 aircraft in experimental Greens and Greys. I went with the ‘Greys’ aircraft of 3 Sqn at RAF Gutersloh in 1984. The greys are given as Dark Sea Grey (I used Xtracrylix XA1004) and Medium Sea Grey (Hu.165). We are all, I suspect, familiar with the previous mouldings from Airfix, ESCI, Hasegawa, Italeri and Matchbox of the early Harriers with the consensus seeming to be the new Airfix moulding of 2012 is the best of the bunch. It’s fair to say this will not challenge it. Fit was mediocre, panel lines were generally raised but, if engraved, were trench like or too faint to be visible under coats of paint. Nothing fitted. Every time a dry fit was attempted parts would wobble or absolutely refuse to go in either because the tab was too big or the hole was too small. The coup de grace was the kit had divided the front and back fuselages, presumably to accommodate different versions, and expected you to fit them together as a butt join with no locating pins or holes at all. (For 11 year old me this would make no difference at all and I would have made it, smothered the join with tube glue and been disappointed when it split in two a few weeks later!) On the dry run, the gap between the fuselage parts was at least a millimetre or the equivalent to a panel gap of over 3 inches on either side. Accordingly, and for the first time, I used the ‘cut up a yoghurt carton and use the plastic to make reinforcing tabs’ technique and it went well. No ominous cracks and despite vigorous sanding and filling it stood up to the punishment I inflicted on it tho the panel lines were destroyed. You are provided with a nice assortment of stores. Fuel tanks, rocket pods, 3 different types of bomb incl the BL155, what looks like a pair of anti ship missiles, Sidewinders, gun pods and strakes. The locating holes are however not flashed over and will have to be filled if there is less than a full load depicted. Other details Fujimi missed. 1. Complex lumps, bumps and lights throughout airframe, even the panel lines for them, were largely missing. 2. Backs of rocket pods are solid not hollow as they shld be. 3. Pitots on fin were missing. 4. Canopy frame lines off centre. 5. Blow in doors not modelled at all save for the faintest of panel lines.6. Tailplanes cant be angled as they are when aircraft is on the ground. 7. Decals are limited and too bright. (Roundel red is not scarlet!) As for the decals, it’s probably unfair to criticise as they were not designed to be used 30 years after being made but the usual Modeldecal faults were there. Instructions, altho carrying photos of the aircraft, were not the clearest and I still have decals left on the sheet as the instructions were silent as to their placement. They have a peculiar glue that looks and feels like soap scum...which is annoying and they really, really didn’t want to detach from the backing paper even when put into hot water and had to be prised off with a knife. Finally, and unusually, they were, in parts, slightly off register particularly the roundels. However the colours were good and looked right. The usual decal setting solutions were applied with no apparent effect. Overall, I’m disappointed. Lots of sanding and filling were required on virtually every part none of which just clicked into place. I expected Fujimi kits of the time to be better having acquired both their Skyhawks and Cutlass kits released just 4 years later. I assume there was a watershed moment at Fujimi just after this kit was released. By modern standards it is somewhat lacking and pitfalls await the unwary. The Airfix GR.3 remains best in scale. (Forgive the apparently random picture placements. Sometimes it happens . More to follow)
  4. Leftenant Aluminium here with my Airfix 1/72 scale Harrier GR.3. The strength of this kit is, in my view, that it can be built by a comparative novice, who will obtain a good result, yet an expert will achieve a model of ‘museum’ quality — even without any of the extra additions available. See Enigmatic 1970s attack fighter on my web site. I am a comparatively rough-and-ready plastic modeller. I use a brush (several brushes really) not an airbrush. Maybe it is my computer programming background, but I have a heightened sense of doing too much work for too little gain, which is something I try to avoid in plastic modelling. In a nutshell, my models often don’t stand scrutiny with a magnifying glass or even, sometimes, a close examination with the mark one eyeball. This one has a variety of errors and omissions, but it looks fairly good sitting on a shelf among my other kits in this scale.
  5. I've been pondering what to make next and decided it was time to have a go at some jets. The harrier is one of my favourite aircraft, it just has a punchy, no nonsense sort of elegance and I also like the full wrap camouflage scheme. The new tool airfix kits I've made (Spitfire Mk1, Henikel He-111, Bf109e) have gone together without too much hassle so decided to stick with what I know with this one, supplemented with the eduard etch bits and pieces. I find the B-version F-35 a fascinating aircraft, I've not exactly fallen in love with its lines but can see it growing on me. I decided to build these kits up in parallel as I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast them, both in terms of the aircraft itself and as Airfix v. Hasegawa. I'm still learning loads with every new kit I make and these will be the first models without props that I've made since about 1998 - looking forward to it!
  6. Another one from my Falklands collection - 1/72 Harrier GR.3 of 1. Squadron RAF, Operation Corporate, Falklands 1982. Italeri (ex-ESCI) kit. Resin MB Mk.9B ejection seat from Pavla was used. Some modifications were made (1mm longer nose, "bubble" with antenna under the nose, air scoops etc.). The rest is out of the box, including decals. Model is still waiting for some armament on outer pylons. Harrier serial XZ988, number 34 was onboard HMS Hermes. During attack on Argentine land forces on 27th May 1982 this aircraft was shot down by Argentine AA, pilot Sqn. Ldr. R. D. Iveson ejected behind enemy lines and was successfully evacuated. Remains of XZ988 you can still see somewhere in the area of Goose Green. Hope you like it! Regards, Alex
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